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Champion's Games Team Rules

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:48 pm    Post subject: Champion's Games Team Rules Reply with quote

= Champion's Games Rules =

These are split into three sections.

== Team Rules ==
* A single team can consist of no more than eight members. Fighting animals, familiars, mounts and cohorts count as members.
* Each team must have a name and a designated leader. Each team member must sign the Champion's Games gladiator contract.
* If a team wins, any disqualified gladiators on that team may be allowed to return to fight in the next match.
* Teams can choose to replace fallen or disqualified members between matches.

== Match Rules ==
* A match persists until one team is victorious, either through the surrender or death of all opposing teams.
* All battles are potentially lethal, but a gladiator always has the option of surrender. To surrender, a gladiator must drop his weapons, kneel and hold both hands in the air.
* A gladiator who attacks a surrendering foe is immediately disqualified (and likely arrested for assault or worse). A gladiator who surrenders and then attacks another gladiator is also immediately disqualified.
* Disqualified gladiators must cease fighting at once and must move to the edge of the field of battle immediately. Failure to comply results in the disqualification of the entire team. Interfering in the movement of a disqualified gladiator is itself grounds for disqualification.
* Winning gladiators have no rights to the spoils of the fallen. A defeated gladiator keeps his gear, or in the case of death, ownership of gear reverts to his team or manager.
* Awards are given after each match.

== Combat Rules ==
* Teams have exactly one minute before the match to prepare spells and ready weapons.
* Any tactic that endangers spectators, the referee or arena staff is ground for immediate disqualification and possible legal action.
* Summoning spells are permitted, but any summoned creatures are counted as team members and a team cannot go above the eight members specified above. No gate spells are permitted.
* Leaving the field of battle is grounds for disqualification. Gladiators that can fly or levitate may do so up to a height of 40 feet. A gladiator that flies any higher is disqualified. No burrowing into the arena's floor.
* The use of poison, disabling spells, effects or items is grounds for disqualification.
* All combat gear, magical items and equipment must be declared to and approved by the Champion's Games organisers. Any items deemed 'unsportsmanlike' will be denied entry onto the field of battle. Smuggling of such items is grounds for disqualification of a team.
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