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Karthan 04 - Searching the past, facing the present
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:24 am    Post subject: k428 Khadazar Reply with quote

K428: 1Guiaranor26: Khadazar

"And how are you feeling my friend." Elatan asks appearing in the royal chambers of the King of Khadazar.
"Damned mad and confined to this bed for another few days." Bali replied. "The Healers can be as annoying as the pain of the injuries. Surely you could not...sorry I asked."
Elatan smiled. "No need to apologise. And your companion?"
"Who...oh Mak...he is still there and presumably still looking around."
"What do you make of what he has learned...of what you have seen and learned."
"I am still somewhat confused by it all. It would seem that perhaps Theriim history is not as short as we have considered. There were Therim and Perintherim in Karthan long before the known history records. And the Silvarana have known about this all along."
"I hope you are well enough to visit Cerberus at the end of this month. It will be an important event and may answer some of your thoughts."
Bali looks at him. "Speaking of this...just what is this all about, what is going on at the end of this month."
"The Silvarana High King is fulfilling a promise to Empress Lonarwaen." Elatan replied and did not elaborate further.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the dark places even darker things crawled and slithered. But the darkest thing among them was Kam's mind, enhanced and augmented by the Crown of Dominion that he wore. It had brought him many servants by his command, ensnaring them within its effective range and subverting their will until they felt compelled to join the fledgling army.

Lasgalen was home to many vile creatures, undead or otherwise, and Kam insisted that all be summoned to his banner. He was confident there would be some form of challenge eventually, something that would quite possibly test his claim to lead them. That did not bother him. He had grown intoxicated with the power and the promises that the Crown gave him.

Kam was quite aware that the Gorthaur skulked in the shadows and, while allied now under the influences forced upon him, he was certain that the Lich Mage plotted against him, waiting to seize a moment when it could reclaim the Crown by wresting it from him. Complacency would be Kam's enemy so he resolved to remain alert and on guard.

The problem with being an evil leader was the fact that his minions would inevitably seek to overthrow him, if they were given any cause to become emboldened to undertake such rash action. Kam sought solitude within the Dark Shrine he had uncovered and consulted the Crown ... "Who is your true master?" he demanded.

"As always, you are." The Crown told him.

Kam nodded, pleased. "Am I a strong leader?"

"You are wise and powerful," the Crown reassured him.

"Then who might oppose me, among those you have called to my side? Who should be purged, to set an example to instill firm loyalty among my new followers? Tell me," Kam commanded.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:48 am    Post subject: k429 1Guiaranor026 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K429; 1Guiaranor026: Lasgalen

"He who leads the Maerastherim (Centaurs) will challenge your authority. To gain Zerack's must defeat him in combat. The vampires are led by 3 brothers, Goddin, Gormashk and Garashk. The brothers are powerful users of magic, Gormashk and Garashk, particularly adept in necromancy. All three possess the magic of Sorcerers as well as twisted powers of the bard, used to control and dominate sentient and non sentient minions. Of them...Goddin will challenge you. They have agreed to leave their domains, feeling the power of the standard...but once this company has passed, expect your own dominion here to be challenged by them. I sense the barquest are also leaving their underground warrens moving to the north of the city...away from the plaza and the mercenary company that now approaches. I also sense the taint of Khios in the city...he must have servants here, newly arrived. I would enjoy ensnaring them to serve us...but they are well protected. I watch and wait...if they weaken then I will claim them!!!."
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Joined: 10 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kam listens to the Crown and thinks on what it has told him. "Zerack will fall to me easily enough - he will respect strength of arms ... and when he does I will see to it that the vampires' lairs are broken open by his followers and flooded with daylight. They deserve no sanctuary if they seek to undermine my authority."
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:00 pm    Post subject: k430 1Guiaranor026 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K430: 1Guiaranor26: Lasgalen

Gorthaur broke through and the water spilled into the hallway in a great torrent and rushes down the corridor towards the door , behind which the adventuring party and the White Sword waited rescue. As the water impacts...the door holds. Suddenly a blinding white light flashes and the water becomes charged with electricity and Gorthaur screams enraged as burning searing pain courses through his gaunt body. Another flash of light…the power of the goddess and her anger…and his existence is extinguished forever.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:07 pm    Post subject: k431 1Guiaranor026 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K431: 1Guiaranor26: Lagalen

The crown had made the call, offering sanctuary from the mercenary force blessed by the Star Goddess that has been sent to destroy all evil in the way of its purpose. Then by the crown’s direction Kam leads his Azgeyr followers to the northern edge of the city, beyond the crumbling wall and into the hills, the crown directing him to a clearing where in lies a mansion of stone. Entering the crown directs him to the main hall and Kam sees at the far end a large ornate chair of black stone on top of a raised dais. “Look around…you may find something that may aid you.”

Kam thanks the Crown for taking him to this place. He inspects the dark throne. It is made of black stone and great evil permeates from it. No carvings or inscriptions. It has a simple leather padding on the seat.

"What happens if I sit on this throne?" Kam enquires. "Will it accept me?"
"I have," the Crown replies.
"Then so it shall be," Kam says. "I will search this house first and then take my rightful place in this seat of great power."
Kam looks around the remainder of the audience chamber. There is nothing for furnishing but there are faded tapestries on the walls. Red curtains cover the walls. Behind the throne there are two large spears 25' tall forming a cross behind it.

"What type of creature would weild such mighty spears," Kam asks the Crown. "Were they creatures that served you or were they creatures you slaughtered?"

