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Karthan 03- Separate Paths: One that is now two
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:22 am    Post subject: k327 enter within Reply with quote

K327: 1Guiaranor22: Enter within

As they wait the valley around them became enveloped in thick icy fog. About them the valley was quiet…still. Mak and Bali had both eaten thanks to a magical “feast” for two and had remained warm in the fur coats Bali had provided before they left Khadazar. Mak rested while Bali remained on watch. Every so often there was movement or talking from within the tunnel, covered over by thick furs and skins. One of the giants emerged and proceeded to lash the flaps before entering in where the flaps were secured from the inside. Bali waited looking at his timekeeper then woke Mak. “It has been quiet within for the last 2 hours. Be careful when you enter, touching them in any way may dispel the effect. Otherwise they will sleep through the night. We can also converse, that will not wake them.” Bali informs.

They both enter the cave which is lit by torches. The cave walls are blackened but was at one time a well carved corridor that expands out into a room about 60ft x 40ft and this room has become the family room for the giants. In one corner is a hearth, a fire the smoke disappearing through a coned shaped hole in the roof. Bali mutters it must have been a ventilation shaft for those who lived here. Before the hearth are fur mats and wood is stack against a wall. The walls are grimed over by wood smoke and grease from cooking oils and the smell is of the fire and oil. Two large skins tied to wooden stakes divide where the giant children are sleeping beneath furs, the beds made of scarlet/orange fronds and mosses. About the room are cooking pots, baskets and bowls of berries, herbs and the likes. There are also wooden cage traps, hunting spears, 2 primitive axes and 3 wooden poles. The golden metal spears the children were practicing with lie against a wall along with 4 large round shields that Mak and Bali had seen earlier used by the women to carry food. Two openings which Bali explains was the result of magic “Turning rock into earth.” He says. The openings lead into smaller rooms, where the 4 giant parents are sleeping. “I sense no evil or chaos here.” Bali remarked. “But there was conflict here, yet no evidence remains, except of course the residual effects of the magic. Let’s see if there is a falcon sigil that the ring can fit into.”

Mak finds the sigil behind a fur coat on the wall opposite to the corridor. Inserting the ring the wall before him disappears, the coat falling to the ground. Beyond is darkness and Bali activates a light spell and illuminates a corridor that disappears into the distance. “Hmm.” Bali mutters. “I will surround us with an air pocket. Once we are in seal it behind us. There are no traps in the corridor…not for the first 500 feet and the corridor is that long at least.”

Mak finds a sigil on the wall 3ft in and inserting the ring the wall reappears. “Good.” Bali says. “Shall we begin?”

The corridor unlike the room they had just left, shows no signs of magical attack, the walls, roof and floor of reddish brown rock and smoothly carved. Bali every so often remarks the length they have traveled. “300 feet…500 feet…700 feet…1000 feet….1,200 feet…1,500 feet and we are nearing the end.” Ahead of them Mak could see the corridor ends with a wall. “I am beginning to wonder about these sanctuaries Mak.” Bali remarks. “Whoever these Falcon people are I believe they might not have built this place, nor the other that we had come from. But if my theory is correct, that would mean the Compass Markers were adopted rather than made by them as the first marker you have is 13,000 years old and the shields in the other room…I checked them out and they were made 4,000 to 2,700 years ago…as were the spears. They were made before the last Transcendence and the War of Chaos that eventuated.”

Mak notes that Bali does not include the ring and sword in his obervations. "It is interesting that you note a difference in the age of the marker and those other items," Mak says. "That would imply that the Falconers may have been active more recently than I first believed. I thought they had not been active when the markers were concealed. It doesn't seem to make sense that they would hide the keys to their sanctuaries and their method of finding them so long ago."

Mak thinks about that ...

Bali is touching the walls and he says "this stone was worked about 13,500 years ago." Mak notices that Bali was physically exhausted when he said that, like a great effort was taken to figure that out.

... Mak knows about the history being older than 2,600 years being Shades of Gray. He considers that this location must be one of those locations and he knows that they are very rare. He then realises that, perhaps, it is unusual the Bali is able to enter such a location when Myandwyrr once told him that the inhabitants of Karthan are either unable or unwilling to enter such places because of what they represent or that they cannot be seen ordinarily ...

