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Karthan 01 - Arrival
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:51 pm    Post subject: Karthan 01 - Arrival Reply with quote

01: 1 Guiaranor 01: Karthan: Arrival

Mak awakes…and hears the sounds of birds and insect…smells the richness of a forest, the wood, flowers, natural scents, empowering. His eyes adjusted and still lying on the ground he saw…vast trees, trunks rising above him to a dark scarlet/mauve coloured canopy above. Leaves are green…usually. But the rich foliage and leaves here were not. He rose to his feet and looked around. Such vibrancy of colour and the trees were huge, thick copper/bronze coloured trunks rising 400 feet or more…undergrowth thick and varied, leaves and flowers, shades of many colours, the floor of the forest, of fallen mauve/scarlet leaves. I think I made it. He checked his equipment…all there. Now what. He was due to be met by someone…Niessar, that’s right.

The forest was vibrant with wildlife, birds…flying lizards and insect life, no different than what he has seen in forests before…except the colours and shades. “Greetings.” Said a voice from above him. Mak looked up…and stunned saw a small winged sprite sitting on a branch of a tree…her form fae, delicate and breathtakingly beautiful…enchanting, wearing just a very flimsy dress. Her two wings fluttered slightly as she mused over him from 30 feet above the ground. “Welcome to Elithaan…what is your name?” Her voice was musical, sweet and childlike.

“Mak.” He replied.

”A rather plain name.”

“Well my true name is Marerandas Krysilryn.”

“Very nice, surely…hmm…Krysil would be better.”

“No…Mak is what I have been known by.” This is starting well.

She smiled nodding. “It is good to see you here and that you are safe after your journey. The language you are speaking is common…the predominant language in Karthan. The Woodmen have their own language too…you may learn it while you are here. I am Niessar and I am pleased to meet with you…a great honour considering I got this task personally from the High King himself…so wonderful to meet him. There are two others like myself in the area around Mharfaell, Niennar my sister and Rall-Ynor who is male and he lives close to the mill.”

“Umm…what do you actually do…you are like Lazar aren’t you?”

“Oh yes. Lazar is of the same race as us…but different, sort of as humans would put it…roguish, not evil, but a little humanly indulgent. Which is why she enjoys the human cultures more than we do…the cities and towns. Our race usually presides in the wood lands and care for the flora and fauna of the world. But we live in the plainlands and the farm lands of the empire, as water nymphs, dryads and the likes. We have adopted these forms due to the human’s own mythology of us and revered as servants of the land…which is what we do.”

“Where am I…within the empire that is?”

“North west, close to the northern border, the Tarascan Mountain. There are 4 borders to the empire…the west is bordered by the Land of Everdarkness, home of Kharagh and his races. The north is bordered by the Tarascon Mountains, which run west to east until it meets the Eksharan Forest, lying between the Tarascon and Storm Mountains. The eastern border is the Storm Mountains, running north to south, and the southern border, the sea. Enclosed, yet exposed from the west. It is a beautiful land…but there is darkness there too, places of evil, remnants of old conflicts that Karthan has bared over the last 10,000 years. Kharagh’s Lord Marshall has his major fortress in the Garthang Ranges, right in the center of the empire, the Queen of the Undead has her home in the marshes not far from the ranges…so yes, there is evil, but the Karthans do everything in their power to keep them at bay. Which is why Mak…the population is not high here. They may have conquered most diseases with magic, but their population grows slowly to the constant raids of Kharaghs servants and of course like any empire, their military might is limited only by their ability to afford it.” She paused for a moment. “What has Lazar enlightened you about the coming war?”

Mak remembered to the various conversations he had with Lazar and told Niessar. She nodded. “From this day, it is 400 days before the long winter begins. The Karthan calendar is 400 days long, the length of one season. I believe on your world, you have 4 seasons in one year, but here it is the opposite. Every 2,500 years or so, is the long winter, brought about by a astronomical event. And that will last 6 years. The population does not know about this…the Empress of Karthan and her senior advisors however do, and it will be up to them to advise and prepare the population for this. Not us…not you.

