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Karthan Cosmology
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:09 pm    Post subject: Karthan Cosmology Reply with quote

Lazar smiles as he thinks of his world. Yes...soon I can share with you what my world homeland within the human empire known as Karthan. But you will have to wait...until my candidate and the other goes through. Just be patient.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

01 Cosmology - Tshallos Star System
Final Report by Adm Monnass: Cmdr 415 Flotilla, Fleet Sirius - 5th Emperium
Excerpts and personal thoughts by Ensign Cavendish, 15th Planetary Expedition Squadron, assigned to Tshallos IV

The first terran explorers discovered the Tshallos star system 134 years ago and the system was named after the great Rith sector explorer Dena Tshallos. It would be another 30 years before the first exploration vessel established orbit around Tshallos IV and began a comprehensive scan of the planet surface. The 5th Emperium Colonisation Council approved planetary settlement thirty years later deciding on the Losan-Stravin region due to its proximity to the remains of an immense spacecraft buried beneath the Plains of Kharg to the north. They concluded that gaining knowledge and access to the spacecraft was to be the Prime Objective of the colonisation programme. The first of the Colonial City Complexes arrived fifteen years later and colonisation was completed within thirty five years.

As for me, I was posted to the Planetagenir colony three months ago. After initial orientation I was deployed to Shield Fortress, that lies at the top of a 1000m escarpment that separates the Plains of Kharg to Losan-Stravin. The escarpment itself is 3,270km long and for reaons yet to be answered, seems to act as a barrier preventing the radiation that envelops the Plains of Kharg from entering Losan-Stravin. The radiation we have been told is leaking from 5 twelve km long engine nacelles from a buried spacecraft, which we believe may well have been built by those who created the Ancient Machine on ZB4571. Part of these nacelles are above the surface and have become cities for the people who live there….and yes they, unlike us, are immune from the deadly radiation...though thankfully we have medications that do the job just fine.

Since Shield Fortress lies atop of the escarpment we live in an atmosphere dome. Outside is desolation and it stretches for nearly two thousand kilometres further northward. We have detected ruined cities within the desolation but it is proving dangerous to send out excavation teams. They have been constantly attacked by the repulsive looking indigenious race that resides there. This explains why we have not been able to learn more about the wreckage of the spacecraft that lies beneath the plains. It seems this race has erected entire cities around it, and within its bulk. And the more we hear about these creatures the more our teams have second thoughts about going into the region. I can understand their concerns.

I enclose the first reports of the Tshallos sytems and the world of Elithaan that will become my home for the next five years. I have arrived at a very special period in the orbital evolution of the system, that of the Transcendence. The report that follows details the solar effect further and our astroscientists are looking forward to observing the event over the next few years……the idea of a long winter of up to six years does not impress me that much though.

The Tshallos star system is a symbiotic variable with a white dwarf in a highly eccentric orbit around a red giant. A nebula encompasses the whole system, the result of a nova that occurred in the vicinity 10,000 years ago. The primary is a red giant star some 300 times larger than our Terran sun. It was named Eiliniel (D “Living Star”) by the first voyagers (The Silvarana – “Elves” They are referred to as such in local legend and folklore), who arrived in their world ships 810,000 years ago. Since Eiliniel is a variable star it expands and contracts in a 400 day cycle. The secondary star is a white dwarf, about the size of the terran sun and entered orbit some 52,400 years ago when it collided with the ninth planet, tearing the planet from it’s orbit and changing the course of the secondary. The white dwarf became attracted to the pull of Eiliniel and entered a highly eccentric orbit. The secondary became known as Galadrifel (D “The White Wanderer”).

Galadrifel orbits Eiliniel every 2,800 to 3,200 years with a semi-major axis of 238 Astronomical Units (A.U.). Due to the highly elliptical orbit of Galadrifel, the white dwarf makes a close approach to Eiliniel once during its orbit. At such times, within 438 days of closest separation, there is a rapid transfer of mass between the two stars. Due to the high angular momentum of Galadrifel, the exchange of ejected material from Eiliniel cannot travel to the surface of the white wanderer in a direct line. The matter must circle in an ever tightening spiral and this causes a phenomenon which has become known as the Rivorlyail (D “Spiral Movement”). Terran terminology states the effect as an accretion disk.

Galadrifel gathers the matter leaving Eiliniel to form the disk. As Galadrifel reaches closest separation it starts to jet a stream of fiery matter perpendicular to its orbit. Once the closest separation has occurred the jet stream remains until 438 days after the closest separation has been reached. The accretion disk will disappear over a two year (800 days) period after the closest approach has been achieved. However, Eiliniel will cool and take about six years (2,400 days) to recover it’s original temperature. This entire process is called the Tiheran-Asaer (D “Transcendece”).

There are eight planets orbiting Eiliniel. Elithaan is the fourth world. Elithaan has no axial tilt to its orbital plane, and a near circular orbit. Elithaan’s diameter is approximately 12,600 miles and its circumference about 39,450 miles. The planetary orbits lies at a 45 degree angle and Elithaan orbits every 6,400 days. Each season is 400 days long and is related to the variable cycle of Eiliniel. Many human cultures (including the Karthan Empire) have based their calendar on the 400 day variable cycle of Eiliniel which means the planetary orbit is 16 years. Elithaan has three moons and were named Tyrinor (D "Brightest Light"), Pelinaros (D "Mantel of Blue") and Kalosirinn (D "Farthest Born").

Sixty six percent of Elithaan's surface is water. The vast seas of Tuirdinas and Azure are said to be endless by those cultures residing along its coasts. Few cultures possess the fortitude and skill (and in most cases the technology) to undertake such large journeys. The ice flows of the two poles dramatically change over the four year cycle, expanding during the winter season and contracting during summer. This is caused by an average three degrees temperature difference between summer and winter. The water levels rise as much as one hundred feet, affected by the pull of the three moons. Eighty percent of the land mass is divided into four main continents; Dysar, Mandaoss, Inargen and Rinaira. Around them are a myriad of island groups and atolls that, for some cultures, have acted as land bridges for their expansions, when they have not been submerged during the summer season.

The soil of Elithaan is copper/red in colour, and is rich in nutrients and very fertile. Agriculture presents few problems to most cultures. The only exception been the desert and arctic regions where little grows at all. Forests are vast and plentiful, and not easily controlled by the mannish and non-mannish races. This is due to the Valandor Silvarana (forest elves), who maintain a balance between the natural forces of Elithaan and the changes being brought about by the rise of the mannish cultures. The average height of the trees is 377 feet (115 metres) in height, but in the densest of forests, trees have been known to reach over 919 feet (280 metres) in height. The wood is copper/bronze in colour and shades thereof. Rarer species (hardwoods) are golden, amber and violet and these are prized for shipbuilding and furnishings for those who can afford it. The leaves are scarlet and related shades, the grasses and undergrowth, shades of mauve, blue and green.

The predominant people throughout Elithaan are the various mannish races. And the Human records do not date back much beyond 3,000 years due to the effects of the last great Transcendence. The Silvarana know of their origins as they witnessed the arrival of the first men about 55,000 years ago. Some of the mannish cultures developed extremely sophisticated technological civilisations, of which a few survived even the Twilight Wars, some 8,750 years ago. But the majority of the mannish cultures did not develop technology beyond that which was required for their societies. This was principally because they had introduced magic into their societies, therefore negating the development of high technology. As the mannish races began to dominate the surface of Elithaan, other races were forced to the subterranean depths of the world. Among those races forced into exile were the Findaghen (D "Dark People" (Kobolds)) and the Marghen (D "Twisted People" (Goblins)) and within their underground realms they became a chaotic race, influenced by the Lord of Chaos and his servants. The Tordagh (Z “Those of Stone” (Dwarves)) were the second race to enter the world soon after the arrival of the Silvarana. There are five different races and twenty six tribes throughout Elithaan.

Other races, more exotic and fewer in numbers have become the focus of legend and reverence. Among them are the Raenar (D "Air Lord" (Pegasus)), Nenime (D "Noble Wing" (Great Eagle)) and the Fauwnier (D "Changing Beast" (Hippogriff)). They continue to exist in those remote regions that have remained untouched by the large human migrations and subsequent settlements. A number reside with the Silvarana, especially the Iccan (D "Ancient Ones" (Unicorn)) who are revered for their wisdom and power over the earth and living forests. The Iccan, Raenar and Nenime existed in the world when the Silvarana arrived and the Silvarana taught these creatures to speak, teaching them many things of power and wisdom.

The Silvarana (similar to the Elves...recently discovered on P556-1135 "Greyhawk) remain the most powerful of the Quiseraen (D "Earth Powers") races and their High King presides over all Quiseraen races throughout Elithaan. The High King resides in the Forest of Eksharan along the Northern Borders of Karthan, where the great Minyatars (D "World Ships") that brought the Silvarana to Elithaan first landed. Wow...these people proved so DAMNED hard to find...for they had attained an ethereal state of the Progenitors had done. We had to use the latest in E sensor arrays before we even learned they existed...outside that we have learned about them using remote micro systems...not umm legal I know...but how else where we going to learn about them. Unfortunately we think they have became aware of our observations.. In Karthan the Quiseraen are known as the Faerie (T "Earth People"), and they are revered by the rural folk of the Empire. There are the Shalrotir (T "Rural Spirits"), the Layonan (T "The Builders") and the Faerotir (T "Earth Spirits"). There are others who have hidden themselves from the world around them, preferring those places where none go. Yes...the language may be was sure hard for us to determine it from its source...we had to start with the languages of the here and now and work back using linguistics diagnostics to get the root language which we found was that used by this ethereal race. How the humans adapted the language...and derived their own from the root, we do not know about...considering we have seen no evidence in their history of any contact between these Quiseraen and the humanoid races...mind you where are only concerned with this empire. Others to the north of the mountains may hold the answer to how the root language became embedded by the human races. I do have a language file which I will forward separately..

The atmosphere of Elithaan is one of vivid contrast and wonder. This is influenced by the affects of the nebula that surrounds the planetary system and the 400 day cycle of Eiliniel. During pherior (T "Warm Year" - summer), the sky is predominantly a blue/red in colour, dominated by the red duest of the nebula and deepening as Arthalis (T "The Fall" - autumn) approaches. The Temperatures average 18 degrees celsius in the temperate regions and 31 degrees celsius near the equatorial regions. By mid arthalis the sky has changed to a scarlet/orange in colour with temperatures remaining the same until the arrival of solisse (T "White Cold" - winter), where it drops over a two month period to an average of minus 15 degrees celsius in the temperate regions. The subzero gtemperatures remain throughout much of that year, the sky changing to a blue/white in colour. Few regions escape the harshness of this bitterly cold season. The arrival of Erudeier (T "Renewal" - spring) is heralded by the changing of the sky to an orange/red and the rapid increase in temperature to an average 15 degrees celcius which remains till the Pherior.

The Empire of Karthan is located in the southern central region of Mandaoss, east of a large vast region of desolation and north-east from the settlements of the Planetenguir Colonial Initiative. I will forward a brief on the empire in later sections...I need to rest for the moment and watch the latest vcast.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

02: personal log, Ensign Cavendish - you have got to see this place!!!!!

Hey you rightly said...this is one world of contrast. You have just got to come and see this place...we are safe where we are...well that is what the hierarchy are saying anyway. There is much beauty here and such exists directly to the east of the desolation I have just spoken of. Another reason why Losan-Stravin was chosen for colonisation is the existence of an extensive empire known to its citizens as Karthan. We sent remote tranlation vehicles and once their language had been deciphered we began to send in teams to learn more about the empire, its culture and people. More recently we have begun to trade with the Karthans. This gives us an excellent way to access their goods for scientific study. The following report provides an introduction to the empire and its people. But before that I thought I would discuss the War of Dominion as brief as one could make it. It kind of gives one an idea of the powers that are at work on this world, for better or otherwise. It also explains why we are treading carefully in the activities we do. For all the technological advances we possess, there are powers here that could destroy us with but a minor thought. It all has to do with balance….of good and evil.

