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Karthan Cosmology
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:15 pm    Post subject: 16 Miscellaneous Guilds Reply with quote

16 Miscellaneous Guilds

The Mariners Guild was formed by Karanil Tagrias, Captain of the “Sea Mist” in LE8533. Based in Celedras, the guildhalls are located in all the coastal cities and Mariner holds on the islands claimed by the empire. Membership is reserved for the Mariners and their guildhalls are very distinctive, serving as inns and taverns and located beside the docking areas.
Within the guildhalls, one can seek a crew and merchant cargo, depending on the merchant concern. The Guild is open to the officer and crews of the Imperial Navy and presently the Imperial Marines are seeking membership.
Pyrinos Andurin (34th lvl Mariner) presently heads the guilds as the Master of the Seas, in the absence of Karnil Tagrias. The present whereabouts of the “Sea Mist” is unknown.
Membership: 48,700.

This guild was founded in LE8566 by the Office of the Shipwrights in Kaldefen. The guild comprises ship designers and construction engineers. Each of the Guildhalls is run by the most influential shipwright in each of the cities. The guildhalls are located along the coastal cities of Karthan and in the provincial capitals. Since the guilds founding, the Master Shipwrights have shaped the guild to be entirely responsible for the construction of the many classes of sea vessels for the empire and the war vessels of the Imperial Navy. The guild is represented at the Imperial Court by their guildmaster.
The present guildmaster is Master Shipwright Andril Cassaverae (38th lvl Craftsman).
Membership: 2,200

The first reference to the shadowy organisation, the Kara-Tur, was in LE8601 when the guild claimed responsibility for the death of Duke Krandos of Losgar. The organisation was formed in Carrisbrook by a group of merchants known as the Dragoneye Merchant Coster, with the aid of the Shadow Thieves Guild. The guild has grown to influence other provinces throughout the empire and have operatives working in foreign realms that trade with Karthan.
The guild is believed to consist of a number of nobility along with merchants and other influential citizens who share a single objective. To end the rule of the Imperial Crown and replace with a dynasty of their own. Due to the massive popularity of the Imperial Family their objective has been very difficult to achieve.
The guild’s expansion has been slow and they have moved warily. Assassins from the Shadow Thieves Guild have been used to create accidents for those nobility who have discovered their existence or refused to join them. At times this has allowed more sympathetic heirs to assume control over the landholdings. Some of the guild members have rose to prominance in other guilds, or have gained support from members of other guilds.
Of recent however, the victories lie with the spies of Imperial Intelligence. They have compromised a number of agents and operating locations of the guild. At the time of the campaign the guild is attempting to rebuild itself are losing influence in Lethrai and much of Peleannor. Also, Imperial Intelligence now suspects a link between the Kara-Tur and the Dragoneye Merchant Coster, but have yet to substantiate the claim with evidence.
The present head of the Kara-Tur is Odurn Lynois, (29th lvl Merchant/Scout). He is also one of the most influential and successful merchants of the Dragoneye Merchant Coster.
Membership: unknown.

The Watchers of the Citystate of Zeray. A guild comprising Seers, Mentalists and scouts in the service of the Grand Duchess and the Information Ministry. The Sharofal is controlled by Lharic Dehlour, who presides over the Information Ministry in all matters concerning security.
The objectives of the guild is varied, but originally derives from the need to protect the neutral status of the citystate. The Sharofal has become an effective intelligence gathering organisation and the Imperial authorities know very little concerning it’s existence. The information gathered concerns all aspects of the empire, which is used to determine trade and security initiatives when required.
Membership: unknown

The Khar-Harohndeth (T “Foresters Guild”) is the oldest guild in the empire. It was founded long before the Chaos Wars, in the eaves of the Draken Wood, where the rangers constructed many lodges influenced by the Shalrotir (T “Rural Spirits”), for many were believed to have existed in the forest, especially near the Crystal Lake.
The Foresters Guild are the guardians of Drakenwood and over time have expanded their lodges throughout the vast forests of the empire. The guild comprises many rangers and animists and have provided training for both professions for thousands of years. The guild is closely associated with the shamans of the Nanatherim and Karnirutherim cultures whose rangers has swelled numbers since the Chaos Wars.
The members of the Foresters Guild are known for thesir knowledge of animal speech and familiars are common among the rangers. The animists possess an intimate knowledge of the empire’s flora which they strive to maintain and protect throughout their lives. Each of the forests possess numerous lodges and their is one Master Forester for every forest and wood to be found in the empire. They protect the forests on behalf of the Imperial Family and their guardianship is supported by Imperial Writ.
Membership: estimated 150,000
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Joined: 10 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:15 pm    Post subject: 17 Mercenary Companies Reply with quote

17. Mercenary Companies

Mercenary companies are private groups unaligned to Emperor or crown, who fight solely for money and possible loot. These mercenary companies are constantly appearing and disappearing with the passage of the seasons so no full roster is available of those companies presently operating in the empire.
Mercenary companies in general are expensive, all the moreso if they possess a reputation. Above this will go possible bonuses and share of any loot or treasure gained. Smaller operations may be negotiated but given large forces, most clients can afford a small part of a given company. Listed below are the more renowned mercenary companies active at the time of the campaign year in Karthan.

The Red Flame mercenary company was known to be established in LE8742 by the Princess Lonarwaen. The company started out with approximately 100 soldiers and a few spell users and has grown since to a much large company of over 1000, with engineers and spell users accompanying as well as it's own healers and clerics.
The company is also thought to be well equipped with high quality weapons and armour and is very well trained, rivalling the Star Crusaders in skill and ability. It is rumoured the company possesses powerfull magical items, made for the company, possibly by the Tordagh. They are known to operate against the forces of chaos in the main, bandits occasionally and aiding lords against each other, in exceptional circumstances.
They seem to concentrate their operations in the provinces of Lethrai and Thereck as well as the Talan-Kosteyn region. The company is now an Imperial Free Company (a company recognised by the Imperial bureaucracy) and has the support of the Imperial Court. This status is new and has never been granted before and other company's acceptable to the empire are thought to be considering trying to gain this status.
Heraldry – a flaming torch on a blue/white divided background.

Based in Eylea (Arktoria), the Bloodfire Mercenary Company was founded some 15 years ago and is known for their Zhan killing excursions of the last 9 years. This unit consists of both Therim and Perintherim and number about 45. The company has their own spell users and healers and is led by Selevar, as Perintherim warrior/fighter (14th level).
Heraldry - four crossed swords (with red blades) on a black background.

Popular or unpopular, this mercenary company has no base, but wander appearing to turn the tide when events between the empire and the servant of chaos clash in turmoil. The company has been around for over 100 years and is rumoured to be 60 in number.
The company is feared throughout Karthan, for their exploits are widely known and it is believed that it's members have never "aged" in the 100 years the company has been together. They speak seldom and aid those who lest expect it. Payment is normally food and lodgings, nothing more. They possess an hatred for all servants of Kharagh, fuelling a rumour the mercenary company may have been cursed.
Heraldry - A black hawk on a red background.

One of the strongest mercenary companies in Karthan, the Trail Riders are commandered by Veltark, the Duke of Tarascan, and number 1,400. They specialise with operations against the forces of chaos along the Tarascon Mountains and their fame is attributed to this. They have been responsible for seeking out and destroying Geyr and Mesk strongholds along the southern reaches of the mountain range.
More recently they have clashed with mercenary companies under the control of Mhalafrei's emperor (especially the Order of the Fist and the Company of the Sword). The Trail Riders has a second detachment of some 350 personnel based in Carrisbrook with the Dragoneye Merchant Coster, but the Duke has come by information that links the Coster to the Kara-Tur, so he is closely monitoring the merchant concern.
Heraldry - Silhouette of rider on a horse in silver against a mauve background.

One of three mercenary companies hired by the Emperor of Mhalafrei from Arkulan. This company numbers some 20,000 and is commanded by the Shontargu Agu-Shiku, a warlord of incredible fighting skill and prowess. The mercenary company has been in the forefront of the invastion of Thereck and fought well in the "Battle Beneath the Darkening Land" in LE8748 and is presently based in Rannarsh, contracted to the King of Thereck.
As with the other two companies, their infantry skills are to be reckoned with and their weapons are tempered from the finest quality steel and are non-magical. Their weapons and tactics are unique causing some frustration to those who have faced them in the past. Some of their weapons have found their way into the thief and assassin guilds. The company is well equipped and resupplied every three months from Arkulan.
Heraldry - Green ribbon on a blue/white background.

The second of the three mercenary companies from Arkulan. This unit is newly arrived and numbers some 10,000. They are presently based in Kalimehtar, in northern Mhalafrei and have been responsible for excursions deep into the Talan-Kosteyn region against the Karnirutherim clans that reside there.
Heraldry - Blue Tachonuru (sacred bird) on a red background.

The third of the mercenary armies from Arkulan. The company is 20,000 strong and is based in the newly built fortress of Kar-Virrion in the Talan-Kosteyn. They control the region and have forced many Karnirutherim clans from their hunting grounds into the Hinaldin Woods and the Forest of Nardhol. They remain the most active of the three companies.
Heraldry - The Shyra (a sacred fountain) on a white background.

Based in Lindar, this mercenary unit is one of the few to have a price on their heads. It is believed they number about 130 and comprise Therim, Tanatherim, Tordagh and Perintherim. Their weapons and armour were obtained after ambushing a unit of Star Crusaders near Thauron (Thereck) some 10 years ago. Since that time theyhave raided villages and hamlets collecting anything of value and slaughtering those who have stood in their way.
Under the employment now, of the King of Thereck, their operations have extended into Lethrai and has resulted in the establishment of a new base near Nennaunir.
Heraldry - A grey mask on a divided red and black background.

This mercenary unit has no known base and is often seen in the provinces of Lethrai and Peleannor. Numbering some 150, the Order of the Blue Spear is so named due to the possession of the famed blue spear, an artifact that was rumoured to exist in Darkhold during the Chaos Wars. One of the unusual properties of the spear is that it can locate servants of chaos and direct, whoever is bearing the weapon, to where they can be found.
Due to the possession of the artifact, they have been sought after by lords whose lands border the wildlands, where it is known that Geyr and Mesk villages are found. It is also believed they have incurred the wrath of Darkness Claw who is seeking to destroy the blue spear.
Heraldry - A blue spear on a white background.

This mercenary company only contracts itself if either there is something of interest in the region worth investigating or the task for which their services have been hired for, piques their interest. They number no more than 100 and among them are a number of magic user professions and they comprise at least 50 percent of the company. They are well equipped and are rumoured to have entered Darkhold where some of the magic items they possess are said to originate from.
Though their services are sought after extensively throughout the empire, they only accept six contracts a year. They are expensive to contract but the investment is worth while. The unit is commanded by Aarin Silverstaff, a Therim Warrior/Mentalist and founder of the Mindspeakers Guild in Cerberus.
Heraldry - none.

A company of 70 Tordagh, that although not a mercenary company as such, has been known to hire themselves to the nobility who have needed their aid. They communicate seldom with those they are contracted to, and though they will state their origins as the realm of Khudakan, they are from the hidden realm of Khadazar and remain bound to conceal the realm's existencce.
The company is well armed and highly skilled and thus expensive to hire. They have shown no interest in the politics of the empire and will not aid nobles embroiled in a feud. The prime concern of the company are the various servants of Kharagh and are content to deal to such, whether under contract or not.
Heraldry - Grey battleaxe on a red background.

The smallest of the mercenary companies, the Eightraien is by no means the weakest. Each of the eight members are nobility from the province of Telemnar and are hired from fellow nobility or Guild masters who know of them. The company is:
Thadrius Foryintil -The Duke of Kunas
Caldris Mheann - Count of the Western Marche.
Paladur Tyrarn - Count of Eredoriath.
Dunoras - Master of the Ahndruin Chapterhouse of the Most Exalted Order of Westland.
Khaelnet "Ironflame" Tarutha - Baron of Myarthiss.
Torvin Basquenn - Baron of Tandrearr.
Palis Ronear - Marquis of Casteallor.
Opayrin Rieve - Lord Magician, University of Scalamadrion, Girithron.
The company is known for their exposure of agents of the Kara-Tur, which seems to be their prime concern. It is rumoured also, that they are acquainted with the Dark Sorceror of Bel-Kel-Daan, and have worked for him.
Heraldry - none.

A company of 140 Therim and Nanatherim, who are led by Marquis Telargue of Koalinn. The company operates mostly along the coastal hinterlands of Peleannor and Telemnar deterring the efforts of smugglers, that are becoming an increasing problem for the empire.
With the rise of piracy (especially from Mhalafrei and the Torgulejk Islands), they have also been hired to protect merchant ships from the threat of pirates. They have operated alongside the Star Crusaders on a number of occassions and have earned the respect of the Imperial Court. Some consider the Alliance of the South could be another company that is worthy of becoming an Imperial Free Company.
Heraldry - none.

A company of 80 Tordagh and Nanatherim from Kandraith based at the Dysin-Khimlier manor outside the city of Sivilan in northern Kandraith. The company is led by Thorann, a Tordagh lord from Khudakan, and are normally contracted by the Nanatherim to protect their merchant caravans enroute to Carrhaven or Starhill.
Many of their contracts are provided by Essembram Traders, with whom they have a close association with. The company has been seen recently operating in Arktoria, protecting expeditions to the ruined cities of the far south.
Heraldry - Brown oak shield on a scarlet background.

The Faillreash Riders (AKA the Fell Riders) are a company of about 60 Therim and Tanatherim who serve Kharagh, having announcing such by slaying six paladins before the Gates of St Thiras Cathedral in Kabin, nearly 150 years ago. It is rumoured they are no longer human, having become Shietarth many years ago, possibly under the influence of Nienfiara, High Priestess of the Dark Religion.
At least half of the company are magic users, all are capable fighters and the entire company has become one of the prime targets of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple. Theyhave engaged, it seems, in a campaign against the church in Lethrai and more recently Telemnar. They have been known to have been contracted by the Kara-Tur and the Shadow Thieves Guild. They remain the most feared of all mercenary guilds presiding in the empire.
Heraldry - The unholy symbol of Kharagh, the Lord of Chaos.

