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Warhammer - episode 10

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:21 am    Post subject: Warhammer - episode 10 Reply with quote

The boy left after he had delivered the summons from Magirius and the adventurers started to prepare for danger. As they pulled on armour and tried to remember where they had put their weapons, a crew of labourers arrived and began to unload the boat’s cargo.

Leaving Josef to oversee the sale of his cargo, the party headed off back to the Adelring. Josef paused briefly from his business to ask the adventurers what they were up to, and Ploncie muttered “off to a business meeting” before marching off down the street. Mika, who had never met Magirius or the messenger boy, walked some distance behind her companions to give herself the advantage of surprise should it be needed.

At Magirius’ house the boy himself opened the door to the adventurers and showed them into a study. The adventurers only had time to notice an overturned chair in this room before the boy fled outside. They heard him screaming for the guard and yelling “murderers! Murderers! They have killed Magirius”. Gabby and Snorr raced after the boy, while Harry tried to find a back exit and Ploncie and Matabachus looked for Magirius.

Magirius’ body was slumped under the overturned chair, his throat cut. On the wall behind him someone had scrawled in blood something which could have been “WH17”.

Outside Gabby, Snorr and Mika saw the boy run up to a unit of guards and talk excitedly to them. He pointed in the direction of Gabby and Snorr and the captain of the guard looked up at the two companions and started to yell. Gabby dived into the crowd, while Snorr – realising that as a heavily armoured dwarf he was unlikely to escape pursuit – calmly waited for the guards to approach him. These guards paid no heed to Snorr’s explanations, but instead one of them grabbed his arms as the others marched into the house to investigate the boy’s accusations.

At the entrance to the house the guards paused and Snorr seized the opportunity to break free of his hold and clamber up the outside wall of the house. One of the guards pursued him while the rest raced into the house to find a staircase. Once inside, these guards saw Harry, Ploncie and Matabachus propping a ladder up against the garden wall out back. Several of the guards immediately raced to cut off their escape.

Ploncie, Harry and Matabachus were about to leap over the garden wall to freedom when they saw Snorr clamber onto the roof, pursued by the guardsman. Snorr swung down over a ledge and threw himself through a window. Realising that Snorr would be unable to escape the house, Harry and Ploncie jumped back inside the garden and cut down the nearest guard. Matabachus did not join them, but instead leapt into the street and looked around for an escape route. He spotted a manhole cover and lifted this up.

Snorr, hearing the guard on the roof yelling instructions to help his companions find the dwarf, decided that outside the house was safer than inside – and climbed out of another window.

Mika, observing the chaos from the street and hearing the sounds of battle within the house, charged into the fray and attacked a guard at the entrance to the house. Meanwhile Ploncie and Harry battled their way towards her from the inside, Ploncie removing the arm of one guardsman with his axe along the way. Snorr rejoined his companions from his wall-climbing as the last of the guards was cut down.

Having finished off the guards Snorr, Harry, Mika and Ploncie raced back inside the house to escape a gathering mob, placed the ladder back up against the outside wall and scampered over into a somewhat less chaotic street. They observed the manhole cover Matabachus had opened, but decided to avoid the sewers and instead brave the streets in an effort to get back to the river as quickly as possible.

Mika led her companions through back alleys, but they did not get far before running into another group of guards. Battle was joined once again. Harry was cut down almost at once, but three of the guardsmen soon joined him on the cobblestones. This was enough to send the rest of the guardsmen fleeing, so Ploncie and Snorr quickly lifted Harry’s motionless body up and the sprint to the river was resumed.

In another part of the town, Gabby observed the chaos from atop a tower in the Temple of Sigmar. He was chased up the tower by an elderly priest, but managed to escape capture by pretending to be a small boy.

Meanwhile Matabachus had made his way to the fair. Here he overheard fearful townspeople gossiping about a “chaos attack” which had left several guardsmen dead. He also saw officials deputising knights at the joust and competitors at the archery contest to help fight the adventurers.

Ploncie, Mika, Snorr and the unconscious Harry drew closer to the river – but at the final corner met a mob led by the messenger boy. The boy’s eyes glowed yellow as he pointed at the adventurers and instructed the mob to attack. Harry’s body was dropped to the ground and his companions waded into the crowd like grim reapers, scything villagers down left and right. In less than a minute half a dozen of the townspeople were dead and the rest had fled.

The adventurers sheathed their weapons once again and rounded the corner leading to the docks. Ploncie leapt on their boat and started throwing off ropes and yelling at Josef to push off from shore. The boatman did not react as his old friend would have liked, refusing to move the boat and ordering the adventurers off. Ploncie ran into the cabin, grabbed everything that belonged to his companions and led the others back onto the docks. Here they looked for an entrance to the sewers and made their way back into the filth and darkness. The adventurers moved deep into the sewers before lying down exhausted to rest on a stretch of damp and dirty stone.
My favourite roleplaying memory - "Daisy at Colonus", two drunk cowboys and a pantomime cow in a 'reinterpretation' of Sophocles greatest play.
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Max Abaddon

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I didn't really want to be an outlaw, wheres the honour in stealing milk money and conning eldery people to get their house reroofed.

Looks like I have to go back to beating up drunks in the alleyways, damnit.
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