"You'll find it." The Crown seems amused.

(Base PERCEPTION is now 22)

PERCEPTION 29. In front of the chair Kam locates a secret door. It is mechanical activation, so he needs to locate a switch. He broadens his search around the room, checking tapestries and curtains and wall space that may b behind them. He also inspects the crossed spears. PERCEPTION 39, 26. He locates nothing that could work.

The Crown is amused. "If I put a secret door down there, why would I want a switch on the other side of the room?"

"An excellent point," Kam says and then he sits on the char and inspects the arms of it as he does so. PERCEPTION 39. There is a slight indentation on the side of the left arm rest. He presses it. There is a sound and looking down, Kam observes the handles and sheath of a sword sticking out at a 45 degree angle, ready to be pulled out. He reaches for the sword's handle and pulls it out. "Does this blade have a name?" he asks the Crown

"This is the Sword of Kalis," it tells him. "You are going to need this sword very soon."

Kam notes that it has a very wafer-thin blade. "The first of your guests are arriving," the Crown says. "Take your rightful place."

Kam does so. He sits on the chair and makes himself look comfortable as possible. He waits.

Over the next hour various inhabitants arrive at the manor and enter the audience chambers. Kam watching each group as they enter, the crown motioning him to remain silent. “Speak only when all have arrived.” There are 17 centaurs, 6 Barghests prides (4/6/4/5/3/6), 8 Forest Giants, 20 goblinoid creatures, 3 vampires, 20 servants and 2 construct shield guardians (for Gormashk and Garashk), 2 20ft tall humanoid giants composed of pure darkness (Nightwalker); 5 bat like creatures composed of pure darkness (Nightwing); 18 ogres and 11 wolf spiders (fusion of wolf and spider). Many eye Kam and the crown with suspicion and they wait.

Kam watches the assembled creatures as they stand and wait in the audience chamber. They are silent and he remains silent for a while himself, just observing and extending the moment for dramatic purposes. Then he shifts his expression to a wry sardonic smile. Then he addresses them.

"I am Kam and I have summoned all of you here. Lasgalen is now under my domain and -"
"You are nothing without that Crown, human!" (PERCEPTION 23) an unseen voice is the crowd says.
"- you will respect my authority." He will cast an icy glare across the creatures. There is laughter.

PERCEPTION 30. Kam notices that a centaur (possibly Zerack) is the one who laughed while three vampires are watching in amusement. The ogres have moved closer to the Asgeyr.

"Lasgalen has been forgotten for far too long. It is time for the Dark Religion to rise again. It is time for all of you to join together to again take back what is rightfully yours. It is time for you to rise up against the stench of man. It is time for you to rid this world of its beloved Empire."

The centaur laughs again.

Kam directs his attention to the centaur. "What is your name?" he demands. "Tell me."
"Don't demand anything of me, human." the centaur replies. "Your so called dominion of Lasgalen is as delusional as your dreams of a crumbled empire. We have survived here by not interfering in matters outside our domain."
"And does that satisfy your true needs. Are you content with skulking in shadows and staying hidden fom mortal man. Why should such a strong and powerful creature, such as yourself, wish to limit his power and not progress his people beyond this realm. Would you not like to have more? I am here to offer that. I have seen the world of these men and I tell you ... the humans are weak and they are vulnerable. I need your strength to overwhelm and take advantage of that when the time comes. And I tell that time is fast approaching. This world is doomed and man will fall and we will be there when that happens."
"I don't see man falling on this day. Why aren't you there dealing with them?"
"As we speak their plan has been thwarted. They seek an item of power, something that was concealed in these ruins a long time ago. I have seen to it that that item has been prevented from falling into their hands. You may have sensed or witnessed a band of adventurers in these ruins a short time ago? They are trapped. Their only course of action is to face our wrath and perish, or flee like the weak little children that they are. Would you like to lead a company to investigate and report their demise to me?"
"I have no need, I have eyes watching as we speak."
"Then tell us what your eyes see."
"There are soldiers in the plaza, well armed, well armoured. Numbering eighty and they are preparing to leave. I sense they have the White Sword."
One of the vampires says "Good, let them have it."
"Is this what you planned, Crown-bearer?" he laughs.
"Did you see the adventurers with those soldiers?"
"I said I sense the White Sword. They have it."
"But the adventurers are not leaving with them. Therefore they died," as I planned.
"But what is more important - the adventurers or the White Sword?"
"And what did you do to prevent the White Sword's discovery? Did you try to stop it. Did you do anything else other than hide from the humans. Did you not try to challenge them? Now is your chance. I suggest you prove your strength and go and stop them. My plan succeeded. The adventurers could not leave with the sword. They needed an army to do that. And where are they? Trapped, dead, defeated. So there is now an army to deal with. Go and deal with it. You complain about the humans - so go and tell them to go away. Or make them."
"I don't care about the humans. You seem to care about the humans. And as for fighting, we are heavilly outnumbered. We survive by thinking, an ability you seem to lack, Crown-bearer."
"You cannot insult me, mighty centaur, -"
I just have." he says.
"- I am unoffendable. If you have a better plan then share it. I will listen. The floor is yours centaur."
"My suggestion is that the situation returns to what it once was before the damn crown appeared and this snivelling wearer with it."
The vampires smile, flashing their teeth. The two biggest shield guardians are behind two of the vampires and the third one is probably guarding the one that Kam may have to face, out of the three.
The Crown says "Goddin is indeed powerful," referring to the vampire.
"And tell us mighty nameless centaur, what is your source of dissatisfaction and reason for loathing this Crown?"
"It is not only the Crown - it is the upstart who wears it. Coming here to claim dominion. Over my dead body."
"You need to calm down and see reason," Kam tells him. "It is not the Crown that compels you. Clearly you have a strong mind and a strong will to resist it. So what truly brought you here. Curiosity? The chance to be an upstart yourself. Or are you trying to prove something? Is there something that you are frightened of -"
"I am not the one seeking power, I am content with what I have. I am here because sanctuary was offered. So I would suggest Crown-bearer when we return to the city that you stay here, and not enter the city, where our domains are."
"Then by all means ... Zerack. Yes, I have heard of you and know your thoughts. I give you free will and a free choice of action. Keep your domain in the city and enjoy your hiding hole in the rocks. Do interfere with any of these others who have joined me. My door remains open and I will still give protection should you decide you require it -"
"You presume much," Goddin says.
"I presume nothing." Kam tells him, directing a firm gaze in his direction.
"You are presuming that we have joined you. Joining you was never a consideration."
"Then tell me why you are here."
"If you wish to know then try and find out." Goddin retorts.
The Crown tells Kam that Goddin is here for a reason, but he does not know what it is.
"I know you came because you thought you could take the CRown from me and then take control of these creatures yourself. You crave power and you thought that would be the way for you to achieve it. The Crown cannot be worn by a creature such as yourself. It would turn you to ash in a heartbeat. Ironic, don't you think. Because you don't have one?"
"Yet again ... you presume. I desire the Crown for only one reason. It is chaos and I am not. And I don't need a Crown to have power. Such things you tend to be dependent on such items only weakens the self. I came here to see the new wearer. To see whether I could embrace him and yes, I think I will." He starts to move forward.
The centaurs goad him on, "Go for it," Zerack says.
Goddin moves forward and Kam sees him accelerate like a blurred figure and before any reaction can be given, he is upon him.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:10 pm    Post subject: k432 1Guiaranor26 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K432: 1Guiaranor26: Lasgalen