... Mak now assumes that the ring and the sword would match the age of the sanctuary locations and their ancient sigils ...

They search for another Falcon sigil but none are found. Bali remarks that there is no magic here. “No illusions…magical traps or shielding spells of any kind which is what I was looking for.” He then begins to check the wall and the edging. “This is a not a door.” He said. “But 6 feet on the other side is an opening, another corridor perhaps.” He looks at Mak. “I could teleport us on the other side.”

Mak places his hand (the one with the ring) firmly on the wall. Nothing is observed, although he does feel a mild tingling sensation.

Search (23, 26) ... Mak observes decorative indentations along the blank unyielding wall when he places his head and field of vision along the wall. It is unnatural and resembles a flowing curved pattern. Direct observation does not reveal it.

Bali asks "what are you doing?"

Mak respond "Just humour me fo a moment, ... I'll move away and if you look along the wall like I just did can you see anything out of the ordinary -"

"Don't tell me what to see!" Bali says. He takes a further look. "The workmanship is very good. Very smooth."

"So you can't see the patterns in the stone when you are close."

"No, what patterns?"

Mak describes them as Bali tries to see them. But Bali fails to see anything unusual. Mak decides it is the effect of the Falconer ring that allows him to see the patterns, and intuitively he just knows that the overall representation in the pattern is not that of a falcon. Why?

Just for moment, Mak considers something else. He unsheathes the magical sword he carries and touches it to the wall to see if anything happens. Perhaps the Glimmer sword is now a key ... nothing happens.

Mak turns to Bali and says "is the teleport guaranteed to get us to the other side. Are you certain that it will be safe?"

Bali gives Mak a look that suggests he feels insulted and he folds his arms, not replying.
He looks at Mak's foot and then looks at his face.

Mak realises his cultural mistake and he apologises, saying "I didn't mean to suggest your magic will not work. I am just cautious because the Falconers' may have introduced a magical effect that would block it, just as they might do against their enemies."

Bali says "there is no magic except that which is from our items." and then he mutters that a Tordagh child could get us through 6' of stone.

... Mak considers that Tordagh children must be very special if they acces to teleport magic at a young age. The wizards of Zanarkand must study for many years before they receive the gift of using such power and, only then, if they have joined the right circle or guild of specialist magic users ...

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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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Location: Upper Hutt

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:25 am    Post subject: k328 falcon gambit 1 Reply with quote

K327: 1Guiaranor22: Falcon gambit 1

Bali casts the teleport and they both appear in a room lit by Bali’s light spell. The room is 40ftx40ft and empty. On the far side is a corridor and Bali informs Mak. “There is a presence here….” But before he could finish the sentence both are struck by lightning bolts

one blasts into Mak (12hp) to inflict an additional electrical critical (cannot attack due to the blinding flash of light).

Bali was also struck three times ... Mak reacts by holding the Glimmer Sword up high, with the Falconer Ring fully visible and he yells "we come in peace and respect to honour the makers of this sanctuary!"

The attack comes again, from the side, rather than the side. Another electrical blast strikes Mak (5hp) but without critical effect.

Before them is a humanoid figure of bluish white light and veined with flashes of lightning that courses across the body giving the figure its humanoid appearance. Elemental guardian: A/C20; HP240; attacks lightning shards from its hands +18/+16/+12, 2d6 damage per shard plus A electricity critical; able to teleport 30ft radius at the end of every round; Light Law to 35th lvl; Ice Law to 30th lvl, Open/Closed essence to 20th lvl; immune to light or cold attack spells cast by opponents and if cast, “damage” done becomes HP healed to the elemental; immune to attacks by non magical weapons, such weapons are destroyed on contact; metallic weapons striking the foe, delivers 1d6 electrical damage to the wielder.
It disappears then reappears 20' away.

Mak administers a potion of protection from elements (electricity) to Bali.

"I do not wish to fight or hurt you," Mak says. "But if you are not friendly to the ancient order I will have to subdue your power."

The creature fires shards of lightning from its hands again and attacks Mak for shielding Bali. One hits (7hp) and stuns him. It teleports again, taking initiative to attack Mak.

Bali gets up, annoyed.

