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Mutant - Jarl's annual springtime expedition

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Joined: 12 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:11 pm    Post subject: Mutant - Jarl's annual springtime expedition Reply with quote

Part I

ozzy is a small, weak 60 year old mental mutant. he is amazingly un-gifted at anything physical and has a really cool combination of mental mutations, including one where he flies into a blind rage.

chew-gar is an old soviet worker robot. he has a geiger-counter and a very strong hydrolic hand. at least the hand may come in usefull. he seems to follow ozzy around.

mad morris is a mutant with super fast regeneration ability, super good eyesight and suckerpads over 1/3 of his body. he is also allergic to most animal products like meat or leather. he is probably also allergic to cats and dogs. he is a sharp shot with the bow.

chuck eliminator is a 15 year old mercenary-assassin type (torpedo). he isn't a mutant, but most of the wasteland's inhabitants arn't. he has a cybernetic aqualung inbuilt.

The players started off living in, or around haparanda in the north of scandinavia. its a wasteland hub town of about 100,000ppl. a local rich merchant named jarl (a like a wasteland trash version of richard branson) is putting together his annual spring adventure. this time he's fitting out an old fishing boat for adventure. its a bit unclear exactly what the trip is about, but there are rumors all over haparanda of the amazing adventure he has in mind.

The characters all want to be part, so they head down to a pub owned by jarl for the signing up day. the pub is packed and they will never get through to the board where adventure wannabees need to sign their names. ozzy is having trouble getting through the crowd... he focuses on a burly man in the crowd who is briefly engulfed in flames and stampedes like a mad ox. soon there is a huge fight.

Mad morris sees axel - a man he knows, who was on jarl's last adventure talking at a long table on the other side of the bar. the players are told the crew has already been picked, but that some of them are sick and there may be a chance of a ring in later in the week. axel seems to specifically avoid telling ozzy.. ozzy is weak and would not be suitable for adventure. the rest of the players go talk to jarl who tentatively offers them a place on the crew if the sick men can't go.

Ozzy hasn't been offered a spot. he finds out that jarl has a (horrid and promiscuous) sister who is close to him. he has been told that if he dates jarl's sister, she may be able to convince him to make another space on the expedition available. ozzy plies the sister with drugs and starts dating her for a couple of days. soon the sister loses interest and moves onto other men, but not before she has convinced jarl to make room for ozzy. ozzy is in with a grin. he also passed a secret roll to avoid catching nasty stds from jarl's sister. lucky ozzy.

The big day arrives and the hand picked crew all make their way down to the wharf. crowds watch on as jarl's sister tries 3 times to smash a bottle on the bow of the ship. then they are off.

Morris and chew-gar lose the race to get bellow decks and end up sharing a poky cabin right next to the engine. it is constantly flooded with antifreeze and thick oil. chew-gar doesn't care - he is a robot and doesn't sleep. morris will have to try to sleep on deck, or in the hallways.

Somehow ozzy manages to convince jarl that he is the most competent to lead the 3am-8am nightshift. on his first shift as manager, he falls to sleep under a gangway leaving the others to do the watch unsupervised.

Morris seems to be the most switched on. he is constantly monitoring the land with the spotlight. he knows that if they get too close they may run aground and if they lose sight of land they have no real navigation systems...
he spots 3 canoes sneaking up on the boat. just as he calls for his mates an arrow smashes the spotlight and they lose track of the canoes. everyone except ozzy rushes bellow deck to raise the alarm. chuck and chew-gar have difficulty getting people up. morris grabs one of the 2 machineguns and runs back up on deck. the canoes seem to be at the back of the boat and 4 shady figures have clambered onto the deck. morris holds down the trigger for 5 seconds and 3 of the figures fall into the water in about 8 pieces. the remaining figure snaps off a shot with a rifle hitting morris square in the chest. ozzy watches morris fall to the ground and drop the machinegun. he focuses on the shady figure and the figure bursts into flames, flails around a bit and jumps in the water. there is shouting from the canoes and they start to push off.

