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Science Fiction Campaign

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 8:33 pm    Post subject: Science Fiction Campaign Reply with quote

Hi there

We are looking for additional players for a science fiction campaign set in the Traveller New Era. We are using GURPS 4th edition as the game's rule set. We currently have five players but two are currently unavailable, and the availability of two others fluctuates weekly. In short, we need more people.

The scenario is a deep space technology recovery company operating a spaceship named the Aquila which it uses for recovery and trading missions outside the systems of the Reformation Coalition. It is seventy five years after the collapse of the 3rd Empire of Man, and most of the galaxy is made up of isolated systems with low tech civilisations.

The Collapse was the result of a galaxy-wide civil war, and the release of a computer virus, called Virus, which destroyed every high tech computer system it came into contact with, along with every world dependent on high technology for survival. Space is dotted with airless and now dead worlds where Virus opened the airlocks, or worlds with decimated populations when the agricultural robots revolted, and so on.

Typical missions are into the Wilds, star systems with post-Virus cultures outside the Coalition. The risks out there are Virus infested Vampire ships and robots, hostile post-Virus planets with lower-tech level civilisations who will try and hijack the ship, or don't appreciate the Coalition and its values, and other dangers. Essentially it is a pretty risky place.

The Aquila is currently in big trouble. It was fleeing from the Berkin system in the Shenk subsector when it was crippled by a Solee warship, but not before it was able to jump. It ended up three subsectors away, after a massive misjump. The ship is now at least six months constant travel from the Coalition, not that that matters, as the Jump Drive melted down, and the ship is not going anywhere until it can find the materials needed to fix the Jump Drive. Currently the crew is scouring a world named Rouen looking for the stuff it needs. Not all the locals are friendly either.

New characters join as ordinary ship crew, or possibly as an NCO, if their backgrounds support such an appointment.

Sessions are held in Thorndon, either on Thursday evenings or or occasionally on Saturdays in Johnsonville.

If you are interested please respond, and I will be happy to provide a comprehensive campaign diary on the doings of the third campaign in the New Era.
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