Another shard hits Mak (3hp) and a static charge builds up over Mak's clothing, discharging shortly thereafter. The creature disappears and reappears 15' away.

XP for 'i' entries - 100XP (minimal) or 500XP (more than 200 words)

Mak charges at the creature with the Glimmer Sword poised to strike, he dodges 3 electrical shards and draws near the target. He swings ... and fumbles ... losing his grip momentarily which causes him to miss badly.

Bali also charges angrily at the creature, dodging its incoming electrical attacks. He strikes with a two handed axe but receives an electrical shock in return through the weapon he attacked with ... but the protective potion absorbs the damage.

The creature again teleports and discharges electricity at Mak, striking once (3hp) plus critical (5hp). It also attacks Bali again ...

Mak swings to hit with the sword again ... fumbles, missing ...

Bali attacks and hits again. The electrical surge is absorbed by the potion's effect. It teleports and attacks again.

Mak is struck again (10hp) and he gets blown backwards by the force of the electrical surge, temporarily stunned.

Bali is struck another three times, but he continues to charge forward unaffected. He swings his axe and hits twice and his second strike makes it clear that the electrical protection has ended as he receives a shock.

Bali sends out a healing surge to revive Mak to full strength and the creature, presumably wounded, disappears completely this time.

Bali asks "are you aright?"

Mak says "Yes, I am now uninjured. Thank you for that ... that creature appears to be some kind of -" he is struck from behind by another energy blast (19 hp) leaving him dazed (-2 on attacks, 8 hp) and spun about.

Bali also gets struck three times.

Mak casts a Shield of Faith to boost his AC (+2) temporarily for ten rounds.
Bali casts a protective spell that halves all electrical damage for duration.
Mak casts an Entropic Shield to apply 20% mis chance against the ranged attacks

Bali throws his axe at the creature, hitting it. "Throw your sword!"

Mak considers this is wrong, as he's only ever thrown knives or daggers for sport, not combat. He gets a feeling ... throw it like a dagger ... and as he goes to throw it it reshapes itself as a dagger! He throws it and strikes successfuly (12hp) but the Glimmer Sword's cold critical actually heals the creature at the same time. The sword reappears in Mak's hand ... (an additional +1 permanent attack bonus has been accrued)

The creature disappears ... but doesn't reappear.

Bali and Mak reposition each other in the centre of the room, back to back. Each is eyes and ears for the other to prevent surprise.

It appears before Bali ... he is struck and falls down ... Mak throws the Glimmer Sword at the creature again (14hp) and cold critical ... seeing that Bali is down Mak will stand over him in a defensive stance holding the Glimmer Sword (which has returned to his hand) in an attempt to deflect the incoming shards of electricity ...

The creature has disappeared. Bali is pale, cold and his neck is very hard frozen to touch. To (hopefully) stablise Bali, Mak casts a cure minor wounds spell (1hp) and then he rummages through Bali's posessions quickly to find a healing potion that can be administered. Mak finds four and uses one.

INT check. If I can't save him then I could be trapped here. After all, Bali teleported us to get us in here. It's not selfish. He can't perish because, if he dies, we can't use his magic to get out again. Of course, the marker might be all we need. But it's more than that. Bali is important to his people so he can't die. If he dies here they won't know what happened and then I'll be responsible ... (2000xp)

Bali looks around gathering his breath. “That is a guardian elemental…and a powerful one at that.”
“Why would it attack a person who bears the symbol associated with this place.” Mak asks.
Bali shrugs. “You tell me.”
“Have you encountered these sorts of creatures at all…I guess you have since you know what it is.” Mak inquires.
Bali replies. “Yes, they are common throughout the empire and are primarily used as protectors of magical guild halls, forges, universities and military strongholds. At last count the Imperial Capital has twelve thousand such guardians…yes they have to be recorded due to the power used in maintaining their permanent forms. This particular guardian I have not encountered before. The elemental guardians are known and catalogued by type and ability. There are approximately 600 guardian types that could be summoned. This particular guardian uses two elements…only 11 guardians are known to have such abilities.”
“So we are not any clearer on why it is attacking us. Can it exist on its own, does it need someone to control it.”
“It can exist on its own…and independent once instructions as to its purpose are given.”
“Well in your experience what normally stops them?”
“Their prime weakness is the opposite element to that they are associated with…magically so.”
“So this is lightning we need the opposite to that.” Mak says.
“Light and Ice.”
“So it is not electricity it is an energy type.” Mak says.
“Electricity is the effect of lightning bolts which it is casting. That derives from the Light Law magical list. All guardians are particular to the elemental magical lists derived for Magicians…Fire, Ice, Earth, Light, Wind, Water, Chaos, Nether, Darkness, Acid, Time…there are one or two others that have been experimented on. Some of the latter ones are primarily used by Zhan. Now…I believe the guardian is still here and present as we have destroyed it and if it’s responsibility is to guard this place…it will do so until it is destroyed.”