Elithaan is a world in constant conflict. Though reports speak of vast empires and kingdoms of wonder and great beauty there are powers that work behind the scenes to control this world and its inhabitants. The loremasters speak of this conflict as the War of Dominion…though none among them know ALL the powers involved. We believe there are five powers involved in this conflict. The first we recognised too late after our settlement. Though we knew of the radiation in the Plains of Kharg, we did not know until much later that the region was home to the god of evil and chaos, Kharagh. This demonic creature resides beneath the surface world with his races in vast subterranean cities not seen or recorded by man. Our satellites have detected a number of these cities, and we have determined that a labyrinth of tunnels and vast caverns exist beneath the Plains of Kharagh. The main concentration of these cities is where the remains of the crashed spacecraft is located…..damnable luck that is. Just keep remembering the balance…..

Like many cultures on many worlds there are gods in Elithaan and these are very real. The gods of Elithaan are numerous but are categorised into a single pantheon, the differences as one would expect based on culture and interpretation. The gods are collectively known as the Ilmaren and from the writings and recorded evidence, they exist to maintain the balance and ensure good in the world. There are no evil gods within the Ilmaren panetheon, though some of their spiritual servants have changed over time and no longer has the blessing of the gods nor the Church of Karthan that revers them. Few here doubt the involvement of the gods in the War of Dominion.

One of the most elusive Dominion races is known as the “Ancient Enemy” - the Silvarana. They were invisible to our sensors until recently. We have categorised and researched most of the intelligent races of Elithaan and this “Ancient Enemy” are the...the elves of this world and they remain very much a mystery...much is being made of their evolution to an ethereal state of being. The Dark Sorcerer believes they are the first to have arrived in Elithaan and created the magical Earthnodes, which remain a mystery to us as well. This makes them possibly a powerfully magical race, for as you are aware, magic is the technology of this world and it seems this mysterious race may well be the most advanced and the most mysterious. We know from the sensors that this race resides in the Eksharan forest and our sensor sweeps of this region have resulted in confused readings. Some here believe that time and space is being distorted within the forest region and this could be technological or magical...some are saying here they have a dimensional shield in place. If this is the case...then they have both magic and technology at their that is special for no Amber class world has such by any given race.

The race of man has given rise to one of the powers within the War of Dominion. His name is Khios and the Dark Sorcerer resides very close to our own settled territory and his name is known throughout many cultures on this world. Khios is the master magician, and none among mortal kind is more powerful then he. He has literally attained immortality through his magic which has fascinated a number of our biochemists. Khios seeks for man to control his own destiny and this brings him into conflict with Kharagh and the Ilmaren. He is what I would call a wildcard.

The last of the Dominion powers are the Dragons or Zhan by the local inhabitants. And yes, they are big, very big. We have had some great visual recordings of them. The largest we have recorded flying was nearly 3.5 km in length with a wingspan of 4.5km...yeah, that is SO BIG, it scared the hell out of our scientists when it was first sighted...they were so shocked. History records they are a very intelligent species and may have some connection with the “Ancient Enemy”. They are a very territorial species and mainly reside in the mountains. There role in the War of Dominion is unknown, but if local historical knowledge of the various kingdoms we have visited is to be believed then the dragon race is showing signs of reasserting itself throughout the world.

All this at the time when the Transcendence is due. A time of massive change that will affect the entire world. We are adequately protected here, knowing what is to come. But we are about the only people that are prepared. Hey some gossip...just heard our sensors have gone blind on these Silvarana

Look, the Emperium are sending observers on a Dyson Sphere to observe the Transcendence...try and get a posting Dahlia, you should be able great to catch up again...there is so much about this place you gotta see.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

03: Introduction - Karthan Empire

Dahlia...enclose my latest submission...not quite ready for viewing by the Admiral, but will formalise it more later. This details the empire adn comes from a number of sources, mostly books we have obtained by the Emperial Library, during various trade missions. Here's hoping you go for that posting...Cal.

At the northern borders of the Karthan Empire lies the immense Tarascon Mountain range which stretches 2414 km (1500 miles), and averages 8,000 metres (26247 ft) in height. Few passes exist across the range dominated by glaciers and snow bound plateaus. A similar range exists on Karthan's eastern borders, known as the Storm Mountains. The Storm Mountains are not as formidable as the mountain range to the north. There are a number of passes, which have been recently constructed to allow travellers to cross to the new territories of Arktoria. Unlike the Tarascon Mountains, the Storm Mountains possesses few glaciers, and they are mainly to be found in the north between Tyr and the pass of the Kakacor.

To the west, beyond the borders of Mhalafrei (Karthan's western most province), lies the plains of Kharg, a desolate land seldom travelled and traversed, for it's proximity to the Land of Everdarkness where dwells Kharagh and his servants. Nothing but ill is spoken of this region and those who have entered, have never returned. To the south lies The Great Sea and trading routes to other realms on the southern continent of Dysar, such as Arkulan, Hellatrix and Phembar.

The mannish race that is very much the aristocracy of Karthan is the Tanatherim (T “High Men”). Their origins are unknown, as much of their history was lost during the Chaos Wars (LE5655). They do know that the province of Peleannor was there first place of settlement having undertaken a sea voyage, and it is there that the oldest shipbuilding facilities throughout Karthan exist. The Tanatherim possess adept skills in leadership and administration, and aspire to this much better than the Therim or Nanatherim. This is why 90% of the aristocracy and nobility, the administrators and powerful craftsmen of the empire are Tanatherim. They also provide the majority of magic users, and in recent times have been responsible for the founding of schools of lore and magic throughout the realm.

The predominant mannish race in Karthan is the Therim (T "Men"). Next to the "Ancient Ones" and the Tordagh, they are the oldest residents of the region, having existed long before the coming of the Tanatherim. The Therim are a pleasant folk, friendly and open, and community orientated. They reside throughout rural Karthan in the manorial holdings, working the fields of their lord, growing the produce, breeding the livestock, and provide the essential services required in rural society. Their are two seasonal years in which the harvests are of vital importance, that been pherior (summer) and arthalis (autumn). The arthalis harvest is vital for the storage of food over the solisse, when rural Karthan comes to a halt. The animals are stored in the underground chambers that have been constructed for this use. Other chambers serve as food storage areas, freshly preserved by the magic of the local clerics. The church plays an important part in their lives and the clerics and the healers are treated with great respect.

Many of the Therim who learn these professions often return to work in their communities, eventually taking seats on the hamlet or village council. The council is composed of the more influential citizens including the High Priest, Mayor (or Elder), the blacksmith, innkeeper, merchant, the chief Ranger and Animist and the magic user if one resides there. The composition of the council changes dramatically in the towns and cities with the greater influence of nobility and guilds.

A few of the Therim have also aspired outside there communities becoming very successful merchants whose trading goods reach throughout the Empire, rather than the local hamlet or village market. A few also take up the adventuring ideal, longing to see something of the world, earn a reputation and gain prestige and fame. Those that leave their communities do so, without the permission of the local overlord. Should they return, they may not gain any favour from their overlord. Such is the way of life in the rural society that predominates throughout the Empire.

The second major mannish race in Karthan is the Nanatherim (T "Northmen"). These people mainly reside the provinces of Lamenvale and Kandraith and lead predominantly nomadic lives. Their society is based on the family clan of which they hold much importance. The roam the vast plains in large caravans following set migration patterns that originate and end in underground caves which are heated by thermal activity. It is here the clans winter over and these caverns are located in the Tarascon Mountains and Storm Mountains. Many of these people have mastery over animals that live in the region, and as such, many become beastmasters and rangers. In the clan structure their Surdaii (T "Chieftain") is the most powerful member and his law is seldom challenged. But equal to him in power is the Shaman, for his ability to communicate to the ancestral spirits sets him aside from the Surdaii and the chief hunters of the clan. It is considered extremely rare (and a powerful blessing) for the Shaman of a clan to be female, for normally the female shaman will gain healing and animist abilities from Kelarien. There are over 2,500 clans throughout the Nanatherim population and only 9 possess female shamans.

Another of the nomadic races of Karthan is the Karnirutherim (T "Rugged Men"). Similar to the Nanatherim, the Clansmen move from settlement to settlement in the hunting seasons, following the migration of the game they hunt. They are commonly referred to as Barbarians as their way of life is considered harsh and primitive. The Karnirutherim are subdivided into three major Oanur (A "Tribes") are ruled by a Shenadhar (A "King"). The Oanur are known as the Derkall (plainsmen), Kirani (plainsmen), and the Urdan (mountain clans).

The Derkall reside in the Talan-Kosteyn region and the northern reaches of the province of Thereck, while their brethren the Kirani roam the lands of the Northmen in Kandraith and Lamenvale. With the onset of the Solisse the Urdan are driven from the mountains with the expansion of the glaciers. They seek shelter amidst semi permanent settlements in the forests close to the foothills of both mountain ranges. The Urdan reside in both the Tarascon and the Storm Mountains and seldom progress down from their mountain holds. A new Barbarian race, the Shay have recently been encountered by travellers beyond Arktoria, deep into the Desert of Girithraey. Little is known of them.

The Karnirutherim lead a similar life to the Nanatherim, nomadic and based around the clans which number 600 or more per Oanur. Each clan is ruled by a Naheran (A "Highlord") who is the law, and the shaman is held in a special position because of their talents. Female shamans are very rare, and are held in special regard as the Nanatherim culture. The Karnirutherim are strong of build, and the women often equal the men in hunting and trapping skills.

The last of the nomadic races of Karthan are the Khisan. They number no more than 2000 in number and are found only in the Southern Plains of Kandraith, roaming in clans of no more than 100 in number. They share a similar social structure as the Nanatherim but as with the Karnirutherim, the women of the clan are accomplished hunters and gatherers. The Khisan are a distinctive people, there copper bronze coloured skin unique to the Empire. They avoid towns and cities preferring the open plains free from noble/mannish influence and control. During the Solisse they apparently travel to the hom of the great hunt. No one has been able to determine whether such a place actually exists. Their origins remain very much a mystery to the loremasters of the Empire.

The first of the non-mannish races are the Tordagh (Dwarves). They exist within the mountain regions of Karthan where they have founded four realms (Khudakan, Daghurkh, Meadragul and Khadazar). The Tordagh are an tough race who possess a natural hatred for the Geyr and mesk races who inhabit the mountains in large underground strongholds. The Tordagh are excellent miners and smiths and their alchemists and stone masons hold noble status in the council halls of their Kings. They have gained much wealth through the trade of gems, ores and weapons and armour to the Empire. The Tordagh however, remain suspicious of the mannish races and as such, protect their societies from all outsiders. They are easily offended and will attack those who insult them. To befriend a Tordagh is to befriend him for life.

The last of the non-mannish races of Karthan are the Desantherim (T "Men of Half"). This race resides in only two regions of Karthan, the Northern Downs and the Greenlands. They avoid contact with other mannish races, tending to remain relatively uninvolved in the political affairs of the realm. The two regions are ruled by Thaivans who are the elders of the most influential family in each region. The Desantherim provide most of the markets of Karthan with fruit and herbs. They are not as skilled as the therim farmers at livestock raising and therefore concentrate on their market gardens and orchards.

Karthan's society is based on pre Emperium and post 4-th and 5th Emperium feudal service. The Empire is presently ruled by the Empress Lonarwaen and within the Imperial Capital (Cerberus) is found the two principal governing institutions, the Imperial Court and the Thier-Deboraen. The provinces are administered by the Thier-Deboraen through the Provincial Governors. Each of the provinces is divided into Dukedoms, the Dukes being the most powerful of the nobility and they have subdivided their lands to their vassals and knights. The feudal structure is dependent upon the ownership of land in return for homage and service and it begins and ends with the Dukes and their oath of Fealty to the Imperial Family.

Within the society, religion plays a major part, the Ilmaren (T "Powers of Creation") and the Valentari (T “Greater Servants”) being the centre of daily prayer and weekly communion with the clerical order, the Perianor-Ebaroth (T "Great Hand of Faith and Healing"). The Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn (L "Great Hand of the Faithful") presides over the clerical order and is ruled by the Ordained Patriarch. The church does not represent all of the gods, some such as Valocar and Sural are revered in temples, that are not part of the church. The Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn is a neutral institution, unable to influence or to be influenced by the feudal hierarchy of the Empire.