Chuck, chew-gar and a crew member with an m16 come back up on deck. they havn't really succeeded in raising much of an alarm. chuck goes straight to help morris. the figures in the fleeing canoes are firing wildly at the boat as they retreat. a bullet hits chuck in the chest and he also falls over. his leather armour stopped most of the damage. morris regenerates in a few minutes. a search party shows that the attackers hadn't managed to tamper with anything on the boat. they explain to the night helmsman what happened and continue on their course cautiously.

tune in next tuesday for part II...
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Joined: 12 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:41 am    Post subject: Part II Reply with quote

New character:
Clinton is an old battle robot. He has an advanced targeting computer and sonar with a range of 300m. The sonar is far more powerful than a regular sonar and can be used to incapacitate anyone within 10m.

The next morning the party arrives at Umm. Umm is a trading hub. Although its larger then Haparanda, the buildings are all new and built from wood. Most of the city is on a swamp and many buildings are raised on wooden pillars. Jarl had planed to stock up on most food supplies for the expedition here as food is cheaper here. Jarl tells the men they have 4 hours on the town till the ship leaves. He tells Ozzy to go buy some rounds for the deck machineguns from an arms dealer in town and hands him a satchel containing $1000. Ozzy rounds up Chuck, Morris, ChewGar, and (for extra security) Clinton and wanders towards the other end of town. Jarl rounds up his close friends and goes straight to the large pub by the wharf customs house.

The party has a brief discussion with a gang of locals, then follow an old neon poker sign down some stairs to the arms dealer. After a bit of haggling they walk out with 3 boxes of 7.62mm MG ammo and a decent pistol. Not bad for $2000. On the way out, they notice the locals, who had seemed a bit weary before have all cleared off. They round a corner and a truck suddenly pulls out from behind a dumpster and comes straight for them. Everyone ducks for cover. Except Morris - he pulls a grenade and makes a perfect throw into the path of the truck. The blast takes out the front tires and the truck plows into the dumpster with sparks comming off the bare metal rims. Four figures jump from the truck and retreat down the street. Suddenly there are gunshots from behind as 2 men open fire. Clinton runs at them and blasts his powerfull sonar speakers embedded in his torso, both men fall to the ground.

The party quickly make their way back to the wharf. Unfortunately the local militia follow the party straight to the boat and stand guard on the jetty. Ozzy attempts to leave the boat, but is stopped. Then Jarl and his men appear from the pub, they are arguing in raised voices with a customs officer and some guards. Jarl and co make a run for it, the guards follow and soon start shooting. A gun battle erupts on the wharf. 2 militia, the 2 guards and the customs officer soon lie motionless and the boat quickly leaves the port.

Jarl rallies the crew... it seems several parties from the boat had got into trouble with the locals which had lead to the harbour master ordering the boat to be barred from leaving until the cases had all been heard. Jarl wasn't having a bar of that, so decided to escape without the supplies and leaving half the crew in Umm. It was all their own fault the crew got in trouble and they can make their way back to Haparanda themselves!

Another day hugging the coastline south and they get to an old industrial area overgrown with pine and totally deserted. The boat docks and Jarl expalins what they are looking for... Last spring he had found an old bunker deep in the forest. Unlike many similar places it seemd to be totally sealed off and untouched. If they follow the railroad inland for a day it should take them to the site.

The crew are split again and a small party is left in the boat a short distance off-shore. Jarl orders people to look around for anything that may be usefull. A few hours searching and they find a train trackor unit in good condition in a large service warehouse. ChewGar sets to work and later that afternoon the train is functioning! Jarl gathers the men and they pack their gear onto the train. Seems like one of the men is missing, so Ozzy and Clinton are dispatched to find out where he is.. they find him hacked to death behind one of the warehouses... seems like the site wasn't totally deserted!

They get the train onto the main track and set off into the forest. After a days travel they pass through a town which seems to be inhabited... they plow through some shanty buildings that had been erected on the track and scatter some kids playing. The next morning they are looking down into a huge basin, a long rail bridge spans across one side of the basin. Jarl orders the train to a halt and searches with binoculars. He cries out - he has found the bunker right there down in the pine forest in the basin! getting all the men and equipment down into the basin is a bit of a nightmare, but it works out in the end. Chuck sprains his ankle, but it soon regenerates.