Goddin reaches Kam with lightning speed and sitting on the chair, Kam finds himself cramped by the power of the vampire over him.
Goddin (vampire) HP66; A/C25; Str 22, Con 19, Dex 22, Wiz 19, Int 18, Chr 18; attacks; Claws/energy drain+12 (1d8/attack + cold critical & -1 con no RR. The Con is transferred to him); special attacks; Charm, energy drain, blood drain; special qualities, Undead, Damage reduction 15/+1, cold and electricity resistance+20, Gaseous form, spider climb, alternate form (wolf), fast healing+5, vampire weaknesses (sunlight, holy power); Saves; Fort+13, Ref+14, Will+15, Skills; Bluff+9, Climb+11, Hide+16, Listen+17, Move Silently+15, Search+15, Sense Motive+15, Perception+18; Feats; Alertness, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Weapon specialization (claws); Spell lists: Sorcerer Base Lists to 20th lvl, Mage Base Lists to 40th Lvl, Evil Mage Base Lists to 35th lvl, Evil Mentalist Base Lists to 45th lvl.

Goddin has no weapons and his hands are clawed. He moves incredibly fast and is cloaked in black, an extravagant rainment with silver lining. He is not pale but his hands are clawed with long fingernails.

He strikes with clawed hands and drains 1 CON (temp) with 5hp damage. He hits twice more doing 2 CON (temp) and 4 hp damage.

Kam strikes out with the Sword of Kalis and deals 22 hp and it sucks energy from Goddin in return.
Goddin strikes once 1 CON (temp) and 4 hp.

Kam hits Goddin with the Sword of Kalis again for 36hp.
Goddin hits twice doing 2 CON (temp) and 8 hp.

Kam hits for 34 hp.
Goddin hits once for 1 CON and 5hp

Kam fumbles with the Sword of Kalis (66) and loses his grip and is then forced to parry for two rounds. (Parry is AC 41 with this weapon). Goddin sees an opportunity and slashes wildly, failing to break through on his first round but then succeeding with a critical in his second 2 CON (temp) and 17 hp.

Kam is starting to feel a lot weaker. Goddin reacts to Kam's attempt to parry and knocks the Crown from Kam's head. Then he seeks to bite Kam's neck. Opposed strength check 6 vs 19. Goddin wins and begins draining blood. The styptic quality of Kam's Eberron-sourced armour resists (15%) (88%)

Kam reacts to Goddin draining his blood by seeking to pulls his punching dagger (REFLEX 26) - he succeeds and attempts to drive the blade into the side of Goddin's head/neck as he struggles. CRITICAL - 21 hp plus d% roll of 43 ...

Resists blood drain (09%) and takes another (65%) ... 1 CON (temp)

Kam drives the blade into Goddins head/neck again - 7 hp

Resists blood drain (17%) and takes another (00%) ... 1 CON (temp)

Kam attempts to push Goddin away as he realises the dagger is ineffective with the wounds it has dealt healing.
Opposed strength 10 ... fails

Fails to resists blood drain (76%) and takes another (71%) ... 2 CON (temp)

Opposed strength 15 - fails.

