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Casting call - MAFIA 2071 LARP

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:39 am    Post subject: Casting call - MAFIA 2071 LARP Reply with quote

We have a number of core characters written that we need to cast for the MAFIA 2071 LARP. If you are interested in any of the characters below please let us know asap.

These characters are separated into three categories. Must cast, Really really want to cast and Would be great to have cast:

Must cast:
We have two high ranking members of the Irish mob available. Both characters are "lieutenants" and have other characters that report to them.

We currently consider these characters "gender specific" as they have romantic interests.

These characters contribute directly to several plots and will not function without them so we really need these characters cast before the game.

Marleen Kilkenny (Irish Mob): Life as the accountant can be hard in organised crime, especially when you have only a fraction of the resources you should and a fool for an assistant. But Marleen is glue that holds the Kyne familyís fractured accounts together, by virtue of being the only one who actually cares about the numbers.
- Marleen has a strong romantic interest

"The Goddess" Myra O'Keen (Irish Mob): The Irish Mobís leading madam, Myra controls all the prostitution in the lower city, both in the brothels and on the streets. Vain and hedonistic, she revels in the finer things in life, including her himbo husband.
- Myra's only romantic interest is that she is married to Rex Leuger (see below). Her goals revolve around power and influence.

Really really want to cast
These characters have information / goals that will make the LARP more interesting.

Detective Shannon Maltean (Unaligned): She is a dirty SafeGard cop working with Harold Sporco.

Terry "Teflon" Bendino (Malandrino Mafia): Massively slick Mafia lawyer, with a penchant for fast cars and faster woman. His nickname Teflon comes not from his ability to stay clean (which he manages brilliantly through various grey areas of the law) but from his ability to whipe away grime from others as though they were non-stick themselves.

Would be great to have cast
These characters generally have self run plots and goals, so any their absence will have the least effect on the game.

Rex Leuger (Irish Mob): Once Rex was a professional dancer, but being married to a ruthless mob madam has his nerves shot. Every day is a new challenge for Rex, finding yet another way to turn a blind eye to the violence around him.
- Rex is the husband of Myra O'Keen (above). Can be played as a not very serious character.

Gary "Drugbust" Hennessy (Irish Mob): If it looks like drugs, or has even been in the same room as drugs, Garry will sell it. Got his nickname from being let off on countless drug distribution charges for being arrested for carrying 2kg of finest talcum powder.
- Gary is not a serious character and could be fun for the right player

Timmy "two fingers" Cartel (NeoMafia): The accountant for the NeoMafia. Timmy controls almost all of the money for the NeoMafia and has only recently been thrust into the position after the previous accountant died in explosive circumstances.

"Fancy" Louise (Louie) Grissetti (Malandrino Mafia): Someone with a smile that should neber be trusted. "Fancy" has ended more lives with a wave and a whisper than many have with a gun. Though "Fancy" will gladly mark someone for death, "Fancy" prefers to keep her/his hands clean and let others bloody their hands.
- Originally written as a female character, we can easily adjust the character to suit the players preferences.

Chandra (Unaligned): Naive sectary to Richard Nakashima.
- Originally written as a female character, we can easily adjust the character to suit the players preferences.

If any of these characters interest you, please e-mail us at or fill in the questionnaire found at

We really appreciate your interest in this game, which we have been working on since April 2008. We look forward to running it on Saturday and having a great time.

For those not sure if they wish to play in our game, we will also be working on a limited number of supplementary characters that have not been integrated into the core plots. They will be available once the above "core" characters have been cast.

MAFIA 2071 Team
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