An evil mercenary company presently in the service of the Emperor of Mhalafrei. It is believed the company numbers about 140 and all were warrior monks of the church, who undertook an oath to chaos when Mhalafrei fell to the "Emperor" in LE8748.
They have gathered immense wealth as the result of the dramatic changes that has occurred in the former province in the past seven years. Most of their operations have been against the church itself and they have been contracted for assassinations and kidnappings as well as murder and the pillaging of churches.
Heraldry - none.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:16 pm    Post subject: 18 Thief and Assassin Guilds Reply with quote

18 Thief and Assassin Guilds

A powerful guild that transcends all aspects of society of the empire. The guild first came to the attention of Imperial authorities with the assassination of the Duke of Terekan in LE8601. One of the assassins found dead at the palace bore a strange mark on his neck, shaped like that of a dagger with markings on the blade. This mark has been associated with the guild ever since and is worn only by those of the guild on contract.
The guild comprises assassins and thieves. They relish in ventures involving blackmail and extortion and even kidnapping to create revenue. Their guildhalls are to be found throughout the cities and towns of all provinces, often fronted as a inn, tavern or trading concern. The main threat the guild poses to the empire is the relationship with the Kara-Tur. It is believed the Kara-Tur may have been responsible for the founding of the Shadow Thieves Guild for both organisations have worked closely together since the assassination of the Duke of Terekan. The guild only operates on contracts that are negotiated by the guild masters through mediators. Their services are expensive yet very professional.
Their is no one individual who presides over the guild. The Guildmasters at each city and town have a equal powers on the council that is presently located in Harrin. The council moves location every two years and utilises facilties not associated with the guild to prevent discovery or compromise.
More recently the guild has created the Nightblade profession, giving the assassins the use of magic to enchance their skills. This new profession has caused concern within the Imperial Court as the profession has been responsible for the deaths of a number of nobles in the past twenty years, presumably contracted by the Kara-Tur. They have also attempted to conduct operations against the Towers of the Watchers in Zeray, without any success. The richness and decadence of the free city continues to remain outside the influence of the guild, since they were compromised by the seers soon after the Grand Duchess assumed control.

Believed to be the largest of the thieves guilds in Karthan. Operating from the cities and towns of the empire the Black Hand's operations predominantly are orientated around anything from petty thievery to complicated robbery. The money earned from their operations fund legitimate enterprises controlled by the guild. This has given them a good revenue base which has been to their advantage, enabling them to establish businesses in Monorovia and in Arktoria, the newest of the provinces.
The guild is controlled by Milnous Hirhartin (25th Lvl Rogue) and he presides over the guild from the Tavern of the Hawk in Nokomis (Lethrai). He travels frequently between Lethrai and Monorovia where the guild's new business ventures are flourishing. Milnous is anticipating expanding the guild to the southern continent since trading with Hellatrix, Phembar and Aasla have provided such an opportunity.
However Milnous does not have the support of the Guildmasters in his plans. Their are believed to be efforts to replace Milnous with Largheric Bain (22nd Lvl Rogue/thief), the Guildmaster of Selintan, who has openly challenged the plans to expand into the southern continent. This has caused considerable division within the guild, but Milnous still maintains a firm grip over the guild, and does intend to proceed with his expansion plans.

This guild operates from the coastal cities of Peleannor and Telemnar. Here the majority of foreign trade is conducted along busy shipping routes and the guild has taken to piracy has their prime mode of operations.
The guild was founded 150 years ago by Lavis Hays (30th Lvl Mariner/Rogue) in Minhotar (Peleannor). Disguised as a small mariner trading concern, his coastal vessels soon began raiding merchant vessels after markets had been organised in a number of cities in Lethrai and Mhalafrei. The wares taken from the ships would reappear in those markets, normally within eight weeks.
More recently they had turned their attentions to the merchant vessels of the Eveningstar Merchant Line with mixed success. They have recently taken magic users on board for their raids, since the vessels of the Eveningstar Merchant Line are protected by men-at-arms and magic users, something the guild found out initially, the hard way.
The guild knows the coasts of Peleannor and Telemnar well. They use the sheltered coves and caves as their base of operations when engaged in their raids. The caves are used as places to store what is taken from the vessels and could remain there for some weeks until it is safe to be moved. Five years ago an adventuring party came across such a cave which led to the compromise of one of guilds smuggling operations south of Koalinn and the detainment of six coastal vessels and 200 guild members. More members were captured in Koalinn and Kaldefen in the months that followed. This is led to the reorganisation of the guild which is still continuing, but their raids have continued abeit not as frequent.

A guild of petty thieves that operate from the bazaars and markets in the towns and cities. The guild is loosely organised and controlled by guildmasters who preside over their territories jealously. Their could be up to six Guildmasters in a town and up to ten in a city. Their have been confrontations between guild members over territorial boundaries and these confrontations have not served to benefit the guild.
The Guildmasters control their guilds using their own separate laws. Contact between guilds is done by the Masters themselves, but this seldom occurrs. The formation of the Streetgatherers Guild was by agreement only, so that the guild became an empire wide concern. Attempts have been made by individual Guildmasters to assume some sort of total control and this has led to bloodshed and usually their demise.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:16 pm    Post subject: 19 Provinces of Karthan Reply with quote

19 Provinces of Karthan

Imperial Capital: Cerberus 444,000
Imperial Port City: Celedras 235,000

Province/population/Provincial Capital/population:
Lamenvale 3,480,000 Carneyar 79,000
Thereck 1,841,000 Rannarsh 57,000
Lethrai 2,800,000 Terekan 53,000
Mhalafrei 1,825,000 Kar-Sardion 61,000
Telemnar 3,745,000 Carrisbrook 95,000
Kandraith 2,160,000 Sivilan 47,000
Peleannor 4,260,000 Kaldefen 49,000
Arktoria 132,000 Korliyrnor 32,000

The Shadowlands 75,000
Talan-Kosteyn (Kirani) 125,000
Kitarionnor Unknown
Woods of Shadow Unknown
Empty Lands Unknown
Forest of Elharlon (Daeostherim) 17,000
Storm Mountains (Urdan) 144,000
Tarascon Mountains (Urdan) 165,000
Romenna Forest (Daeostherim) 15,000
Brithonyear Forest (Daeostherim) 11,000
The Drakenwoods (Daeostherim) 18,700
Altaron Forest (Daeostherim) 10,000
Forest of Eldanarr (Daeostherim) Unknown
The Encircling Forest (Daeostherim) 19,000
The Belearicc Peninsula 34,000
Sardionirr Forest (Daeostherim) 9,600
Shardin Forest (Daeostherim) 11,000
Chenta Forest (Daeostherim) 8,000
Southern Plains (Khisan) 2,000
Eksharan Forest (Daeostherim) 24,000
Torgulejk Islands (Mariners) 11,000
The Blue Sea (Mariners) 19,300

Free Cities/population:
Starhill 46,000
Seareach 53,000
Citystate of Zeray 214,000

Tordagh Realms/population:
Khudakan 88,600
Daghurkh 96,400
Meadragul 84,000
Khadazar 12,500

Desantherim lands/population:
The Greenlands 24,880
The Northern Downs 28,300

Monorovia (Monorovian) 550,000


1. Cerberus.
The Belearicc Peninsula is situated at the northern reaches of the Inland Sea and along with the islands of Seanna and Daesa, comprise the personal fief of the Karthan Imperial family. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by a stretch of land known as Eranmarkyl (T "Golden Sands") and where the peninsula meets the mainland is one of the Empire's greatest engineering feats, the immense fortress of Naeramarth (L "Shield of Crafted Stone") complete with a 15 mile long wall that crosses the entire peninsula. It is within Naeramarth where a large garrison of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple and Star Crusaders reside. The fortress is jointly controlled by the Empire and the church and is presided over by the Lord Paladin and the Commander of the Star Crusader army garrisoned there.

South of the fortress is the Imperial Capital, Cerberus and the port city, Celedras. Cerberus is the largest city in Karthan and with it's many tiered marbled walls, the Imperial Palace, the Church of Elenmire, the most splendorous of all cities. The Imperial Capital is set atop an escarpment and its construction remains to this day, the most ambitious engineering project ever undertaken. Within the great city are the Council Halls of the Thier-Deboraen, major Guild-halls, the Imperial University, academies, the Imperial Library and the famous crystal tiered gardens. The city has fourteen levels layered up the escarpment, each level walled and defended with large white towers. Rumour has it, that the city was built on top of another city, where once the Starfire Kings ruled long ago, before the Twilight Wars.

The port city of Celedras lies two miles from Cerberus and surrounds a large natural harbour where is contained the largest port in Karthan. The city is built on the high water mark and the docks and port float in the centre of the bay, connected to the city by four large floating causeways. Here arrives the vessels from the many foreign lands Karthan has established trade with, over the past 200 years. The mariner Guild-halls and shipwrights line the docks, nestled amidst large merchant warehouses and market areas. Celedras is connected to the Imperial Capital by two large causeways, each four levels high that cross the Barense Forest, a large nature reserve.

North of Cerberus is the Emperor's Gathering Hall, where the Grand Tournament is held during the last two weeks of each year. The Grand Tournament always attracts many thousands of people and the hall is where the Imperial Family and their guests reside during the tournament. Around the hall is raised the many pavilions of the knights and their squires and further out along the plains before the Red Keep and Grey Keep, the tents of the non-competitors. Between the two keeps is the road that connects Cerberus with Naeramarth.

The eastern side of the peninsula is heavily forested and many fishing villages are found along the eastern shores. It is from here the markets of the Imperial Capital and the port city are filled daily with fish and other seafood, plentiful from the Inland Sea. The forest is home to many rangers and there a few villages deep in its fold. It is believed some of the tallest trees in all of Karthan exists deep in the forest with heights surpassing 600 metres. There are many walking tracks through the forest and small lodges, making the area popular to visitors, especially from the foreign lands, since the forest is within a day's ride from Cerberus.

2. Peleannor.
This Province is bordered in the north by the line of hills/mountains stretching from the Malduin Hills eastward to the Garthang Ranges beside the Inland Sea. To the east lies the Inland Sea, south the Great Sea and to the west the River Ithryn. Peleannor was the first region of Karthan settled by the Tanatherim after the "Twilight Wars" and their culture predominates throughout the province. Other than its capital, Kaldefen, there are fifteen other cities in the province. They are Kaolinn (pop 25,000); Neidar (pop 28,000); Girithron (pop 45,000); Selintan (pop 37,700); Balnar (pop 22,500); Sembia (pop 37,000); Vista (pop 19,700); Khedros (pop 31,000); Bitra (pop 32,000); Altor (pop 22,500); Minohtar (pop 34,000); Ishindar (pop 18,000); Binard (pop 18,700); Ithra (pop 19,000) and Tierynk (pop 24,300).

The province is home to Karthan's shipbuilding industry, notably within Girithron, Kaldefen, Khedros and Minhotar. As with the coastal cities of Telemnar, Mhalafrei and Kandraith, the port cities of Peleannor are built either on the high water marks or they float in the centre of the large natural harbours. Their location was decided upon by the deep water harbours along the empire’s coastline. Girithron and Selintan also serve as major agricultural centres, supporting the large manorial fiefs, which are located in the most fertile regions of the province. Eastern Peleannor remains mostly wildlands, though with each passing year, new fiefs are being established.

The Drakenwood is home to a number of Daeostherim settlements and many lodges owned by the Foresters Guild. The Crystal Lake is noted for its peace and tranquillity but few ever travel there, for it is believed the lake is protected by powerful water spirits (S "Pyrth-Aiun") and a number of travellers have encountered them while encamped along the lake shore. The influence of the Pyrth-Aiun is believed to be the reason why the lake is one of the few that does not freeze over the solisse. The Daeostherim will advise against entering the area around Crystal Lake. They believe the water spirits are malevolent and to be feared. Those that have seen them say otherwise.

Amidst the Malduin Hills are the ruined cities of Lasgalen and Darkhold. Very little remains of Lasgalen but Darkhold is remarkably intact, lying amidst a treacherous ever spreading swamp. Darkhold is well named. Many creatures of chaos are said to reside there and their are rumours of riches and fabled artifacts. Among those are said to be the Truth Stone and the White Sword. Subjects of many a search, the artifacts remain undiscovered and is probably among the riches of the family who possessed both items during the Chaos Wars. Their residential palace lies somewhere within the city, no one yet, having discovered its location.

3. Telemnar.
This province is bordered in the east by the River Ithryn, south by the Great Sea, west by the Moranor River and north by the Corozan River. As with Peleannor, much of Telemnar is agriculturally orientated, the manorial holdings dominating much of the province. Their are also the large tracts of wildlands throughout the province, areas many believe are protected by the "Wild Children". They have been seen recently by serfs who reside in the borderlands and attempts to clear sections of the borderlands have failed, the wild children having driven the people away. It is believed they are protecting "there" land from been converted to farmlands.

The Provincial Capital is Carrisbrook and the city is famous for the Octagonal Gardens, which lie in the centre of the city beside the Church of St Tiean. There are eight other cities throughout the province. These are Hyrostar (pop 38,500); Rhivharn (pop 25,500); Naithraich (pop 38,000); Lorensaro (pop 25,000); Imris (pop 34,500); Sul (pop 27,300); Tir (pop 31,000) and Thaduris (pop 32,000). Each of the cities are major trading centres and are ruled by the merchant guilds and Merchant Prince families, who have become the equivalent of ruling nobility themselves. Their are four Merchant Prince families and though not as powerful and influential as the Provincial Governor or the Dukes, they control much of the merchant trade throughout the province and beyond. The families are the Houses of Aethelan (Carrisbrook and Thaduris), Rogert (Rhivharn and Sul), Eraytin (Hyrostar) and Pelendor (Lorensaro, Naithraich, Tir and Imris). The house of Pelendor remains the most powerful, possessing an alliance with the Grandduchess of Zeray, which gives them greater access to foreign markets, something new to the merchants of Telemnar.

There are minor merchant houses throughout the province as well as the various leagues and guilds. They, however, hold little influence, since much of the mercantile trade throughout the province is dominated by the Merchant Princes. The only region of the province no one has influence over is the Greenlands, one of only two regions inhabited by the Desantherim. The Desantherim are ruled by a Thaivan (King) and only the Provincial Governor has any powers of representation to the Thaivan on behalf of the Imperial family. Few Therim or Tanatherim reside in the Greenlands and those that do live in the town of Greenhaven.