Literacy in Karthan is low, reserved for the nobility, users of magic and the highly skilled craftsman. Only the aristocracy, the church and the guilds have access to books and libraries are rare. Very few Therim are literate, and those that are have often been shunned or at times, executed by their overlords. The majority of the Therim are not interested in such teachings, leaving such skills to the clerks of the church. Within recent times, has seen the rise of teaching schools in the cities that have caused concern among the nobility. These institutions include the Imperial Universities and the Imperial Schools of Magic. This has resulted in the increased exposure of lore and teachings of the guilds, leading to many new members and greater influence over city affairs.

The Imperial Family rules Karthan from the imperial capital, Cerberus. There are eight provinces within Karthan. These are Peleannor, Telemnar, Mhalafrei, Thereck, Lethrai, Lamenvale, Kandraith and Arktoria. In recent history however, the former Provincial Governor of Mhalafrei has proclaimed himself Emperor and has secured control of the province and successfully invaded the neighbouring province of Thereck. He is now threatening Telemnar with excursion and raids by his soldiers.

The Imperial Army (numbers approx 144,000) and the nobility are preparing to respond, with forces gathering in Lethrai and Telemnar. To add to the situation, there are rumours of a possible war against Kharagh (The Lord of Chaos) and his numerous legions. The rumours are in response to visions apparently received by clerics and seers. They are causing concern throughout the realm, even within the halls of the Tordagh Kings.

Not that we are into the vision sort of thing...but the Admiral has tasked to find out more about these...with gods interactive in the world, there is concern the visions were provided for a damn good reason.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

05. Languages of Karthan

Dahlia...I know you have linguistics so enclose a brief and accompanying file of what we have learned of these languages, though 5, 6, 8 and 9 still escape one would expect, they are pretty damn secretive cultures, though we are making progress on Kharagh's language (9) after capturing a few Osgeyr last month.

1. Latherin (L)
The language of the Tanatherim (T “High Men”), which derives from an older language only now being discovered in the ruins of the Ecaactherim (T “Great Men”). The language has remained in its present form for the past 2000 years and is used by the Imperial Court, Their-Deboraen, the offices of the Provincial Governors, the courts of the nobility and administration offices throughout the empire.

2. Terieth (T)
The “Common Language) of Karthan. The language was founded by the merchant/loremasters guilds thousands of years ago when the need arose for a common language when trading with other cultures. Since that time the language has been expanded as it was adopted quite freely throughout the empire. Terieth remains the most accepted language with more than 1,2 million words in use. This includes worlds from other languages such as the races names and terms, adopted through discovery of writings with similar adapted meaning associated with the original meanings of the root language…most of these root languages are wholly unknown in Karthan.

There are 3 sub languages:
Marl Tarna – sign language of the various merchants guild.
Haltharn – the “secret” language of the various thieves Guild.
Amarthien – A “runic” language created by the Sages and Scholar Guilds (A written language only).

3. Suranie (S)
This is a derivative of Latherin, developed by the Fincuic-Telathin (The Ranger Clans) and it is similar to the ceremonial tongue of the Khisan (Lindorie). The language is nature orientated and over the years its simplicity has made the language a favoured tongue by the Daeostherim (T “Wood Men”) and the nomadic tribes of Lethrai and Kandraith.

4. Adekdar (A)
The principle language of the Karnirutherim (T “Rugged Men” – Clansmen or Barbarians) this language has never been influenced by any other, except those pertaining to place names which are Terieth in origin. Each of the tribes have formed their on sub language used for ceremonial and ritual occasions.
Arlan – Derkal (Plainsmen)
Anser – Keshay (Desert Nomads)
Ucason – Urdan (Mountain Clans)
Anaras – Kirani (Plainsmen)

5. Zirukahn (Z)
The Language of the Dagh (Z “Those of Stone” - Dwarves). This is a sacred language and they take great caution not to speak it in the presence of others. Very few outside the Dagh race know of this language and even more secretive is its sub language, Dranigrim, used by the alchemists…a language that used during forging imbues power and magic into the items. ( the human alchemists say...very jealous they are of both the secrecy of the has power).

6. Vardimar (V)
The language of the Khisan and it is was taught to them by Nuilaros-Edolis (The Void Dragon – a servant of Tarkhoizarnn (the Creator). The language is sacred and never spoken in the presence of strangers, utilising Terieth. A sub language is Lindorie, the ceremonial tongue used in religious festivals, bondings (marriages), births and deaths. The origins of the languages parallels the origins of the Khisan…very much a mystery to scholars and sages of the empire.

7. Isengar (I)
The language of the Desantherim (T “Men of Half” – Halflings) race. It is a language that constantly changes whenever a new family becomes influential as Mayor for more than 3 terms. Constantly evolving, it is a miracle the race keeps up with it…but they do. The rest of the empire has been left way behind in the languages evolvement. The "dictionary" is edited every year...such are introduction of new words and phrases.

8. Darsurin (D)
The language of the Silvarana (Sulthalion and Valandor) race. This is the most ancient tongue…the first to have ever been spoken in Elithaan…long before the coming of man, of the Zhan…of any sentient species. It is a powerful tongue…words are power to the Silvarana. When the gods weakened the Arcane Essence to allow man and other races to use it, thus weakening the Silvarana, they countered developing the Olieraa-Oriann (D “Focus and Thought”) and fused with the Arcane Essence, the power of will and the word has been mastered and enhanced to its former might. We have only been able to discover the existence of this language by visiting the ruins of Silvarana holds on the southern continent...mind you...the expeditions had problems with the guardians and had to use shoulder mounted accelerator rifles to deal with them. Yes that is another story Smile

9. Rugharskh
The language of the Mesk (Trolls) and Geyr (Orc) races and is the common speech for the servants of Kharagh.

We do know that there are magical languages and the Monorovians have a strange and distinct language which should be easy to figure out. They even have similar words and meanings to our pre Emperium speech…and they even have steam trains…bicycles and the printing press…what a blast from our ancient past as one might say.
Up next…Dahlia, the gods, yes like any primitive world there is religion and here, well we KNOW THEY EXIST…something to get you thinking…Cal.
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06 The Black Moon is something you should know...been sorting out various bits and pieces and include my own theory. Like anything else Dahlia...this world is full of fascination...mystery...horror, where good and evil strive to make things right...and make things wrong. But here is my surmisation of an oddity if you will. AND I KNOW YOU LOVE ODDITIES!!!!!!

Ah…the oddity(are you ready Smile). There are many mysterious wonders in the universe that lies beyond our means to reach yet…but there is also the few mysteries that still defy our laws and knowledge of science…hmm it just shows Dahlia, we are still learning even way out here. Anyway…the oddity, it’s called the Black Moon.

Where to start…well what do we know about it. The Black Moon orbits Tshallos IV at a geo stationary position, approximately 480,000 km above the Land of Everdarkness…where Kharagh dwells. It is approximately 1,100 km in diameter…the general belief is that it is a sphere. However, it does NOT affect the magnetic flux of Elithaan, nor does it affect Elithaan’s gravity…hence the tidal flow as the other 3 moons do…and they are not geo stationary, circling Elithaan at varying distances and orbits. The Black Moon…it is just there, an anomaly, with a VERY dangerous attitude as one might say. It was not originally detected when the first colony ships arrived here…it was found by accident when CV6631-11 struck it and disappeared from the sensors of the other ships in the squadron…but before it disappeared their horrific vcasts were recorded…with interference but it is still shocking stuff.

On board were 350 crew, 4,600 personnel from PSC284 Sq, Planetary Settlement Command, and 16,000 colonists from Ishigar, Karolingian Sector, home of the Grand Duke Darrian Planetagenir as you know, deployed to establish and pave the way for the arrival of the U9 Class domed cities. CV6631-11 was one of 7 vessels in the sq, and the unfortunate one who encountered the Black Moon. In what amounts to a period of 3 E minutes…the time it took for the vessel, during deceleration, to cross a 1000 km zone, now an Exclusion Zone, before it “impacted”, the crew went mad…literally, insane, psychotic and a masochistic rage. 47% killed themselves in horrific circumstances, self mutilations using any object they could…the remainder went on a rampage, leading to the deaths of many…some even were seen, physically changing during the bloodbath, that occurred on every deck…every room that was occupied and 3 minutes later…silence. The first minute, saw the crew, well, get angry and argumentative…fights broke out, the 2nd minute, the aggression seems to envelope the entire vessel, self mutilations begin…the 3rd minute, wholesale slaughter and chaos. No one was immune…whatever happened affected everyone. It was then the ship impacted and all vcasts were lost. There is apparently 17 hours of total vcast footage from 662 cameras...but I have only seen 7 minutes of it.

I tell you Dahlia...what I have seen...scared me. We call the E Zone...the Insanity Zone. The vessel was never found...nor recovered. What happened to it remains a mystery. A new theory was advanced last year about what the Black Moon could be and I was assigned to the project to assist with setting the probes sensors. Like all other theories though…it has not been proven…it still remains a theory.

So why did CV6631-11 not see the Black Moon? It cannot be visually seen. Only sensors especially calibrated can “see it”. And that took 20 years of research. You cannot see it in the night sky, nor can you see silhouetted against the planet’s surface like the other moons…it exists…but doesn’t at the same time. As for the Insanity Zone…we can detect that only by the effect it produces with our probes. Therefore we have 100 navigation beacons at 200km outside the zone warning everyone to stay well away from it. Of course the entry and departure corridors changed…no vessel goes with 1400km of the E Zone.

So…what is the Black Moon? 1,395 robotic probes have been sent into the E Zone since the first settlement and the readings are all the same…too much interference to get relevant scientific information in which to answer all of the questions. Of course each of the probes that followed the others were calibrated differently…armed with new sensor systems as previous ones were outdated or upgraded…but still the same results. But from the consolidation of the knowledge gained...the feeling here is that it is spherical…BUT it is both solid and liquid, which lends to the theory of Dark Matter or Entropic in nature…possibly dimensional matter, the likes perhaps to that encountered during stardrive travel.

The fact that it hangs over the Land of Everdarkness is also relevant, because the E Zone is thought to be the result of sentience…one twisted sentience at that. We know little about Kharagh…as a god (if he is one…the gods are still the subject of discussion…next file will detail them)…or whether some powerful alien being, but the writings of the Empire refer to him as the God of Evil and Chaos.

So…I have a theory…simple, therefore out of the league of our esteemed scientists who never seem to think simple logic. We trade with Karthan from the Blue City and recently one of our scholars (Andors Maustaern) returned from Cerberus (Imperial Capital of Karthan) and as with all visits he compiled a detailed report with visual recordings of the city and people he encountered. Micro recorders are used so that the indigenous people do not detect this…obvious intrusion of privacy in their laws. But this is the only way we can learn about the population and how they society works and understand their culture. Anyway…anything "considered" sensitive or classified is removed and sent to higher authority and the rest is added to local vcast for our digestion, after all that is one reason why we are here. The scholar visited a library and I noticed on some shelving (oh this was a small magical library…first time we had seen one) and here it was. There were lovely bound books, colour coded…one shelving was white, another blue and the third gray bound books. The scholar reported that there were 3 “realms” of magic, essence, channeling and mentalism…nothing new it is just that magic is one of the subjects that does elude many of our scientists here. Symbolically, essence is white, channeling is blue and mentalism is gray…explains the colouring of the books.

Now…here is my theory. There are 3 moons that orbit Elithaan…the surface colourings of each are distinctive…white, blue and gray (getting me on this one Dahlia!!!!). What if each of these moons provides Elithaan with its magical power, for want of a better term…one moon associated for each “realm”. That would leave the Black Moon that orbits above the Land of Everdarkness…providing magical power to Kharagh and his races. Great theory…but cannot prove it. No sensors has detected any wave energy dispersing from the moons to Elithaan, otherwise the theory may have been advanced before.

In fact get this…3 scholars have seen a magic user cast magic…and could not pick up any effect on their sensor equipment…the end result is detectable enough…but how a user of magic can suddenly launch a firebolt 150 m and it appears shooting forth from his hand…and not burn him because it is fire…now that escapes me. Mind you if we fired a laser pistol…they would probably be thinking the same thing…how did we do that do they do that themselves!!!!