Mak explains how he can change the element of a weapon.
(Essentially by means of his Artificer background and use of 'infusions').

“Is this creature lawful or good, or chaotic and evil as I may have something else that I could do.” He asks.
“The guardian is not evil and is lawful…following the order’s given to it.” Bali replies.
“So it is a summoned creature?” Mak says.
“Yes and remains to do its task.” Bali replies.

The opening is suddenly sealed by stone and the room begins to get cold. The fur coats worn by Bali and Mak protects for a while…but the room chills even further and ice begins to form on the floor, walls and roof.

... Mak casts Artificer "Weapon Augmentation" spell to add an "elemental bane" ability to the glimmer sword (+2 to hit, +2d6 damage) for 20 mins.

... Mak casts Artificer "Energy Alteration" to change the Glimmer Sword's energy from cold to flaming (duration 20 mins).

Mak realises that the Glimmer Sword must be intelligent because it has "accepted" then change willingly.

Mak yells "Show yourself guardian, we are ready for you and you have left no choice but to defeat you!"

A lightning bolt then manifests and ricochets a dozen times between walls, floor and ceiling. It impacts Bali and then shatters inflicting a critical upon him. Mak determines that the elemental is 'playing' with us, like an animal would toy with its prey (after all its been a few thousand years since it has had any contact with people).

The room continues getting colder and this is felt despite the protection of the fur robes that Bali provided. The coats remain protective while the frost appears to 'ooze' out of the surrounding walls and floor to lower the room temperature. Bali heals himself.

Two lightning bolts erupt out from different locations (one in front, one behind) and Mak is struck twice by two criticals despite his attempts to avoid them. (21 hp). His leg is struck (9hp) and then his back (stunned with minor shock; -25% on all rolls) (15 hp)

Bali casts "lightning armour" on each of us ... decreases damages by half and decreases criticals by one level, as another lightning bolts are launched. One hits Bali after three ricochets and, on striking, his new magical shield 'lights up' with no effect. The other strikes Mak after seven ricochets (7hp) with no critical effect sustained.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:32 am    Post subject: k329 Falcon gambit 2 Reply with quote

K329: 1Guiaranor22: Falcon gambit 2

Ice now covers the walls, ceiling and floor and though the fur coats continue to protect against the cold, the freezing temperature affects breathing and the glare of the light spell reflecting off the smooth ice is almost blinding.

Bali turns to Mak and says. “The entity is seemingly aware of what you are. I deem it has already figured me out.”

The creature appears in front of us and it tries to 'freeze' the Glimmer Sword but fails. Mak responds by throwing the now flaming Glimmer Sword at the creature. The sword flies true and pierces the creature doing 62hp damage and it is stunned. Bali throws his axe and hits. Our weapons return magically to our hands after the attacks.

The elemental guardian launches icicle shards from the floor towards Mak and Bali striking both multiple times but the icicles shatter causing no effect. Mak again throws sword and strikes with a critical (104hp plus 64 magic crit plus 89 heat critical effect). For a brief moment the creature is encompassed by flame. Bali also strikes with his axe.
Both weapons return to us ... the cretaure remains fixed in place, unmoving.

We try to strike again ... or Mak would if he hadn't slipped on the icy floor of the room and lost the grip of his weapon. The Glimmer Sword strikes a wall haphazardly but still returns back to Mak's hand. Bali snorts in amusement and throws his axe again but he slips too, with his axe impacting at a sharp trajectory into the ground. The elemental recovers as Mak and Bali flail around.