Jarl starts packing some explosives behind a rock against the huge blast doors of the bunker. Clinton politely interrupts and suggests finding a better place to make their entry. Some searching uncovers a ventilation vent at the back of the bunker. Clinton expertly grabs an arbitrary handful of high explosive and packs it into the vent. The blast totally destroys the vent and alot of the concrete around it. A few hours of dismantling gratings and fans and they are through into the bunker!

The pumping room is totally black.. a dried corpse in working overalls lies propped against a wall. They exit the room through a door which opens out onto a huge foyer. The blast doors line on side and long tunnels lead into the darkness on the opposite wall. An eire blue glow comes down from a row of glass windows of some security observation point a floor above them.

They walk down one of the dark tunnels and pass a variety of tucks, lifters, crates and a few corpses. The tunnel opens out onto a loading platform. 2 forklifts and some shipping crates sit on the platform. In the middle of it all a large dark stationary figure is standing. Morris and Ozzy head off to check out the forklifts while the others all peer curiously at the lone figure. Jarl orders Clinton and ChewGar to investigate more closely. When ChewGar peers into the figures face a faint tick comes from the figures head. After a bit of whirring the figure comes to life. The robot's voice synthesizers are barely working and a creepy monotone voice asks in Russian for identity papers. ChewGar can speak Russian and asks the robot to repeat itself. The robot attacks ChewGar. Soon ChewGar and Clinton are locked in hand combat with the robot while Jarl and 5 other men line up with their rifles and try to get some shots in.

Morris and Ozzy figure out that neither of the forklifts are in working order.

As ChewGar, Clinton and the rest of the men destroy the robot they see another 4 robots quietly making their way towards them from the far end of the dark tunnel. Jarl points with his torch at another tunnel, off the loading platform and the whole group run after him. One man panics and runs back towards the main entrance chamber.

The new tunnel opens to a mezzanine floor. 3 large cargo elevators and a number of metal staircases lead down to a massive warehouse floor about 20m bellow them. Large crane-arms hang from the ceiling about 30m above them.

"We can lose the guard robots down here" says Jarl and clangs his way down the staircase. Ozzy is a little confused and falls behind. Clinton (the only one who can see without the 2 torches) goes back to help. Jarl runs around between containers for a while before he finds a good spot. He lines up the men to cover all approaches and turns off his torch. Morris and Chuck both are a little uneasy with this plan. Morris removes his boots, rolls up his sleeves and climbs up onto the containers with the help of his sucker pads. Clinton and Ozzy find a spot to hide close by. Clinton can sense with his sonar that 1 robot is guarding the mezzanine, while 2 are making their way through the warehouse floor, searching for the intruders.

Soon a robot stumbles right into Jarl's trap and the men all unload their rifles. The robot manages to take one man and kill him before being totally destroyed. Another robot, attracted by the gun fire finds the party and also takes a man before he is shot to bits.

Clinton is uneasy. He now has time to properly sweep the huge room with his sonar. He counts at least 8 - probably more similar robots all converging on the gunbattle. oh dear. Clinton uses his sonar to locate the robot on the mezzanine floor and uses his targeting computer to put down a hail of grenades onto that robot. He picks up Ozzy and quietly makes his way towards a staircase at the far end of the room. Luckily for Morris, he sees Clinton in the light of a passing torch and barely manages to follow in the darkness.

The screams and shouts from the gunbattle don't sound too positive now...

Clinton, Ozzy and Morris make their way up the staircase. The robot at the top either doesn't notice them, or has been destroyed by the grenade barrage.