As I have said before is this all about paradigms...what laws govern this world...I tell you, this is the best posting yet...we have got SO much to learn yet. Magic and techology...are they both evolution of the same thinking, depending on the individual world associated with the paradigm.
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07 Pantheon of Elithaan

Yes Dahlia your want to know about GODS!!!! Do they on is still a debated point BUT something presides over this world. The rumour is IF they do exist, they reside in a place that is outside our means of detection. I just know it and where you might is anyones guess...theory right now. But looking out over the Land of is grim, Dahlia...I can see why we have a domed city here. There has to be some power that refrains Kharagh from unleshing at any time over this world...including us. Let's face it...he could wipe us out in a moment...IF the theory holds up on what he is...but we are here I think at the grace of some power...the gods perhaps. I have to wonder Dahlia...I think the gods know we are here and are watching curious about us as we are about this world. Kharagh knows we are here....we have been quite open about our colony programme, but perhaps he understands something of our technology and that he cannot do anything about it. What a mess this may seem...but there is more order than you will ever know...the balance...between good and evil and how best to bring it to you than this file I did for JJJannnn, just 6 days ago. Love you...see you soon.

Religion is an important part of Karthan society irrespective of race or culture. The gods are known as the Ilmaren (T "Powers of Creation") and the Valentari (T “Greater Servants"). They are the focus of religious observance throughout the known world. Unlike a number of other worlds where the gods are mythology used to explain things unknown to them (like movement of sun and moons, the seasons...miraculous natural phenomena etc...gods are always a great way to explain...especially in pre industrial cultures) But here...there presence is known...and felt. We just have not been able to "see" them yet.

The Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn (the religious institution) serves the Ilmaren and has brought religion into the daily lives of the citizens of Karthan. It is in prayer, that those of the church, have been known to find aid and wisdom from the diety they follow. Though often proclaimed as "miracles" or the "blessings of the gods", the power of prayer remains unchallenged, especially in time of great need. One can say the Ilmaren are very influential in Karthan's society and the people of Karthan rever them with great passion and reverence.

The people of Karthan believe the creation of the world and the void was performed by the Ilmaren and the Valentari, and this belief has remained for millenia in the teaching of the church and the temples. They have no knowledge that such an undertaking is supposedly performed by a greater and immensely more powerful diety, the one who created the Ilmaren and Valentari as his servants to this world.

In song...we have learned, Tarkhorizarnn (D “First of the essence”) is the oldest living being in the universe and is the embodiment of the essence and its opposite, chaos. He maintains order in the world by his control over both good and evil. For though he remains a single entity, he is also the twin spirits, of good, and evil who preside seperately in the world. For Elithaan, the spirit of good is a part of Arias, and the spirit of evil presently presides within Kharagh. These presences maintain the balance within the world and can move to another host when required. None can hope to to comprahend his plan, his design for it is an undertaking on a vast scale. The Ilmaren and Valentari were created to mold the primeaval essence into suns and worlds, each following his plan and some among them were tasked to reside over Elithaan and the other worlds in the system. (umm..that is the concept anyway). The mythology of this being's existence was revealed in a monitored conversation between one of our "merchants", 2 merchants from Karthan and a young bard, named Elatan, who was singing about this creator...the conversation was recorded at an the Golden Tree amazing place to visit. Remember Tarkhorizarnnn is not part of the pantheon of deities in Karthan.

The Ilmaren (T ”Powers of Creation”)

Elenmire is perceived to be a enchantingly beautiful woman with silver/white hair and gleaming gemlike eyes. She is depicted as been tall and wears flowing robes that sparkle with the starlight of the nightsky. A 30m statue of her is located at the Church of Elenmire in Cerberus and is alone among the Ilmaren to have a church consecrated in their name. The Church of Elenmire remains the centre of pilgrimage throughout the Empire.

Elenmire is seen as the one, above all, who takes interest in the prayers of all good people, and because of this, many paladins have chosen to champion her. She is a strong supporter of all free people and has been known to respond to the need for aid on numerous occassions. She is acknowledged to care much for the world. She commands all elements of light within Elithaan and the elemental plane of light (Malcuiremaure L "Gatherings of Light"). Those who summon light elementals for a purpose will gain them from the elemental plane. Elenmire will know the whereabouts of all her servants at any one time and will know the individual's purpose in summoning one of her servants. This is for two reasons. The first is to ensure the summoning spell is not abused by giving the elemental a task that could easilly be performed by the summoner or his companions. The second is if the task set is due to a need for major assistance, then Elenmire can give the Elemental added powers to aid the summoner. This has occurred on numerous occassions to adventuring parties and general travellers.

Many of the Annywaedin in her service have gained fame among the Labrian-Anneur (T "The Many of Song"). Among them is Aouadann "Spellsinger", who charmed Stormwing to aid the Empire during the Chaos Wars and the Dedanusa brothers, Medur (Medir, Meduas or Meduris) and Mocca (Mocass) who led the fabled Silver Alliance against the demongods of Kharagh during the same battle. Aouadann has been patronised by the Guild of Song in Cerberus, as well as in many other bardic halls throughout the empire. The weavers associated with bringing the light of the twin suns to the world, are known as the Malruvan (T "Lightdancers") and are six sisters who are considered to be related to Elenmire.

God of day. Rheton controls the movement of the twin suns and is Sural’s (god of night) twin brother. He is associated with the weather and is revered by the rural folk at the changes of the seasons and harvest times. It is believed he rivals with his brother over Rikarthe the Goddess of Twilight.

God of night. Sural is associated with darkness. Among the awakened, he is also associated with dreams and visions during sleep. He is the twin of Rheton and unable to see the light of day, is protrayed as being blind to the light. In some prose he is known as the lover of Rikarthe. Many of the Annywaedin in his service are known as the Night Travellers for they are believed to protect camp sites at night and watch over small towns and villages.

Goddess of the arts, uncomprable singer, poet and actress. Riseina is revered by the bardic and artistic guilds through the empire. Their theatres are effectively temples to the goddess. There are many Annywaedin in her service, including the troubadours that travel the empire with performances, song and storytellers.

Landros is the scribe of the gods and is respected as the creator of languages, writing and the sciences. He is revered by sages and scholars and their guilds have temples in his honour. The recent rise of universities and schools of knowledge is attributed to one of his chief Annywaedin, Lauros, who advised of their importance in the future survival of the empire.

Mistress of the afterlife. She is the most feared of the Ilmaren but at the time of the death of a loved one, the grieving family turn to her for the passage of the spirit. It is believed Kelarien resides over Undying Kingdom, where the spirits of the dead reside in peace. The Undying Kingdom is said to be a mirror world of Elithaan located somewhere among the God planes.

Consumate champion of the Ilmaren Baltanor is the King of Battle. He has fought for the Ilmaren against Kharagh in ancient times long before the coming of men and many believes he still does to this day. The nobility, knights and warriors revere him and the chapter houses and guild halls serve as temples to his name. Baltanor is also recognised for the founding of the Code of Chilvary which is honoured by all good men of combat.

Rhutarn is the god of diplomacy and herald of the Ilmaren. He features in the holy scriptures of the church prominantly and his followers are court officials and the Royal Messengers.

God of the seas, Arunar is a powerful diety respected by all who sail his domain. He is seen as the creator of all sea life and he who controls the tidal flows.

Goddess of youth, fertility and celebration and is associated with the ceremonies of life. The annual festivals are all dedicated in part to her and during her festival...many marriages are celebrated. Each birth of a child is equally so...with her leaving a gift for each child born. Consumate dancer, singer and seductress, she is believed to be the lover of Avuaduann, one of the five Great Heroic Champions.

The god of magic. Valocar created the three realms from the essence that prevails throughout the world. From the three realms came the various spell professions and the various spells and spell lists. Valocar has a large following revered by all users of magic and the various guilds and universities throughout the empire. Valocar is said to reside on an island where the focus of the essence is at its strongest. There have been rumours that the “Sea Mist” may have seen this island from a distance. Valocar is the lover of Siandor, the goddess of harvests.

Goddess of Healing. Ilnira is a popular goddess and revered by all who work the lands of the empire, whether associated with the church as the clerics or the rural herbalists, faith healers and “witches”. Ilnira is very caring and compassionate and is seen in many scriptures, paintings and lore with Elenmire as one who has great care for the world. “Miracles” from her servants are not uncommon. Her Annywaedin are revered as all healing clerics throughout the empire.

Goddess of agriculture, Lissariel is associated with the the creation of the flora of the world. Her Annywaedin is believed to be the many earth, wood and glen spirits that are said to reside and offerings of fruits is made daily to the sacred areas where the therim believe these spirits preside. The druids and animists rever her with groves of reverence.

Goddess of Harvests, Siandor holds a special place in the lives of the farmers and rural communites of the empire. For it is here her influence is strongest and the rural people of Karthan always have a place of worship in her name, in their hamlets and villages. Her harvest festival is one of the great celebrations of the year.

The alchemist, the craftsman. Dalinor is associated with all forms of smithing and specialist crafting professions. He convinced Elenmire to create the earth race (Tordagh) that revers him as their creator. The Tordagh have become the greatest smiths in the empire for he taught the Tordagh many skills that he denied to humans, thus gaining disfavour with Elenmire. But...he knows his beloved race must work with the humans...that is the trade of.

God of the Solisse season, the period in which his reign is supreme. This is a result of an agreement with Elenmire after a bitter feud that nearly destroyed Khalitur. Some believe that Talhaisse is Elenmire’s brother and he wanted equal dominion as his sister but this was denied by the Ilmaren leading to the feud against his sister. It is also believed that he once shared Elenmire’s association, light, and now his associated is cold light, hence the severity and harshness of the winter season. Talhaisse sleeps during the other seasons.

The Valentari (T "Greater Servants")

Rikarthe is a mysterious diety, the goddess of twilight, that time between day and night, dusk and dawn. Her reign is brief and she is portrayed as a women who has the suns as her eyes, and while open it is day, when closed it is night. Some rever her as the sister of Rheton and Sural, rather then their lovers.
Not revered by the church.

The Storyteller. Nicheva is associated with Sural, where his stories can be woven into dreams. He is known to often visit the world and travel the lands, telling stories and legends that have enriched many kingdoms and cultures.

The astrologer, Vryadon is the brother of Landros and created the constellations in the night sky, a great work he undertook with Elenmire’s blessing. He also created spells related to communication using starlight which is reserved only to his servants which are referred to as astrologers.

God of travellers and merchants. Surion influences commerce and trade and also over coinage and currency. He is said to accompany Nicheva in travelling the world and is seen as a young diety among the patheon.
Not revered by the church.

Goddess of springs and pools...flighty and childlike, Batineus is the mother of water nymphs and sprites. She is revered among the rural folk and is considered the daughter of Lissariel.
Not revered by the church.

Goddes of the coastlines. Feanna is the patron deity of the freeport city of Seareach and is believed to be the lover of the city’s ruler. She is also closely associated with the tides and is believed to either be the sister of the three moons or the daughter of Arunar.
Not revered by the church.

The Blue Moon. Pelinaros is one of the three brothers who watches over the worlds during the night. The god of tides and movement (motion) and is believed to be responsible for the orbital paths of himself and his two brothers.

The White Moon. Tyrinor is the brightest of the three and is consdiered to be the eldest. His light is believed to be Elenmire’s light shadow, a reflect of the Sun Goddess when shadowed from the world by the curtain of Sural.

The Gray Moon. Kalosirinn is known as the “Weaver of the Essence” and is the youngest and least visible of the three moons. He is believed to control the ebb and flow of the Mentalist essence throughout the world and the void itself and this magical energy is rumoured to be related to the existence of a fourth magic.

The Gatherer, The Keeper, The Trickster. Iccarien is associated with the material world and does not reside in Khalitur with the other gods. “That which is lost will be found in his domain”. This domain is believed to be in another dimensional plane. He is revered by some of the thieves guilds and adventurers.
Not revered by the church.

The Huntsman. “It is thanks to he, our food is plentiful this night.” Halthalaros is revered by the nobility during their hunts, the nomadic tribes and rangers. Consumate archer Halthalaros is revered by the Northmen perceived as a young man, extremely handsome, strong and swift...with the powers of creatures at his command. He is the subject of much song and reverence by the nomadic tribes and Ranger Lodges.
Not revered by the church.