The central region of the province is dominated by the expanse of the Brithonyear Forest. The forest is home to a number of Daeostherim settlements and their animists aid in maintaining the forest's continual growth. Their also are a number of Valandor settlements within the forest and the Daeostherim revere them as the Hyth-Aiun (S "Forest Spirit") and often leave food offerings beside the trees where they believe the forest spirits live.

4. Lethrai.
Lethrai is bordered on the west by the River Ithryn, north by the Tarascon Mountains, east by the Greater Silvermere River and south by the Malduin Hills, Gelmir's Wall and the Garthang Ranges. The province's capital is Terekan, and their are 15 other cities throughout Lethrai. They are Shakkol (pop 15,000); Nennaunir (pop 26,000); Mure (pop 38,000); Losgar (pop 27,500); Quiso (pop 26,500); Belishba (pop 25,000), Nokomis (pop 27,000); Kabin (pop 31,000); Kharolis (pop 25,000); Qualoss (pop 34,500); Keric (pop 29,000); Harrin (pop 28,500); Tanyassol (pop 23,000); Hirldan (pop 29,000) and Tarascan (pop 26,000). The province remains the most heavily defended due to it's proximity to the Tarascon Mountains and the former province of Thereck.

Their have been many incursions by soldiers of Thereck into western Lethrai, especially around the city of Shakkol which was recently the target of two Zhan, both of whom caused considerable damage to the city and the surrounding area. To the west lies the Maig-Nuror marshes a place where many Shietarth are said to reside. The marshes is the home to Nienfiara, one of Kharagh's chief servants and High Priestess of the Dark Religion. The Iendor bridge which spans the marshes have become the target of recent attacks by Shietarth and the marsh demons, and it is believed Star Crusaders will soon deploy to the area to garrison the bridge.

Within the province is the City State of Zeray. Zeray lies at the junction of Karthan's most vital trade routes and the city is controlled by the richest woman in Karthan, one who controls the majority of the Empire's trade to those lands that lie beyond the sea. The Grandduchess owns the Morningstar Mercantile Company and the Eveningstar Merchant Line, two of the empire's largest merchant concerns. The city state is well defended both by physical and magical means. The influence of the city state over the affairs of the neighbouring Dukedoms is quite profound, since the Grandduchess gained control over the former Dukedom of Zeray by agreements with the border Dukes. The agreements gained, allow the city state to co-exist on terms more favourable than those reached by the rulers of Starhill and Seareach. The existence of the city state is looked upon with disfavour by the Imperial Court and indeed even the Empress would rather the city state had not existed within her empire.

Much of the province is divided in manorial holdings. There are few wildlands, or regions that have not been created into fiefdoms for the nobility. The province possesses the largest number of Dukedoms, due to it's large geographic area and here, as in Telemnar and Peleannor is the feudal society so visible and rigidly enforced. The Tanatherim of lethrai seldom welcome strangers whether they be of the Nanatherim, the Desantherim of the Northern Downs or the Karnirutherim, since those races possess entirely unique cultures that could prove detrimental to the feudal structure that is very much a part of Karthan society. Though the Tanatherim generally share these sentiments, it is much stronger within lethrai than in the other provinces, due to their proximity to a number of other cultures.

5. Lamenvale.
Lamenvale is bordered on the west by the Greater Silvermere River, north by Eksharan Forest, east by the Nanduhural and Erenien Mountains and South by the Shadowlands. The province is a vast plain and his home to the nomadic Nanatherim clans and there are very few permanent settlements here. The Provincial Governor resides in the only city to exist in Lamenvale, Carneyar. The city is legendary for the sales of wild horses and the great safaris. The wild horses roam the plains in large groups and only the Nanatherim have ever been known to master them once captured. The majority of horses are sold to the nobility or the military, few ever find their way into the hands of the serf or freemen. Their are also extensive silver mines in the Erenien Mountains and gemstones in the Nanduhural Mountains. Carneyar is the trading centre and from their the Order of the Clansmen guard the major trading road from the city to Starhill and Tanyassol.

There are a number of Valandor settlements in the forests of Lamenvale and they live relatively undisturbed by the clans. Some Nanatherim have found much needed aid by the Valandor when combating the servants of the Chaos Lord. Due to their strange and unique abilities the Valandor have been called the Seras-Mathiltharan (T "People of the Land") and are quite often seen by Nanatherim rangers when moving through the forests.

Derkall clans also reside in Lamenvale, especially within sight of the Eksharan Forest. However they are few and seldom journey beyond their territory.

6. Kandraith.
The province of Kandraith is bordered by the Storm Mountains in the east, The Great Sea and Monorovia to the south, the Nanduhural and Erenien Mountains in the west and Eksharan Forest to the north. Kandraith is a region of vast plains and grasslands and here reside the Nanatherim, Derkall and Kirani clans in great numbers, both in permanent and nomadic settlements. The Provincial Governor resides in Sivilan which is the largest of the cities. Carrhaven (pop 40,000) is the centre of trade for the province since its proximity to the freecity Starhill, the Tordagh Khudakan and the Urdan clans of the Storm Mountains.

Starhill (pop 46,000) is one of the few free cities ruled by a council comprising of merchants and Tordagh Lords. The city remains the primary trading city for weapons, armour and other items made by the Tordagh smiths. Trade is presently increasing rapidly, especially since the alchemist guilds of Kar-Sardion (Mhalafrei) are no longer accessible.

During the first three weeks of Thardeth in pherior, Sivilan is host to a period of great activity. Known as the Chanairos (T "Home Coming"), this is the period when the many clans of the Nanatherim journey to Sivilan from throughout both Kandraith, Lamenvale and Lethrai. Chanairos is the gathering of the clans, a time of council and trade that accumulates in their celebrations to the Ilmaren and their ancestors, the Founding Fathers of their people. During this period, no outsiders are tolerated within the environs around Sivilan. The Nanatherim hold their celebrations as sacred and the Order of the Clansmen is constantly patrolling the region during Chanairos to prevent outsiders from intervening.

Their are two other cities in Kandraith, Aishar (pop 29,300) and Adesina (pop 38,000). To the east of Aishar amidst the Forest of Mistfall are a number of Valandor settlements who remain undiscovered, even by the few Daeostherim who reside there. Immediately south of the forest is the lake of Dalkyor, home to the Merivor an aquatic race unknown to Karthan. They reside in crystal halls deep beneath the waters of the lake, used by the Daeostherim for fishing and a means of travel. A few of their villages line its shores. The Daeostherim trade with the Karnirutherim of the Storm Mountains and frequently journey to the trading city of Tyr, where their woodcrafts are much sought after.

During the solisse the entire province is abandoned by the Kirani, Nanatherim and indeed the Khisan. The Kirani and Nanatherim clans seek the shelter of large underground caverns heated by the thermal activity deep within the mountains. These underground structures were constructed by the Tordagh and line the western reaches of the Storm Mountains and the southern reaches of the Tarascon Mountains.

The Southern Plains is also home to the few Khisan clans that reside in Karthan. It is believed they number no more than 2000 and are rarely encountered by travellers. Nomadic and wary of cities and settlements, the Khisan inhabit the vast open plains and low lying hills, avoiding communicating with others wherever possible. Little of their culture is known about and more recently they have become a focus of interest to the sages and scholars of the guilds of lore throughout the Empire.

The forest of Kitarionnor has only recently been settled by Daeostherim. The Woods of Shadow is known as a place of mystery for rumours abound of ruined cities within its fold. Some Daeostherim have settled in the forest's northern reaches below the Fachirol Plateau, and fiefs have been given to Karthan's nobility by the Empress in that region that lies between the Woods of Shadow and Altaron Forest. It is expected the new fiefs shall become a Dukedom within the next two or three years as the settlements increase both in size and number. This includes plans to build a major town near the eaves of the Altaron Forest close to the recently established Daeostherim settlements. Much of this region has remained unsettled since the founding of the Empire, and only now has this area been cleared for settlement. This has attracted travellers and adventurers eager to explore and to confirm the rumours that have persisted about this region.

7. Arktoria.
Arktoria is the newly established province that lies beyond the Storm Mountains and its borders have yet to be defined. The land is mostly semi arid desert or sparse plainland and if travellers go far eastward they enter the Desert of Girithraey, one of the hottest regions recorded by Karthan scholars. Arktoria has only been settled in the last 400 odd years with the construction of Korliyrnor (pop 28,600) and Eylea (pop 26,200). The majority of those who reside in the province are descendants of adventurers who crossed the mountains and discovered the great cities of the Ecaachtherim and chose to settle there.

The Provincial Governor was only appointed 53 years ago after the Emperor advised the Thier-Deboraen to ensure the statutes of the Empire became law in the new territory. This led to the construction of Star Crusader garrisons and the creation of a Dukedom to affirm control of what was becoming Karthan's newest province.

The ruined cities of Anfal, Occulan, Dyar and Lenox have attracted much attention from the scholars and sages of the Empire and many have travelled there seeking to unlock the mysteries Arktoria possesses. Very little of the region has ever been explored. The lands south of Slow River remain unexplored. Even though Monorovia is in close proximity to these unexplored lands, the shores of the eastern side of Pleasant Bay are treacherous, with cliffs rising over three hundred feet from the sea. The cliffs continue down the peninsula as far as the Peninsula of Storms. The waters before the cliffs are also treacherous and many ships have been lost along the coastline.

Arktoria remains a region popular to adventurers and scholars alike. The two cities in the province possess Guild-halls of nearly every university and loremaster guild to be found in the empire, and their are often encampments in or near the ruined cities, where excavations are still continuing. To travel east is to enter the great desert. Few have ever traversed its great expanse, but those that have say the Shay Barbarians live amidst the parched lands and seldom communicate with travellers entering their domains. It is also believed great ruins lie in the desert too, built by those who constructed the cities discovered in Arktoria. Little is known of the Ecaactherim, explaining the continued interest and excavation. With the new territory's expansion there is much in this land for the adventurer to explore. Formal contact with the Shay have yet to be made and rumours of other peoples in the south persist, only furthering interest in the newest of the empire's provinces.

8. Mhalafrei.
Mhalafrei, until LE8747, was one of the provinces of Karthan. It's governor, Chaldreas Ghastallon, capitalised on the assassination of the Imperial family in that year, to assume total control over the province by using his three mercenary armies contracted from Arkulan. Many believe, rightly, that the former governor, and now Emperor, either knew of the assassination in advance or aided in its planning along with agents of the Kara-Tur.

LE8747 was a year in which many of the Dukes and their vassals perished in the hands of servants of chaos. Many of the Star Crusaders either died or fled across the border into Telemnar. The Imperial holdings are now used by the usurper to protect his lands from Karthan's growing forces. The Empress of Karthan is determined to liberate the former province within the next two years.

The kingdom's borders are the Moranor River in the east, The Great Sea to the south, the River of Sorrows to the west and the Hills of Sardion to the north. Mhalafrei is known to its weapon smithing and mining ventures amidst the Hills of Sardion. Iron, tungsten, platinum, silver and gold is extracted from a number of large mines, and more recently gemstones, opals and jade have been discovered in small quantities. Much of the present revenue is gained by exporting of raw materials to Arkulan and Dalmara. Much of the revenue gained serves the three mercenary armies in the usurpers employment.

Kar-Sardion, the kingdom's capital remains the centre of the alchemist guilds, though a few guilds closed following the change of power, their members returning to Cerberus or Seanna. Two alchemist guilds, that of the Hall of the Hand and Forge, and the Silvercraftsmen Guild are no longer affiliated with their fellow guild-halls outside of Mhalafrei, since they now serve the new Emperor. The seaports of the kingdom boast a powerful navy, using newly built facilities constructed by the Ulvarians at a very expensive price. The Emperor is using former Imperial Naval vessels and facilities, captured during his takeover of the province, while his own vessels are undergoing construction. Their numbers are few in comparison to the might of the Imperial Navy, therefore few engagements have occurred between them.

Other than the kingdom's capital their are nine other cities throughout Mhalafrei, Vrenol (pop 41,000); Hipparion (pop 38,500); Meggido (pop 31,000); Carristor (pop 45,000); Perizhar (pop 34,000); Vishen (pop 46,000); Senilar (pop 36,000); Carristor (pop 35,000) and Echoriath (pop 42,000). Seareach remains a free city straddled along the border between Mhalafrei and Telemnar. For the past four years, a naval blockade has prevented trade to and from the city. The present lord of Seareach is Count Tirestrin and he is a powerful servant of Arunar, as his family has been for the past 2,000 years. He has thwarted many recent attempts of the Emperor to undermine the defences of the city.

The Emperor has constructed a fortress called Kalimehtar on the eastern end of the Hills of Sardion. It is from here that Mhalafrei has expanded into Talan-Kosteyn building a further three fortresses in the hills south of the Hinaldin Woods. They are known as Kar-Virrion, Milvushima and Kar-Talraen. Already forces there have clashed with the Kirani tribes who have refused to accept the Emperor's claim over the region.

Amidst the Hills of Sardion are small Falconer holds. The nearest of these is about 40 miles north of the capital. They closely watch events within Mhalafrei especially where it concerns servants of Kharagh. There is no doubt, it was a powerful Dark Cleric who led the purge against the church six years go, a purge that killed thousands of priests and their servants. The Falconers are determined to find the Dark Cleric but he remains elusive and is wary of their watch over the province. The church has new clerics, (the Dark Religion) who have come from the north and they have brought with them a new religion. Many of the citizens however, remain true to the Ilmaren and converts to this new religion are few.

The rapid change in Mhalafrei's direction in the last seven years has been of great advantage to the Lord of Chaos. He has a number of servants within the Imperial Palace in Kar-Sardion, and while his influence within the former province remains, he considers his plans to destroy the Karthan Empire later in the year, will meet with that much greater success.