“During this Long Winter, Kharagh is at his strongest and his most powerful wars occur during this period…the Transcendence we call it. The last time it happened, Karthan was nearly destroyed, half the population perished in the war and as a result of the long winter. Sadly it could happen again. When Kharagh attacked last time…he destroyed nearly all the cities, using Zhan…dragon in your world, but much larger and with the cities destroyed went the libraries, the sum of all knowledge virtually lost, so local history of this empire only goes back to the War of Chaos, 2,500 years ago. And when you destroy knowledge Mak…you make an empire’s chance to survive greatly harder, mainly due to the loss of magical knowledge, vital to an empire surviving. But Karthan DID survive, helped by Khios, the Dark Sorceror, whose magical knowledge is the most complete of any humanoid in the world. Helped also, of course by the gods, whose servants came back to the world to cleanse the battlefields of disease and chaos and enhancing the powers of their clerics and by us…who helped to heal the land.

“Lazar may have told you that Kharagh can NEVER dominate the world, unless he defeats Karthan and since the empire’s founding he has been defeated. Which brings me to you, Mak. Why are you here? To help make a difference. The Woodmen here are simple folk, none of them knows what lies beyond the forest, nor do they wish to. They are very content in their own forest villages and lead wonderfully simplistic lives. But you…you will be among them for a time and you must remember Mak…the greater world around them that I have told you, must remain with you.”
Mak nodded. “Lazar did tell me such…he told me about the War of Dominion…of the powers involved. Hmm…the gods, the dragons, Kharagh…Khios and the Ancient Enemy.”

Niessar giggled. “Oh…you are talking to one of the Ancient Enemy.”

“Umm…nice one at that.”

Niessar giggled again, her flighty form vibrant and almost childlike. “I think the gods termed it and that is why their religious servants perceive us as such, though here in Karthan the Ancient Enemy is but a theory, nothing more. Our High King has the power to destroy Kharagh, his races and his land, utterly…but he cannot. The gods would stop him. They believe there has to be balance of good and evil in this world…a balance. And we do not understand why evil is EVER tolerated in any world. We just cannot comprehend evil, it goes against everything we stand for as a race. Do you have evil on your world Mak?”

He nodded. “Evil in many forms.”

“And so it is here. There are evil humans and humans who do evil deeds…it is sad that such happens.” She was silent for a moment and Mak felt her sadness. “But let us talk about you and where you are. Here the only enemy is Osgeyr who raid on occasion. The Woodmen have their own militia, beastmasters, rangers and archers. They know the forest well…the Osgeyr do not. Mharfaell…it is not far from here. It is a small village, very lovely people, very friendly, but they keep to their own lives. In the forest though, are places that are old, remnants of the past, even back to the Chaos Wars and before. For the likes of you, you might find them interesting. There are secret places in this world…places where powers exist that could aid the empire in the coming war. This is why you are here, to seek those places and gain the powers assistance. If you do not, they will not be discovered before the war.”

“Why cannot others find them? Surely there are adventuring groups and the likes.”

”Of course, there are many, but not in this area. And for some hidden places, their is lost to time and knowledge and therefore not known. Seeking them requires someone with a different perspective…such as one from another world. Realizing Khios was up to his old tricks again, bringing people from another world to Karthan…the High King decided to adopt his idea…with a difference.”

“I was thinking of looking at the old sites…Lazar said that it was about time and that is limited.”

Niessar nodded. “400 days. Now the good people of Mharfaell are expecting you. You are visiting as a traveler from a land over the sea…since so little is known of the southern continent, you can well, be creative without giving away your true origins. They know nothing of other worlds that orbit the stars they see at night and you are not hear to tell them so. The elder’s name is Naiyll Braenwyr and he is a lovely man. You will be staying with Tyrel and Sascha Cormin who are orchardists, with 2 children. So if you are ready…the village is in that direction…oh about 5 minutes walk.” Mak looked in the direction and could see a path through the undergrowth. “We will talk again soon, I promise.” She said. Mak turned and saw Niessar was gone.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

02: 1 Guiaranor 01: Pursuit

After his conversation with Niessar, Mak heads down a path towards where the Woodmen village is located. The forest expanse is nothing like he had ever seen before and orange light illuminated down through the thick foliage of the tall imposing trees above him.