The Sentari (T ”Ascended Servants”)

Holy Champion, Alarris was formerly a human who defended Elenmire during the Twilight Wars. He has become Elenmire’s champion and is the Herald of Khalitur. He is married to Bratineus, the goddess of pools.
One of the Five Heroic Champions.

Demi-god of Darkhold. Valadorn is reputedly a vampire of great power, equally skilled in magic and weapon combat.
One of the Five Heroic Champions.
Not revered by the Church.

Avuaduann“The Spellsinger”. Avuaduann is the patron of the Guild of Song, and is a powerful bard, many believe the consumate bard of knowledge and lore. It is believed he resides where the shadow of the mountains meets the sky of eternal night, therefore the Shadowlands is considered his home.
One of the Five Heroic Champions.

A thief and something he does not deny. Kalitrass is patron of many of the thieves guilds throughout the empire. He has a hatred for assassins which has led to a war between those guilds that accept or hire assassins and those that do not. It is believed he created the Bounty Hunter profession.
One of the Five Heroic Champions.
Not revered by the church.

The “Dragonslayer”. Tandhisan is revered as the only human to have slain a dragon, a feat never achieved by any race in history. He is believed to have slain either 6 or 8 of these large creatures.
One of the Five Heroic Champions.

Demi-god of the Blue Moon Cult. Crunyark was a fromer Lord Magic User that was elevated by ritual magic. Cruel and callous, Crunyark possesses little regard for life and his cult excels in human sacrifice and this has made his cult a target for the church and its paladins. It is believed Crunyark as now become a major lich and the human sacrifices serve to feed his ever growing appetite for flesh and souls.
Not revered by the church.

King of the legendary kingdom of Megiadorr and Lord of the Forodyarn Ice Dragons. There is many holy writings about him and the famed Silver Alliance he led in the last of the Chaos Wars. Legend says he could assume dragon form at will and to have quested with the Five Heroic Champions for the Iryon Crown where he battled against Kharagh before the Mountain of the Skull.
Not revered by the church.

Calior “The Black”
Calior is a powerful magician who in battle against Kharagh was twisted to the chaotic form which he became when he transcended. He is believed to be Kalthior’s brother and may have been the mysterious “second” companion that joined the quest for the Iryon Crown. He resides in the hidden places of the world and is believed in his madness to be seeking revenge against the fate brought upon him.
Not revered by the church.

The Master of Ward and Runes, Latrhaln is a servant of Landros who is believed to live in the world and preside over the Magicians Conclave.

A animal deity, shapechanger and chameleon, Mocrare is believed to be a mistaken creation of the gods. He is responsible for lycanthropy which is considered an evil curse that can be brought upon any one. Mocrare’s true form is believed to resemble that of a large silver wolf.
Not revered by the church.

No one has been able to understand how the institution of the church has maintained an accurate history of the empire going back thousands of years. The Church itself conceals the existence of this ascended magi, for he is associated with history and time...loremaster and Master of Hidden Secrets. It is not known what price the church has paid to ensure his loyalty...there is a rumour that he may be of demonic nature.

The Dark Sorceror of Bel-Kel-Daan, Khios is a sorceror of great power whose influence over the use of magic in the world has not been recognised by the majority of the magic user guilds, universities and of course the church. But he has saved entire magical professions after the Chaos Wars and Elithaan owes him a debt. He resides in the Dark Tower where he created many of the spells in use today by the users of the essence...the will or the word.

Khios believes that man holds his own fate and has challenged the gods and other powers who seek to dominate or control the race of man’s destiny in the War of Dominion. He is in conflict also for control over the Earthnodes against the Ancient Enemy.
Not revered by the church.

Ursuragh (T ”Shadows of Chaos”)None of the deities of this pantheon are revered by the church.

The Lord of Chaos and the creator of the demon, Geyr, Mesk and evil Zhan (dragons) races in the world. He resides in the Plains of Kharg, and Land of Everdarkness, a vast region of desolation that lies beyond the western borders of the Karthan empire

Darkness Claw
Grand Marshall of the Legions of the Kalasarii. Throughout the various campaigns that the forces of chaos have raged against the empire, Darkness Claw has been the consumate battle god against the realm of Karthan.

Evil god of magic and chief advisor in the court of Chaos.

The God of War and the Beserker, Belegurth commands the Legions of Chaos for his Lord.

Quite a list Dahlia and very difficult to obtain...due to the nature of religion here as you would understand. We are here...on their world and none of "them" has ever approached us, so hey, the pantheon for all we know could be just a mythological paradigm...but every so often we do get the sense that watching us. Also the clerics get their powers of healing, summoning and the likes from someone...but just who???????[/i]
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08 Merchant Guilds

The lifeblood of any realm is in trade. The key to trade lies in the various merchant companies/trading costers which carry, protect and sell goods. Listed below are the various guilds and companies that exists throughout the empire.

The most well known of all the trading enterprises in Karthan. The trading company is based in Tanyassol and has trading posts and waystations all throughout the empire. Every village possesses a trading post as with most towns and cities. Their waystations dot the landscape and double as inns, offering good meals and accommodation at reasonable rates. Many a weary traveller has welcomed the sight of one of these waystations during adverse weather or with the coming of darkness.

Based in Kaldefen, the Shaar Group originates from Arkulan and has gained assistance in the establishment of trade routes from the Thousand Sun Merchantile (which has recently almagamated with the Shaar Group). The Shaar Group runs many caravans under guard and as a result often employs soldiers from two mercenary companies they have alliances with (The Bloodguard Mercenary Company and the Hillsfarr Riders).
The organisation has offices in the major trading centres of the empire and are now considering entering the highly competitive sea trade, with the establishing of a merchant fleet to be based in Celebros.

This trading line has been in operation for many years throughout the empire and has been extending it's operations out to the foreign kingdoms and empires that have recently been discovered. Spread Karthan wide, the line vies with the other major trading concerns and the Merchant Princes of Telemnar for dominance in the markets of the cities, towns and provinces of the empire. Believed to have been established by a minor noble's younger son, it has since become a major non-noble concern but with the Follindor family still in control of the line, which has continued unbroken for almost as long as the empire has existed.
The merchant line has offices in all cities and throughout many of the towns with travelling merchant agents carrying wares to many villages and other communites. They are also believed to be competing for the right to run the pass inns in the Storm Mountains that have not been secured yet and establishing a vew wayside inns in currently untenanted areas.
The line is known for it's ability to get through and deliver their cargo as wells as obtaining items desired by their customers. They are considered an honest and thoroughly legal concern and havbe never been connected with any illegal smuggling except where their competitors tray to implicate them in such. The line, will in such cases, go to great lengths to retrieve their reputations and point the finger at the guilty party, hiring magic users to achieve this. They hold reputation above all else.

This merchant organisation is based in Carrisbrook and controls the is one of the major trading concerns throughout the province of Telemnar. The organisation has it's own caravans and mercenary company (the Trail Riders) to aid in protection. They also own many waystations along the trading routes and recently have enjoyed advantages over their competitors in establishing trade with Mhalafrei, especially with respect to weapons and armour.
The organisation is also a part of the Kara-Tur, since the merchant lord also presides over the Kara-Tur as its Grandmaster. The Dragoneye Merchant Coster enjoys the favour of the Merchant Princes of Telemnar as well as the most influential nobility of the province.

Based in Neidar (Peleannor), this merchant concern is responsible for the construction of it's own wagons. They also train their own guards, and does this very well. The caravan rates are expensive, but the concern is well organised and known for the swift delivery of goods. This has made the priakos very successfull and money has been pouring into it's coffers for the past 18 seasons the concern has been in business.
The Priakos presently trades within Peleannor but intends to expand into Telemnar and Lethrai within the foreseeable future.

A small merchant business based in Nokomis (Lethrai), the Jhalass Merchants is closely associated with the Starbright Trading Line, providing warehouses at reasonable rates throughout the cities in Lethrai.
Though the concern's principle interest is in the leasing of warehouses, they also has a number of wagon trains that are used by selective clients of the province. They have been known to trade in goods obtained by Sea Traders Guild, smugglers who raid ships along the coasts of Peleannor and Telemnar. This has allowed the merchant concern to expand into Peleannor where they have recently established offices in the port cities.

The Essembram Traders are the first merchant concern to have been founded in the province of Arktoria. The company trades with the Urdan and the Tordagh of the Storm Mountains and many Nanatherim clans of Northern Kandraith. More recently a number of Nanatherim clans have invested in the Essembram Traders, expanding their influence to Lamenvale and southern Kandraith. This has dramatically increased their revenues as more Nanatherim clans turn to them as the source of trade in the region.

Representative of numerous smaller concerns, the Elduys Trading Coster is based in Shakkol in Lethrai and is owned by Perahdhis, the eldest son of the Duke. Consisting of no more than four caravans the trading coster controls much of the trade that takes place in the smaller markets of the city. Though it is no competition when compared against the larger concerns, the coster is respected by the city folk as one who provides their needs and is worked by people well known in the city.

Both of these merchant concerns are owned by the Grand Duchess of Zeray. The Eveningstar Merchant Line comprises one of the largest merchant shipping fleets known in the empire. With Kaeras (the Evening Star) on their sails, the ships sail all the foreign trading routes, including those to Arkulan, Phembar, Hellatrix, Ulvarinn and Dalmara. The Merchant Line has offices throughout the coastal cities of Peleannor, Telemnar as well as in Cerberus, Celedras, Adesina and Messina in Monorovia.
The Morningstar Mercantile Company operates large and well guarded caravans along the major trading routes of the empire. They have offices in all cities and many of the major towns and operates in direct competition against the larger and longer established Starbright Trading Line. However, the mercantile is well supported by the large merchant fleet that brings in foreign goods sought after by the rich nobility of the empire. And given it's centre of commerce the citystate of Zeray, it has never been calculated the immense wealth supposedly possessed by the Grand Duchess as a result of her merchant concerns.

The largest of the merchant concerns in Karthan. It is controlled by Lord Administrator Petrath Laros (34th lvl Merchant) of the Merchants Office of the Thier-Deboraen. The merchant concern originated to end the dominance of the merchant companies of the Grand Duchess of Zeray. In the 100 years this company has been operating they have succeeded to gain prominance in land trade throughout the empire. Alliances with the Merchant Princes of Telemnar and the Windrider Trading Company have increased their influence in rural Karthan.
Sea trade however has not proved as successful as the Thier-Deboraen would have liked. Though they have established trade with foreign realms on the southern continent and along the southern coast of Mandaoss, the influence of the Eveningstar Merchant Line remains dominant. More ships are been constructed as new trading agreements have been signed with Aasla and Phembar. However the influence of the Eveningstar Merchant Line is widespread, as far as the southern continent and beyond.
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09 Knight Orders

The nobility is the lord of the campaign. His total commitment is to war and his superiority on the battlefield. Whether he be a Duke or a knight, war is his craft and he constantly trains in preparation for the time when his skills will be required.
The status and advantages held by the nobility have allowed the formation of the knight orders. These orders have been to the advantage of the empire. This has allowed greater contact between the nobility of neighbouring dukedoms, something that previously did not occurr, unless permitted by their overlord. It has brought about a greater awareness of the empire and has given them greater exposure to the Code of Conduct and Chilvary that they hold so highly.

Formed in LE8701 by Lanton Veris, Duke of Hyrostar, the order is the most prestigious of the knight orders of Karthan. Entry into the order is by invitation only. The order is based in Cerberus at the Castle of the Red Shield on the sixth level of the city. The order has castles in Starhill (Brantmyer Hold), Kaldefen (Kaldefen Castle), Carrisbrook (Seanha Castle), Hyrostar (Traveris Castle), Nennaunir (Choralis Castle) and Tanyassol (The Red Citadel) and owns chapterhouses in the provincial captials throughout Karthan.
Members of the order are the most experienced and acknowledged of the nobility. Some are presently the commanders of the Star Crusaders, others hold seats on the War Council and Imperial Court. Others are retired senior military officers. The majority are ruling nobility who have combat experience against the servants of Kharagh and conducted themselves well in battle. This is one of the prime pre-requisites in becoming a member of the order. Combat experience is the first consideration when the council of the order meets every year to consider those who may be eligible for membership.
Members of the order ride white chargers and their armour, weapons and shields are made by alchemists from the Halls of Fire, who use forges located in the Castle of the Red Shield. The white chargers are bred and trained in Naeramarth by the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple whom the order is closely associated with. In recent years, serving and former members of the Order of the Temple have been among those offered entry into the order.
The order is presided over by a council of five senior knights, each of whom remains in this position for five years. Voting is done by ballot conducted by all members of the order and those in the council may be re-elected if the member so desires.
The present council of the order is:
1. Dahris Maldean - Count of Reanctir.
2. Tyras Kalcieris - Earl Marshall, Duke of Harrin.
3. Dyon Malsiers - Earl of Daysaer.
4. Paladur Mark - Count of Eredoriath.
5. Corsaegin Arienn - Duke of Rithaglin.
Heraldry - A white sword in the claws of a grey eagle on a blue background.
Membership - 3,500.