9. Thereck.
Thereck is bordered by the River Tolnida in the west, the River Ithryn in the east, the Tarascon Mountains in the north of the Corozan River in the south. The land is extremely fertile and known for the immense livestock holdings that abound throughout the province. The Provincial Capital, Rannarsh is located immediately south of the Forest of Romenna, a forest known for its great enchantment especially against servants of chaos. The origins of the enchantment remains a mystery. Other than the capital there are 11 cities throughout the province. They are Kapparah (pop 31,000); Lindar (pop 38,000); Zhalgren (pop 42,000); Thauron (pop 36,000); Mythenis (pop 37,000); Risain (pop 26,000); Evris (pop 25,000); Thasia (pop 38,000); Palia (pop 33,000); Rakanor (pop 28,700) and Lheandrith (pop 28,300). Lheandrith lies in the disputed Talan-Kosteyn region where Mhalafrei is attempting to exert its influence over the Kirani clans who reside there.

Since LE8747, the province has been ruled by King Balzarch, son of the Emperor of Mhalafrei. The invasion of Thereck occurred soon after Chaldreas assumed control of Mhalafrei and caught the empire by complete surprise. Balzarch rules with an iron grip and those that did not wish to serve him have become slaves in his mines along the Hills of Araman. Many of these slaves were former nobles, their servants, officers and men-at-arms from the Star Crusaders. Some 5000 of the Imperial Army survived the invasion and remain hidden in the eaves of the Forest of Romenna and the Elder Wilds. The Daeostherim of the Forest of Romenna have been isolated since the invasion, which has not concerned them considerably and they have aided the Star Crusaders who sought shelter within the opening days of the invasion.

Unlike within Mhalafrei, the Church continues to exist throughout Thereck, serving the needs of a very oppressed people. They are now contesting power with the Dark Religion who are presently building temples in the cities and rural towns and villages. Though Chaldreas is unimpressed with the continued Church presence in Thereck, he considers moving the Dark Religion into the former province should satisfy his personal plans to eradicate the Church. The border between Lethrai and Thereck remains the most closely guarded region of the Empire. Their are constant excursions into Lethrai from Thereck, mostly by mercenaries seeking more wealth. Formidable towers have been constructed along the banks of the River Ithryn allowing both Thereck and Lethrai to monitor troop movements from afar.

Trade still continues between the Empire and Thereck though this is decreasing as the trade embargo sought after by the Imperial Court has recently come into effect. The trading route goes through the province of Telemnar and into the duchy of Isserlis through the city of Tir. It is from here, merchants and their guards enter the former province, often not knowing their chances of ever returning. The trade route is a lifeline for the serfs, who have had much of their food taken from them as taxes. The last three years have seen failed harvests and the Church is paying for food to be brought into the region to prevent any likelihood of starvation. It is believed the failed harvests may have been caused by disease, brought in by the Dark Religion, to weaken the people so that their "gifts" can be more readily accepted. But they have underestimated the power of the Church which, at present, remains the dominant religious power within Thereck.
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20 Other regions of Karthan

1. The Storm Mountains.
The Storm Mountains extend in a north/south direction for nearly 1,500 miles and historically represents the eastern border of the Empire. Two passes are known to exists through the mountains. The first is the Pass of the Kakacor, the safest of the three due to it's proximity to the Tordagh realm of Meadragul. The Tordagh constructed the pass when Arktoria began to attract the interest of Karthan scholars and adventurers 1,200 years ago.

It has only been in the last 500 years that the Province of Arktoria has become a centre of major exploration and the Pass of the Kakacor is used extensively by merchants and travellers alike. The second pass is located 250 miles further south, and is amidst territory contended by the Urdan clans and Osgeyr and Azgeyr tribes. The pass was believed to have been constructed by the Ecaachtherim and in LE8375 they built the city of Tyr, now a major trading centre for the Urdan culture with the Empire.

The Storm Mountains derive their name from the Zhan who resides there. Known as Stormwing, she is documented to be the largest zhan ever seen. The last confirmed sighting of Stormwing was documented only a year ago, and Kalvin, an apprentice scholar rose to fame with his description of the zhan. He calculated her length to be 1,800 feet and wing-span 2,200 feet. He was the only member of the party who never fled in her wake, creating some contention as the authenticity of the account. Stormwing is said to reside in the northern reaches of the Storm Mountains and travellers are wary to look skyward when crossing through the Pass of the Kakacor.

With the founding of Arktoria, their has been an increased movement of travellers and settlers into the new territory. The Tordagh have constructed way stations along the Pass of the Kakacor and the Windrider Trading Company have recently signed an agreement with the Tordagh to run the way stations. It is believed the company is also seeking to build way stations along the South Pass.

2. The Tarascon Mountains.
The Tarascon (L "Northern Shield") Mountains extend in an east/west direction for nearly 1,500 miles. The average height of the mountains is 20,000 feet and the highest mountains recorded are Winterhorn (35,000 ft), Rushan (32,400 ft) and Silverthorn (37,400 ft). The mountains are formidable to cross. The width of the range varies from 70 to 130 miles and their are no passes known, for travellers to cross. Unlike the Storm Mountains, the Tarascon Mountains are permanently snow clad and their are large glaciers deep within the range. The range is considered so treacherous, few have ever dared to cross it.

The mountains are home to Urdan clans, who remain reclusive and reside in sheltered valleys on the lower slopes of the mountains. The Tordagh tribe of Daghurkh have their mansions and halls on the eastern reaches of the mountains near the Eksharan Forest and the Northern Downs. A second Tordagh tribe has founded the realm of Khadazar, north of the kingdom and within close proximity of Khadazar is the realm of Meggiador, home of the descendants of the famed Silver Alliance. The existence of both of these realms is unknown to the Empire. During the solisse the Urdan clans leave their mountain settlements, with the advancing of the large glaciers. They seek shelter in the woods along the northern borders of the empire and in the Star Crusader fortresses where they have found welcome. The dwarven realms are cut off during the cold year, unable to move outside their mansions.

Their are Osgeyr tribes located through-out the mountains on the southern slopes that border the Empire. Their raids into Karthan are frequent and cause for concern among the Marche barons and Star Crusader regiments of northern Thereck and Lethrai. A number of large Star Crusader fortresses have been constructed in the north to aid the Marche barons in the defence of the borders from such attacks. The mountains are also the home of a number of monasteries, where the reclusive monks of the Church reside. They are found in the most remote regions, inaccessible to humans and geyr alike.

Their are rumours of zhan being sighted in the mountains, none however the size of Stormwing. Their are also small numbers of Raenar, Elnerin, Sereccan and Nenime. Sightings of these elusive creatures are very rare. Their are few paths and trails in the mountains, the roads taken once by explorers and adventurers. Few enter the mountains now, it's harsh and rapidly changing climate, being the death of many a traveller in times past.

3. The Tordagh Mansions.
Their are four Tordagh tribes in Karthan, but the existence of only three are known about. The Tordagh are a reclusive and suspicious race and their magnificent mansions and halls are seldom visited by those outside their race. The three main tribes have maintained close relations with the Empress and have representatives the Imperial Court. The fourth tribe, Khadazar, has established relations with Empress Lonarwaen, but the Imperial Court as yet to know of the tribes existence.

A. Khudakan.
Khudakan is the oldest of the Tordagh tribes of Karthan. Located within the Nanduhural and Erenien Mountains, the realm was founded long before the Twilight Wars, during the height of the reign of the Starfire Kings. In legend the Tordagh believed they came to Khudakan from beyond the mountains, from Khudan-Khardak (Z "Mountain Home"). Within the Nanduhural Mountains they discovered mithril and gold and founded their realm above the mines. Though the mithril mine has long since been exhausted, the Tordagh have discovered silver veins and gems hordes, including obsidian, rare opals and diamonds.

The Tordagh of Khudakan are the most adept of alchemists and their weapons and armour are sought after by the Empire. Some of the Lord Alchemist families possess joint rulership of the free city of Starhill with the Nanatherim rulers.

The King resides in Morthagh (pop 16,000), a citadel that overlooks Bekar Valley. Their are five other mansions. They are Dushera (pop 10,000); Katalkan (pop 8,000); Buzharkhan (pop 7,600); Thabrankh (pop 10,000) and Andragh (pop 5,000).

B. Meadragul.
The Meadragul tribe is located in the northern reaches of the Storm Mountains. They crossed the mountains after the Twilight Wars and in LE2110 founded the royal mansions of Azaghal (pop 25,600). Close to the home of Stormwing, the zhan was soon sighted by the Tordagh and became known as Shuyukh-Danzhaduk (Z "Wrath of the Storm-bringer"). Watch-towers have been built to guard the lands from possible intrusion by the zhan and though numerous sightings have been reported, Stormwing does not seem interested in the Tordagh citadels.

Large gold veins were discovered and the Tordagh built their mansions amidst the veins as they began their mining operations. Six other citadels were built. They are Dairaian (pop 7,000); Istraghul (pop 10,000); Uzunadankh (pop 11,000); Anbhurkh (pop 5,500); Tulkhagh (pop 4,400) and Urandragh (pop 5000).

The rich gold veins have led to war between the Tordagh and the neighbouring Urdan Clans. Since LE7628 when the Urdan discovered gold in one of the Tordagh abandoned mines near Tulkhagh the two races have clashed in battle four times. Though the skirmishes have been minor, they prove the Tordagh have not forgotten the intrusion into their territory of the Urdan and the taking of "their" gold.

Since Starhill has become a free city, the King of Meadragul has negotiated with the King of Khudakan for his people to trade weapons and armour to the Empire. They have also begun to trade with the Shay of the east and their jewellery is sought after by the Daeostherim and the Nanatherim clans of Kandraith.

C. Daghurkh
Founded in LE3560, the third Tordagh tribe is located deep within the Tarascon Mountains close to the Eksharan Forest and north of the province of Lethrai. They fashioned their halls within sight of the glaciers after finding large gemstone hordes deep within the Caradhor and the Iccesargh. Beneath both mountains is found their chief citadel, Doragrim (pop 23,000) above a river of fire that brings heat to all five citadels. The other citadels are: Dalarkhin (pop 15,000); Ostriagh (pop 12,000) and Sharokhan (pop 16,000).

The Tordagh of Daghurkh are seldom seen outside their homes. Suspicious of the Therim and their Tanatherim overlords the only contact with Karthan is through their representatives in the Imperial Court. They are at constant war with Geyr and Mesk tribes that reside in the Tarascon Mountains and bloody confrontations have been recorded recently, due to the increased activity of the servants of Kharagh in their region.

Daghurkh are the only tribe believed to have skills in wood carving. This is attributed to their proximity to the Forest of Eksharan where numerous expeditions have visited and returned with hardwoods which has been carved into the large mosaics by their sculptors. Expeditions have also returned with herbs and flowers which they have learned to cultivate in their subterranean halls.

Recently, a mithril vein has been discovered in the deepest mines of Sharokhan. This has coincided with the Crystal Mages creating a new form of enchanted steel that is much stronger and 30% lighter than previously obtainable. They are also experimenting with new enchanted alloys, some of which have already been incorporated into magical weapons and shields for the wardens of the citadels.

D. Khadazar.
The realm of Khadazar is located within the Tarascon Mountains, northwest of the Lake of Malovir. The realm was founded in LE8735 and originally consisted of 16,000 Tordagh from Khudakan, 23,000 Shedantoir (Red (Fire) Tordagh) from Torn and Kor and 8,000 Fezhantoir (Grey (Ice) Tordagh) from Quowhon.

The realm was founded by Bali Foehammer and since LE8735, Khadazar has grown rapidly, with the discovery of Mithril, Redfire and Osmar, three powerfully enchanted metals. The growth may also be attributed to the religious power that exists within Khadazar. For the population are deeply religious and their are temples to Dalinor (the creator of the Tordagh): Baal (creator of the Fezhantoir) and Ancalaris (creator of the Shedantoir). Their is also an inner temple to Tarkhorizarnn (creator of the Durnatoir) and this is due primarily to the acknowledgment of he been the Creator and father of all gods in Elithaan. It is only in Khadazar that Tarkhorizarnn (and indeed the other gods not of the Ilmaren) are revered and for this reason, the realm's existence remains unknown to Karthan.

The Tordagh of Khadazar are in the process of building the first pass through the mountains, with guarded way stations, for future travellers. For beyond the Tarascon Mountains lies such lands as Torn and Kor and in the northern reaches of the world, the icy wastes of Quowhon.

4. The Shadowlands.
The land of eternal twilight has existed since the end of the Chaos Wars. It is a region seldom travelled, for fear of the Aldagassi (T "Dark Union") that has occurred to those who live within the region. Some 75,000 citizens of the empire reside in the Shadowlands, farming unique plants and trees that are capable of growing under such unusual conditions. For within this region there is no day or night. Instead their is a constant twilight, like a clear starlit night, a legacy of Kharagh from the Chaos Wars. For it was within the Shadowlands that the forces of chaos were defeated by Karthan, in the bloodiest battle ever recorded. For those of the empire who were slain in battle, their spirits became apart of the world, rather than passing to the halls of Kelarien. Their ethereal forms can assume a physical manife-station if the spirit is close to any living creature. Hence the Aldagassi, where those who reside in the Shadowlands have adopted the spirits to allow them physical interaction within the world.

The Aldagassi is seen by many outside the region as a form of evil possession. The church fears the region, the principle reason why the clerics has not moved into the Shadowlands to free the citizens from the Aldagassi. The people of the Shadowlands follow Rikarthe, the God of Twilight and one of the few gods represented by the church throughout the empire. It is the only region of Karthan where Rikarthe is revered in strength. The Therim and Tanatherim that reside in the Shadowlands cannot leave, and to the church hierarchy, this reinforces the possession theory and for this reason, few have ever sought to visit the region.

The Shadowlands is a duchy (known as the duchy of Ferantyll) and has been ruled by the House of Ellardris since the Chaos Wars. Ellardris palace is located in Serinda (pop 17,000), one of four cities found within the Shadowlands. The others are Galos (pop 8,300); Idreth (pop 9,400) and Pagrah (pop 9,000). The only contact the House of Ellardris has to the rest of Karthan, is his court astrologers which are acknowledged as the most powerful in the Empire.

There is no trade between the region and the Empire. Near the border, the two roads that lead into the region, are overgrown and seldom used. Further into the Shadowlands, near Galos and Idreth and the roads are well used by the borderland villages and hamlets. The region is avoided by adventurers and travellers. Their are other places in the Empire to gain fame and fortune. Many believed such shall not be found under the twilight sky of the Shadowlands.

