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Stormbringer - episode 28

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 10:22 am    Post subject: Stormbringer - episode 28 Reply with quote

Trapped in an icy cave the adventurers had no choice but to listen to the manic ravings of the fugitive. He claimed that the mutants were innocent victims of the city’s aggression and that the city-dwellers were cannibals. Vermius, possessed by a potent weapon of Chaos, was particularly disinclined to listen and his sword hand itched to reach for his blade.

The fugitive responded to Vermius’ demands for the Controller Device by stating that he had it, but that the adventurers would only get hold of it if they assisted him to destroy the city. He claimed to have a super-weapon that could do this, but that he needed men to man this because the mutants were too afraid of it to even go near. If the companions refused to co-operate he threatened to destroy the Controller Device.

Left to make their decision, the adventurers debated long and hard about what to do. Sko was adamant that the party should participate in the destruction of the city, while Shurly believed that this would be dishonourable and argued that the best solution was to bring peace to the two tribes. Debate raged and only paused briefly when Shurly spotted an old companion, Nadaja – bodyguard to the Duke of Vilmir who had disappeared when the party was magically transported across dimensions while searching for lost treasure on the coast of the Young Kingdoms. It transpired that while the rest of the adventurers had been transported through time, Nadaja had been transported across worlds. Sko quizzed Nadaja briefly and seemed reassured by her claim that the mutants were largely peaceable folk. Sko’s companions were less convinced, but eventually agreed to at least go along with the fugitive’s proposal only until they had access to the Controller Device.

The companions were locked in a chamber for the night, but Nadaja managed to sneak away to investigate the super-weapon. She found that it was another of the strange horseless carriages we had seen in the city, but this one was much larger and had tracks instead of wheels. A variety of strange weapons sprouted from its hard shell.

When morning came, the adventurers saw that Andy and Justin Carrick had escaped the chamber and fled. This did not appear to distress the fugitive however, and he led the remaining adventurers to the super-weapon. As they approached the weapon, the mutant guards became fearful and shuffled away. Ignoring this, the fugitive led the party into the weapon and said that to activate it he would need to plug the Controller Device into it. He indicated a port in a wall where it would be located. While the fugitive’s back was turned Bob quietly closed the entrance to the super-weapon while Vermius lifted the little man off the floor by his throat and snarled “where is the Controller Device?” A faint and pathetic banging came from outside as the mutant guards overcame their instinctive fear and tried to reach their leader. The fugitive choked and refused to answer Vermius’ question beyond a venomous “you will never find it now.”

Sko, angry and distressed, demanded that Vermius release the fugitive – stating that co-operating with him was their only chance of reaching the Device. Vermius ignored his companion and continued to squeeze his prisoner’s throat. He snorted flames close to the man’s throat and gazed into his face with his black and uncaring eyes. The fugitive tried to break free and used one free arm to swing at Nadaja. Seeing this, Vermius thrust him against a wall and the man slumped unconscious in his grip. Bob and Vermius bound the fugitive and left him in a corner while Dannon started up the super-weapon’s engines and Shurly manned one of its cannons. Shurly fired a shot to send the mutant’s fleeing and the party debated what to do next. Vermius suggested exploring the caverns in the super-weapon until they found the Controller Device, but it quickly became clear that the place was too vast and that there were too many places where the Device could be hidden.

Sko suggested taking the fugitive to the city and forcing him to negotiate peace terms with the city’s leaders. It was agreed that this was a good plan and Dannon pointed the super-weapon towards his home.

The adventurers had overlooked one obvious flaw in their plan. When the men of the city saw the super-weapon approach they reached an obvious conclusion and opened fire upon it. Missiles rained from the sky and a massive explosion killed the fugitive and Bob, and badly injured most of the others. The sight of Vermius’ demonic features as he tried to clamber free inspired only more firing and it wasn’t until Dannon appeared waving his arms that the firing finally stopped.

The next thing that most of the companions remembered was waking in a clean and starched white hospital ward…
My favourite roleplaying memory - "Daisy at Colonus", two drunk cowboys and a pantomime cow in a 'reinterpretation' of Sophocles greatest play.
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