The room now has an inch thick layer of ice completely around it. It is very cold. The creature disappears.

Mak will examine the sealed exit to the room to see if the wall can be broken through. It is solid. "Bali," Mak asks. "Can you get us past this?"

"Yes, I think I can."

"Great - let's get out of this ice box because dying in this small room is not exactly what I had planned for. And it would be a sad end for you."

"If I'm going to die it will be in glorious battle." Bali replies. He casts a teleport spell after determining that the sealed section is about 6' thick.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Both Mak and Bali appear in a corridor that is 40' in length with a door at the end. The walls are carved with symbology that is unfamiliar. The patterns are decorative mosaics. The walls are mauve coloured and the mosaic etchings in the rock are red. Even the colour is not representative of the previous Falconer sanctuaries.

The door at the end of the hall is wooden. But something doesn't feel right (INT 22). Mak attempts to locate traps as he advances towards the door. Nothing. Solid wooden door with a gold latch. No key lock. Mak prods the door with the Glimmer Sword. WILL save. Nothing happens. It appears to be a normal door. SPOT 21. On prodding it, however, it momentarily seemed that a small mouth had formed in the grain as though it was going to swallow the blade, but it had been pulled back in time.

Bali said "You saw that?"

"Yes, is the door alive?" Mak asks.

Bali replies "It is not a door. It is an illusion and it is alive."

Mak says "I thought so ... in my world we have creatures named mimics that imitate fixed objects and prey upon hapless adventurers in dungeons."

Mak takes a step back and says to Bali "So, do we turn it into dust or something with our magic or shall we simply run it through with our weapons?"

Bali says "I may be able to teleport us past the creature if the creature is not too sentient."

Mak says "Is the creature bigger than just a door?"


"Then is it evil?"

"It could be but in this case it is just a guardian. A sentient guardian. Imbued in the wall itself. I am worried that the other guardian is still around."

Mak presents himself boldly at a distance of 5' from the creature. He holds the Glimmer Sword visibly and also reveals the Falcon Ring he wears. "Creature," he addresses it. "Do you recognise the symbols I carry and will you let us pass freely?"

Mak hears a reply. "I recognise." the sound is a hollow voice, monotone and male.

"Then you will know their significance. Let us pass. We bring no harm to you. We are friends."

"You are not that which came before. That which came before was young. You are child."

"I am not like the others but I follow in their steps as a friend, a pupil and a scholar. I am learning their ways and ..."

Bali nudges Mak and points behind. The guardian is there waiting and ready.

"You must be doing well otherwise it will have attacked us by now," Bali whispers. Mak nods in agreement and proceeds talking, aware of the guardian's presence.

"... wish to ..."

"Why are you learning?"

INT 14. "I am learning because compared to them I am a child. I am also a traveler from far away who is here to make a difference and bring balance to this troubled world."

"Speak to me of troubled world."

"I am still learning about that but have come to know that a longer winter is approaching and that evil seeks to take advantage of that and wage war against this continent's good people."

"You are human. What makes you a good people."

"I am not human - I am a half elf and a half man. But of the humans I have met in this land most of them have accepted me for who I am and do not question my heritage. The humans ..."

A light surrounds Mak. INT check (fail). The light descends from head to feet and then disappears. "Yes, you are imperfect."

INT check 22. Mak recalls Site 41 in the Zanarkand Desert when the ship was discovered (technology).

Bali says "You alright?"

"Yes, I think so."

Mak is unharmed. The guardian elemental stands waiting.

"Were you made by humans?"


"Who do you answer to, who was your creator?"

"Not that which made you imperfect."

INT check 9. SPOT 26 - Mak senses that Bali knows the answer to the question he just asked.

"Do you accept that I wish to learn more about your masters? The items I carry may have once belonged to them."

"That which you hold is young to me."

INT check (fail).

"Why are you here?"

