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Decade - Take 2

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Joined: 24 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 2:55 pm    Post subject: Decade - Take 2 Reply with quote

Several weeks ago we decided to have a second go playing Decade ( This is a game played over 10 sessions where each session represents a New Year's party a year apart. After our first (single session) game we decided to change things slightly. In decade character creation is done during play and the other players get to make up facts about your character. After the first game where someone got given Tourette's Syndrome we instituted a ground rule that no-one could be assigned a trait that would be too difficult to roleplay over 10 sessions. For the setting we decided to go for a faux Victorian gothic feel. It was decided that we would be the friends and relatives of the mysterious Lord Bartholomew Sterling. This summary is based on my memory plus notes. Anyone who remembers something that I have forgotten should feel free to add it. The cast were:

Lady Jasmine Sterling
* The fifth wife of Lord Sterling (who was Jasmine's fifth husband).
* Her previous husbands had all died after eating mushroom soup
* Is younger than Lord Sterling's son percival
* Is judgemental and has a reputation as a matchmaker

Sebastion Winchester
* A slave trader from the USA
* Half-brother of Percival
* Teatotaller
* Is on a mission to reintroduce slavery in Britain.

Percival Winchester-Sterling
* Is reknowned for having the biggest moustache in Essex
* Is the half-indian bastard child of Lord Sterling
* Has the ability to speak to birds
* Is half-brother of Sebastion
* His mother was a shaman and his entire tribe were killed by Winchester rifles (hence the name).

Louis de Gaston
* A Frenchman escaping the revolution (yes, we know. Maybe he had a time-machine)
* An occult sculture
* He spits out food because he fears poisoning
* He's looking for a new muse (most of his previous muses were young boys)
* He is single-minded

Agatha Wendlethorpe
* A half-irish sorceress
* Runs a girls school where she teaches the black arts.
* Is connected to the Wendlethorpes of London
* Performs seances

Jane de Winter
* Was raised in a convent in the counry
* Has a fear of foreign men
* Has disturbing dreams
* Has a problem with gambling
* Scrawny
* Had an illegitimate son who was sold into slavery

The evening unfolds...
There were tensions between the guests which resulted in harsh words (but not violence). Over the course of the evening the following events occurred:
* Louis de Gaston approached Jane and asked her to be his muse. She hesitated when she realised that this would require nude modelling. Later when Louis discovered that Jane had an illegitimate son he gave up on her in disgust. He could only accept a muse who was pure and innocent so that he could have the pleasure of corrupting them.
* Lady Jasmine attempted to seduce Louis in order to get him to use his mystical sculpturing powers for her. He rebuffed her advances.
* Percival and Sebastion discussed who would become their father's heir. It became apparant that Percival was in love with his step mother (Lady Jasmine). He says that if there was a way for him to be with his stepmother he would forego his claim to Lord Sterling's fortune.
* Sebastion reveals to Percival that he has acquired Jane's son, Johnny (who had been sold into slavery).
* Percival and Sebastion get Louis de Gaston to make a sculpture of Lady Jasmine. The magic sculpture comes to life and Percival takes it away. Sebastion arranges for Johnny to be given to Louis de Gaston as a muse.
* Lady Jasmine confronts Lord Sterling (played as an NPC) and it is revealed that he is aware of her attempts to assassinate him, and merely finds it amusing.

New Year's Resolutions
Over the upcoming year the following events will occur:
* Lady Jasmine Sterling creates a potion of immortality, but fails to get Loird Sterling to rewrite his will in her favour.
* Louis de Gaston produces a masterpiece inspired by Johnny and learns a spell to charm the innocent (but fails to ingratiate himself further with Lord Sterling)
* Agatha Wendlethorpe defeats Sebastion in a contest of sorcery.
* Jane discovers what happened to Johnny. She also becomes engaged to a wealthy gentleman, unfortunately he also has a gambling habit.
* Sebastion attempts to become Lord Sterling's apprentice but ends up becoming a minion. However his attempts to introduce slavery into Britain succeed.
* Percival establishes a false identity in Scotland and courts his "stepmother".
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was an awesome yet deeply disturbing game. Great Gothic Victorian vibe.
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Joined: 23 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I do like the unexpected twists and 'on-the-spot' pressure of this game. Of course, there's the chance that it could all go horribly wrong, but with a good group of gamers that's pretty remote.

I loved this game, but was pretty creeped out by many aspects of it Shocked
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Joined: 24 Jan 2006
Posts: 50
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 7:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well if people are keen to try a second session some time I've been thinking of some evil things to inflict on people Twisted Evil
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