Fails to resists blood drain (86%) and takes another (53%) ... 2 CON (temp)
Fails to resists a further blood drain (99%)

Kam collapses on -1 CON

Kam awakens in a room that is lavishly furnished and there is aromatic fragrences and incenses burning. He feels vibrant and energetic. Like a physical high. He can see things with more clarity than he has ever been able to do before. Better judgement of distance. And then he realises that his heart is not beating and there are two young women here, dressed in see through gowns. They were veils over their faces and have dark eyes and dark hair. There is warmth in them. He can sense the humanity in them, and the blood. "Where am I?" he thinks. "And where is my Crown?" Kam looks around for it. He cannot see it in this room.

Kam looks at the women. They are sitting on the far side of the bed, looking at him. WILL DC 6. He remembers the two women ... he had his sinful way with them a few minutes ago ... he is recalling it. He had never felt more alive. A door opens and in walks Goddin. "You ... !" Kam exclaims ... "Why do I still survive?"

"Because you are a member of my family," he replies.
"And I suppose that now makes you my master?" Kam says, looking for the Crown. Goddin is not wearing it.
Goddin smiles. "I have placed the Crown where one least suspects it. The result was spectacular. I do regret to inform you, young Kam, that the adventuring party did survive. However the sanctuary where they were seeking shelter does not."
Kam look confused. "... I placed the Crown there and got the desired result. Both the sanctuary and the Crown are destroyed."
"And what of the Dark Religion? Does that sanctuary still remain intact?"
"Yes, but its access has been blocked. We don't need the Dark Religion here."
Kam looks dejected. "Then I am nothing. I have no hope for that was my power."
"If I thought that of you, then you would not be here."
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:16 pm    Post subject: k433 1Guiaranor26 Shield Fortress Reply with quote

K433: 1Guiaranor26: Shield Fortress: Losan-Stravin

“The marker below the Fortress of the Wind has vanished.”
Commander Gennarin looked across to the operator. “Interface with orbital, let’s see where he has gone too, this time.” Teleportation spells…more commonly used on this world than any other that I had been posted too. “The second marker.”
“Still in Lasgalen from our last check…we have mapped the city and recorded the arrival of the mercenary company. They are now deploying north.”
“Is the second marker within proximity to others.” We still had to get a sample.
“Checking sir…interesting…there is a change here sir." The operator checked the information appearing on the screen. "I am receiving unusual readings in his vicinity…indeed his readings have changed. His body is cold and he is not breathing. The readings are similar to some categorized in Lasgalen as undead, corpse like, but this is different, for cold as the bodies are, there is what we have determined is impurities in the blood.”
The commander brought up the readings on his psi screen then checked them with readings taken from similar observation missions on similar worlds. The “Undead” category was many and varied on each world, but overall the readings were similar. Concentrating purely on the blood aspect a number of options appeared on the screen hovering before him, but one outnumbered the others…vampires.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:35 pm    Post subject: k434 1Guiaranor27 Reply with quote

K434: 1Guiaranor27: Lasgalen

Kam did not know how long he had been in this chamber…how long he had “entertained” the women. Goddin regarded him and motioned the women to leave. They did so hastily sensing his sudden serious demeanor. Once they had left, he closed and secured the door and turnign regarded Kam again. “I can sense the chaos in you. Bring it forth Kam…let me see what you are truly capable of…change for me.”

The surge rushed through his body and Kam felt the need…the instinct…he was been called from afar…and change he did, the Dire Wolf grotesquely forming from what had been his human form.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:13 am    Post subject: k435 lasgalen Reply with quote

K435: 1Guiaranor27: Lasgalen: transformation II

The change happened within seconds…the Dire Wolf form dominant, in absolute control. And the creature found itself in a room…constricted, caged…and the need for freedom overwhelmed him, but before him, stood a human who was regarding him like a predator eyeing his prey…how dare he!!!!

The wolf attacks the man in the closed in room and attempts to hurt him with a vicious bite. But the man dissipates into mist. Frenzied, the wolf smashes into walls looking for a weak spot, enraged.

The man reappears and the wolf leaps, it tries to bite but misses. Then it attacks again but misses. Angered, the wolf stops, stands still and growls menacingly at the man to intimidate him.

The man watches, as though he were taunting the wolf, goading him into action.
FORT SAVE 26 ... succeeds.
The wolf growls again and stands its ground.
FORT SAVE 24 ... succeeds.
The wolf stamps its foot and then springs across the room at the man, seeking to tear him apart.

The wolf bites for 22 hp and the man stands his ground then dissipates into mist form again.
The wolf snarls and slashes at the mist.

WILL SAVE 14 ... Fails ... WILL SAVE 20 ... the man appears again but he is no longer a threat. The wolf now considers he can be trusted. The wolf waits and watches. The room shimmers and the wolf finds itself outside amidst a dark ruined building, or the shell of one. The wolf sniffs the airs and gauges the scent of the area. He sees the robed figure walk off and it follows to an open area where there are five buildings like temples of some kind. All of the buildings face the area at an angle and all are enclosed by a wall. The wolf watches the man and thinks he is a friend.

The man is approached by two large 20' tall constructs, fully armoured, and they speak to him. Then he turns to the wolf and points to a building. The wolf senses there is a threat to his friend in there.

The wolf feels compelled and enters the building. The door is open and the interior is like a temple, only lavishly furnished, and there is the remains of seven humans that have been ripped apart and at the end of the room on a raised dais platform there is an ornate ledge on which steps descend into darkness.