Mak responds and is careful to balance his selfish need to escape entrapment against his need to accept that he has come to Karthan to help it defeat the enemy in the coming war that the continents' people are facing during the long winter.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:20 pm    Post subject: k330 south of lasgalen Reply with quote

K330: 1Guiaranor23: South of Lasgalen

Rhan observed from a hilltop the encampment of the Order of the Red Fame outside the village of Rywick. The encampment was located 39 miles south of Lasgalen. Khalanar, his master’s journeyman apprentice had arrived in the ruined city last evening and establishing a magically protected encampment in the ruins of a tower, Rhan had joined him with 3 other sorcerers. Looking behind him he saw Khalanar approaching. It was mid morning and an advance patrol of approximately 80 mounted soldiers had arrived in the village and a few hours behind was the main force. The village had a population of about 1,200 and was surrounded by plain lands, of farms, market gardens and orchards near a stream. In the distance another village over which towered the castle of the local liege lord, Baron Branidor.
“We can expect the company to encamp here the night.” Khalanar informed. “The local baron wishes to welcome Lonarwaen’s pet mercenary force. His own liege lord, the Marquis of Arrondale will be arriving as well. I think we need to employ some ears and eyes in the banquet hall this evening.”
Rhan nodded. Arrondale was 5 miles E of here. “Do you think Lasgalen is the only objective?”
“No, the master has determined they are not going to Darkhold. It seems the power that exists there is even to mighty for this company to deal with.”
“Just who or what rules Darkhold?”
“One who has become a vampire…and his name is only known to the master.” Khalanar replied. “As for the company their immediate task is in Lasgalen that we know of…the crown of Dominion, the White Sword or both.”
“Or the one who is wearing the Crown.” Rhan added. Kam.
“Yes…Lazar’s own little joke…if that was his real name.”

Rhan nodded. The master had been furious when he returned 3 days ago from Eberron. It was quickly learned that Lazar had betrayed his master and identified as one of the Ancient Enemy. What had happened to Lazar…the master was not saying. Considering his array of magical power, magical torture could have been a rather prolonged process, agonizing and painful. After Rhan’s debacle in the Elder Wilds, the master had shown is dissatisfaction in such a fashion…a single day was enough. Rhan shivered just at the thought of it.

The main company arrived 4 hours later and the villagers were out in force to meet and greet them. Farmers and those working in the orchards quickly joined their families heralding the mounted company and covered horse drawn wagons passed through the village.
“A little over the top.” Khalanar mused, measuring the distance to the encampment. “We are out of range of the standard’s detection magic.” They watched as villagers helped in raising tents and magic users cast 4 magical towers and walls to enclose the encampment. It was done very professionally. “I am already observing the weapons and armour of this company are well made…the master has long believed Bali Foehammer, a companion to the Empress, was responsible for arming the company. Bali Foehammer was at the War Council, interestingly enough, he only was identified by name, not any title.”
“I heard he even had counsel with the Empress herself.”
“Yes, they are close friends and adventured together.” Khalanar replied concentrating on a number of spells he had cast. “Though Tordagh fashioned…there is elements of the fire element in items that are unique.”

Rhan pointed out to a group of 80 that had left the encampment and moving on the road northwards. “I will follow them as I deem they are moving to Lasgalen as an advance group. You arrange our eyes and ears and entry to the castle. It should not be to difficult…rats make ideal subjects.”
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:42 pm    Post subject: K331 lasgalen Reply with quote

K331: 1Guiaranor23: Lasgalen

The crown observed the arrival of the sorcerers and the establishing of their powerfully warded encampment. So the Dark Sorcerer was now interested in my domain…or perhaps Kam. While the human slept, the crown had slowly and diligently read his mind, such a strange individual, from another world and recruited by a servant of the Dark Sorcerer, but as a separate identity, two of them had arrived when only one had left. But the crown was beginning to see more, images of a desert encampment and a strange metal object been studied in what looked to be a valley, surrounded by tall cliffs. And those he worked for called him Mak…and the servant of the Dark Sorcerer, Lazar.“I serve the Dark Sorcerer because…it is the best way to get close to one’s enemy.” Interesting words from this Lazar. Whom did this Lazar serve? And how did two derive from one when crossing the void…this Well of Worlds perhaps. Darkness Claw knew of it…even sent servants through…where was this Well of Worlds?