For a moment he felt dizzy…and shaking his head…His eyes seem to glaze over…his surroundings blurring and distorting around him. He see a figure emerging out of thick underbrush…a villager perhaps…no he had seen it before. 6ft tall, strong stocky build…wearing grey scaled mail armour with a black claw shaped rune that is disturbing to look upon, black cloak, armed with a large curved sword made of a black dull metal, curved and serrated and crossbow slung over its shoulders. It’s face...though humanoid, is grey skinned, with red eyes and four pronounced teeth, 2 protruding 4 inches upward from their mouths...2 protruding 4 inches downwards down it’s chin, like that of a snake…Lazar referred to them as Osgeyr, created and servitude to Kharagh, Lord of Chaos.

Combat ensues, the thick undergrowth proving difficult as both opponents moved and weaved between the thick bushes. Mak is struggling to hit is foe but suddenly finds the Osgeyr gasping for air allowing Mak to slay his foe and smashed it’s head with the warhammer. Wounded Mak conceals himself in thick undergrowth. Looking around he sees 2 others…seemingly searching…each with a Warg (medium sized Dire Wolf) on leashes, spiked collars, eyes glowing red. One of the wolves draws close to his cover as Mak attempts to crawl deeper into the undergrowth…he sees a small lizard like creature run in front of the wolf and it is distracted turning away with hunger in its eyes. Mak can hear shouts…commands…from perhaps 5 or 6 of these creatures.

Using a potion of detect thoughts…he perceives intelligence in the Osgeyr and Wargs around him…as well as the rich vibrant life of animal thoughts…and the fear of the chaotic creatures who have entered their domain. Mak remains in cover…how far was he from the village…was I lost? His wounds are healed…how? (Ring of Substenance modified heal 1hp/rnd)

After 1 hr, or what he thinks is 1hr, Mak thinks they are still in the area…may be in cover waiting for him to move. This place should be more alive than it is…the creatures are avoiding them. Mak decides to move further away…he hears a growl to his left. He decides to follow his tracks back…the best way to find the village. The undergrowth is so dense he cannot wield a weapon should he be attacked so he activates a inflict minor wounds touch spell on his hand and moves carefully. He sees a small clearing…and hears talking and the smell of campfire. It is the same language of the Osgeyr, so he evades the campsite and continues on…he cannot see the village and is beginning to lose track of time, the forest was so vast and endless. He cannot see the sun because of the thick foliage above…even then…does it rise and set as it does on Eberron. While he is moving he is aware of something following him. Then he hears shouts behind him, some distance away…wolf growls. They are closing. Mak turns 90 degrees left and takes a new course in the forest and reaches a small stream. Mak follows it downstream…clear waters no more than ankle deep. He should be able to lose his trail here.

Then Mak “feels” a presence stirring. Disturbed, Mak gets out of the stream, he is still deep in the tall forest…and it is very quiet. The bank slopes upwards and Mak goes for high ground. Behind him he hear wolves closing in…still some distance away. Mak suddenly sees a figure disappearing amidst the thick underbrush ahead. He calls quietly to him…no answer. He decides to follow.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

03: 1 Guiaranor01: Siege

The woods open out…before him is a large wooden building…like a great hunting lodge of old, abandoned and ruined in places. It is made of solid hardwood that has stood the test of time…though scarred by battle in the past. The grounds have long been returned to the wilderness. A clearing…the sunlight beams down…the sun is HUGE!!!!! It dominants 1/3 of the entire sky, which is thickly clouded in orange and red hued clouds. Shouldn’t it be hot…but it is not…it is quite cool. Looking at the building there is a big veranda, going along its length, main doors and windows, some of which are broken. Mak looks to see if that person around, but he cannot see him. Approaching he climbs the steps to the veranda, lined by wooden pillars and besides two of them that holds the veranda roof, Mak sees bones and rotted meat…the smell is not pleasant. Mak moves along the veranda peering through the windows…darkened rooms inside…bits of furniture…rubbish on the floor…a large hallway, old and unused for a long time…perhaps a battle took place here. He knows enough to recognize signs of battle.

It is beginning to get dark…the sun beginning to descend in the sky. Mak circles around the building…it is large, 350ft long and 150ft wide, 3 storeys high, with ruined outbuildings and stables. No sign of movement and it is very quiet. He returns to the main doors, solid wood, scarred by the signs of battle and closed. He returns to the main doors and tries…it opens, and enters into a antechamber with stairs and a corridor leading forward, doors left and right, and another corridor left and right too.

