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Journal of William Jones

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:11 am    Post subject: Journal of William Jones Reply with quote

Black Dragon Encounter

The vagrant group I find myself associated with had no clue on how to set a proper ambush. If we are to take down a Dragon it seems sound tactics are the key as we find ourselves ill prepared for the task. Luckily for low born and their as yet inexplainable pious contingent, Sheridan and I quickly adapted one of our simpler plans so to a level where the vagabonds could better understand. We lacked access to a serving wench but fortunately Churt stepped forward to fill the role.

The debate over which cantrips to prepare far outlasted even my considerable tolerance. I settled back with my hip flask and pipe, Sheridan's assistance in relocating would surely leave me in the ideal position for the show, an impressive skill and one he's been after for many years. This tactic should leave ample opportunity to lend my bow to the drama should the flask find itself empty.

I confess the details of the battle were rather mundane. Sheridan, myself and I dare say the melee contingent could have done with at least one spell caster lowering the magical defenses of the beast... I estimate the battle lasted a good deal longer due to that mistake in our plan, lesson learned I suppose. Despite this setback both bows landed more than their fair share of good hits. In hindsight morale seemed unusually high for such a dangerous foe, I'd conjecture the blessings of the cleric and bravery of the warriors showed through.

As fortune would have it the druid struck down the beast as it made its retreat, an impressive mastery of divine fire shown by himself and the Cleric. To the credit of our Elven horse-masters my steed arrived to help us recover the body... I'm sure dragons make as good trophies as they do sport.

A standard occurrence for myself and Sheridan but something that seemed a new experience for the rabble .. we received a hero's welcome by the local townsfolk. I do hope the tavern stands firm, I'm lead to believe the cleric has a keen eye for a good drop given the opportunity and funds.

I must report this to my benefactors, they must have a representative close by
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