The oldest order of knights in the empire. The order was founded before the Star Crusaders came into being, in LE5655 by Eultha Pendrath, a knight of hero status who was the only warrior to defeat the Durcollorochrin (The Black Riders) in battle.
The history of the order paralleled the history and development of the Star Crusaders. As the first of the knight orders it was open to those of the nobility who had served the empire well in combat and in times of peace. The order also received the support of the Imperial Family. Those that enter the order came under close scrutiny for their chilvaric conduct. Such a standard has continued to this day.
The order’s traditional home is Granmaten Castle outside the city of Kaldefen (Peleannor). Here the Pendrath family who founded the order has resided for thousands of years. Within the castle lies the tomb of Elutha Pendrath, the hero of the Chaos wars and founder of the order. Earlic Pendrath, is the present Grandmaster of the order as his forefathers have been before him.
The order’s holdings includes chapterhouses in the major cities of the empire and 47 castles and estates, mostly in Lethrai and Peleannor. The estate holdings in Thereck (3) and Mhalafrei (2) have long since been lost to them after the events led the Usurper seven years ago. All but 65 of the order from both former provinces managed to escape the events. It is believed those that did not escape, were capture and tortured to death.
The order is highly respected for the breeding and training of chargers (warhorses) which occurrs at Dasshraed Manor outside Selintan (Peleannor). They are responsible for providing the majority of the warhorses for the nobility and the Star Crusaders.
The order also provide training for pages and squires, which once trained, are sent to the various chapterhouses of the order under apprenticeship for five years. This training is done at Dasshraed Manor and Granmaten Castle.
The order is controlled by a council of six. The council is voted in by the order’s members every six years by ballot. The present council is:
1. Shanbro Bayn, Senior knight to Count Lharndril of Quiso.
2. Lathoris Solekor, Baron of Castle Bitra, Bitra.
3. Hendis Sowarn, Duke of Nokomis.
4. Almincar the Strong, Castellan to Count Chrysenta of Selintan.
5. Rodris Charson, Castellan of Count Mharsell of Ishendar.
6. Gieras Boldarn, Baron of Castle Grayden, Imris.
Heraldry - Silver crown, surrounded by a laurel of oak leaves on blue background.
Membership - 4,810.

For the past 300 years an increasing number of Nanatherim have become knights, vassals to the Dukes of Carneyar, Carrhaven and Sivilan. The Order of the Mark was founded in LE8644 by the Duke of Carneyar out of necessity for centralised command and control. Since the Nanatherim are a nomadic people, the order has established castles and holds in each of the cities in the provinces of Lamenvale and Kandraith and at strategic locations along the major trading routes throughout the two provinces.
The order works closely with the Order of the Clansmen and more recently has provided much improved training for the infantry companies from their garrison at Carrhaven. The order’s base is Mountain home Castle in Carneyar, the largest of the order’s castles and the largest citadel in Lamenvale. Recently, the membership has increased dramatically with the entry of Derkall and Kirani rangers and hunstmen.
Weapons and armour for the order is provided by the Star Crusaders who possesses a number of fortifications in Lamenvale and Kandraith. The order is presided over by the Surdaii of Sivilan, Oakin Lahnil, Plainsrunner of the North. More recently some of the more influential of the Surdaii in Lamenvale have sought to gain influence in the order and have even contested the right of Oakin Lahnil to control the order. This has caused resentment with the other Surdaii of Kandraith who fully support the Plainsrunner of the North. Their is a chance that the order could very well be split, with the Surdaii of Lamenvale seeking control over the order in their province. This could be achieved before the end of the campaign year.
Heraldry - White horse on pale scarlet background.
Membership - 4,239.
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10 Military Orders

Military orders differ from the Knight Orders in that many of it’s members are not of noble or knight social class. Most of the military orders have adopted a code of honour that is similar to the knight orders in respect to chilvary and conduct. As with the knight orders, the military orders must be registered with the Imperial Court.

A military order founded by the Winfrean Fighter Guild in LE8530. The guild has attracted the interest of the city guards where the Winfrean Fighter guild halls are to be found. The order is based in Carrisbrook (Telemnar) and is presided over by Winfrean Fighter Guildmasters in each city. The order has been responsible for improving the defences of a number of cities in Telemnar and Lethrai with the aid of the local nobility. The order has also been very influential in standardising the organisation of the city guards and have fostered exchanges of it’s members, a concept that has proved popular and is very much responsible the increase in membership over the past one hundred years.
The halls of the Shield of Arms are co-located with the guild halls of the Winfrean Fighter Guild. They have attempted to expand to some of the major towns, especially in Lethrai and Telemnar, but the popularity of the Order of the Red Eagle has not made such expansion viable. However Tunir Fhaloss the Guildmaster of Balnar (Peleannor) has intentions of expanding the guild into southern Lethrai and he is gaining support in his endeavours by the Dragoneye Merchant Coster.
Heraldry - Brown shield on a white background.
Membership - 45,200

The Military Order of Coraghador (commonly referred to as the Coraghador Regiment) was formed 60 years ago by Corsaegin Arienn, Duke of Rithaglin. The military order comprises two companies (Each of 400 calvary) and entry into the order is exclusive to the nobility, either by invitation or request.
Many of the nobility have sent their sons to serve in the order. The regiment defends the northern borders of the duchy from Osgeyr and Azgeyr raids which are frequent and on the increase. The combat experience is such that the young nobles return more skilled and prepared for combat. However not all of them have returned to their families, for in battle their are always casualties. This is the risk that is taken when the young nobles are sent to serve in the regiment.
The regiment has been known to operate ouside the dukedom of Rithaglin, under contract to other border fiefdoms that have sought their aid.
Heraldry - white pegasus on a blue background.
Membership - 870.

The largest of the military orders. Anyone with arms skill can join the order once they have provided a written reference from their lord or immediate superior. Membership includes men-at-arms in the service of the nobility, the Star Crusaders and soldiers of the city garrisons. The order was founded in LE8550 during the rise of the guilds. The Order of the Red Eagle has established guildhalls in every town and city throughout Karthan aided financially by the Guild of Arms.
The order possesses the largest membership, and is known as the most common of orders. The hierarchy is very unstable, with many constantly contesting the 12 council positions available. Accusations of blackmail or handouts by individuals have tarnished an otherwise excellent reputation the order has strived to achieve. The order is threatened with collapse unless the present council put aside their various differences and move to re-estabish the reputation the order once possessed 50 years ago. Their has also been talk of a split within the order, with a breakaway order presently been considered by Dalnin Khassildrae, Captain of the Kabin City Guard, and the Grandmaster of Arms. The concept is been met with increasing support from the guild’s members.
The present council of 12 is:
Dalnin Khassildrae - Captain of the Guard, Kabin
Martel Braer - Baron of Karfyu Castle, Lena
Assil Nheril - Captain of the Guard, Thauron Castle
Dreanor Kushak - Sgt at arms, Dubak Keep, duchy of Carrisbrook
Chastil Dubroen - Captain of the guard, Grestil Keep, duchy of Altor
Penriath Nheril - Baron of Tuvaso Keep, Galos.
Donallor Redshar - Castellan of Castle Stuor, duchy of Tanyassol
Rithon Staentral - Castellan of Brazcekk Castle, duchy of Hyrostar
Mystron Shural - Captain of the guard, Thauron Castle
Jhendra Cophal - Captain of the guard, Castel Tharden, Seanna
Duiren Insharvin - Castellan of Caristell Castle, duchy of Kaldefen
Ladheris Henrothin - Castellan of Shurre Keep, Duchy of Hyrostar.
Heraldry - A small red eagle on the top right of the coat-of-arms of wearer’s shield.
Membership - 87,600
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11 Guilds of Magic

The guilds of magic have flourished in the last 250 years since the founding of the Imperial Universities. The universities and the schools of magic were necessary to provide teachings to a greater number of people. They provided a structured and advanced professional training programme. Many of the tutors and instructors came originally from the cities but with the rise of the guilds, many of the instructors now come from these institutions.
The founders of many of the guilds held influential positions within the Imperial Universities or Schools of Magic. The Lord Magic Users were the first to conceive the idea of the guild. It was soon followed by the loremasters and the craftsmen. The guilds became the meeting places of it’s members, a place where knowledge and lore could be shared. The guilds expanded to the cities and major towns and served to increase the exposure of both the magical and non magical professions throughout the empire. This has increased the education level throughout the empire, something the nobility is extemely wary of.
The creation of the guilds has also brought about the decline of the rural magic users who had before the coming of the guilds, being essential in fostering magic throughout the empire. The rural magic users have no time for the guilds, nor for the universities and schools of magic. They also are bitterly opposed to the Tealathrin, for it takes the people that are magically talented from the hamlets and villages and takes them to the universities and schools of magic. Only those who are not detected by the Tealathrin become apprentices to the rural magic users and they are becoming fewer as the Tealathrin process improves.

The first magical guild created in Karthan, the Hall of Fire was founded in LE8524 by Eton Alamarik, a Lord Alchemist from Cerberus. Guild membership was granted to those of the alchemist and magician professions and this has remained so to the present day. Membership is restricted to those who have spent at least 10 years as a journeyman since their advanced training from their original masters. Those apprentices of present Lord Alchemists, who are members of the guild, are looked upon with more favour, than any others who may have sought membership. The only service it offers to the empire is advice to the Imperial Court when required. Adventurers cannot enter the guildhalls seeking knowledge of magic items they have discovered, or to have scrolls or potions made for them. These services are provided by other guilds. The guild is represented at the Essence Convention by it's Grandmaster and three Lord Alchemists.
A number of Tordagh alchemists have recently joined the Hall of Fire and aided in the construction of the most recent guildhall in the free city of Starhill. Guild halls are to be found in the following cities: Cerberus; Starhill (Kandraith); Selintan, Girithron, Kaldefen, and Ishindar (Peleannor); Carrisbrook, Tir, Hyrostar, Eredoriath and Imris (Telemnar) and Kabin, Nokomis, Terekan, Tanyassol, Keric and Quiso (Lethrai).
Grandmaster: Lord Alchemist Toukere Larryl (36th Lvl Alchemist).
Membership: 550.

The second largest guild of magic founded in the empire. The guild was founded by Jaadheis, the "Firemage" in LE8534 and has become one of the most influential and established of all magical guilds. The guild caters for any magic users of essence who have completed their advanced training.
The guild offers a number of services to both their members and to the empire. Scrolls and potions can be made, and people can register magical items and have items delved, all for a reasonable price. The libraries of the guild halls are well known and easily accessible to any citizens of the empire. The guild also provides teachers to the Imperial Universities and the Universities of Scalamadrion. The guild has three advisory positions within the Imperial Court and these are presently been held by Cosman Raalik (30th Lvl Magician); Galamir Altron (29th Lvl Astrologer) and Nhalor Altron (33th Lvl Rune-master).
In LE8634 the Halls of Essence formed the Essence Convention in an effort to set standards within the magic user profession and bring magic users from all three magical realms together into a single forum. The Essence Convention has become a major success for the guild thus increasing their influence throughout the empire. The Essence Convention has become an essential facet of magic user society, for it is the forum for which new spells are discussed and implemented, whichever the profession or realm. More recently the convention has approved the creation of a sub committee to investigate the theories related to the existence of the fourth magic.
The guild halls are to be found in all the cities throughout the empire.
Grandmaster: Lord Illusionist Palladrys Ultonne (44th Lvl Illusionist).
Membership: 7,500.

