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Call of Cthulhu logs 4 and 5 - a gangster's lament

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 4:27 pm    Post subject: Call of Cthulhu logs 4 and 5 - a gangster's lament Reply with quote

Something big had gone down in Brighton and I needed to clear out for a while. And when I say “big”, I mean “BIG”. Not just the usual gangland troubles, this was a cop-killing murder spree that had seen the army called in.

I didn’t want to get caught up in none of that so I headed to Oxford to lay low with my mate Luke. Luke didn’t turn out to be much of a mate though. Not only did he get involved with some Looney Tunes “magic tunnel to America” caper, but he damn near got me killed.

When I arrived in Oxford Luke was conversing with some very strange gents. Half of them were knobs and one was a bleedin’ copper. I almost scarpered then and then. Glad I din’t though. The copper turned out to be the only one of ‘em worth my time.

Anyways. It turned out that one of the knobs, Reggie, wanted help killing some ungodly creature lying in Luke’s “magic tunnel”. Reggie had a fruity looking friend called Freddie and at first I figured all this talk of giant snakes and magic tunnels was just their way of sweet talking each other, but Luke seemed to take it all serious like so I figured there must be something to it.

Luke got me to load up his truck with tanks of petrol and introduced me to the rest of his mates. The copper’s name was DC Atkins and there was also a twitchy chap named Alfred and a blind geezer called Albert. Them and the two fruits joined us after the truck was loaded and we drove out to a rundown manor in the country.

I won’t say too much about what happened next. I will say that Reggie didn’t make it out of that house alive and Luke’s crap about “magic tunnels” and monsters turned out to be true. Somehow we ended up running around dark tunnels, popping up in America and getting chased by something that looked like a giant white slug with legs. The only highlight of my first trip abroad was when I got DC Atkins to take a few sips from my hip flask. As we was technically in Iowa at the time I had a quiet chuckle to meself about getting a copper to break the law of the land. I later discovered that DC Atkins is no stranger to breaking the law.

Suffice to say that the whole tunnel foray was a complete write-off. I had left Brighton to escape the heat and Luke lead me straight into a fuckin’ furnace.

After that disaster Alfred managed to get hisself arrested on murder charges and Albert headed off to get his blindness cured. A labourer who navvied for Luke by the name of [Gary] joined us, but what with Alfred’s arrest and the bleedin’ tunnels the boys decided to get out of town. A plan came into me head and I persuaded them to all join me down in Brighton, figuring that the heat there might ‘ave died a tad and that the operation by Police and the army boys would ‘ave left a power vacuum in gangland. I already had a couple of thoughts on how to fill it. Two newspaper reports got me thinking that a couple of art dealers had connections to the Crimson Gang. I figured if the gang was gone I could move in on them.

It felt good to be back in Brighton, and I spent the first day back showing the lads around the sights while DC Atkins scoped out the local cop shop. Atkins found that no-one was willing to talk much, ‘cept to say what the papers told us – 7 coppers had died trying to flush the Crimson Gang outta their HQ. The coppers reckoned that although most of them got away, the gang was good as busted.

I liked that last bit o’ news so I made a move on one of them art dealers. He was a prickly type and wasn’t much for chat. I figured he needed a bit of work so went back that night to lob a brick through his front window. Show him I meant business like. Anyway, I din’t even get to throw me brick ‘cos when I gets near I hears him crying for help. I figured the Crimson Gang were onto him and seeing the £8500 reward for their capture flash before my eyes I drew my shooter and shimmied up a drain-pipe. I din’t see no Crimson Gang at the top though, just the art dealer spread open like a blanket and his innards all over the floor. I took a shufty down the stairs but there were no-one about so I called an ambo and the coppers and then scarpered. I slunk back a while later and quizzed the coppers, but they din’t give much away. I did see the shop had been well and truly ransacked though.

That sight of the art dealer chilled me to the bone no question, but I weren’t about to give up. A bit of querying led me to believe that the Crimson Gang done it and that they was after some statue.

Luke and Alfred visited the second art dealer on me list and asked about the statue. The dealer went white as a ghost when they told him what had happened to his mate and sold them the statue pronto. He also told them that he had got it from a little fence named Eddy.

Little Eddy and me was pals from way back. The kid had done some good business off me in the past so I felt I had earned a little visit. The sprat didn’t like the sight of DC Atkins none and I din’t feel like dancing around with small talk so we got down to business quickly. I enjoyed working with Atkins, the copper asked the right questions and looked away at the right moments. I only had to pound on the little tyke twice and he told us all we wanted to hear. He had got the statues off Jimmy Feeney – a member of the Crimson Gang and one of Patrick Malone’s flunkies – and Jimmy said he took them from Patrick’s ma.

Now this was something interesting. I always heard Patrick was an orphan.

We thanked Eddy for his help and went to watch over the second art dealer. We figured Patrick and his gang would pay him a visit to get the statue back and so we set-up shop in the restaurant next door to keep an eye on the store.

That night something dark came out of a manhole outside the art dealer. It moved towards us and not the shop though, so we took up positions to block its entry. Somehow it clambered up the wall and surprised DC Atkins and Freddie who was upstairs. They fired a few shots and then scarpered, I was on the stairs and heard the shots and screams so called to the others for back up and started climbing. Atkins and Freddie ran past chased by this hairy beast thing. The creature had a big snout and green eyes so I just started shooting. The thing went for me so I started dodging and calling for help. Luke – the fuckin’ coward – ran and left me. My shotgun was having no effect so I dropped it and tried to pin the bastard. He scraped me good, but I managed to knock him down for a ‘mo and started running.

I came outside and saw Luke, Atkins, Freddie and [Gary] high-tailin’ it. The thing was on me heels so I leapt in me motor and pressed the starter. Ain’t never been so glad as when the old girl fired on the first go.

I just got me foot down when the critter climbed onto me running boards. I tried to drive past a lamp-post to get it off, but it ripped off me roof and started clambering inside. I nearly shit meself when he done that and slammed on the anchors. The critter swiped me again and damn near tore me arm off. I had caught up to Luke and co at this point so we all began to race towards the cop shop together. [Gary] got himself into a panic at the sight of the beast and froze so I tried to drag him with me. Stupid bastard was like a log and the beast was gaining so I shoved him into a doorway and kept running. The critter stopped and looked at [Gary] briefly and gave him a sniff with his big snout, but then kept on after the rest of us.

We managed to get to the Police Station and arrived in a real state. I collapsed as soon as we went through the door so they called an ambo and packed me off to hospital. The coppers seemed to take some of our story serious ‘cos I had an armed guard watch over me. DC Atkins then found a copper who claimed to ‘ave seen the same beastie. Atkins hisself told me he reckoned it was a werewolf. I dunno about that, but whatever it is I want it bad.
My favourite roleplaying memory - "Daisy at Colonus", two drunk cowboys and a pantomime cow in a 'reinterpretation' of Sophocles greatest play.
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Joined: 20 Jan 2006
Posts: 364
Location: Wellington

PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 4:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry Gary, I can't remember your new character's name!
My favourite roleplaying memory - "Daisy at Colonus", two drunk cowboys and a pantomime cow in a 'reinterpretation' of Sophocles greatest play.
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