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[Greyhawk City] Basic Information & Who's Who

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:40 pm    Post subject: [Greyhawk City] Basic Information & Who's Who Reply with quote

Greyhawk City
Proper Name: Free City of Greyhawk (sum of lands controlled by the city is often called the Domain of Greyhawk)
Ruler: His Solemn Authority, the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk, Nerof Gasgal .
Government: Lord mayor elected by an oligarchy representing the city's major mercantile, military, legal, economic, criminal, religious, and magical guilds
Capital: Greyhawk.
Major Towns: Elmshire (pop. 4,000), Greyhawk (pop. 69,500), Hardby (pop. 5,100), Narwell (pop. 4,400), Safeton (pop. 6,100)
Provinces: One metropolis, two small cities, two large towns, and numerous villages and manorial estates run by noble lords, military authorities, or local officials who answer to the oligarchy; land not controlled by urban areas is controlled by Greyhawk military
Resources: Silver, electrum, gold, platinum, gems (IIV), river and road trade nexus
Coinage: Plate (pp), orb (gp), lucky (ep), noble (sp), common (cp)
Population: 160,000 - Human 79% (OSfbr), Halfling 9% (lightfoot), Gnome 5%, Elf 3% (sylvan), Dwarf 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%
Languages: Common, Rhopan (Rhennee cant), Gnome, Halfling
Alignments: N*, all others
Religions: Zilchus, Pelor, St. Cuthbert, Norebo, Fharlanghn, many others
Allies: Duchy of Urnst, Furyondy, Nyrond, County of Urnst, Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Shield Lands
Enemies: Pomarj (Orc led empire of humanoids), Iuz, Bright Lands, Scarlet Brotherhood, various evil cults (Iuz, Vecna, Wastri, Nerull, etc.), Horned Society

(Material sourced from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (C) 2000 Wizards of the Coast)

For a map, see (a printed copy will be with the GM at game sessions).

Some Notes on Greyhawk Law
These are four brief notes on law in Greyhawk that all characters will have heard of.
* Greyhawk law outlaws the worship of evil deities. Punishments include the death penalty.
* Humanoids have very limited civil rights in Greyhawk, the limits of which depend on the judge or member of the guard involved in any matters.
* Laws on what weapons you can openly carry are restrictive.
* Use of magic in a public place without due cause is against the law.

(more information will be forthcoming either here or via google docs)

A Who's Who of Notable Personages and people known to the party

Eligos, Noble Wizard, student of the Archmage Tenser (HM).
Pollard, Servant in the employ of Eligos (ElfM).
Celeste, friend of Eligos (ElfF).
Ekaym Smallcask, friend of Celeste (?M).

Turman Kirov, Manager for the Main Evant (HM).
Loris Raknian, Owner of the Free City Arena, Gladiator manager, former and famous gladiator (HM).
Talabir Welik, Champion's Games Referee (HM).

Lord Balabar Smenk, Wealthy Mine owner from Diamond Lake (HM).
Kullen, Half Orc Gladiator (deceased).
Rastophan, Human Gladiator (2 weapon fighter).
Todrik, Human Gladiator (Polearm fighter).
Merovinn Bask, Human Gladiator (Wizard).
Kurlag, Half-Ogre Gladiator (ex Bouncer).

Commander Dochlar, Church of Pelor.
Currently not playing: 3.5D&D (Age of Worms)
Current considering: Mongoose Traveller.
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