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Create a system!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:41 pm    Post subject: Create a system! Reply with quote

Well NZrag has been quiet for the last few days - so I'm going to cross post something from the Canberra rpgmeetup site that I have been posting for a few weeks...


Gidday All,

I'm looking at creating a system for a pre-established character sheet (the April Fools character sheet for DnD4e) and I need some help. (Note, copies of this Character sheet are available from me, and probably if you do a Google search or something)..

Some basics however -

The core premise of the game will be 5-9 year olds playing their first "roleplaying game" using all the tools and tid bits that they have scored from their older roleplaying siblings, basically I envision something along the lines of the Cops/Robbers Cowboy/Indians style game with a fair bit of geek culture in the game (as you will see from the character sheet).

The Character sheet is a Dungeons and Dragons 4e character sheet that has been mixed up with alot of different elements of Geek culture (ie Mana from Magic, Awesomeness/Comilness as stats, Hit Points, skills etc) and while most seems to be consistant with elements of DnD - not all really fits.

Not only this, I also want to use all these elements (or at least a fair few) in the make up (ie that is meaningful) to the game. Thus having magic cards (actual cards mind) as part of the game, or the off-shoots from various roleplaying games (props most welcome) in order to have a meaningful impact. Like DnD(4) where no stat is wasted I'm looking for a similar feel here...

Further information :
The adventure will be something like a dungeon crawl, where the PCs are off on a quest (around the backyard/house) to save the damsel/kill the dragon etc etc... PCs will be picked from a broad set of generalizations about 5-9 year old kids - y'know - the Geek one, the smart one, the pretty one, the cool one etc etc...

So - I need some help - and I'd like to do this "open source"... lol ... how do you think a system would work with the character sheet to get the "feel" of the game as above?
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Who is your target audience?

I'd either fit elements into a steramlined system (Rating cards//dice/whatever) and using only ratings, in other words playing the "Fireball" card against a Heroclix figure, or picking an aspect of the game for each of the things, like Magic cards for actual spellslinging, shadowrun attributes for shooting, historical figures for armour... something like that. It's quite hard to do these mashups so that one aspect doesn't dominate play too much.

-=Mon Canard est en feu!=-
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