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Diamond Lake: Report of Journeyman Corvan Zirzadin

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:52 pm    Post subject: Diamond Lake: Report of Journeyman Corvan Zirzadin Reply with quote

Mucus von Spidtle wrote:
[Written in Celestial]
To Commander Dochlar [a man of Sterich]

12th day of Coldeven, CY 595
Diamond Lake Township

I wish to report that my companions and I have discovered the presence of an undead creature known as a Spawn of Kyuss in Diamond Lake. We have turned our charge over to the local mage Allustan for safekeeping on the advice of Servants of the Valiant Lord, the priest Valkus Dun and Swordmistress Mélinde, stationed at the township's garrison. I have been told that this find is of the utmost concern so I thought it best to report it to you at the first opportunity.

As you know my friend Anlan Evant and I left for Diamond Lake some 3 weeks ago to start my Journeyman Year. This small mining town has a reputation as a wild frontier settlement and when Anlan mentioned that he would like to visit his younger brothers it appeared that the Shining One was giving me an opportunity to prove my worth.

Our explorations of an ancient ruin on the outskirts of the township yielded several finds: a quest to restore a ghost's remains to his family farm, and the relics of an ancient battle between good and evil no less. I am fortunate to have been mightly graced by the Shining One.

The quest to the Land farm to ease the ghost's suffering proved to be the start of an investigation that led to the discovery of this spawn of evil. The farm had long since been abandoned but the family plot had recently been ransacked. It seems that a local had invited a necromancer from Greyhawk, named Filge, to come to Diamond Lake to study this Spawn of Kyuss, a small, green, worm-like monster. The worm had apparently been stolen from one of the mines for study by Filge and he also took it upon himself to craft some guardians from the Land's earthly remains. To this end, we have returned all of the family members to rest, seeking assistance from the Death Eaters to ensure that they will rest securely.

We do not know for certain the identity of this local but they must be of some influence and power to arrange for this worm to be stolen and employ necromancers. My friend Anlan is convinced that a local mine owner by the name of Balabar Smenk is the one behind the necromancer's experiments. The evidence certainly strongly implicates him; his mine is dealing with the Dourstone mine late at night where the worm is said to be removed from, a letter bearing the initial S was found in Filge's possession, and we know first hand that several of Smenk's employees were involved in the desecration of the Land cemetery. Still, Smenk must be given the benefit of the doubt until we can prove one way or the other his involvement in this.

I would respectively suggest that you make enquiries about Filge and Balabar Smenk in Greyhawk. Rumour in Diamond Lake has it that Smenk has powerful connections in Greyhawk. I shudder to think what this might mean for Greyhawk if Smenk and his allies are indeed involved. I am told by Valkus Dun that this spawn may be a sign of greater darkness yet to fall on us.

I thank you for your guidance during my training and will work hard to vindicate your faith in my potential. If I might ask your advice to address a personal matter. One of my companions has openly told me that he is an adherent of the One-Eyed Slayer. I sensed he was not tainted and when questioned, he expressed only an interest in the battle teachings of the Evil Eye. He has been nothing but a dependable companion to date, fights well, and behaves in an acceptable manner. While I am mindful to ensure I am not being tainted in an imperceptible way by him, I cannot but like this soldier. I admit to not being the most diligent student in theology and so seek your guidance. Should I avoid contact with this man, or maintain a close watch to determine when he might succumb to the Eye? I see this as another test of the Code by the Shining One but defer to your judgement.

Your servant
Corvan Zirzadin

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