The wolf goes down the stairs and senses fear. The stairs descend 60' and there are two people on guard down there, possibly monks armed with quarterstaffs. The wolf springs at them and attacks, striking with a bite (18hp) and 2 claws (13, 13 respectively). The other man hits with a staff doing 12 hp damage. The wolfs slashes back, missing with a bite and striking with two claws (10 plus critical 24 (76)) and severs the mans hand. The other man hits again for 7hp. Kam hits with a bite (22hp) and a claw (10hp). The man hits back twice with his staff (19 hp plus critical - struck in lower back for extra 10 hits and Will Save 7 ... stunned ). The man attacks again and hits twice doing 12 and 9hp respectvely. Enraged, the wolf retaliates and bites (19hp) and claws (13hp) against the man, who is now down. The wolf leaps on him and savages the man. The scene is very bloody and the blood is warm. The wolf recovers fully by feeding. The wolf feels sated and very strong ... it senses something further within. It follows the sense to a 30'x 30; chamber where four guards are waiting with crossbows and a robed figure like the man the wolf has befriended. The crossbows miss ... the wolf leaps at them and attacks. Bite 25hp and claw 14hp ... as they reload the wolf attacks again. Bite 19hp and claw 13hp bring one down. Wolf turns on the robed figure who is trying to leave and pursues him, leaping on him and bring him down with weight and strength. Rip and rend. Bite 23, claw 15, claw 13. He is pinned and tries to attack but can't. Rip and rend. Bite 22, Claw 10, Claw 11. The three remaining guards attack with swords ... two hit for 9 and 15hp. The wolf rips and rend pinned opponent. Bite 26 and claw (fumble - grip releases) and he dissolves and fades away, with only his cloak remaining. The wolf turns on guards who attempt to flee. The wolf leaps on the first and pins him then rips and rends. Bite and two claws. The others run ... Kam kills the man and feeds. Then return to my friend.
The other two guards have been ripped apart and there is a construct waiting, which Kam follows. INT check 9 ... the friend is very pleased and he turns to the construct. there is a sense that this is the last task ... he points to another building.

Kam snarls and bounds into that building.

This is another temple and the interior has been blackened and charred ... there is nobody around. Moving across a rubble strewn floor there is a stairway behnd an altar leading down. Kam follows it, leaping down 30' into a corridor covered floor to ceiling velvet red curtains. Kam sniffs around. There are four rooms with smashed doors and bodies of naked men and women are here. At the end of the corridor is a solid door of silver. Kam throws himself at the door to break it down. Two strength checks 14, 14 - the door does not budge and so using claws Kam eventually breaks through it.

He is struck by three fire bolts before he can enter. FORT 27, 26 and 27 ... he feels the heat but sustains no damage which infuriates him even further. He leaps through the broken door to attack a robed figure. Attempt to attack (fumble) and he dodges out of the way then attacks with a blood coloured sword ... but he failed to hit. Kam attacks again ... bite 19 hp and claw (fumble - slip/lose footing). He attacks with the sword and hits doing 36hp ... the blade was sucking life force ... Kam continues to attack and bites for 25hp ... claw (fumble - lose footing) ... the man attacks again but misses ... Kam bites for 21hp and misses with claws. The man swings his sword and hits, critical ... 46hp ... INT 9 ... the sword must be removed from him as he is growing stronger when he uses it ... Kam seeks to knock it away - the man reacts first but just misses, Kam attacks hits with claw (critical - 24hp plus 34 - he drops the weapon). Kam wins initiative and bites again for 19hp and claws 10hp and 12hp. The man picks up his sword and attacks but misses. Kam attacks again ... but misses. The man hits for 22hp. Bite 26hp claw 12hp. The man reacts but fumbles ... he stumbles as he moved to attack and the weapon falls out of hand ... Kam bites for 19hp ... the man disappears. Kam sweeps the sword away so that it skitters across the room and he tries to use SENSE SCENT 27 to identify the man's location. He is nearby, not in the room. There a re no other exits. The room is well furnished. Kam shreds and smashes everything in the room. PERCEPTION 38.

The sword is hovering in the air and Kam realises this as it comes sweeping down at him. It misses and hovers away. Then it flies away into the hand of its owner who is standing in the doorway. Kam leaps at him, seeking to pin him down.
He deftly moves away into the corridor with Kam landing beside him. He goes into one of the rooms. Kam follows and attacks. The man attacks and hits 17hp. Kam retaliates with a bite (critical) doing 46hp and 66% - in the neck, severing his veins and he is paralysed, collapsing to the ground. Kam howls triumphantly and proceeds to savage the man, kicking thw sword away. The man dissolves moments later leaving just the robe which gets shredding.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:28 am    Post subject: k436 lasgalen Reply with quote

K436: 1Guiaranor27: Lasgalen

The dire wolf follows Goddin outside. He is in an enclosure where five small temple like structures face out over a stone forecourt the temple buildings surrounded by a tall wall of stone. Outside, Goddin meets with two tall giant like humanoid creatures who converse with him. Goddin smiles and points to one of the buildings and the direwolf knows what he has to do. Go within and kill whoever he encounters.

Kam returns to his friend who seems very pleased. A gate to the compound area is open and Kam senses the opportunity to hunt. He does so ... entering the ruins outside.

Kam roams the ruins of the city and hunts small creatures where he can. He senses places where there are groups of creatures and on top of some buildings he senses creatures watching or guarding. None are hostile towards him. They are content to remain within their own domains. Despite the darkness he can see as though it were day. He reaches the plaza and there is a large hole in the ground between two buildings filled with water. INT 5 - the area does seem familiar.