This guild was formed in LE8567 by the Master of Bards, Callios "High Singer". He had gathered a large collection of songs during his travels throughout the empire but had heard the existence of many more. He founded the Songmasters Guild as a library of song lore, but it soon grew to encompass theatres and stages for plays and recitals, as other artistic professions entered the guild. This has proved financially successful, as some of the most famous plays have been written and staged within the theatres controlled by the guild.
The guildhalls are to be found in Cerberus and in the Provincial Capitals of the empire. They have considered expanding to a number of cities in Peleannor and Telemnar, however the Grandmaster is considering a proposal similar to that of the Troubadours of Nyeyr (refer to the Guild of Song). Its present Grandmaster is Lord Bard Ranistil Camdavor (30th Lvl Bard)
Membership: 685.

The only guild to represent the various mentalist professions. Formed in LE8633 by the famous Seer, Andreil “Mindspeaker”, the first guildhall was established in Cerberus two years later. The guild has expanded and halls are now found in the cities of Telemnar, Peleannor and Lethrai. The guild is noted for the continuing training of it’s members with the assistance of the Imperial Schools of Magic, with whom they have a close association.
The guildhalls in Thereck and Mhalafrei were lost during the takeover seven years ago. Little is known of the 200 odd members from both provinces. The guildhalls are to be found in Terekan, Nokomis, Tanyassol and Tarascan (Lethrai); Carrisbrook, Rhivharn and Hyrostar (Telemnar); Selintan, Kaldefen, Bitra, Ithra and Koalinn in Peleannor.
It’s present Grandmaster is Andreil’s grandson, Lord Mentalist Anduras Seinfarin (38th Lvl Mentalist).
Membership: 2,150.

The Starsayers Guild was founded in LE8596 by the Imperial Universities. Guildhalls were constructed in the Provincial Capitals and Cerberus over the next twenty years with revenue taken directly from the Imperial Treasury.
Within fifty years the guild had expanded to encompass the other cities of the empire and the major towns and in doing so created the Arathuriinor (T “Speakers of distance”), a communications organisation to serve the nobility and the Imperial authorities. Anyone can use the guild to send messages, for a price, one that is reasonable and subsidised by the Imperial Court.
During the solisse, the guild becomes of the utmost importance to the Imperial Court and the Thier-Deboraen. With the empire covered in thick snow and racked by blizzards, isolating the cities and the rural communities, the astrologers are the remaining link between the Imperial Capital and the provinces throughout the entire year. And the Starsayers guild are the only guild that provide such a vital service to the empire, at great expense to the Imperial Treasury. The guild remains totally funded by the Thier-Deboraen and the Imperial Universities.
The guild has recently constructed a number of observatories in the Belearric Peninsula and in Peleannor for the observing of the stars and other planetary bodies earlier detected by the Starviewers Guild. Their observatories were not as advanced as those of the Starviewers Guild and in LE8699 the Starviewers Guild amalgamated, many of the astronomers desiring to learn the astrologer profession.
The present Grandmaster of the guild is Lord Astrologer Muras Dhebrasin (35th Lvl Astrologer). He holds the rank of advisor to the Imperial Court.
Membership: 4,940.

A guild of bards and entertainers founded by the Bard Master, Jurass Nyeyr in LE8528. The first guildhall was constructed in Cerberus and for 100 years remained the only guildhall. But increasing membership brought about an expansion of the guild, with the construction of halls in Qualoss, Harrin and Kharolis between LE8556-LE8596. The guild has kept exclusively with these three halls.
The guild is comprised of bards and sends it’s members throughout Peleannor and Lethrai performing as the Troubadours of Nyeyr. The troubadours have performed in the court of many a noble and are well respected throughout both provinces.
What is not known, is that the Guild of Song has proved to be an effective front for the Sharofal organisation. The present Grandmaster and at least half of the guild become involved in intelligence gathering operations when they travel throughout the provinces. They gather the information by simple observation and recording. And it has proved very effective for they have never been suspected of performing such activities.
The Troubadours of Nyeyr travel for six months of the year, following an itinerary, at times formulated some years in advance. This is due to their increasing popularity and the recent construction of theatres throughout Peleannor.
The Grandmaster of the guild is the Master of Song, Leanor Duedinil (40th Lvl Bard).
Membership: 435.

The Solteinn Guild of Magic is one of the most recent guilds. The guild was founded in LE8722, by Lord Magician Pindaros Kellasar. The only guildhall was constructed in Adesina five years later. The guild accepts members from both the essence and mentalism professions and they comprise most of the magic users in the city.
The guild is affiliated to the Halls of Essence and is seeking affiliation with the Loremasters Guild. Since their is no Imperial University or School of Magic, the guild has been accepting apprentices for the past 10 years. The Halls of Essence has provided a number of teachers to the school. The teaching of students has never been made official to the authorities but it is supported by Duke Veraladon who has personally financed the construction of the teaching facilities..
Pindaros Kellasar (36th lvl Magician) remains the Grandmaster of the guild.
Membership: 85.

The largest of the magic user guilds founded in LE8550 by Lord Alchemist, Eurakyn Traiasher, the Lord Academian of the Selintan Imperial University. The first guildhall was built alongside the Imperial University and the School of Magic, as the Universities expanded and were built, so were the guildhalls. The guild is funded by the Imperial Universities and the Schools of Magic.
The guild is open to all profession of mentalism and essence. And since it is co-located with the Imperial Universities, the guild has been able to successfully promote itself to the students during their apprentice training. Which is the principle reason why the guild is the largest and the most influential.
The guild members are also engaged in magical research. The facination of the possible existence of the fourth magic (arcane) and the experiements with elemental magic have kept the Essence Lords occupied for the past twenty years. Other magical research has created the professions of Dervish and the Warrior/Mage as well as extension spells for the Sage, Magician and Illusionist professions. Such advancements are slow and made possible with the facilities provided by the individual universities and schools of magic.
The present Grandmaster is Tarhinas Quivar (40th Lvl Magician/Illusionist), who presides of the Imperial University in Carrisbrook.
Membership: 29,900.

The Guild of Convention was formed in the citystate of Zeray in LE8650. The Institute of Academic Research set up the guild using the Halls of Essence and the Guild of Song, of which some of it’s members were secretly working for the research institute. The guild provided two major functions.
The first is to provide a neutral venue where the various guilds of magic throughout the empire can council on matters of interest. This has led to the conventions, hosted by the guilds every four years. it is at these conventions that various theories are discussed concerning a great many aspects of magic. The conventions has laid down rules and standards for the use of magic as well as discussions on the many theories and ideas concerning the origins, use and applications of the magical realms.
Secondly, the Guild of Convention also provides the opportunity of the academic institute to see how much lore and knowledge the other guilds have gained with each convention. And undoubtedly the other guilds use the Convention for the same purpose, especially the Imperial Guild of Magic.
The Guild of Convention is administered by the Starsingers Guild, in agreement with the other magic user guilds throughout the empire.

This guild was formed in the Citystate of Zeray by Provokin Teleman, an influential bard and an advisor to the Grand Duchess. The guild consists of bards and singers who performed in the gardens and open court theatres until their guildhall was completed in LE8605. Twenty years later the guildhall was extensively rebuilt to include a large amphitheatre, art gallery and theatre halls.
The guild is known to have written many successful ballards and composed among the most popular plays throughout the empire. Love and tragedy are two themes they have woven with great success in their works and the Guild of Song has managed to gain agreements to perform the plays in their own theatres.
The present guildmaster is Songmaster Provotir Teleman (25th lvl Bard).
Membership: 195

This guild was founded in LE8545 by Master Alchemist Daedar Dukaros in Nokomis, Lethrai. The guild was primarily founded to compete against the growing influence of the Halls of Fire. The guild makes potions and scrolls and will analyse magical items brought into their guildhalls. They have never gained prominance within the empire, so they have allied with the Eveningstar Merchant Line and in the past 10 years have founded three guildhalls in Phembar, and two in Hellatrix. Further expansion is planned.
The guild has guildhalls in Nokomis, Losgar, Tarascan, Shakkol, Belishba, Keric (Lethrai); Tir, Loresaro, Carrisbrook (Telemnar); Koalin, Balnar, Girithron and Selintan (Peleannor. The guildhalls in Mhalafrei and Thereck are believed to be controlled by those members of the guild who have accepted the rulership of the emperor.
The present Grandmaster is Taris Celedor (25th lvl Mage/Alchemist).
Membership: 650

A guild founded in LE8564 by Duiren Rhanvorth, an alchemist of accomplished skill, in Cerberus. Rhanvorth served Empress Cassarandir, who was obsessed with jewelry and enchanted gemstones. It is believed the guild was financed by the Empress and Rhanvorth rose to prominance with the nobility for his crafting skills.
The guild comprises alchemists who are master craftsmen with silver, mithril, gold or gemstones. Within 20 years the guild had expanded into Lethrai and Mhalafrei. by LE8640 the guild had expanded into Thereck, Peleannor and Lethrai. In LE8656 a guildhall was opened in Starhill where they have worked alongside the Tordagh smiths. Their demand in the city is such, that the Tordagh have invited the more senior alchemists to work in the forges of their mountain halls. This may have already begun.
Their guildhalls are to be found in Vista, Girithron, Neidar, Kaldefen, Selintan and Bitra (Peleannor); Carrisbrook, Seareach, Hyrostar, Imris and Rhivharn (Telemnar); Harrin, Qualoss, Terekan, Tanyassol, Nokomis, Shakkol, Taascan and Mure (Lethrai). Their guildhalls in Mhalafrei and Thereck are still in use, presumably by members of the order who have assumed control with the support of the emperor.
The present Grandmaster is Halleth Ruldaer (31st lvl Mage/Alchemist), who is also a prominant member of the Kara-Tur.
Membership: 3,650.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:14 pm    Post subject: 12 Guilds of Lore Reply with quote

12 Guilds of Lore

Guilds of Lore have been a recent innovation throughout the empire. Books and the knowledge contained therein have held under the protection of the church. The monks that preside in the monasteries have been the guardians of lore for thousands of years.
But the rise of the scholar and sage profession brought about the estabishment of private libraries. More people gained access to this lore and with the rise of these two professions, was followed the arrival of the guilds of lore.

The Guild of Written lore was founded in the Citystate of Zeray by Yaldrase, under the guise of Luinos, a scholar from Meggido. Founded in LE8675, it is a small guild consisting of language and literature experts who translate documents for the authorities of the citystate. The guild is also responsible for the processing of documents for the Guild of Convention. The guild writes the various reports and discussion matters after each of the conventions and forwards them to the guilds, the universities and the schools of magic. They are experimenting with new spells that will enable them to duplicate documents. Yaldrase has also learned of the printing press, a device the Monorovian embassy uses to create the newspapers. He is looking at least to gain the design before the end of the year.
Yaldrase himself has taken on apprentices at the guild, teaching them the Crystal Mage lists obtained from the ruins of Darkhold. He is in hiding from the Tordagh, since the Crystal Mage profession is exclusive to their race. He is aware of the large Tordagh presence in the city and has concealed himself well against discovery.
Membership: 433.

The guild was founded in LE8525 by the Convention of Lore held that year in Cerberus. The guild combines the libraries of scholars and sages throughout the empire and guildhalls began construction in LE8567 as places of council for those members who had joined the guild.
Among the guild’s achievements is the creation of the Assien Cataloguing System, for books and other writings. The system was first introduced in LE8634 and has become the standard cataloguing system throughout Karthan.
It was the creation of this guild that drew attention to the nobility of the attraction and advantage of possessing such lore, available when required. Such lore had been reserved for the church, and with the rise of the guild the nobility accepted sages and scholars into their courts. This was to bring about the decline of the Monasteries throughout Karthan.
The guildhalls are located in all cities of the empire and offices are to be found in the residences of the Provincial Governors and the courts of many of the nobility.
The present guildmaster is Serakor Hanil (26th lvl Sage). He holds an advisory position in the Imperial Court.
Membership: 6,600.

