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Warhammer - episode 7

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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 4:36 pm    Post subject: Warhammer - episode 7 Reply with quote

The magistrate, having told Gabby about the reward for recapturing the escaped goblin, departed. Gabby told Matabachus and Ploncie and then, failing to appreciate the urgency of the quest, immediately became distracted by an old woman who offered to read his fortune. After enduring numerous vague references to giants and a merchant who will bring danger, Gabby lost patience with the woman and demanded a refund. When this was refused he left, leaving words like “old crone”, “harpy” and “queen of harpies” hanging in the air.

Once Gabby had finished with the old woman, he decided to try his hand at busking. Half an hour of this proved moderately profitable, so he decided to busk for a while longer. At this point Matabachus and Ploncie decided that some action really ought to be taken. Ploncie went off in search of Snorr and the others, while Matabachus set off for the town hall to obtain a map of the sewers.

Ploncie found Snorr back on the boat, which was now covered in sheep, blood and droppings. Ploncie wrote a note to Josef explaining why his boat was in such a state, grabbed his weapons and armour and then set off back to the fair with Snorr in tow. The two dwarves picked up Harry and Mika, who were still sightseeing amongst the stalls, along the way. They arrived back to find Gabby still busking, and Matabachus returned (empty-handed) from the town hall.

Gabby decided to busk for a while longer, so an impatient Ploncie found a member of the town watch and persuaded him to open a manhole cover leading to the sewers.

Gabby briefly showed an interest in hunting for the goblin, but then decided that he needed to buy some hip-waders before entering the sewers and so disappeared again.

By this time the goblin had been missing for more than 3 hours. Gabby’s companions decided not to bother waiting for him to complete his shopping and lowered a rope into the dark and foul smelling hole.

Gabby arrived back in time to see Snorr disappearing into the sewers. Unfortunately for the dwarf his attempt to abseil into the hole ended in a fall and an extremely foul-sounding “plop”. Snorr managed to extricate himself from sewage by the time the rest of the party joined him, but he was unable to remove the stains or the stench from his clothes and hair.

The sewers were neatly laid out with walkways on either side of a 5’ wide canal. Mika leapt across this canal and walked on one side while the rest of the party kept to the other. Any pleasure Mika felt at walking 5’ away from the stinking Snorr quickly disappeared when a beslimed tentacle rose from the canal and struck at her. Harry tried to leap across to assist her in fighting off the beast, but he landed head first in the sewage and was thereafter unable to regain his feet. The smaller members of the party – two dwarves and a halfling – calculated their odds of successfully jumping across a 5’ gap and remained where they were. Mika was eventually forced to leap over Harry to the other side of the sewer to save herself, and when the monster pursued her it came into the range of the lethal weapons of her smaller companions and was defeated.

Harry messily extricated himself from the canal and joined Snorr at the very rear of the party. By means of yelling up gratings for directions, the party were eventually able to locate the hole the goblin had used to clamber in, and Mika was able to pick up its trail.

The trail ended at a locked door. Ploncie opened this door by means of some subtle application of his axe and some brute strength. As his companions claimbed over the wooden remains, they noted that the room on the other side contained a pentacle and a large circle of bronze on the floor. Inside the pentacle were some black candles, the words “Ordo Septenarius” and a 3-socketed goblin pelvis. Metabachus snatched up the pelvis while his companions searched the room. All of a sudden black smoke began to swirl out of the pentacle. As the party retreated from it, the smoke coalesced into a demon. It hissed “get the hell out of here” and snatched the goblin carcass from Matabachus.

The non-dwarven members of the party began to make a hasty retreat. Snorr and Ploncie were made of sterner (or stupider) stuff however, and used their axes to smash the candles and magic symbols within the pentacle. This had little effect on the demon, which continued to shout and rage. This shouting terrified most of the party, but Ploncie and Snorr took some confidence in the fact that the demon did not attempt to attack them. They began to goad it back. The goading quickly ceased when the demon lashed out at Ploncie and left claw marks across his breast-plate. Ploncie and Snorr returned the attack and the demon vanished after suffering several stout blows.

Once the demon had retreated, the rest of the party returned and picked up the looting and destruction from where they had left off. A handkerchief was recovered from the room and this was noted to bear the initials “FS”. The only other thing of interest was a large metal cabinet, but as the dwarves tried to open this smoke filled the room once more. This time two demons could be seen materialising, and both bore nasty looking weapons. The party decided to make a strategic withdrawal and retreated from the sewers.

After the group clambered out of the hole most made their way promptly to their lodgings and ordered a bath and some clean clothes. The extra filthy Harry and Snorr were forced to jump in the river before the inn-keeper would let them in, but soon the sewers were nothing more than a stinky memory.

Mika, having cleaned herself up a little, returned to the boat for the night. She found it full of sheep and a very angry (and drunk) Josef. In his rage at the ovine invasion, Josef pushed Mika into the river and then threw a sheep at her. Immediately overcome with remorse he then fished her out and apologised. As a damp Mika settled in amongst the sheep, her companions snuggled into clean linen sheets at the inn.

In the morning Metabachus tried to collect the reward for tracking down the goblin, but found himself accused of dishonesty and trickery. He was told that the goblin’s body had been recovered from a warehouse some time before the party had even entered the sewers. Without the goblin body, Metabachus was unable to argue his case and even felt unable to inform the magistrate of the demon lair beneath his city. He did, however, manage to get directions to the warehouse and found out that it belonged to the Steinheyer family.

The party discussed how best to draw the demon lair to the attention of the law, and decided to first get their facts straight by figuring out where the demon’s cellar lay in relation to the rest of the city. Making use of Mika’s tracking skills, they established that it lay beneath a rich area of town. They tried to open a manhole cover in this part of town to check that they had found the right place, but were stopped when a passing lawyer took exception to their actions and threatened to fetch the guard.
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