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The Ch'akta Peace Accord *Teaser 5*

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:14 pm    Post subject: The Ch'akta Peace Accord *Teaser 5* Reply with quote

The Sol Times

*** File: Email from TerColGov - 19/07/23XX ***

Press Release/Advertisement Content

Dear Editor of The Sol Times,

The Government of the Terran Colonies wishes to run the attached advertisement in your newspaper for the next 4 months across all the Colonies (except Earth) in which you distribute your broadcast.

"Return to Earth, the mother world!

A lot of colonists don't get to see their home world very often, that's why we're offering you a half-price deal on a trip! A lot has changed since the end of the war, and many industries have prospered as a result of our victory. You too, can share in this prosperity! With many job openings, lots of living space, and beautiful scenery, who could ask for more?

Apply now! Send your details and prefered flight number to registration@ReturnToEarth.govt.sol to receive your half price flight coupon*!

* terms and conditions apply"

*** File Ends ***


11:28:12 23/07/23XX [System]: *** CALL CONNECTED ***

11:28:13 23/07/23XX [Secretary to JA]: "Lord Jorig Au-"

11:28:14 23/07/23XX [User]: "Hugh, it's me. Look, about the advert he wants to run: who's he trying to fool exactly?"

11:28:29 23/07/23XX [Secretary to JA]: "Oh, Gavern, it's you. Well, I know the way it comes across, but we've had our PR team go over it 5 times before it even reached you, and believe me, it was a lot worse before."

11:28:46 23/07/23XX [User]: "You say that, but I still think it's a load of tripe. Who's going to take an offer of a half-price one-way trip? It's ludicrous! Not to mention the blatant lies about the condition of Earth. Everyone in the colonies has been up to their ears in VWU propoganda about the state of jobs on Earth, and believe me, it gets more sway out there than it does back here."

11:29:03 23/07/23XX [Secretary to JA]: "I know, I know. Look, if you don't want to run the ad, all you had to do was say so, and I-"

11:29:09 23/07/23XX [User]: "Don't be foolish, of course I'll run the ad, I just want to know what the old man thinks he's up to. Why does he want the colonists to come back to Earth so badly that he's willing to subsidise space travel with tax-payers money to get them there?"

11:29:47 23/07/23XX [User]: "Well?"

11:29:48 23/07/23XX [Secretary to JA]: "I'm sorry, Gavern, but even I can't tell you that. He hasn't been telling us anything that's behind this latest ad campaign. I get the feeling he's trying to unite the colonies, but I never got the impression that the colonies were that seperate from Earth anyway, although you'd have a better idea of that than I would."

11:29:59 23/07/23XX [User]: "They're not. Certainly not after the war. He's up to something else, but I'm not so certain he'll get anywhere with it. He's on shaky ground, Hugh, and if he wants another term he's going to need to be very careful where he treads."

11:30:06 23/07/23XX [Secretary to JA]: "I'm sure he already knows that. Good day, Gavern."

11:30:11 23/07/23XX [User]: "Yea, see ya"

11:30:13 23/07/23XX [System]: *** CALL DISCONNECTED ***
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