5. The Garthang Ranges.
The Garthang Ranges extends from the Inland Sea to the Drakenwood and Crystal Lake. The mountains have remained virtually unexplored since the founding of the Empire. Expeditions have attempted to enter the range, seeking the fabled Silver Lake, but have all returned unable to cross the mountains. The mountain sides are sheer and snow-clad and inaccessible as many have discovered.

The range is home to the Lord Marshal of Kharagh, Darkness Claw. He resides within Kinghome, a large citadel constructed by the Starfire Kings before the Twilight Wars. More recently he has constructed the Fortress of the Wind, which encompassess Kinghome and the mountain into which the original fortress was constructed. Many Geyr and Mesk strongholds have been built since the founding of the Empire and it is believed an entire army is now garrisoned within the ranges. Loremasters also believe that at least 20 zhan reside in the mountains, for a number have been seen recently flying over southern Lethrai and northern Peleannor.

On the southern slopes of the range is the Danan-Tolardreas (T "High Order in Strength"), home to the Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn (T "Great Hand of the Faithful"), the church of Karthan. The great monastery has remained concealed from the servant of chaos, it's location not even known to the citizens of Karthan.

The Drakenwaeld Pass in the only pass that crosses through the mountains. The Pass is located on the eastern edge of the range and within the fold of Drakenwood. The pass is heavily patrolled by rangers, and is well used by merchants crossing between Peleannor and Lethrai.

6. The Northern Downs and the Greenlands.
The Northern Downs and the Greenlands are the home to the Desantherim (T "Half Men"). The Desantherim are a reclusive race and few outsiders are permitted to visit their lands. Accounted as the most fertile regions of the Empire, the Northern Downs and the Greenlands are among the few regions that are not affected by the solisse and provide much of the food during this harsh season. The Desantherim are known for their skills in horticulture and agriculture and many animists often visit them for teachings and advice on matters concerning the flora world.

Each of the lands are ruled by a Thaivan (equivalent to a king) and the settlements are presided over by mayors who work closely with the Thaivan in matters of Law and administration. Both Desantherim lands are represented at the Imperial Court and the Empress remains their protector and Overlord by the same right she rules the Empire.

The lands are rolling countryside with few wildlands since much of it is cultivated or protected as forests and reserves. Outside the town of Greenhaven is the famous Alstraeffin Gardens, where is found samples of very species of flower and tree in the Empire and some from foreign lands. The Alstraeffin College is the foremost institution of flora lore and it is here where many of the Therim and Tanatherim that reside in the Greenlands are to be found.

The Thaivan resides in Greenhaven (pop 8,300) and their is one other major town in the Greenlands, Haevin Downs (pop 5,000). The Desantherim of the Greenlands are a hospitable friendly folk who are uncomfortable when in the company of therim or Tanatherim. A few have aspired to adventure beyond the boundaries of their kingdom, often returning with stories and tales of the Empire which always fascinates the young Desantherim children.

The Northern Downs is located south of the Tarascon Mountains and lies between Lethrai and Lamenvale. The Desantherim of this land are very reclusive and few outsiders have ever been allowed entry into their borders. The Thaivan resides in Brackendown (pop 9,000) and their are three other major towns: Ifold (pop 5,700); Shorncote (pop 4,600) and Aywick (pop 4,100).

The Northern Downs is protected from geyr and Mesk by the Imperial Star Crusaders. Though the region has escaped much of the wrath of the servants of chaos, their have been major excursions in the last 50 years, one attack destroying the town of Aywick. This has led to the training of a militia and they have been aided by the Daeostherim and the Order of the Clansmen. This protection has led to a greater confidence within the Desantherim that they can look after their own lands. They however, remain reclusive and few ever leave their lands to seek adventure, fewer than their counterparts of the Greenlands.
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21 Regions outside Karthan

1. The Plains of Kharg.
The Plains of Kharg (AKA The Desolation of Kharagh) is a region that lies beyond the western borders of Talan-Kosteyn and the former province of Mhalafrei. The plains lies before the Land of Everdarkness, where dwells the Lord of Chaos and his many servants. The plains are barren and desolate and nothing lives there. It is documented that many ruins are to be found within the plains, confirmed with the expeditions of LE6558 and those that followed. It is believed a vast civilization existed and was destroyed in the Twilight Wars. Along the plains are cracks and fissures, some of which are hundreds of miles in length. Located within the vicinity are active and dormant volcanoes and the fissures are rumoured to be the breeding places of many of the zhan races known in Karthan. Geyr and Mesk reside in vast subterranean cities beneath the plains, some of which are considered to be former ruins that collapsed into the fissures during the Twilight Wars.

Ash and fire storms are common throughout the Plains of Kharg. Their is also the Chaos Storms. It has only been encountered once, by a Loremaster from Cerberus about 700 years ago. The validity of the record is very much in contention and shall remain such until the Chaos Storm is encountered again. From the record it is believed the Chaos Storm is a chaotic gate into the nether regions where dwells Kharagh's demons and other creatures.

Those who have returned from the Plains of Kharg have fallen prey to the "wasting disease", something that the clerics of the church have not yet been able to find a cure for. None has survived passed a year upon their return and yet, this has not stopped adventurers from entering the region in search of wealth and fame.

2. Bel-Kel-Daan.
This region lies to the southeast of Mhalafrei and its landscape is desolate and barren. However unlike the Plains of Kharg, no servants of chaos dwell here. Bel-Kel-Daan is the home of the sorcerer Khios who resides in the Dark Tower. Khios has lived here for thousands of years, no one knows how old he is. It is said his powers are such that he has challenged the gods in times past and continues to do so.

A number of travellers have entered the region, a few have been lucky enough to encounter the sorcerer. The Dark Tower is believed to be so large, it can contain whole armies within and it is not fixed to one location but moves by the power of the essence from place to place. Khios has been known to assist adventurers in the past, but whether that is because it has suited him to do so remains unknown. The sorcerer has sought to intervene in the affairs of the Empire, for good or for ill, and contest such change with Kelarien herself. His intervention is usually subtle and those who are wary of his existence within the empire are guarded as to his activities.

It is believed Khios possessed the largest magical library in the known world. This source of great knowledge has been made available to magic users in the past, but many have refused to undertake the journey out of fear. Others have and have returned greater in skill and knowledge. From the visits, Loremasters have been able to determine that Khios manipulates events within the Empire by use what is known as the Book of Chaos, a written tome of many hundreds of volumes. It is believed the tomes contain a very complete history of Karthan, more complete than any texts held in Karthan. Also within the tomes are written the lives and fates of many who have shaped Karthan's history and only Kelarien knows whether the lives of such men have been influenced by the sorcerer of Bel-Kel-Daan.

Khios presides over all training of the sorcerer profession in the Tower of Krieyos outside the city of Girithron (Peleannor). Beside the tower is the Essence Towers, within the Vale of Sethan, which are used by the Essencemasters in the pursuance of their studies. No more than four apprentices are taken each year and their are four instructors located at the tower at any one time. It is not known how the students are selected, nor how many sorcerers their are to be found within the Empire, for once they are trained they are forbidden to join any guild or society of magic. The sorcerer profession is only taught at the Tower of Krieyos, since the profession was first created by Khios. He has principally been responsible for the creation of the Magician and essence base lists in the times before the Chaos Wars.

The mystery of the Dark Tower in Bel-Kel-Daan continues to fascinate people throughout the Empire. Many consider the region and it's sole occupant, controlled by the Lord of Chaos, for who would challenge the gods, but a servant of Kharagh!

3. Monorovia.
Monorovia comprises of two city states called Lessina and Messina and is located east of the Southern Plains of Kandraith and south of the Forest of Elharlon. Though within the borders of the Empire, Monorovia was founded long before Karthan had extended its borders to the Storm Mountains.

The Monorovians are a very unique culture and their society is considered foreign and strange. Each of the city states is ruled by a "Prime Minister" who, it is believed, parallels either a city mayor, a lord, or a mixture of both. Each of the city states also has a equivalent to the Thier-Deboraen, known as the Council of Ministers or the Parliament. The society of Monorovia has never been fully understood by those of Karthan who have visited there. This uniqueness is expressed in their architecture, language, traditions and general demeanour. Visitors to the region will be fascinated by their technology from the bicycle to the steam trains and steam ships. The Monorovians are great inventors and strange metal objects can be found in many a market, their applications and functions, bizarre to say the least.

The Monorovians are known in Karthan as great brewers of ale and wine. The great brewing houses of Locharstein (wine), Sterling Red (beer) and Maltraven (beer) are often favoured by the Tanatherim and Therim of the towns and cities. They are also known for the founding of the first bank in the Empire. Called the National ("Nayschinal") Bank, this institution has become very popular with the Karthan nobility and merchant concerns.

Beer festivals in Monorovia are a common event, as they are accompanied by great parades, boat races, horse races, athletic events and exhibitions (from flowers to inventions). The common form of transport is the bicycle and the steamtrain is used to travel over considerable distances. This technology and the "industry" that creates it is as yet, incomprehensible to the citizens of the Karthan Empire.

Monorovia has a population of 500,000 (as of the census conducted in LE8753). Lessina has a population of 60,000 and Messina, 57,000. Within the city state of Lessina their are three other cities. They are Tesserina (pop 25,000); Florentine (pop 30,000) and Crystal Falls (pop 19,000). Their are also three other cities in Messina. They are Tara (pop 32,000; Catrann Peaks (18,000 and Little Florentine (pop 15,000). The region is very fertile, the rural areas home to many farms, orchards and market gardens. Their are also vineyards and wineries, forest reserves and parklands, golf courses and horse breeding farms.

Very few citizens from Monorovia are seen outside the city states. The popular Florentine Circus tours the empire every five years since it's formation in LE8655. Monorovia also has an embassy in Cerberus, and owns shipping businesses in Celedras, Adesina and Girithron. The National Bank has offices in the Imperial Capital and the Provincial Capitals and major cities of Lethrai, Telemnar and Peleannor. Monorovian "tourists" visit the Imperial Capital but seldom journey beyond the peninsula.

4. Losan-Stravin.
Hey is what they know about us...not much Smile
Losan-Stravin lies south of the Plains of Kharg and remains a land virtually unknown to the citizens of Karthan. The only contact between the two realms is by the ships of Losan-Stravin who arrive at Celedras once a month, normally in the second week. Their arrival attracts considerable attention since the red vessels are made of a strange metal, which the Loremasters believe is strongly enchanted. The people of the Losan-Stravin resemble the Tanatherim, but are taller and of slender build. No formal contact has been made with the realm and no merchants from Karthan have ever sailed to that land. Labalna are the only nation that has traded with Losan-Stravin. Since Labalna has opened an embassy in Cerberus, the empire has learned something of this strange land. Labalna has opened an embassy in the Blue City and like the other cities of Losan-Stravin, the Blue City is made entirely of a similar metal than the ships and it is believed these cities can fly. The Imperial Court has counselled with the Empress and the High Steward concerning closer and more formal contact with the people of Losan-Stravin. It is expected formal contact will be established sometime during LE8755.
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22 Elithaan History

-800,000 Years.
The Silvarana arrive in Elithaan on the World Ships, fleeing the destruction of their home world by the Chaos Void Engine. They establish the realm of Dursilaynor within the Eksharan Forest. Over time the Silvarana expand and establish realms throughout the world of Elithaan.

-710,000 Years.
The first Tordagh (Dwarven) race (the Durnatoir) enters the world from the Gates of Dreams. They found the realms of Lazrukhan and Thonidor on the continent of Dysar.

-650,000 Years.
The Silvarana attain an ethereal state through the complete interaction with the arcane power. Many decide to shed their physical forms. The High King, Alnuathor, founds the Council of the Quiseraen. Other than the Silvarana there are the Naenar, Nenime and the Iccan. Lesser Fairie races that accompanied the Silvarana across the void to Elithaan are also represented at the council.

-630,000 Years.
The Shardagh (Iron Dwarves) and the Shedantoir (Red (Fire) Dwarves) enter the world through the Gates of Dreams. They establish realms on the continents of Dysar and Mandaoss. The House of Tharix founds the first hold in the Great Rift Valley.

-600,000 Years.
The Ilmaren and the Valentari return to Elithaan and close the Gates of Dreams. Arias, the Lawmaker of the Greater Powers, councils with Alnuathor.

-560,000 Years.
The Valentari establish the city of Silverstar on the continent of Dysar near Firesea.

-500,000 Years.
Kharagh enters the star system and arrives in Elithaan. The first great war between him and the Greater Powers. The Quiseraen join the Ilmaren and the Valentari in war against Kharagh and he is defeated. Kharagh creates the Land of Everdarkness in the Plains of Kharg, and this protects him from total destruction by the Greater Powers.

-485,000 Years.
Kharagh creates the first Geyr, Mesk and Zhan races in vast underground cities beneath the Land of Everdarkness.

-400,000 Years.
The Sulthalion detect the first Earthnodes. They become the focus of attaining greater arcane power. They build the City of Stars on Dysar, and the city becomes the second to most powerful realm to Dursilaynor.

-380,000 Years.
Silverstar is destroyed by Kharagh. The Ilmaren and Valentari rebuild the city in the void and it becomes known as Khalitur.
The Sulthalion study and categorise the earthnodes throughout Elithaan.

-340,000 Years.
The First War of Might. An army of demons and Zhan attack the holds of the Sulthalion and Valandor. Kharagh is unable to penetrate the shield surrounding Dursilaynor.

-337,000 Years.
The Second War of Might. Kharagh's second offensive forces the Sulthalion and Valandor from the continent of Dysar. The Tordagh races aid the Silvarana of the other three continents and defeat the forces of the Chaos Lord. The Tordagh kings join the Council of the Quiseraen.

-330,000 Years.
The Third War of Might. Kharagh attempts to penetrate the shield of Dursilaynor. The Sulthalion react and destroy the Zhan breeding grounds near the Plains of Kharg.

-325,000 Years.
Sulthalion travellers first encounter the mysterious Chaos Storm on the southern continent of Dysar. The Chaos Storm moves towards Dursilaynor but is unable to penetrate the shield.

