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Stormbringer - episode 26

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Our return to the “Rogue Mistress” was greeted with caution and a degree of unease Not only had we been reunited when the ship was plucked from the sky by the hand of a fearsome Sea-God, but we bought with us Justin Carrick – the estranged father of Maria de Pistoles, the ship’s captain.

Andy, the mysterious and rather untrustworthy figure who seemed to have appointed himself our guide told Maria to point the ship in the direction of a new world. The captain shrugged and we drifted off the surface of the ocean-planet. Once in the atmosphere the ship began to accelerate and the deck became cloaked with mist as we travelled into the gap between worlds.

It took us some time to span the worlds and during this break we recuperated and recruited a new member from the ship’s crew, a spell-caster named Dungaree Bob who seemed to spend most of his spare time tending the ship’s two pigs.

We knew we had arrived at the new world when the ship began to shudder. Terrific winds tore through the upper atmosphere and buffeted the ship with tremendous force. Most of us were sent flying and a member of the crew plummeted from the crow’s nest, the scream ripped from his throat by the gale. Maria struggled with the ship’s wheel and put the “Rogue Mistress” into a controlled spin. The surface of the world rushed towards us and we collided with a crack before sliding several hundred feet through thick snow. We ended in a snowdrift, the hull splintered and split by the force of the impact. From below the deck a high-pitched whine struggled to assert its authority over a violent thumping. Maria ordered the engines to be shut down and both noises faded, leaving only the sound of the wind’s howl.

Andy pulled a map from a hidden recess in his clothing. To the east we could see faint lights through the blizzard and Andy indicated this was the direction we should move.

We left Maria and her crew to undertake repairs to the ship and headed into the ice and snow. Our passage was not easy and most of us arrived at our destination shivering with cold. Sadly the destination did not immediately strike us as warming, being a dome of cold concrete. A strange glass globe filled with a cold light showed us the way to a metal door. This opened with ease to reveal a large space filled with strange humming machinery, this machinery was not the first thing to strike us about this place though – the warmth was. The interior was dry and warm despite the blizzard outside. We moved quickly inside and brushed the snow from our hair and shoulders.

We began to explore the building cautiously. And our caution was justified when Sko was attacked by a deformed figure with one grotesque arm. We struck this figure down quickly, but the discovery of freshly killed human corpses warned us that he might have companions.

We discovered a room containing racks of strange pistols. Sko tried one of these and found that they fired bolts of lightning. We stuffed these into our belts and moved on. As we decided to explore a staircase leading beneath the complex, the door outside opened to reveal the figure of a man. This figure approached cautiously with a strange blunderbuss pointed in our direction. He asked us what we were doing in “the power plant” and was a little shocked to see the corpse of the creature we had killed. “Mutants have entered the complex” he muttered into a little box attached to his shoulder and then pulled a face when no answer came. Eventually the figure pulled himself away from his device and introduced himself to us as Corporal Dannon.

Our introductions were interrupted by a scream rise from beneath the stairs. Joined by Corporal Dannon we rushed down and saw a whole horde of the mutant creatures climbing down a deep shaft after a man on a ladder.

We joined battle against the creatures and slew them without mercy. The figure we had rescued took little time to thank us however and yelled at Dannon that “the technicians have all been killed”. From the resulting conversation we pieced together that this “power plant” generated some kind of power essential to a nearby city and that more “technicians” were needed urgently to keep it in operation.

Vermius asked where the “controller device” for the power source was and demanded that it be handed over. He was shown a large panel of levers and dials and stared at it confusedly for a second before exclaiming loudly that this was not the device he was looking for. Andy stated that he thought the controller device must be in the city, so we agreed to accompany Dannon on his mission to collect more technicians.

We were given strange mechanical mounts to assist us in our journey and warm protective jackets. The mounts proved relatively easy to use, but this did not prevent Sko in particular from struggling to control his.

As we travelled we saw, and slew, two more of the mutant creatures. We also encountered what appeared to us like a large land-based killer whale. Sko attempted to flee from this, but ended up driving into a snowdrift, while Vermius dismounted his mechanical beast and engaged it in combat. The creature was huge and swallowed the adventurer with one gulp. Vermius survived this procedure and began to struggle to escape the creature’s gullet as his companions rushed to his rescue. The beast was difficult to kill and tried to escape, but it was eventually slain and Vermius was cut free. He emerged stinking and covered in stomach acid but was essentially unharmed, although his skin and hair had been permanently bleached white.

Once Vermius had cleaned himself we moved on. We were eventually spotted by a large group of armed men who greeted Dannon and listened gravely to his news before agreeing to escort us to the city.
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