Mak feels weak and staggers slightly. He backs out onto the veranda and hears growls behind him…then suddenly a force pushes him back into the antechamber. He does not stumble or fall, but the force was very strong. He turns to find the doors are slammed shut...the wolves watching him from out side. What is happening...what did this. Mak enters a few rooms to see what is going on outside. With the sun descending…he sees 3 Dire Wolves watching him, from the overgrown grounds before the main entrance. They are preventing him from leaving...what is going on here...and where is the person he saw earlier.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

04: Fortress of the Guard: Losan-Stravin , SW of Karthan: Detected

The officer looked up from the Psi screen and checked the data base again. “This is not our tags Commander.” He confirmed. “Position Geo grid, K01-66598-776, north western Karthan…Elder Wilds…near the village of 165743...Mharfaell.”

“When did they appear?” The commander asked joining the young Lt.

“The last satellite over this grid was 18.5 hours ago, sir. Both tags are identical in resonant coding. I thought each tag has a unique signature”

The Commander nodded knowingly. “Correct. I will inform the Grand Duke immediately. Adjust the orbit. I want the grid scanned very 20 minutes. His Grace should be able to advise on where these tags originate from.”
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

05: 1 Guiaranor 01: Night: Outside the Hunting Lodge

The Dire Wolf watched as the figure entered the clearing…wounded from its bite earlier. Though night had fallen the figure was easilly discerned. The figure moved carefully, approaching the ruined lodge and reaching the veranda…and finding an opening, a broken window, climbed in. The wolves just watched.

Now there were two…another sacrifice for that which lies beneath. Pity…Mocrare would wish another of his own.

The Dire Wolf turned and saw 7 other Dire Wolves emerge from the forest. He gave them orders and they disappeared.

Unknown to them…they were being watched. High in the trees that surrounded the clearing, in which the ruined lodge was located, 3 small sprites chatted amongst themselves as they flew among the trees.

“A sacrifice or savior.” Said one.

“Oh you keep saying that.” Another giggled.

“There is another inside…I saw him enter earlier.” The third said excitedly.
The second nodded and looking upward to the night sky, where the 3 moons shone over the world intoned. “That which lies beneath…corrupt as darkness bequeath…shall awaken this night…its hunger in sight…this time it shall see the light.”

“Oh at long last.” The first said excitedly. “How should we do this?”

The second smiled. “The wolves my dear sisters…lets us deal with them before the night has passed. Within the building…no…that lies with those who now have entered within.”
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

05: 1 Guiaranor 01: Eksharan Forest

“This is wrong…have you tricked me Arias?” The sun was bright…dominating the sky…even though darkness was falling, he could see beyond the curvature of the world, the full brightness of the giant star in his eyes.

“No.” Came the reply, resonating within him. “The balance must be maintained.”

“Who did this…interfere with my right of power.”

“The gods.” Arias…the sun for which Elithaan orbits replied. “They seek to teach you. But you have more knowledge than they…keep that knowledge to yourself…the creator gave that to you.”

He was not convinced. “Teach me…evil. My people despise that evil is permitted on this world…and every other.”

“Yes, I know this my friend as do they. As does the creator, Tarkhorizarnn. That is why they are teaching you. From one has come two, both are bound to each other, one is good…the other…evil. They have permitted you this transference from another world…but on their conditions.”

“Do they not know I seek only good for this world…full of humans as it is.”
“Yes. They know also, this world was marked for humans. You arrived…unexpectedly.”

“So, not even they knew of our coming to this world.”

“No, but the creator did. He knows all things, my friend.”

Alnuathor, High King of the Silvarana considered the council. Before him in the room, stood a solitary woman, the great dragon of the Storm Mountains, Stormwing. Council between such powers always had the human touch!!! She had heard every word spoken. About him, he felt his people…he felt them all, their spirits vibrant…yet concerned for the coming darkness.

“You can do nothing more. They must be left to their fate.” Arias intoned.

“Of this I can say. The gods have not written the fate of the one…or the two…into the fabric of time. In this…history has already been changed.”
“They have no control over them. Do I have your word on this.”

“Yes, however, should you interfere in these two…the gods reserve the right to do so as well. You have brought the child into this world…now let him grow by his own means.”

Stormwing in her human form acknowledged with a nod. “This must be so, High King….”

“Otherwise my good work has been undone.” Alnuathor replies knowing all well his words were correct.