Kam continued to rest and the crown continued to probe. Outside in the plaza the watch continued on the house where beneath, the adventuring party were sheltered with the White Sword. The crown was aware of all the residents of Lasgalen, creatures, vampires, centaurs and others, each with their own territories…domains that the crown permitted. But these other residents knew the crown had returned that IT was the power now in Lasgalen, enforced by the subservience of Gorthaur.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:02 pm    Post subject: k332 Reply with quote

K332: 1Guiaranor24: Lasgalen

Khalanar watched the encampment of an advance company of the Red Flame being efficiently established just 2 miles south of Lasgalen. Nestled amidst the hills, the ruined city was behind him as he observed from a rocky outcrop. Rhan had provided intriguing information from last evenings feast hosted by Baron Branidor. The Baron and Marquis initially spoke about the Grand Tournament and of the recent events in Girithron, as the company had deployed from the city. The Kara-Tur was known to operate primarily in the cities…but agents in the rural fiefdoms were not uncommon. “Is there enough evidence to close down the Dragoneye Merchant Coster?” The Marquis asked.
“Not as yet…however, the assassination may well serve to force the coster out of business. Her Imperial Majesty has indicated that any counsel between the merchant concerns will not involve the coster.”
“If they are involved…and are taken out of business, this would surely mean the Kara-Tur will lose considerable influence.” The Marquis remarked. “No one in the empire wishes to see history repeat itself…the assassination of the Imperial family is still very much in our minds Commander. If the Kara-Tur and the usurper in Mhalafrei were involved…we can only hope that what has happened in Girithron may end their dealings and we can bring the murderers to justice.”
“I agree.” The Commander returned. “Her Majesty has never forgotten what happened to her family. And somewhere the perpetrators remain free. The investigation has never ceased on this matter.”

This was interesting. The assassination of the Imperial family had always been blamed on Darkness Claw. It was common knowledge throughout the empire...he used shadowry demonic servants who were created just for this one task. But this was indeed new...the Kara-Tur. When Khalanar reported this to his master, Khalanar learned to his surprise that the conversation reported was indeed close to the truth….and that his master knew who was responsible. There had been collusion between the Kara-Tur and the Provincial Governor of Mhalafrei in relation to the assassination of the Imperial Family.
Rhan also report the Red Flame was here to aid an adventuring company and retrieve an artifact they had discovered…as told to the Baron and Marquis. The artifact was the White Sword…but was not mentioned by name during private counsel, following the feast. Private counsel indeed…I can assure you dear Baron we will keep this to ourselves, for the moment. Nor was there mention of the Crown of Dominion, but the Baron and Marquis of Arrondale were informed of a new power that has arisen within the ruined city. The Commander informed. “We intend to deal with this, but our orders are to assist this group then continue to the Maig-Nuror marshes. The intention is to finally destroy the undead that infest the marsh and slay Nienfiara. A group of 20 lord Paladins have pledged to slay Nienfiara and we will aid in cleansing the marshes of her servants and other minions she has gathered over time. Animists and druids will also use their magic to stem the advancement of the marsh that is now affecting farm lands to the south and east. If we have not dealt with this new power in Lasgalen, we will return and complete the task. However, we expect this power to engage us in battle.”
The baron asked. “What is this power? Is it…a creature…a lich or demon of some kind?”
The Commander thought for a moment. “It is a human who has access to powerful mentalist spells. We believe also that he may well be a servant of Mocrare, inflicted with his curse. If we learn any more you will be advised. Our objective is to retrieve save the adventuring party and the artifact, first. We believe it is this human who has them surrounded with servants. The party is safe for the moment in a sanctuary blessed by Elenmire. There are other inhabitants that reside in Lasgalen, reported over time by adventuring parties and travelers…so perhaps a power struggle may be in progress.”

Khalanar smiled. No evidence of any power struggle Commander. It seemed the inhabitants were lying rather low at the moment. The influence of the crown was present, even reached out to Khalanar’s companions…and learned just what Khalanar wanted it to learn. His companions would not be able to resist the crown’s power and devious chaotic intelligence imbedded within, so they had a protective amulet shielding them from the crown’s effect. “The crown was imbued with intelligence but as the city fell to the forces of Chaos the last priest of the Dark Religion to wear the crown imbued his own mind to the crown in the last hours to ensure his influence would live on…that he would live on.” His master had informed him. “Hours after his death the crown raised his body, much of his mind gone and he resides still. He has two names, Gorthaur...Gaurath and he is an accomplished mage...water his favoured element.”
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