He sniffs around. PERCEPTION 21. Something is watching. Sense Threat - fail. Sniff around. A couple of barqhest are encountered but defeated easily. There is something else here. The feeling is annoying. Kam howls and waits. He also senses a large group has been here recently and so follows their scent trail ... it leads out of the city and is joined by others. Horses. Horses taste nice. The group had ridden around the ruined city walls and into the hills. Leaping and running - PERCEPTION 32, 20 - still being watched and followed. Kam doubles back and circles around, seeking to locate the opponent. MOVE SILENTLY 24 - the presence is still there, close by. Not a friend. Someone very elusive. Kam waits and hides. HIDE 13. But Kam, being a creature of chaos, is incapable of staying sill and hiding. So he moves on with his hunt for horses, for food. He continues long into the night, in the hills. He finds a large encampment situated in a valley surrounded by four hills, on each of which there is a tower. There is a large marshalling area for the horses and there are a number of 2-storey towers surrounded by tents and temporary shelters. There are many men here and men are in the towers, perhaps a dozen in the nearest one. A tall standard lies in front of one of the towers (details undecipherable). INT 9. It is familiar.

Kam circles arounds the encampment. MOVE SILENTLY 20. Avoiding the towers but seeking to draw close to the horses. He gets close but they react when they sense him. That raises an alarm ... and a repulsive power is felt by him, emanating from the standard, causing him to flee, angered. Furious and enraged. Kam wanders and hunts through forest and hills until he chances on a single building with a coral and a few horses, possibly an inn. There is music. He attacks the horses and brings them down ... his actions are drowned out by the sound of music inside. He feels satisfied excepet for the fact he is being followed and watched still. He searches for it, determined to find it this time. SENSE THREAT 27, 17. He can sense it but not find it. Most frustrating. He leads his follower back into the woodland and hills. He is feeling tired and seeks rest as dawn draws near. He finds a small burrow in a hill and crawls in there and rests out of daylight.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:29 am    Post subject: k437 Bel-Kel-Daan Reply with quote

K437: 1Guiaranor27: Bel-Kel-Daan

The book wrote as the voice spoke, recording results of visual and magical. At the uppermost level of the Dark Tower, Khios was looking through a magical glass lens, skyward, adjusting using subtle magic as he turned the lens. “The adjustment is 170…it is closer to our reality than it was 24 days ago, when the adjustment was 178.” What the lens showed was a hazy image of a grey circular mass, the Black Moon, the surface undefined in substance, but looking like a mass of grey liquid. Looking at a calendar that had recorded the previous adjustments he nodded. “I expect the next close proximity to be the 8th day of Thardeth…14 days from now. Remind me of this, but will observe in another 4 days to see if the moon has returned to its normal position within the corridor.”
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:32 am    Post subject: k438 Malduin Hills Reply with quote

K438 1Guiaranor28: Malduin Hills; Tamilaye Inn

Kam awakens in a cave…naked…sunlight peaking through the cave opening.

Kam awakens in the cave naked ... no memory of what happened. Only Goddin. He has nothing. He looks around the cave and there are the remains of some creatures that have been devoured. He thinks about what has happened and struggles to recall anything. Kam thinks he may have changed as he has done before. But where is Lasgalen? Why isn;t he there? He looks outside the cave. It is a hillside, covered by undergrowth. He gathers some large foliage and fashions a very crude garment to cover his modesty. Tunic-like but fragile. He can hear talking. The conversation is "are you sure?" "yes, I think it went up here last night." He can hear people approaching. HIDE 25. Kam sees four rangers approaching the cave. MOVE SILENTLY 33. Kam moves down the hill away from the cave back in the direction from where he heard the men approach from. They don't hear him.

Kam keeps walking through undergrowth and soon sees smoke rising in the distance and comes across an inn by a road. Kam approaches the inn ... the people there look surprised and suggest he looks like a "wild child" ... a couple of them look like rangers ... it's a clear day and they seem alarmed by his appearance.

"Excuse me - don't be alarmed, I am lost and hungry. I don't know where all of my possessions are. In fact, where am I?"

"..." they look suspicious.

"I think I have been the victim of a spell. All I know is I was drinking and then the next thing I knew I found myself in these hills. Is this close to the Elder Wilds?"

"... the Elder Wilds is many weeks ride from here," a bemused local says.
"Best we provide him a meal while we discuss this matter further," someone else says.

"I thank you and don't wish to impose - I'm very embarrassed to find myself in this predicament -"

"-hold out your hands and show me." someone demands. Kam stares at the person and says "Why? What have my hands got to do with it."

"If you have nothing to hide you'll do so willingly."

"Sure - here you go - but they need a wash because I've been climbing through undergrowth to find somewhere civilised."

The person who demanded looks and turns to the others and says "he does not have the mark."

"What mark? What are you talking about?"

"The mark of mocrare - don't you know it?"

"No - sorry - should I?" Kam replies.

"Most citizens of the empire are aware of the mark. It was not an animal that killed our horses last night."

"Why? What happened here? Are we in danger?"

"Who made your rainment?"

Kam purposely looks embarrased and says "I did, this morning, when I found myself in the hills without anything after the spell sent me here."

"Why here? And who were you drinking with?"

"My brother, his dwarven friend, some barbarian types and some rangers. We were celebrating the successful tracking of some kind of item through the elder wilds. It was night. We were drinking. And something happened. That's all I know. I don't know why a spell would transport me here."

