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Keep on the Borderlands: Player Characters

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:21 pm    Post subject: Keep on the Borderlands: Player Characters Reply with quote

Pregens can be found here:

Berrian - male Eladrin Wizard (Mage)
Sola - female Elf Cleric (Sun Warpriest)
Hagen - male Human Cleric (Storm Warpriest)
Eldeth - female Dwarf Fighter (Slayer)
Quinn - male Human Fighter (Knight)
Merric - male Halfling Rogue (Thief)

I will start with Quinn, as he was my favorite before starting the playtest and is now even more so that I played him through the playtest. The tactics for Quinn are pretty simple – get in the middle and stay there. Most of the time I would be in the hammer hands stance until there were only one or two enemies left, or in fights where I stayed with an obvious big boss (elite or solo). On his turn I would either use hammer hands to push enemies together so that I could get more of them in his defender aura, or move to avoid giving combat advantage. Towards the end of the season I would often take the full defense action instead of attacking. When it isn’t his turn Quinn is always on the lookout for the chance to use his battle guardian attack, particularly when combined with hammer hands so you can push an enemy out of range, causing them to lose their attack. In the end, the only trouble I had with Quinn was that he was too good at being a defender – he would have no healing surges by the time we reach an extended rest, and I’d have to pull him out of his role to keep him standing.

Merric was always present during playtesting, the simple character combined with interesting options and great seas of damage he brought made him very popular. There are basic tactics that I saw used several times and each worked verywell. It is entirely possible for Merric to stay on the edge of the combat and throw daggers for most of the fight, using tactical trick to get combat advantage. Merric also has 34gp, so I would recommend buying a few more daggers when you get a chance. Generally he would target either an enemy next to Eldeth or Quinn. In most cases I would suggest that he help Eldeth, but Quinn also can use the help as he frequently runs out of surges. The other clever way that I saw Merric used was as a flanker with Quinn, using his unbalancing trick to knock the target prone and then using his move action to get out of flanking. The enemy can stand up and either attack Quinn or trigger battle guardian to move or go after Merric. If they did go after Merric in this circumstance they risked losing their attack if Quinn hits them with hammer hands (I often saved heroic effort to make sure this worked) and push them away.

The best off-defender I have seen in a while and a ton of damage on top of that. Eldeth was often used to chase down some combatant that would prefer to fight from a distance and beat them into a pulp. A few things really made this possible for Eldeth. First, the berserker charge stance allowed her to cover more distances and bring an even more accurate attack at the end of the charge. Second, having the ability to take a second wind as a minor action and gaining an additional five temporary hit points with each healing surge allowed her to operate outside the range of the healer(s) with relative safety. Generally an artillery faced with Eldeth would shift away one space and take a shot at her, she would then shift a square away from them and then charge them again. Of course, if she caught one of these unfortunate ranged heavy monsters in a place that they could not shift away from their day got bad, fast.

Leader by role, but don’t let him fool you – Hagen brings a lot of damage. If you pick targets with medium to low Fortitude his storm hammer at-will attack becomes super accurate. When he is not using storm hammer, he should be flanking with Quinn or Eldeth to get a bonus to hit with his blessing of wrath for a damage boost. The big source of damage this cleric of Kord brings is the thunder steel encounter power – if you use this power when several of your party members are in position to attack an enemy, it most likely won’t survive the turn. Often times Hagen would open with thunder steel on one opponent and Merric and Eldeth would focus on another, this worked well to quickly bring down two enemies and give an early advantage to theparty.

Healing, resistance, saving throws, bonus to death saves for all, and a daily that can give a +2 bonus to all of your allies’ defenses make Sola a perfect supporting character.The two big decisions to make with Sola are when to use sunburst and if you should use blessing of battle or brand of the sun the rest of the time. If you get the idea thatyou’ll be making a lot of saving throws or fighting close to your allies later in the combat, you can benefit by saving the sun burst. If you are unsure of where the combat’s going, I would recommend using the sun burst as soon as you can get 3 or more allies in the burst. Blessing of battle can save a hero surrounded by enemies and brand of the sun might save an ally affected by a difficult condition or heavy ongoing damage. Often times I saw Sola choose to give a hero with ongoing damage the resist all 2 because it was guaranteed, whereas they could fail a saving throw.

First thing you will want to do if you are playing Berrian is increase the push of beguiling strands and the slide for charm of misplaced wrath by 2 each (his school of magic did not get applied properly to the character sheet). Okay, enough with the errata. Berrian is an enchanter, and enchanters excel at moving enemies, hopefully into dangerous positions. So most of the time you are playing Berrian, you should be looking for places to push enemies that will cause them problems – pits, fireplaces, off of walls, or into lava. Sometimes you run into situations where there is not a dangerous place on the map to push an enemy on to – when this happens, you have three options. Option 1 is to push them next to Quinn – this works great with weaker enemies, or ones that would prefer to be attacking at range. Option 2 is to create a dangerous space with fountain of flame – once you have a fountain of flame, each creature you push with beguiling strands takes 10 damage (5 from beguiling strands and 5 from fountain of flame), which is pretty good for a close blast 5 that only targets enemies. Option 3 is to use your other spells – if you can get a brute to attack his friend with charm of misplaced wrath or help finish off a few monsters that Merric and Eldeth have grievously wounded with your arc lightning, you will add a lot to the damage output of the team.
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