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NZRag - Updates incoming (9:11pm, Monday, 12 September 2011) Managed to get back into the administration console. Win. Now, I've put in a new BB (the old one is pretty hosed). People will have to register again for the new BB, but I won't be shutting down the old one - just disabling posting when all the forums have had their new versions created.

Please bear with the terrible theme in the meantime until I can fix it up - I only just got access back, so this will take a little bit to get right.

Presenting: Your Local Gaming Groups!

Otago University Roleplaying Society
The University of Canterbury Gaming Society
Wellington Area Roleplaying Game Society
AMERICA Roleplaying Club (Auckland)

We're in a kind of mid-mode right now, looking at putting in a CMS and some other nice things to enable the community to self-manage this site. There's certainly enough interested and involved people to do so, so putting in the effort into the right tools seems like a plan!

Upcoming events may be placed in the NZRaG google calendar - contact an admin on the forums to get your event placed.

The sites below are not affiliated with NZRaG, but we're ever so happy to link them :) Send us an email to admin@nzrag.com or message us on the boards to get linked!

(Kapcon is gearing up for next year!)

Arty Bees Book Store

The new forum is up and working fine - though currently ugly. You will have to create a new account on the forums to post there, as I have chosen to make the new forums as seperate as possible from the old in order to contain the problems we have been having.

If you run across any difficulties, email william@nzrag.com.

And thanks!