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[Diamond Lake] Basic information & who's who

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 11:31 am    Post subject: [Diamond Lake] Basic information & who's who Reply with quote

Diamond Lake is a small town with a population just over 1000, predominantly human, with small numbers of halflings, gnomes and the other races.

Items up to 800gp value are typically available, albeit with a wait for those items that must be ordered in from the free city of Greyhawk.

In addition to churches of St Cuthbert and Heironeous, there is also the Cult of the Green Lady who worship Wee Jas and tend to the town's graveyard, and the Bronzewood Lodge who follow the Old Faith and worship the Shalm.

The current year is CY 595.

Notable NPC's:
Lanod Neff, Governor-Mayor.
Allustan Neff, Lanod's brother, distinguished wizard, local sage.
Sheriff Cubbin, law enforcer.
Deputy Jamis, Cubbin's deputy.
Tolliver Trask, garrison commander.
Merris Sandovar, chief scout for the Garrison.

Mine managers
Balabar Smenk, wealthy and ambitious mine manager.
Chaum Gansworth, mine manager.
"Prince" Ellival Moonmeadow (Elf Male), silver mine manager.
Gelch Tilgast, mine manager.
Luzane Parrin (F), mine manager, inherited mines from her husband.
Ragnolin Dourstone (Dwarf Male), mine manager.

Religious personages
Jierian Wierus, priest of St Cuthbert.
Valkus Dun, chief cleric of Heironeous (attached to the Garrison).
Mélinde (F), Paladin of Heironeous (attached to the Garrison).
Nogwier, leader of the Bronzewood Lodge.
Izenfen the Occluded (F) of the Twilight Monastery.

Store owners etc
Zalamanda (F), owner of Zalamandra's Emporium (Gambling Hall, Entertainments, Brothel).
Gaspar, doorman at the Emporium.
Lazare, owner of Lazare's House (Gambling parlor), former mine owner.
Gorvic, Bartender at the Feral Dog.
Tidwoad (Gnome Male), jeweler and owner of Tidwoad's Jewelry.
Taggin, owner of Taggin's General Store.
Tyrol Ebberly, owner of the Captain's Blade, dealing in melee weaponry of all sorts.
Venelle (F), owner of Venelle's, dealing in armor and ranged weapons.
Manlin Osgood, owner of the Osgood Smithy, makes quality armor as well as other items.
Benazel (Half-Elf Male), alchemist at the smelting facility, sells potions and alchemical items.

Kullen (Half-Orc Male), noisy regular at the Feral Dog (ale hall).
Rastophan, Todrik & Merovinn Bask - Kullen's gang.

Dourstone Mine Employees of Note
Ragnolin Dourstone, mine owner (Dwarf)
Gerreld, foreman, administrator (Human)
Lordren, foreman (Human).
Carr, foreman (Human).

Heroes of the Free City
Auric, Human Gladiator, Champion of the Free City Arena.
Khellek, Human Mage, unconventional 'Seeker' of knowledge, wealth and power.
Tirra (F), Elf Scout, knife thrower extraordinare.

Area Map
For an area map which includes Diamond Lake, the 'Heart of the Flanaess: Greyhawk, Dyvers, and Duchy of Urnst' map available at is quite good, if a bit large.

Travel Times
Diamond Lake to Greyhawk is 85 miles of road through hills, which slows travel by 3/4.

The local coaching Inn serves as an agent for the Able Carter Coaching Company. The Able Carter Coaching Company does the run in 3 days with stagecoaches pulled by multiple horses - making around 30 miles a day.

Walking the road depends on your base move. 20' = 12 miles a day along the road through the hills, 8 days in total. 30' = 18 miles a day, 5 days in
total, 40' = 24 miles a day for 4 days in total. Obviously, riding horses would be quicker than walking.

Diamond Lake to Blackwall Keep (where Allustan's friend in the south is) is
a total trip of ~36 miles.

Greyhawk Calendar
There's a very good calendar available at:
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