-322,000 Years.
The Fourth War of Might. Kharagh destroys the Sulthalion holds of Nieykar. The Silvarana High King, Alnuathor, slays Andurax, the Herald of Kharagh, in battle before the Mountain of the Skull. The City of the Stars survives a major offensive by the forces of Kharagh.

-314,000 Years.
The Fifth War of Might. The last of the Sulthalion holds on the continent of Inargen and Rinaira fall to the demons and Zhan of the Lord of Chaos. Many of the survivors flee to the City of the Stars.

-240,000 Years.
Kharagh creates Urshargkh (B "Black Moon"). The moon has no physical affect on Elithaan or the orbit of the three moons. However the Ilmaren and Valentari are unable to ward off its influence over the chaos servants of Kharagh. Tarkhorizarnn arrives at Khalitur and councils with Arias, chief among the Ilmaren.

-225,000 Years.
The Sixth War of Might. Kharagh fails to penetrate the shield surrounding the realm of Dursilaynor. The arrival of the Chaos Storm. It ravages whole forests along the open plains of Evre-Draeyn and Leigha-Estin and many Valandor are swept into the storm.
The Seventh War of Might. The Demon War. The Silvarana and the Tordagh hunt and slay many of the demon servants of Kharagh. The Chaos Storm is sent against Dursilaynor. The shield withstands the attack. Much of Eksharan Forest not protected by the Shield is destroyed.
The Great Offensive. The Silvarana attack the Cities of Fire within the heart of the Land of Everdarkness. Kharagh is defeated and his legions are routed.
The Sulthalion and Valandor re-establish their holds throughout Elithaan.

-195,000 Years.
The Eighth War of Might. The Chaos Storm consumes the City of the Stars. Many thousands of Sulthalion and Valandor perish to an unknown fate.

-135,000 Years.
The Ninth War of Might. Kharagh sends the Chaos Storm against Dursilaynor. The shield successfully defends the realm. Demons attack Sulthalion strongholds on Dysar and Inargen. The Demons are defeated.

-115,000 Years.
The northern ice expands under the influence of the Greater Powers.

-105,000 Years.
The Fezhantoir (Grey (Ice) Dwarves) awaken in the icy wastes of Quowhon.

-100,000 Years.
The Tenth War of Might. Legions of Osgeyr and Var-Mesk attack the Tordagh and Sulthalion holds on Dysar and Mandaoss. The Alliance of Powers is defeated. The Sulthalion and Tordagh are forced from their holds.

-97,000 Years.
The second shield of Dursilaynor is activated. The Chaos Storm is sighted in the great deserts of central Inargen.

-95,000 Years.
The Eleventh War of Might. The Chaos Storm attacks the Shield of Dursilaynor. Battle errupts throughout the lands surrounding Eksharan Forest. The Legions of Chaos are defeated.
The High King and his most powerful arcane users enter the Chaos Storm and destroy it. The City of the Stars, consumed in the Eight War of Might, impacts into the northern reaches of the Eksharan Forest. It is moved using powerful levitation spells into the realm of Dursilaynor.
The council of Arias and Alnuathor.

-86,000 Years.
The Valentari re-establish holds in Elithaan.

-57,000 Years.
The Twelfth War of Might. The surface world is invaded by 20,000 legions of Kharagh servants. The Alliance of Powers takes 300 years to defeat the legions. Much of the surface world is devestated.
A second Chaos Storm is sighted in Dysar. It destroys the Sulthalion hold of Aeros-Aeroan.
The Valandor begin the Great Healing of the world. The Ilmaren and Valentari enter the world directly to assist the Valandor in their task.

-51,600 Years.
Galadrifel enters the system and collides with the ninth planet, sending it spinning out of orbit. The white dwarf is pulled into orbit by Eiliniel and the binary star system evolves.

-48,600 Years.
The Thirteenth War of Might. This coincides with the first approach of Galadrifel to Eiliniel. The Sulthalion call the approach Tiheron-Asaer (D “The Transcendence”). As the closest separation arrives, the Chaos Storm is sent against Dursilaynor, but fails to penetrate the protective shields. Demons ravage Valandor holds in the forests of central and southern Dysar. Many flee to Elivor and Quallien under the protection of the Zhan of Firesea. The Sulthalion astronomers were unable to successfully track the entire Transcendence process.
The first long Solisse after the Transcendence lasts 15 years.

-46,000 Years.
Kharagh introduces the Khunzdagh (Black Dwarves) into Elithaan.

-45,000 Years.
The coming of Man.
The Ilmaren alter the arcane power to form the three lesser realms of magical power. The alteration causes major disruptions to the Silvarana, as their power dramatically declines. The Sulthalion hold the Ilmaren and Valentari in contempt and despise the coming of the mortal race.
The humans found the great realm of Attalante, from which many migrations being establishing realsm and kingdoms throughout Elithaan. The first Ilmaren and Valentari are revered as gods and the foundations of religion are created. The Tordagh show them the ways of forging. Many things are taught to them by the numerous servants of the Greater Powers.
Conflict occurrs between the humans and the servants of Kharagh.
First contact between the humans and the Sulthalion end in bloody conflict. The Race Wars. The conflict rapidly escalates, forcing intervention by the Ilmaren and Valentari.
Alnuathor is informed by Arias that Elithaan is reserved for settlement by the human and dwarven races.

-38,500 Years.
The Fourteenth War of Might. This coincides with the Transcendence. The Intervention of the Ilmaren and Valentari. They aid the humans against the forces of Kharagh. The Sulthalion are forced to abandon their major holds on Inargen and Rinaira and they retreat back to Dursilaynor. A third dimensional shield is established around the realm. The Valandor separate from the Sulthalion and take homage in the forests of Elithaan. The Valandor begin to heal the land brought about by the devestation caused in the war.
The Sulthalion learns more of the Transcendence.

-33,000 Years.
The first humans cross the Storm Mountains and settle in the region now known as Kandraith and Lamenvale.

-32,000 Years.
The Sulthalion create the Olierra-Oriann (D "Focus and Thought"), a powerful new form of magic. The Sulthalion adopt the Olierra-Oriann and grow in power.
The Sunpriests found the Priesthood of Arias in the kingdom of Daishur, on Dysar. The building of the Celestial Pyramid and the City of the Sun, by the Master Architect, Cyrien Allandhor. The Celestial Pyramid becomes the most powerful artificial earthnode on Elithaan, attracting interest even from the Sulthalion.

-25,000 Years.
The empire of Attalante is founded.
Expansion of the Priesthood of Arias throughout the human kingdoms of Elithaan.

-20,000 Years.
The Attalanteans found colonies throughout Elithaan. The Sunpriests establish the Priesthood of Arias in Attalante.
The Master Architect enters the Rift Valley Earthnode and disappears.

-18,000 Years.
Alnuathor begins to terra-form Korayian, the 5th world in the system, for future settlement.
The Master Architect, Cyrien Allandhor, returns to the City of the Sun. There, he constructs the first of the Sun Prisms for the Sunpriests. It is magically launched from the Celestial Pyramid and assumes an orbit around Elithaan. The Sun Prisms gather the light of the twin suns and controlled by the Sunpriests, the light can be directed to any region of the world where the magical power of Arias is required. Sixteen more are launched over the next 200 years.

-14,000 Years.
The House of Sortann becomes the Emperors of Attalante. The empire founds settlements in Denstrall and the Pereghian Peninsula in southern Inargen. War erupts between the settlers and the dark skinned people of the Corango.

-9,100 Years.
The Fifteenth War of Might. This coincides with the Transcendence of Galadrifel. The Black Plague devestates the human realms of Inargen. The Chaos Storm passes across the northern wastes to assault Dursilaynor. The dimensional shield holds. The forces of Chaos overrun Inargen and raid deep into Rinaira and Mandaoss. The Tordagh call for the return of the Alliance of Powers. The Valandor agree to aid, the Sulthalion refuse.
The Tordagh Kings force the convening of the Council of the Quiseraen. The Silvarana High King informs the council the Sulthalion shall not aid the humans in the defence of their lands. He allows the Valandor and the Shalrotir to aid. The Alliance of Powers defeats the forces of the Lord of Chaos with the aid of the Attalante Empire. The sacrifice of the Attalanteans earns the friendship of the Tordagh Kings.
The Valandor and Shalrotir heal the lands affected by the Chaos Storm.

-7,000 Years.
The Durnatoir found the kingdom of Druashay deep in the Tarascon Mountains.
An alliance of the dwarves of Quowhon and the Attalante Empire is formed.
Another three Sun Prisms are constructed by the Master Architect and launched from the Celestial Pyramid. Another 14 Sun Prisms are constructed and launched over the next 500 years.

-4,700 Years.
The Valandor are revered as spirits of the land by many cultures

-4,350 Years.
Rebellion in Attalante. The House of Sortann is replaced by the House of Mauchavis as the new Emperors of the Empire.

-4,250 Years.
The Oracle of Vyrin leads the House of Sortann to the land of Umighor (Karthan), where they found the Falconer Fortress.

-4,000 Years.
Tarkhorizarnn returns and councils with the Ilmaren and Valentari in Khalitur.

-3,755 Years.
The Starfire Kings become the rulers of Umighor and rename the empire, Alkhauris. Humans settle in the eaves of the Eksharan Forest but are soon driven off by supernatural spirits that are said to haunt the forest.
The birth of Kaeras, the Evening Star, in the night sky. Many believe the star is a gift from Arias to his lover, Elenmire.
Crunyark, Highpriest of the Blue Moon Cult becomes the first Sentari (T “Ascended Servants).

-3,300 Years.
The Priesthood of Arias establishes the cult in Alkhauris.

-3,000 Years.
The Sixteenth War of Might. Kharagh sends many legions of Geyr and Mesk against the humans of Inargen and Dysar. The Sunpriests defeat the forces of Kharagh on Dysar. The Alliance of Powers defeat the forces in the War of the Plains on Inargen. The Sulthalion destroy the Gems of Darkness held in the Mountain of the Skull. This destroys the Chaos Storm.

-2,700 Years
Alachor, the great hammer of Duras, supernovas. With eight years the planetary system becomes enveloped by the red nebula.

-1,000 Years.
Tarkhorizarnn councils with the Greater Powers concerning the plans of Kharagh and sets in place the events that would lead to the Advent of Change.

-860 Years.
The Sulthalion holds throughout Elithaan are protected by dimensional shields.

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23 Karthan History I

0 Year. (LE1)
The Seventeenth War of Might. This coincides with the transference of Galadrifel. It becomes known in Karthan as the Twilight Wars. A new Chaos Storm ravages much of northern Mandaoss and Dysar, thus preventing the Advent of Change. Kharagh sends the Chaos Storm against the City of the Sun and it is destroyed by the Sunpriests. The Alliance of Powers is defeated in northern Mandaoss. Battles rage throughout the world. The Starfire Kings are defeated, Arminas is destroyed by Kharagh. The forces of Kharagh are victorious. The sundering of the world and the collapse of civilisation. The "Dark Age" begins.

LE104-LE109 - The cleric and healer professions are established by the church, to prevent the plague from virtually destroying all life in the shattered realm.
LE130-LE155 - Major battles amidst the Hills of Sardion and the Hills of Urtah, between the Falconers and minions of Kharagh. Sortann, the largest Falconer fortress, located in the Hills of Sardion, is sieged in LE149. The siege is broken in LE214, after repeated assaults, and Sortann becomes known as the Iron Fortress.
The Ilmaren and Valentari re-establish themselves during this time, and the church flourishes, with renewed direction from their followers. Cleric guilds are founded and they begin to work closely with healers and lay healers. Tarkhorizarnn replenishes Elithaan with new mineral veins and creates new rivers and landscapes replacing regions devastated by Kharagh during the Twilight Wars. The only exception is the Land of Everdarkness and the Plains of Kharg. As Kharagh's domains, they remind the Ilmaren of Kharagh's power and evil intentions on the world.

The Empire of Amurigan is formed watched closely by the Tordagh of Khudakan, located deep within the Nanduhural Mountains. Trade between the two cultures begin for the first time since the Twilight Wars. Amurigan begins to expand into Thereck and come against the minions of Kharagh. They free many slaves and defeat the forces of chaos in four successive battles.

The Kar-Harohndeth (T "The Foresters Guild") is founded amidst the eaves of the Drakenwood. Lodges and halls are built within the wood and along the shores of the Crystal Lake. Many of the rangers and animists join the guild.

The first of the Tanatherim arrive in Karthan from Attalante. Among them are Sunpriests who re-establish the Priesthood of Arias into Amurigan.

The Tanatherim build two large port cities. Kaldefen is a floating city and Kaolinn is built on the high water mark. These two concepts would dominate the construction of the port cities of the empire. The first of the Sun Temples are built in both coastal cities.

Rodan Cudanaern forms the Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn (T "Great Hand of the Faithfull"), a monastic order to aid in clerical and theological/philosophical teachings throughout Amurigan. This is done with the aid of the Sunpriests of Arias.

LE517 - The Lastanyre Rule is developed by Rodan Cudanaern and this becomes the rule of conduct for monks of the order.
LE518 - The Danan-Tolardreas (T "High Order in Strength") begins construction in the southern reaches of the Garthang Ranges.

The Master Architect builds the Pyramid of the Sun at the Iron Fortress. Cyrien Allandhor returns to the City of the Sun where he constructs 6 more Sun Prisms and launches them in orbit around Elithaan.

Kharagh's forces siege the Iron Fortress.

The Danan-Tolardreas completes construction. This monastery becomes the Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn's administrative and secular centre. Later that year the Order's founder, Rodan Cudanaern dies (at the phenomenal age of 293 years), and he is laid to rest within a special chamber in the monastery.

An assembly of Cardinals and Archbishops is founded at Danan-Tolardreas. The assembly is called the Cyir-Tarokhal (T "High Sanctuary"), and the first Patriarch is voted in by the assembly. He is Kayseri, a religious scholar from Mure.

The siege of the Iron Fortress ends. The Dark Legion, responsible for the siege, retreats into the Talan-Kosteyn.

The monk, Savunas, creates the spell lists for the Warrior Monk profession.

The church adopts a policy of neutrality, which is welcomed by the nobles of both kingdoms (Amurigan and Peleannor).