A woman says "look, let's bring him inside and give him a meal and some clothes. I know you're not convinced Gareth but we have two imperial soldiers staying with us."

They lead Kam inside and give him some clothing. "Thank you again for your kindness. I wish I could pay you and I vow to one day."
Gareth is taling to two well attired and well armoured soldiers. (Star Crusaders).

The food feels unusual and is a struggle to swallow. Kam now realises his nature and what he has become. He eats the food slowly and eventually does finish it. Gareth is looking at him suspiciously. The room is suddenly encased in absolute darkness and a voice in his head says "leave" - it is Goddin. Kam can see through the darkness and he goes outside immediately.

"I told you not to trust him!" Gareth is yelling.

Goddin is there with the two constructs that he sends inside to slaughter everyone. Goddin listens to the screams of agony then says "you took some finding, Kam." Kam watches the scene, partly horrified yet strangely fascinated at the same time. A part of him is enjoying it. He realises he has lost his sense of mortal being. The death of innocents does not trouble him. The constructs emerge and Goddin casts a spell that transports them all back to five small temple buildings within a stone wall enclosure.

"Where are we?" Kam asks. "I realise this is Lasgalen but which part? I don't recall anything from last evening. What happened and who were those people you just slaughtered?"
"They were mere humans in the wrong place at the wrong time. As to other matters we will discuss them later. You have a more pleasurable task to perform."

From inside one of the buildings two of the young women that Kam remembers emerge. "Do with them as you please," Goddin says as he goes inside one of the other buildings.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:10 am    Post subject: k439 Khadazar Reply with quote

K439 1Guiaranor30: Khadazar

Mak peruses the detailed maps of the empire joining them together across the table so he could view the empire’s geographic shape with each of the provinces joined Bali watching on musingly inhaling smoke from a tobacco pipe.

"Do ordinary people of Karthan know what the shape and size of the world looks like?" Kam asks.

"No." Bali replies.

Bali explains more of the Empress' past, including that she rules because her entire family was assassinated 7 years ago. She adventured with him and other companions before that.

“You can see the Elder Wilds, the Hills of Sardion…and the Garthang Ranges where you have been lately. Hmm, find Lasgalen in the Malduin Hills and there your…twin resides presently, no longer human I might add.”

"What do mean?" Mak asks. "You mean he has changed permanently into some else?"


"Then what?"

"He has become a vampire ... do not ask any more of the matter."

Mak is truly dismayed at the news. "I knew he was determined to be different, but I never expected he would resort to that kind of measure. Should he be destroyed? "

"Of course, but leave it those who can do it."

With reference to the continent map, Bali talks about "Mandaoss" as being the continent in which Karthan is but a part. "It is on this continent that the first Therim - men - entered the world. They entered through what we call dream gates. No one knows if they still exist or indeed if they are even still here."

You will note also the separate land mass called Attalante and a delgation from that continent has recently arrived in Karthan.

"I am assuming that is not an everyday occurance," Mak says.

"No, the seas of this world are vast. We have contact with some of the places of this world. The cities in Hellatrix, for example. Our cartghographers have not drawn the map to true scale. This represents is false for distances."

"Hmmm ... the last time i saw Lonarwen she had a rather unique ring on her finger. " Bali remarks, thoughtfully.

"What did look like?" Mak asks him.

"I admit it is the first time i saw her wearing this. It is like your falcon ring, only silver, and very ornate."

"Then perhaps she has common ancestry with either the falconers or those whose footsteps they followed. There were travellers in paintings that I saw who appeared to be arriving in mighty ships that perhaps travelled from the stars. The Falcon symbol was represented in additions to the original structure I explored beneath that mountain. I found more evidence after you were sent back with your injuries. I had feared you were dead at the time."

"We Tordagh are hard to kill. But the effect did cause major damage at the time ...

“But you are wrong on the Falconer Ring. If Lonarwaen was related somehow the ring would have been worn to befit the status and the empire would have known of their history and status, but not so.”

"Then what would her ring represent? You say it is the first time you've seen it, yet you have had many dealings with the Emperess for presumably a very long time? Why would she wear it now, is it to meet with the Attalantean delegation?

"No, for the ring is being worn on a specific finger ... the one reserved for marriage." Bali says.

"And no one is aware of any one to whom she is betrothed?" Mak asks.

Another voice speaks. “I do as one would expect…as does the one to whom she has pledged her love. In three days you will know, but until then keep your teachings on more known subjects.” Elatan emerges out of the darkness and smiling leaves the room.

“Hmm…we have just been told off.” The Tordagh King says.

"Hello Elatan," Mak says and bows respectfully. "Forgive me with my curiosity. "

Elatan turns to Mak and says let this be a lesson then for one who has an abundance of curiosity may have it tempereed at the appropriate times. in three days you may have answers."

"What happens then?"

"The month ends," Elatan tells him and then retires.

"Where were we?" Bali says ... "the continent, yes, that's right. our jouney basically tracked north to the mountains ..."

"What do the Attalanteans want with Karthan. Do they trade?" Mak asks.

"They seem to be here to find out why this empire becomes so important during the wars of might. The wars of might is a term that silvarana use. For them this next coming war will be their 19th. For us it will be our third. For our calendar LE0 began with a war of might and the last war destroyed our knowledge. You are beginning to learn about that in the Shades of Grey and it seems you are beginning to learn about the time before LE0 began, for what you found predates Karthan history."