They quickly run back to the main entry chamber with the blast doors. They see, in the faint blue light of the security windows, the party member who paniced and fled earlier. He is standing with his back to the window. A silhouette appraoches and then muffled beating sounds as the man is beaten to death against the window.
End of part II
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:50 pm    Post subject: Part III Reply with quote

Clinton, Morris and Ozzy are in the entrance chamber with the big blast doors. They just watched one of the party being bashed to death in the pale blue light in the security room a few floors up. They make their way to a door bellow the security windows and see that its slightly ajar. Morris watches the chamber while Ozzy and Clinton go inside. There is a staircase leading up, a one way window and a door. The door opens up into a guard room. A dried corpse lies at a console by the window and another at a table in the centre of the room. Metal lockers line the walls. Ozzy takes some keyrings from the corpses and opens all the lockers. They find a lot of personal artifacts.. identity cards, shoes and clothes, then the next locker turns up to be full of strange, high tech looking rifles and a box of grenades.

Ozzy and Morris are admiring the rifles when A guard robot comes quickly down the staircase straight into Clinton. Clinton fires a couple of rounds with the hunting rifle into the robot before the guard robot pounds his left arm into a useless hunk of hydraulics and plastic. Morris squeezes through the door and past Clinton, points his new found rifle at the guard robot and pulls the trigger…

The tight corridor bursts into bright light as quick pulses of silent laser light blind everyone. The guard robot lies on the floor, smoking. Those new rifles are pretty damn good!

Everyone arms themselves with the laser rifles, except Ozzy, who is too weak and senile to carry a rifle. They make their way upstairs and find a security control room overlooking the chamber bellow. There are doors that lead to a bathroom and another to a long meeting-hall/control room with long tables. Long slit windows let in natural light and give a good view of the basin outside.

They decide to set a trap for the remaining guard robots… Morris throws a grenade out into the entry chamber to make a sound which will hopefully lure the robots up. Ozzy watches from the room above as Jarl and 2 others make their way into the entry chamber from the passage that very moment! Luckily Jarl sees Morris throw the grenade and takes cover behind a loader truck. When the confusion is all cleared up they gather in the security room. It seems Jarl, Chuck and another party member all managed to flee from the robots in the store-room.

Jarl has decided to leave, he has some kind of trolley with loot that he grabbed from the store-room on the way out and is content getting out with just this… at least for now. Ozzy is not so keen, he mutinies and tries to convince everyone that they should take out the remaining robots and properly loot the base. Jarl tells them he will leave now, but will wait 3 hours for them when he gets to the train… he walks off and Morris tries to shoot him in the back… Morris misses with the first shot from the laser rifle and is so blinded in the dark environment that all the subsequent shots miss. By the time his eyes have adjusted Jarl and his tag-along have reached the pumping room and climb back outside.

Ozzy, Morris, Chuck and Clinton take a couple of hours to explore the bunker. It turns out there are several levels. The ground floor is mainly storage… military equipment, but also a lot of other stores like computer parts. The next 4 floors down contain offices, living quarters, swimming pools, canteens etc. They find corpses scattered around the place. The people all seem to have died peacefully and at roughly the same time. No-one has any idea what might have happened here, or even what the purpose of the bunker is. The lowest floor looks more like some type of hospital or lab. There are corpses in lab coats, although most of their work seems to be on computer terminals which they can’t get to work. They find one interesting room with a glass window looking into a dark chamber full of plastic tubes sprouting from metal columns. Weird. They find no way of entering this area.

At last the party decide to leave the bunker. They tip-toe through the tunnel which leads past the warehouse area (there still must be security robots in there) and out into the basin. They find the place they climbed down to the floor of the basin and see that Jarl has kindly left the rope out for them. Jarl is sitting on the step of the door of the train and playing a harmonica. They talk with Jarl for a while. He seems to want to go back to Haparanda and put together a big raiding party to properly loot the bunker. Morris and Ozzy aren’t so sure, They want to go back in now. In the end they barter Jarl into giving them 180,000 credits and the robot (Clinton) if they forget all about the bunker and forfeit their looting share. They travel back to the coast, meet with the boat and then back to Haparanda, They have another meeting with Jarl and he pays them off.

Ozzy (who now owns Clinton) buys a large house in Haparanda and spends the rest of his days on drugs and whores. Morris goes off the roams the wastelands. Chuck never agreed to the deal and ends up joining the looting party to go back to the bunker.

The end.
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