Civil War erupts throughout Amurigan. The war is forced to a bitter end by the harshest Solisse (LE1216) in three hundreds years. Both armies virtually perish in blizzards and snowstorms.

On his deathbed, the Ordained Patriarch Torinles receives a vision. The vision is of a "orb of seeking", a magical device of great power, that shall end the conflict in Amurigan, by choosing one that shall succeed, and found a new dynasty. The church begins to search for the orb.

The "Company of the Blue Fire" finds the orb of seeking. The Ordained Patriarch and his entourage begins the search of the empire for the new successor.

The Tanatherim build the cities of Adesina and Vista. More settlers arrive at Kaldefen from Attalante.

Khios is born in Adesina, the son of a scholar and a bard.
Torinles and his entourage arrive at the castle of the Lord Menaltaer Eldacar of Selintan in Peleannor. In the audience of Menaltaer, the orb flares a deep blue, acknowledging him as the Siodara.

Menaltaer Eldacar is crowned King of Amurigan.

The negotiations are completed. Peleannor joins the Amurigan Empire and accepts the House of Eldacar as their Overlord.

LE1282 - Khios kills his Sorcerer Master Danyior and takes the elixir of life that gives him immortality. This elixir had kept his master alive for the past 750 years.
LE1341 - Khios begins the building of the Tower of Krieyos outside Girithron.
LE1373 - Meneltaer chooses the ruins of Alkhauris as the new site for the central Imperial Capital. Stone masons and alchemists from Koalinn are asked to begin laying the foundations.

The Council of Eintreas. The Empire of Amurigan and the Kingdom of Peleannor merge to form the Karthan Empire. The line of Eldacar is accepted due to the divine power the family possesses. Talkauris is renamed Cerberus. The founding of the Imperial Court and the Thier-Deboraen. The kingdoms becomes provinces and Provincial Governors are appointed with responsibilities to the Thier-Deboraen, whereas the Dukes are responsible to the Imperial Court and the Emperor.

The founding of the city state of Monorovia by a strange people from beyond the sea. The two cities of Lessina and Messina are build.

Khios begins construction of the Dark Tower in Bel-Kel-Daan.

The first transcendence of Galadrifel since the Twilight Wars. This brings about the great cold which lasts for six years. Turbulent weather patterns, adverse tidal patterns and violent upheavals of the land occurr. The rural regions are abandoned as the people move to the cities. Many thousands perish during the first months. Over a million (one quarter of Amurigan’s population) perish in the six years leading to the end of the Transcendence. The empire is devestated.
LE2863-LE2944 - The cities and rural regions are rebuilt, aided by the spirit races of the Quiseraen.

An army from the Iron Fortress defeat forces of the Chaos Lord south of Balnera Woods. Those that survive retreated to Corolae Lake where they are dessimated by the Falconers that pursued them.

The Tordagh establish the halls of Daghurkh deep in the Tarascon Mountains, north of Shardin Forest.

Tordagh representatives join the Imperial Court.

The House of Thadir establish the Tordagh realm of Meadragul in the Storm Mountains.

The Tuath-Ir-Kayorlinn expands it's missions and churches into the Southern Continent to the realms of Aasla, Phembar and Hellatrix.

Tarkhorizarnn first adopts the form of Elatan and walks the world as the young bard.

The legions of Kharagh emerge from their strongholds beneath the Desolation of Kharg and enter the Talan-Kosteyn. Karidzhan (T "Chaos Dragons") devastate the cities of Mhalafrei and Thereck. The great lore of Karthan gathered in Libraries throughout the Empire is destroyed by demons. Few tomes escape them. The Empire plunges into darkness. The temples of Arias are destroyed. The beginning of the Chaos Wars. Emperor Maldonayr assembles the defending forces of the Imperial Capital at Naeramarth. He calls for aid from the Karnirutherim and the Tordagh. Armies cross into Lethrai and engage the legions of Kharagh. After seven days the Imperial Army retreats towards Cerberus. A second host of chaos forces emerges from the Garthang Ranges and destroys Zeray, as the first host rendezvous with them. Led by Kharagh's Lord Marshal, Darkness Claw, the dark host moves towards Cerberus. Many demons and other creatures, all servants of the Chaos Lord, join them.
The Great Defence. Reinforcements reach Cerberus by sea from Adesina and the ports of Peleannor. The Great Library of the city is destroyed. The monasteries of Thereck and Telemnar are attacked by Karidzhan as the creatures fly towards the Imperial Capital.
The Battle of Chaos. The two hosts of Kharagh meet the defenders north of Naeramarth. The Emperor is slain by Darkness Claw, as is the Imperial Castellan. The Battle of Chaos rages for six days in Ferantyll. Uther Pendrath becomes the first mortal to slay a Durcollorochrin in battle. No true daylight is seen, an effect of Kharagh that would continue from this time forth. The forming of the Silver Alliance in Carneyar by Kalthior. The army moves south. The great hosts of the Chaos Lord are defeated, and Darkness Claw is forced to retreat to his hold in the Garthang Ranges. The Silver Alliance flees northward, pursued by demons under Belegurth's command.
A third host crossing into Thereck. They are met before the ruins of Rannarsh the Silvarana (Valandor) of the Forest of Nardhol and Falconers of the Iron Fortress. The chaos host is defeated in the Ruan Telfearas (T “Battle under the Red Sky”).
One hundred and seventy five thousand perish in the Battle of Chaos, their spirits cursed to remain until the changing of the world (The Advent of Change). Throughout the empire, 1,900,000 were slain in the war. Whole cities had been destroyed and entire regions laid to waste.
Kharagh enraged by the defeat, slays the demon commanders of the War Council, the majority of whom were elevated into the council by Darkness Claw. From the Fortress of the Wind, the Lord Marshal learns his position has been passed onto Belegurth, the chaos god of war.
The Council of Pendrath. Baenaros, son of the Emperor, is crowned by the Ordained Patriach.

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24 Karthan History II

The Transcendence. Expansion of the glaciers threaten the northern borders of the empire. The Urdan flee their settlements and seek shelter in the lower lands. The Long Solisse which lasts six years. 600,000 people die of starvation and cold as entire communities, cities and holds become isolated. Earthquakes strike the heart of the Empire. The cities of southern Lethrai and northern Peleannor are destroyed. The sky turns a bright red and rains ceaselessly for many days at a time. Much of the livestock in the rural manorial holdings perish through lack of feed. Tidal waves strike the coasts of Peleannor and Mhalafrei, destroying the cities of Hipparion, Thaduris, Khedros and Minohtar. The drop in temperatures lead to the freezing of many rivers and lakes in Karthan.
Eight years following the Transcendence, the first pherior season is well heralded by the citizens of the empire.

The darkening of Ferantyll. The region becomes known as the Shadowlands. The cities of the Empire are slowly rebuilt.
The Silvarana High King, Alnuathor, sends craftsmen in the form of Therim and Tanatherim to aid in the rebuilding of the cities. The port cities of Telemnar and Peleannor are the first to be reconstructed.
The Imperial army is increased in size to 60,000 and becomes known as the Star Crusaders, when they adopt the Lightning Star of Elenmire as their shield. The Church of Elenmire is blessed and her power is felt throughout the land. Many miracles of healing are recorded.
Belegurth sends four shadow demons to the Garthang Ranges to oversee the strongholds. The God of War does not trust Darkness Claw. The former Lord Marshal begins to undermine Belegurth's authority over the strongholds, and his strategies, bringing about the failure of many raids into Lethrai and Peleannor. The Lord of Chaos is unable to prevent the Empire from rapidly rebuilding its defences and the shadow demons incur his wrath.
The former city of Mithrelas becomes a place of terror and is renamed Darkhold.
New fortresses are constructed along the northern and western borders of the Empire.
Whole magic user professions disappear throughout the first three hundred years of the Dark Age. The few loremasters that survived rebuild the Great Library and call for any surviving texts to be brought to the Imperial Capital. In LE5738, a council of Lord Magicians and loremasters is convened in Cerberus. It is discovered nine professions have been lost since the Battle of Chaos (seer, mentalist, magus, illusionist, astrologer, archmage, runemaster, conjurer and delver). The council petitions the Emperor to resurrect the Imperial Schools of Magic, but the request is refused, due to the burdening rebuilding programme.
The lord magicians journey to Girithron and seek an audience with the Dark Sorcerer, Khios. With his aid they labour and put the knowledge of spells and of the essence into books. The magician and alchemist professions are saved during this time. A few apprentices are accepted and the magic users build the Essence Towers in the nearby Vale of Sethan.
LE5810 - Dukedoms are re-established in Thereck and Lethrai.
LE5863 - Uynur completes the Kahr-Arresdyr (L "Blade of Power Mastery") and presents the weapon to his master, Darkness Claw. Darkness Claw then uses Kahr-Arresdyr to create his own demon plane by harnessing the power of Urshargkh (R "Black Moon").
LE5870-LE5878 - The Tordagh of Khudakan negotiate with the Nanatherim of Starhill to establish a free trade city. In LE5878 the most influential merchant clans gain control over the city and sign the agreement. Starhill becomes a free city.
LE5893 - Paladin Commander Oyraen founds the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple at Naeramarth. Oyraen becomes the first Lord Paladin of the Empire.
LE5998 - Osgeyr and Azgeyr forces invade northern Lethrai and Thereck. The host is defeated by the Star Crusaders.
LE6045 - The Essence Towers are siezed by Star Crusaders upon the orders of the Emperor. The magic users are brought to Cerberus where the Halls of Power are given to them. They are ordered not to communicate with the Dark Sorcerer further. Two of the magic users assume advisory appointments within the Imperial Court.
LE6050 - A war tax is implemented to pay for the construction of more fortresses in Lethrai and Thereck. The war tax lasts five years.
LE6054 - One karidzhan is sighed near Terekan. A search is implemented in the hills north of the city and the zhan's lair is found. A force of paladins and Star Crusaders attack and slay the zhan.
LE6077 - Foundations are laid for the building of the cities of Harrin and Qauloss.
LE6081 - The first extensive study into the Shadowlands is compiled by loremasters of the Imperial Court. They report of the Aldagassi (T “Dark Union”) which horrifies the church.
LE6093 - Urdan and Nanatherim clans report strange spirit encounters in the Forest of Elharlon. Similar encounters are reported in Crofere Woods, the Encircling Forest and the Drakenwoods.

Magical texts are recovered from the ruins of Eaglecrag Castle deep within the Hills of Sardion. The texts are brought to Cerberus. Many spell lists of those professions lost in the Chaos Wars are among the texts presented to the Emperor.

Khios takes control of the Essence Towers.

The first expedition since the Chaos Wars enters Darkhold and discovers that one of the five heroic champions, Valadorn, resides there. It is rumoured he has become a Vampire.

A large expedition is mounted from Meggido and the expedition enters the Plains of Kharg. Eight of the expedition return two years later and die of the wasting disease in the following months. They reported large ruined cities and many zhan.

Subsequent expeditions discover more ruins in the Plains of Kharg. Some return with immense wealth, but they, like all others perish of the wasting disease. The church has yet to find a cure.

Azgeyr build strongholds in the Hills of Araman. The strongholds are found by the border dukes and they gain aid from the Star Crusaders in destroying the holds and the gathering forces of chaos. It would take 12 years before the entire Hills of Araman are cleared of Azgeyr and Osgeyr. Guard towers are build along the hills and the Kar-Harohndeth are convinced to build lodges and halls in Sardionirr Forest. To strengthen the area further a number of Daeostherim settle in the forest.

Two karidzhan are sighted near the Storm Mountains. They attack Urdan settlements and in LE7005, attacks Carrhaven and Sivilan. In LE7007 the Tordagh of Meadragul report Stormwing destroyed the two karidzhan in battle above the mountains.
Major floods along the Tolnida destroy the cities of Evris and Mythenis.

The first census of Karthan citizens is held. It is conducted by the Loremasters of Cerberus in conjuction with the offices of the Provincial Governors.

The Loremasters of Cerberus begin the compilation of the epic 250 volume "Myrridyn - The Deeds of the Annywaedin". It would take some 200 years before the work is completed.

Osgeyr and Azgeyr raid settlements along the Issquar River from the Garthang Ranges. The raids are neutralised by Star Crusaders.
Darkness Claw creates the first dimensional gate to world of Alltryiaskh. The subversion of the human races begins, utilising the dragons and demons presiding in the world. The first of the dragons and demons cross into Elithaan.

The Battle of Tak-Naerin. The forces of chaos are driven back to the Garthang Ranges. A number of strongholds are found and destroyed. Watch-towers are build close to the northern edge of the mountains.

The first known Perintherim is born in Cerberus. The birth causes division within the Silvarana and the High King takes council from his seers. They say the birth is the beginning of a new people. Sulthalion lords press for a judgement against such unions ever occurring, but Alnuathor accepts the council of the seers.

Kharagh prepares for a renewed War of Chaos. He decides on 65 battlefronts, spreading across the four continents. His three chief servants send agents to the dark kingdoms. The Lord of Chaos, returns Darkness Claw to the status of Lord Marshal and orders him to plan the invasion of Karthan.

The "Sea Mist" is built for the Lord of Seareach.

The Tordagh of Meadragul attack Urdan clans after the Urdan discovered gold in abandoned Tordagh mines. The Urdan defeat the Tordagh and retrieve as much gold before retreating to their settlements deeper in the mountains. The Tordagh pursue and attack the settlements. Outnumbered the Tordagh retreat. The Imperial Court mediates and compensates the Tordagh King for the gold lost to the Urdan. The territory of Meadragul is re-defined to the Imperial Court.

Explorers cross the Storm Mountains and discover the lands beyond which they name Arktoria, after the leader of their party. They discover the ruined cities of Lenok and Occulan to the south, from the civilization of the Ecaachtherim.
A year later they discover the ruins of Anfal and establish a trading post where the future city of Korliyrnor will be constructed.

A strange floating city is seen crossing the southern plainlands of Kandraith. It’s shadow over the land brings great fear amongst the Kirani and Nanatherim clans. The floating city passes southwards close to Adesina, and disappears over the Great Sea.

Seareach becomes a free city under the control of the Sealord Mahra-Dor, a powerful servant of Feanna.
An army of 20,000 geyr ravage northern Thereck. The city of Lindar is destroyed and Mythenis sieged for three weeks until the battle of Tolnida, in which the forces of chaos are defeated by the Star Crusaders.

