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[Expedition to Mesoamerica] Character Ideas

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:42 pm    Post subject: [Expedition to Mesoamerica] Character Ideas Reply with quote

Characters should be either connected to or part of the School of History and Social Sciences and in particular the Department of Archaeology probably with a keen interest or specialty in Mesoamerica, specifically the Maya (and Aztecs if you want to be broader) as well as being physically fit an able to take on an expedition or two. The time is late May 1914 and the University is preparing for an expedition into Yucatan region of Lain America. At least one person should be an expert in Mayan History both ancient and modern and language skills in Spanish and Yucatec would be very handy and at least one qualified surveyor would also necessity to accurately map out any sites. Appropriate areas are professors, graduate students, field archeologists, artists, photographers and explorers/guides/expedition leaders, anything that would be useful to an expedition. Again if they survive the expedition I would be keen for them to get involved in future expeditions if they dare.

Please get your character ideas to me so we can start to rough them out. Start date around 11 March 10.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Dr. Ivan Borkovsky
Profession: Field Archeologist, Visiting Fellow to the Miskatonic University from Universita Karlova, or the University of Prague

Ivan Borkovsky was born in the village of Chortovets in the Land of Ivano-Frankivshchyna on September 8 1867. The village population of about four thousand people was mostly made up of Ukrainians but there were also people of Polish descent. Ivanís father hailed from Bukovyna, and his mother was of a native Chortovets stock.

In 1899, Borkovsky was awarded a scientific degree for his dissertation on the Early Neolithic Culture of Applied Cordlike Ornaments on Pottery that once flourished in Central Europe and in Ukraine. It was the time when animals were domesticated, weaving and pottery were invented and land tilling became wide-spread.

He accepted an invitation from Dr. Ernest McTavish to teach and research on the subject of meso-American myth, culture and artefacts at the Miskatonic, and has produced several papers on Myan death cults and blood rituals. He has eagerly embraced the opportunity to conduct field research, and hopes to produc a book before returning to the University of Prague.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:51 pm    Post subject: Captain Robert Mackenzie Reply with quote

Captain Robert Mackenzie

Professional Safari Guide / Big Game Hunter

Captain Mackenzie was born in London in 1875, left school to join the armed forces and ultimately served in the Boer War with the rank of Captain. After the war, he left the army and pursued a career in private tourism, acting as a guide for big game hunters and other tourists to less well-travelled areas (South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East).

The Captain is a practical, no-nonsense character who always keeps his cool even in life-threatening situations. His ability to think on his feet (and his skill with a rifle) have on more than one occasion saved his clients from almost certain death, and earned him an enviable reputation. These days he takes on a few high-paying clients to support his lifestyle, but mostly spends his time exploring and hunting on his own or with groups of friends.

The Miskatonic has contracted Robert on several occasions as a guide for their archaeological expeditions; while Robert has no particular interest in archaeology, he accepts these expeditions because the unique (and sometimes disturbing) nature of their destinations fascinates him.

Major Skills: Hide, Listen, Navigate, Sneak, Spot Hidden, Track, Rifle
Minor Skills: Mechanical Repair, Natural History, Ride, Swim, Knife, Climb, Dodge, First Aid, Jump
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