This guild was formed in LE8528 in the Duchy of Provinsceane (Telemnar) by one of the leading sages of his period, Donris Euchinor. Guildhalls were estab lished throughout the province, then in LE8700 the guild expanded into Lethrai and Mhalafrei. The Guildhalls were to be found in the major cities where such lore was required.
In LE8557 they introduced the Rhunlic Accounting System which enabled guilds and the nobility to detail their accounts with more accuracy and on a specially designed ledger. The system was adopted by the Imperial offices once it was approved by the Emperor in LE8565. Soon afterwards it was adopted by the merchant concerns. The adoption of the accounting system has increased the influence of the guild and they are presently working on an improved version due to be released later on in the year.
The present Master of the Guild is Lakher Neron (34th lvl Scholar). He holds an advisory position to the Imperial Court.
Membership: 460.

The Guild of Heralds was founded in LE8530 by Siltein Ravashaer, a scholar from Kabin. The guild primarily deals with heraldry and geneologies of the Karthan nobility. Their are only two guildhalls, in Cerberus and Selintan. The guild is affiliated with the other guilds of lore due to it’s small membership. The other guilds use the Guild of Heralds in inquiries concerning genealogies and the coat of arms.
The guild is in the process of completing the Herald’s List, which details the valuable hereditary assets of each of the noble families. This includes a register of assets and landholdings. It has taken over 100 years to compile and it is not known just how accurate this list will be.
The guild is presented headed by the son of it’s founder, Silavarn Ravashaer (25th lvl Scholar).
Membership: 89.

The Loremasters Guild was founded in LE8544 by Pheriath Allinin, a former scholar of the Loremasters of Provinsceane. The guild in only based in Cerberus and serves the Imperial Court and the Thier-Deboraen. The guildhall is to be found on the sixth level beside the hall of the Guild of Heralds. The guild holds an advisory appointment to the Imperial Court and that position is presently been held by Contan Nurovhil (30th lvl Scholar).
It is believed the guild holds tomes written by the founder when he met Khios, the Dark Sorcerer. Only Pheriath Allinin knew what the tomes contained and since his death in LE8733, no one has been able to gain access into the vault, where the sixty odd volumes are contained.
The present Grandmaster is Eardis Vardil (24th lvl Sage).
Membership: 189.

One of the more unusual insitutions of lore in the empire. The Institute of Academic Research was founded in the Citystate of Zeray in LE8525, after the Imperial University in the city was closed down. The university became the Institute of Academic Research and since it’s formation, has been funded entirely by the Grand Duchess from her foreign investments. The institute conducts research into the origins and relations of magical and elemental properties associated with the essence and mentalist realm and the fourth magic (arcane).
The institute is well known, not only in the empire, but foreign lands as well. Some of the researchers are from foreign realms such as Phembar, Aasla and Hellatrix. In LE8650 the institute founded the Guild of Convention (refer Guild of Convention) and was responsible for establishing the Towers of the Watchers for the Information Ministry and the Towers of the Elements, which the institute controls.
The institute has been instrumental in developing new detection and negation spells for the Towers of the Watchers. They have also developed new elemental spells for the Towers of the Elements.
Under the direction of Caranthor, who heads the institute, the research has been directed towards protecting the citystate against the effects of the Transcendence. The project is directed at the distortion of time and space...the creation of a shield over the citystate. Within the shield will be placed a atmosphere unaffected by the outside environment as it changes. Such power reserved usually for the Silvarana has been developed by Caranthor over many thousands of years. His true identity is that of Cyrien Allandhor, the Master Architect, who designed the Imperial Capital and whose works grace the continents of the world. He also held a position in the Guild of Shadows, as Alcurian the Alchemist.
Membership: unknown.
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13 Institutions of Lore


The Imperial Universities were founded in LE8506 by the Thier-Deboraen. The first university was constructed in the Imperial Capital four years later and has expanded to most of the provinces. The Universities and the Imperial Schools of Magic which were co-located, have become the foremost institutions of learning throughout the empire.
The institutions were originally constructed for use by the nobility. However with the founding of the Universities, came the rise of the guilds. Education proved very expensive and only the nobility and the richest merchants and administrators could afford to send their offspring to the institutions. However with the rise of the guilds, methods of payment were adjusted so that the freemen could enter the University. The Schools of Magic came about as a result of the reintroduction of the Tealithran in LE8442.
The rise of the guilds has dramatically increased student numbers and given greater exposure to regions of the empire where the institutions have not been established. The increase in student numbers have brought about an increase in the crafts and subjects that have been taught to the freemen and those serfs who have escaped the lordship of their overlord.
The institutions are administered by the Thier-Deboraen through the offices of the Provincial Governors. Senior academenians oversee the operation of each of the universities. The insitutions own the land upon which they are built and as such they must pay a annual tribute to the local Duke, since he no longer has ownership of the land. Taxes are paid annually and directly to the office of the Provincial Governor.
The Imperial Universities are to be found in the following cities: Cerberus; Tarascan, Terekan, Tanyassol, Shakkol, Kharolis (Lethrai); Carrisbrook, Rhivharn, Sembia, Tir, (Telemnar); Neidar, Girithron, Kaldefen, Selintan, Minohtar (Peleannor); Adesina and Carrhaven (Kandraith). Their are moves to expand the universities to the larger towns throughout the empire but this as yet has not met with approval from Empress Lonarwaen, though the Imperial Court is supporting their bid for expansion. The universities in Mhalafrei and Thereck have now become garrisons for the army of the emperor.
The present Chancellor of the Imperial Universities is Kornoril Lefhathin (3th lvl Scholar/-Administrator).
Membership - 19,000.

The Alstraeffin College is the foremost institution of flora in the empire. The college is located in Greenhaven (Greenlands) beside the famous Alstraeffin Gardens. It is in the gardens that are to be found every known species of plant and tree in the empire. Some species have been imported by the “Sea Mist” from Phembar and Hellatrix. The gardens are administered by the College which is presided over by the Thaevin of the Greenlands.
Membership – 780.

The first of the Universities of Scalamadrion were formed in LE8526 in Selintan (Peleannor), by Absvarnn Laosar, an Archmage from the Tower of Krieyos. Funded by Khios, the Dark Sorcerer, these universities were originally designed to compete against the Imperial Universities in teaching apprentice magic users however the control over the Tealithran by Imperial authorities has only allowed expansion throughout Peleannor.
Only two other universities have been constructed, the first in Koalinn (LE8590) and the second in Sembia (LE8620). It is believed up to one hundred students are accepted by all three universities every five years. They are instructed in magic and matters of magical lore Lord Magic users from the Essence Towers and the Tower of Krieyos. Essence and Mentalist professions are taught here and their is some conjecture as to whether their instruction is equal to that of the Imperial Universities.
The majority of the students that complete their apprenticeship seem to chose service at the Dark Tower or the Essence Towers. Few decide to seek service within the empire. Few of the Karthan guilds accept journeyman from these universities, though that is not suprising, given the rumour of support by the Dark Sorcerer himself.
The present Chancellor of the Universities of Scalamadrion is Lonryick Tasamm (27th lvl Sorceror).
Membership – 860.

The Teaching Halls of Lore were founded in LE8647 by the accomplished scholar, Fhenris Aisla. The first guildhall was founded in Cerberus, where the first library that could be publicly accessed was opened. The guildhall became a centre for learning by apprentice scholars and sages, and this led to the expansion of the teaching halls to the provincial capitals throughout the empire.
The guild is not large but is known for the accessibility of written lore. This has led to the the founding of large libraries which is of great benefit to the apprentice scholar and sages, for this lore is available to them at no cost. The guild also provides teachings in reading and writing for a suitable price, and in the past 60 years has seen a major increase in those wishing to learn such skills.
Present Guildmaster is Loris Gammyn (28th lvl Sage/Scholar)
Membership – 4,340 (including students and apprenticies).
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14 Crafting Guilds

Formed in L8644 by the Tallandhor Textile House in Selintan (Peleannor), this has become one of the fastest growing guilds in the empire. The guild has also become one of the very few to expand outside the cities and towns to the villagers. For it is there the weavers and embroiderers have found benefits in joining the guild.
Since it’s founding the guild has remained under the control of the Tallandhor Textile House. The guild has enabled the house to expand throughout the empire, employing many of the the members of the guild in it’s many textile houses. Those from the hamlets and villages can be trained in the towns and cities in all aspects of loom and weave including pattern design under an apprenticeship that is firmly supported by their overlords. More recently the guild has taken to clothing design for the nobility which has met with approval.
In LE8733 the textile concern was purchased by the Morningstar Mercantile Company. Due to the rapid expansion of the guilds, the concern had accumulated a large debt that was paid by the Mercantile Company in return for majority control. The Tallandhor family remain in control of the guild but the textile concern is now owned by the Grand Duchess of Zeray.
Present Master of the guild is Seghas Tallandhor (25th lvl Aministrator/Craftsman).
Membership: 33,400

The guild of actors, bards, playwrights and entertainers. Founded in LE8701 by the most renowned of playwrights, Thiolin Rhardik the guild is to be found throughout the cities of the empire. Though they have written a few successful plays, they have contributed many famous bards and actors for the most popular plays and operas of the past 20 years.
The guild has recently been permitted to provide entertainers to the Imperial Court, by request of Empress Lonarwaen herself. They perform for visiting ambassadors and at banquets and feasts, and comprise some 100 bards and performers, chosen from their guildhalls.
The present guildmaster is Ghelis Myroc (30th lvl Bard/Illusionist).
Membership: 10,100

A guild founded in LE8657 by an influential artisan family from Numeriador (Mhalafrei). With the rise of the craftsmen throughout the towns and cities, the Guild of Craftsmen grew swiftly throughout the empire, funded by the merchant princes of Telemnar and other influential merchant families.
In LE8722, the guild expanded into the rural regions of the empire. The guild became accessible to the blacksmiths, the wheelwrights, carpenters and other craftsmen in the villages and hamlets. Membership grew rapidly and it has now become the largest guild in the empire. The guild is controlled from Carrisbrook since the rise of the usurper in Mhalafrei and communicates with the guildhalls through travelling merchants and entertainers from the Guild of Song. The guild is affiliated with the Guild of Loom and Weave and those guilds controlled by the Imperial Court.
The present guildmaster is Simara Tarren (34th lvl Craftsman (Carpenter)/Administrator).
Membership: approx 67,000.
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15. Warrior/Fighter Guilds

The Winfrean Fighter Guild was founded in LE8499 by Genor Tarkil, a Commander of the Star Crusaders and six captains who had served with him during the Amerin River Campaign in Northern Lethrai. It is rumoured the guild was funded by treasure obtained by Genor Tarkil during the campaign.
The first guildhall was constructed in Carrisbrook (Telemnar) and this has become the base for the guild and that of the Shield of Arms. The guild has expanded to the cities throughout the empire, though it’s influence lies with the central provinces of Telemnar, Lethrai and Peleannor. The majority of the guild members are personnel of the city guard men-at-arms who serve the nobility.
The guild provides excellent training facilities and instruction by retired, experienced fighters for the benefit of the guild’s members for a subsidised price or non members for a standard price. Rumours have persisted for some years of gladitorial fighting between champions of the guilds, though this has never been proven.
The present guildmaster is Korann Lanaer (27th lvl Fighter/Mentalist). His position is being challenged by The guildmaster of Balnar (see entry for Shield of Arms) and Lakhon “Bluehelm”, the guildmaster of Girithron. Both are seeking the guild to become more competitive against the Order of the Red Eagle, who remain more influential amongst those of the fighter profession throughout the empire.
Membership: approx 116,000.

A guild founded in LE8635 by the Chameleon Company, a former adventuring party that became famous for retrieving the Book of the Five Heroes, from the ruins of Darkhold. The selling of this unique work to the Loremasters Guild enabled the company to invest and found the Guild of Arms in Girithron, Selintan and Balnar. In LE8659 they established guildhalls at Koalinn and Neidar and six years expanded into Lethrai and Telemnar establishing guildhalls in Carrisbrook, Rhivharn and Imris (Telemnar) and Harrin, Tanyassol, Keric, Losgar and Mure in Lethrai.
The guild has been accepted by the nobility of the three provinces and the guildhalls are used for training there men-at-arms and at times their squires. Apprenticeship agreements for the squires have allowed more access to combat training that is furthered by service within the Coraghador regiment.
The guild is noted for funding and supporting expeditions beyond the borders of the empire, especially to the province of Arktoria. They have also funded the illfated expeditions to Darkhold in LE8677 and LE8690.
Membership: 88,000
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