"Then I am privileged to have made such fortunate discoveries. But tell me, if the Attalanteans have faced -"

"- no the Silvarana -" Bali says

"well if they have faced 19 wars of might then surely they have the knowledge to share with Karthan's people to ensure survival of both population and knowledge. Will they help?"

"it is difficult to say because there is a serious game of intrigue between Alnuathor who created the silvarana and the gods of this world. I have no doubt that Alnuathor has the power to destroy Kharagh. He has the power to reshape this world for his own people but he can do neither. escaping the destruction their world he led his people here in what are called world ships and they arrived here at the dawn of history to find an empty world populated by flora and fauna. They made this new world their home. They were not to know that this world was planned for the likes of us to populate."

"Then the paintings I have seen with arriving in ships from the stars, would that have been them?"

"No, because the paintings showed Therim. Silvarana are definitely not Therim. In your world you have called them elves."

Mak nods, understanding. "Then is it possible that there are men who use the same ships as Silvarana who came here?"

"quite possibly, there might have been another migration we do not know of. You see the reason I know of the silvarana is because I have counseled Alnuathor and have seen the world ships."

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K440 1Guiaranor30: Khadazar

Bali writes the following numbers on a sheet of rune paper. “Lets put this into perspective. The Silvarana arrived about…800,000 years ago. The first Tordagh entered through the Gates of Dreams about 710,000 years ago; Kharagh he turned up about 500,000 years ago and the first War of Might was 340,000 years ago. Now Therim…or man as you call them…they are recent Mak…45,000 years ago after the 13th War of Might…quite a difference in time there. Now you said earlier that you were shall we say privileged to have seen what you have seen…just remember that behind you is Alnuathor who is using you to manipulate the laws…to the limit and he is succeeding with you so very well I might add. Now I hope that answers your question on whether the Silvarana will get involved.”

"Clearly they won't be, although you say that Alnuathor is breaking the rules by using me. What rules? Are they rules between gods? Unspoken agreements? "

"You might say that but look at this way? Who brought about the shades of grey? Who shielded Therim from knowing their prehistory? The same could be said for us. It was the one who destroyed the libraries in the last war of might. It was Karagh and that was the only victory he truly had. There were those who survived and defied with their knowledge. Attalante was one. Another were the Sun Priests and of course you might consider Khios comes under that as well. But they are the only three. Now in the privileged situation I am in befriending Elatan all these years ago, and of course Lonarwen, we travelled parts of the world the empire knows little of but it was Alnuathor who showed me through our counsels with him and others the true history of the world. Even my own god Delanor refuses to speak on this. He knows I know so to correct your last statement, Alnuathor is more involved than he has ever been before. He has accepted the Therim are here that their god's behest as we are and who knows what this coming year will bring."

"You say Karagh's only victory in the last war of might was to destroy the libraraies. But it was effective and it was enough, it would seem to render the Therim into a state of being vulnerable in the next fight. Their lack of knowlege from the past would appear to weaken them and Karagh may almost certainly be exploiting that. -"

"He already has exploited that by taking the provinces of Malafrei and Therick." Bali says.

"What would stop a person from being listened to and leading the Therim into the Shades of Grey to reclaim their lost knowlege? Is that against the rules? Would the gods stop that?"

"Don't you think they would have done so by now? And if they had, why would you be standing here now?"

"Then is that my purpose? Is that what Alnuathor would have me do? Lead the Therim of this world back into Shades of Grey?"

"No. Because you cannot do that. Alnuathor is leading you to find one particular shade of grey, the importance of which can only be known at the time you encounter it. The two compass markers are the guides. But you are learning of the past and now you must learn of the present. the empire you see on this map is not weak by any means. The war council knows about the coming war and they know about the long solstice for this information was provided to them by the Attalantean delegation. One might say that the gods directed them here for that particular purpose. For in one shade of grey you did learn about such. As Elatan says, in three days time we will be visiting Cerberus. Now you know yourself that Lonarwen and myself get along reasonably well, on a fuirst name basis, but pleaede treat her well. She is a woman in a man's world. the dukes are pressing her to provide a male heir. I dare say such patriarchal systems exist on your world."

"Yes. In many places. Eberron is a world that is no stranger to predjudice and chauvinism."

"Here it is different. Karthan exists on its military power. We have the empire divided up into provinces and they are also divided into dukedoms and subdivided to their vassals. Over time, if you are a baron or a duke, you have that status and the privileges that go with it. However, they are accountable and they are also expected to fulfil the requirements of their duties to the citizens within their lands and they are expected at times of war to fight. So the price of privilege and staus is good in times of peace but not so in times of war. In this coming war there will be the imperial army (star crusaders) and also the armies of the nobility as well as the nomadic tribes and the barbarians, as you call them in your world. So the leadership is patriarchal for that reason. It is tradition al for the male to be the head of the family and if they are nobility they ar expected to fight. You have experienced the Therim in the elder wilds but you have yet to experience the Therim who live within a lord's domain, whether it be a village, town or city. You may get that chance when you visit Cerberus."

"I am indeed looking forward to seeing the civilised portion of Karthan. If nothing more than to enjoy a cleaner environment after having spent so much time recently in the wild and underground."

Bali smiles and says "you are underground now and I would say this a very clean environment".

Mak returns the smile and simply says "yes but then I think you also have an idea of what I mean."

"Of course," Bali grins.
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