The Imperial Family becomes Perintherim, through the marriage of the heir to a Valandor healer. The Imperial Family learns of the existence of the Silvarana and the Emperor seeks an audience with the Silvarana High King. Alnuathor considers the request.

Mendorhear becomes the first Perintherim Emperor. Alnuathor visits Cerberus in the guise of a merchant, with an entourage of Sulthalion lords. With his Valandor mother present, Mendorhear learns much of the Silvarana from the High King. This knowledge is passed onto the heirs since Valandor bloodline dominates the Imperial lineage.

Osintoer creates the Sage base lists. This brings about the founding of two new professions, the scholar and the sage. The decline of monasticism as the centre of lore begins.

The enchantment around Ana-Sirranen fades, revealing the ruined Silvarana city to the physical world. The Company of the Dragonhelm enters the ruined city. They are attacked by laen guardians. Only three escape with their lives.

The strange floating city is sighted crossing in a south westerly direction over southern Kandraith. Lord Magicians from the Sea Tower attempt to levitate to the city. Six perish and another two disappear, their fate unknown.

Yaldrase, an accomplished scholar, journeys to Darkhold and uncovers the Crystal Mage base lists, a profession sacred to the Tordagh. Knowledge gained, includes the first insight into a possible "fourth magic."

Arktoria becomes a province of Karthan. The cities of Eylea and Korliyrnor are constructed after the Pass of the Kakacor is completed by the Tordagh.

The Urdan of the Storm Mountains build the city of Tyr, before the Southern Pass, which connects the trading city to Eylea.

Expeditions into Arktoria discover ruined cities left over from a race they name the Ecaachtherim (T "Great Men").

Yaldrase enters the Woods of Shadow and discovers the ruins of Ana-Sirranen. He is attacked by Sulthalion and barely escapes with his life. The Sulthalion learn he has gained the Crystal Mage lists and of his intentions. The Sulthalion places a new enchantment over the city, so that it is no longer a part of this world. The city is re-inhabited. The Tordagh King of Meadragul is informed that the Crystal Mage lists have been found by the Therim of Karthan.

Tordagh ambassadors to the Imperial Court inform the Emperor that sacred texts of their people have found their way to a Therim scholar. A search for Yaldrase begins, but he is not found.
Exploration of Altaron Forest and the Empty Lands by adventurers from Adesina. They encounter a strange tower in the Empty Lands and when they return a year later they are unable to find the tower.

The founding of the Eveningstar Mercantile by Isadora Dusador.

Yaldrase founds the Guild of Written Lore in Zeray, under the guise of Luinos, a scholar from Meggido.
A bitter Solisse. White wolves plague northern Thereck and the Talan-Kosteyn region. Their origins are never discovered. Blizzards and snowstorms cross Telemnar destroying many hamlets and villages. Many thousands perish or are forced to seek the shelter of larger towns and cities.

Emperor Haldryan approves the reintroduction of the Tealithran (T “Testing”).

The founding of the Morningstar Merchant Line by Isadora Dusador. Within 12 years, over eighty ships are built by the shipyards of Kadefen and Khedros. Within two decades Isadora Dusador becomes the richest and most powerful merchant in the Empire.

The Dukes of Kabin, Oendir, Challis and Mhevank sign an agreement with Isadora Dusador, to hand over control of Zeray to her upon the death of it's Duke, Zerostrir.

The Tealithran of Karthan citizens resumes in Peleannor, Lethrai and Mhalafrei. More Imperial Schools of Magic are constructed during this period.

Yaldrase accepts apprentices and begins teaching them the Crystal Mage profession. He is now confident a fourth magic does exist.

The events during this period is detailed in the "Timeline of Recent Events" which follows. Since it represents the last 250 odd years, this period is covered in greater detail.

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25 Karthan History III recent events

The Duke of Zeray dies. Isadora Dusador, gains control over the city without interference from the surrounding Dukedoms. She proclaims the former duchy, the Free Citystate of Zeray and assumes the title of Grandduchess.
The Imperial Court and Thier-Deboraen call for the Star Crusaders to regain Zeray by force. The Dukes of Lethrai champion her cause. The solisse prevents any military intiatives been taken during this year.

With civil war threatening between the newly founded citystate and the empire, the Emperor signs the Laetyn Agreement, which respects the neutrality and existence of the citystate in return for much of the land that comprised the former duchy. An annual tribute to the Imperial Crown is also agreed upon.

The first of the Imperial Universities are established in Cerberus. Over the next 150 years another 21 Universities are constructed in the major cities of the empire. They become schools of learning for the nobility and those who could afford such teachings. The first of the Imperial Schools of Magic is also constructed in Cerberus.

The rise of the magical guilds. The first is the Hall of Fire, a guild exclusively for magicians and alchemists.

The growth of the guilds. Magical, fighter and merchant guilds are formed at an increasing rate as the ideal of the guild appeals to many in these professions.

Absvarnn, an archmage from the Tower of Krieyos establishes the University of Scalamadrion in Selintan. Two more universities are established in LE8590 (Koalinn) and LE8620 (Sembia). Khios sends guildmasters from the Essence Towers to instruct at the universities.

The vessel "Grey Mist" arrives at Girithron with news of a new trading route with the Southern Continent, with the realm of Kala-Adin.

First foreign embassy, from Phembar, is established in Cerberus.

Valkarzon, the "Dark Mage" comes to Mhalafrei. He resurrects the Dark Religion in Karthan.

Arkulan establishes trade with Karthan.
Nienfiara, daughter of Valkarzon and Shodier (Evil Mage), is born.

Valkarzon becomes an adviser to the Provincial Governor Haedinal, of Mhalafrei.
Monorovia opens an embassy in Cerberus.

Adventurers entering Kitarionnor return with tales of Calnizhan (T "Ice Dragons").

The building of the city of Kharolis begins. It is completed in LE8614

The Kara-Tur founds the Shadow Thieves guild in Cerberus, Peleannor and Telemnar.

Var-Mesk and Osgeyr forces invade Lethrai and Lamenvale. Three successive battles take place before the forces are destroyed.

Emperor Maloevier dies. His son, Arduveiar ascends the throne.
An adventuring group discovers a strange blue tower in the Empty Lands.

Nienfiara becomes High Priestess of the Dark Religion and soon exerts her influence. Darkness Claw enters Karthan in the guise of a traveller and moves amongst the provinces.

Arduveiar is betrothed to Inaldir, daughter of the Duke of the Northern Marches.

Peodar, Grandmaster of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple is slain by Darkness Claw.

Tiranorr, son of the Emperor, is born. The decline of Monasticism begins with the rise of the new Loremaster guilds.

Hellatrix establishes an embassy in Cerberus. The Imperial Capital also becomes the location of the first National Bank of Monorovia.
Nienfiara builds her temple near the Maig-Nuror Marshes, in southern Lethrai.

The Imperial Exhibition is held in Cerberus. The first Monorovian inventions are displayed. Among the inventions is the “compass”. The Mariners adopt the invention to improve their sea navigation.

Pantalis, the Imperial Seer, proclaims the first prophecy "Instability and strife shall reign, caused from within."

Tiranorr is betrothed to Viraen, a Perintherim Lay Healer of great skill.

The Most Exalted Order of Westland is founded in Cerberus.
A large fire devestates much of Sardionirr Forest. Many Woodmen are forced from their homes.

Antanikar, son of the Emperor is born.

Storms ravage the coast of Peleannor, causing extensive damage to Khedros, Minohtar and Altor. Many ships at sea are lost.
Nienfiara seduces Kaltan, the Castellan of the Realm, in his Cerberus residence, then slays him.

A army of Arkulan mercenary soldiers secretly arrives in Mhalafrei. They are known as the "Company of the Sword".

Lonarwaen, daughter of the Emperor, is born.
A second Arkulan mercenary army, the "Company of the Burning Blade" lands in secret, west of Vrenol. Valkarzon oversees the army's preparation.

The harshest Solisse in 300 years. The glaciers of the Tarascon Mountains advance to the foothills over the Elder Wilds and the Forest of Nardhol.
Earthquakes ravage southern Telemnar.

A third mercenary army, the "March of Dazuki" lands secretly on the coast of Mhalafrei, to join the "Company of the Burning Blade".
Theories concerning the existence of the fourth magic is first discussed at the Guild of Convention in Zeray.

Raids by Osgeyr and Azgeyr and various fell creatures into Lethrai. Star Crusaders and nobles are hard pressed to contain the attacks. Darkness Claw leads many of these raids, applying pressure on the nobility of Lethrai and Thereck. Many are forced off their lands.

Thereck is overrun by Kharagh's legions. Many refugees flee across into Lethrai and Telemnar. Rannarsh is destroyed, it's treasures sacked and taken.

"The Battle of the Lightning Star". Led by the Emperor, 36,000 Star Crusaders and 30,000 nobles, knights and men-at-arms enter Thereck and drive the chaos forces from the province after a five month campaign. Casualties are heavy on both sides. The capital, Rannarsh is liberated last. Darkness Claw escapes along with the majority of his commanders.

Bali Foehammer befriends Elatan. Later that year the Tordagh lord journeys north beyond the Tarascon Mountains and into the lands of Kor, Torn and the Ice realm of Baal.
The Grand Duchess of Zeray forms the Sharofal (L "The Watchers"), The building of the 12 Towers of the Elements and the 8 Towers of the Seers. The cleansing of the city of the various thieves guilds. A number of Kharagh's servants are found, and accordingly dealt with.

The "Battle of Two Rivers". A host of Azgeyr and Osgeyr is defeated north of Selintan within the shadow of the Garthang Ranges.

The Second Exhibition opens in Cerberus.
Bali Foehammer returns from his expedition from the north and founds the Tordagh realm of Khadazar north of Thereck, amidst the Tarascon Mountains. The realm is founded with the aid of the Shardagh (Iron Dwarves), Shedantoir (Red (fire) Dwarves) and the Fezhantoir (Grey (ice) Dwarves), followers from his journey to the far north. The first temple to Tarkhorizarnn is founded in the Tordagh realm.

The uttering of the Second Prophecy by the High Priestess of the Church of Elenmire in Cerberus. She foresees that "...Belegurth shall walk the land again....." and that "....our great jewel shall be enveloped during a time of great darkness......"
Raids against the Khisan clans by Osgeyr and Azgeyr.

Rannarsh is rebuilt. Tirannor journeys to Rannarsh to re-establish the nobles and the Provincial Governor appointments to the province.

Princess Lonarwaen establishes the Company of the Red Flame.

Uttering of the Third Prophecy by the Bishop of Zeray. He foresees ".....a time of chaos approaches.....darkness will descend from the north and the west."

Monorovian banks flourish throughout the Empire. The "Grey Mist" docks in Seanna, after journeying across the Sea of Shadow.

The Emperor and Empress of Karthan are assass-inated by servants of Darkness Claw, within the Imperial Palace. The two princes are killed while hunting, the whereabouts of the princess, unknown. Mhalafrei secedes from the Empire and a civil war ensues between the Provincial Governor who has proclaimed himself Emperor and those Dukes loyal to the Karthan Imperial Family. The Star Crusaders in Mhalafrei move against the usurper but to no avail as they are defeated by the three mercenary armies hired from Arkulan. Those of the nobility opposing him, are either Slain or forced to leave. The Provincial Governor of Thereck and his family are slain, and after Solisse, the Emperor of Mhalafrei invades Thereck, with aid from Darkness Claw and his "human" servants. The High Steward of Karthan maintains control as the hunt for the princess Lonarwaen ensues. The church in Mhalafrei, undergoes systematic execution at the hands of Nienfiara and the servants of the Dark Religion. Lonarwaen is found in Telemnar, she returns to Cerberus and becomes Empress.
Thereck is taken by the new Emperor and his son Balzarch becomes the Province's King. Many of the nobility are forced to retreat into Lethrai and the fate of many of the Star Crusaders remains unknown. The church in Mhalafrei is crushed, many priests are burned and tortured, their acolytes and servants being executed. Those that escape, speak of the Black Death, a new horror that has destroyed the churches in many hamlets and villages. Some believe them to be lesser forms of the Zhan.
Only the free city of Seareach remains out of control of the new Emperor.
Many clerics flee the former province and enter Telemnar. They say the Black Death is some sort of winged Troll (named Basig-Mesk) and that the Dark Religion has established itself in Mhalafrei. The Ordained Patriarch journeys to Telemnar and speaks to many of those who fled the horror of the executions. He remains there for much of LE8747.
The Empress begins to rearm and strengthen the Star Crusaders.

The bitter Solisse. Snow storms ravage much of Telemnar and Lethrai. Thousands perish in the villages and hamlets of the two provinces.

Empress Lonarwaen meets Alladan, the last of the Starfire Kings who perished in the Twilight Wars. In ethereal form only, he guides Lonarwaen to the ruins of Alkhauris, below the foundations of Cerberus where 10,000 of his people have lain in an enchanted sleep since the beginning of the Karthan calendar. Those in sleep cannot be awoken until Alladan can assume his physical form again. He becomes her constant companion for the next five years.

The youngest son of the Emperor of Mhalafrei, Aralsor has disappeared from the palace with three guards. One of the guards is Hareth Dusador of Zeray. The Emperor of Mhalafrei contracts the Shadow Thieves guild to find the guards.

The Emperor of Mhalafrei begins to raid the border of Telemnar. The Star Crusader presence is increased and the raids are successfully repelled.
The existence of new elemental properties is discussed at the Guild of Convention.

The forces of chaos begin to prepare for the invasion of Karthan. Darkness Claw assumes control of the three legions in the east of the Grey Mountains amidst the Plains of Kharg.

The campaign year will be marked by a number of crucial events. Before mid year, the Empress plans to retake Thereck and at least liberate the coastal cities of Mhalafrei. Then the forces of Karthan plan to liberate the rest of the former province and destroy the powerbase of the Emperor of Mhalafrei. During this year will be the prophesied war between Kharagh legions under the command of Darkness Claw. It will become the Eighteenth War of Might, which will occurr under the influence of the Transcendence, the effects of which will begin to effect the empire later in the year.
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