Stormwing speaks plainly. “Like yourself, I have had to live with the gods watching. This coming war…will be the most devastating to this land. I am already summoning the Zhan of this world to join me. But Kharagh has an advantage…one that must be dealt with, not by us, but by the most simplistic of mannish forms. Such is the fate…that you have brought about.”

“That is why I brought him here. To change history, to change the gods way of thought.”

“Yes.” Arias intones. “And his path must be his own.”
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finding the way

Red trees, orange sky, big sun, blue light ... this place is weird, I wonder what I have got myself into? The tree spirit said I was expected, so the elf's story on my homeworld has been corroborated. And those dark skinned orc things are here too. There is no escaping trouble, it seems no matter where I go.

And what is this strange homestead or hunting lodge I have found partly ruined in these woods? I have climbed a hill and found unpleasant sights. In following the gray figure I glimpsed when I was lost, it seems I have got myself into deeper problems. Trapped inside this old structure I can only suspect foul play is afoot. This is either a test or some kind of sick welcome joke.

I left a desert where I was alone, to come to another place where I find myself alone. That would be typical for this former ranger. I should have stuck to what I knew, making magical things and studying the past. My fighting skills have been found wanting at best in recent times and for that I am concerned.

Here I am new and must find my way. I shall and soon people will know me. But first I must get out of this predicament. I know I am being watched here and have heard the thing that the others have trapped me in here with.

Soon I will confront it, for better or worse it appears. Soon I will see where I truly fit in, if this world is where I am destined to be.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:02 pm    Post subject: K07 Hunting Lodge Reply with quote

07: 1Guiaranor02: The Lodge

It is night and Mak is in a darkened room, once an office perhaps, the remains of carved wooden furniture strewn across the wooden floor. Looking around he could see no papers…nothing, just the splintered shards of wood. Outside the windows…the wolves wait. He rests for a while, until fully healed, the Ring of Sustenance seemingly adapted for healing…how did this happen? He did not feel hungry…thanks to the ring, but knows he cannot sustain himself on it forever…he still has to eat. He heard once that a person was captured and when tortured the captors learned he had not eaten in 60 days, so realizing it was the ring, they took it off…and the captive subsequently withered and died in seconds. So Mak still has to eat…every so often, but for the moment, he did not feel hunger. If he could escape tonight and find the village…

Outside he can see the clearing bathed in a soft bluish red hue. Looking up he could see 3 moons against a clear sky, full of stars…so many!!!! One is red, the surface seemingly move like clouds, the second and largest, blue…like a deep blue ocean, the third and smallest, white, like it was covered by thick white mist. He tried to look for a recognizable constellation…but found none.

He searches the lodge, looking for a way out and avoiding the wolves outside. He must find his way back to the village. The lodge is extensive…two gathering halls on the ground floor with offices, an empty armoury and 3 kitchens. In one of the kitchens, Mak encounters 2 Osgeyr…muttering in their own guteral tongue, roasting a carcass…a human on a spit in a large fireplace. Oh what!!!! Mak sneaks into the room and moves behind one and attacks. The one hit turns around, surprised and unsheaths his weapon as does the other, who is shielded behind a table. In two attacks Mak strikes a blow that crushes his foe’s collar bone and kills him. The other Osgeyr attempts to strike him, yet Mak avoids the attack as they move around the table then realizing his foe is slower and perhaps wounded, strikes a startling killing blow…skewering the Osgeyr through the chest. Searching their bodies, he finds coinage, 20BP, 18CP, 2SP…Karthan coinage? The looked finely made, one side with etched scenes, a white tower, a tree and an orb…the sun perhaps? The back was etched a bust of a man…refined, regal. Mak also finds a pouch containing 21 red berries. The weapons and armour are tainted by evil. Mak finds a parchment which when opened, reveals a map. The map is copied roughly, yet the language is common…the only one he knows. He sees Mharfaell, the village where he was supposed to go and the road between Mharfaell and another village, Wynfril, has two markings on the side with unknown writing.

The 2nd gathering hall, Mak sees skeletal remains scattered about the room and in the center the wooden floor had been splintered apart, revealing a 10ft diameter hole. Here Mak feels a presence, brooding…waiting…evil and stirring from beneath him. He feels a sickening presence invade his mind and fleeing climbs the stairs to the 2nd floor. What was that? There it is again…left, perhaps 20 yrds. Mak hides in a room and hears booted feet passing the door. Mak attempts to follow the boots…and trips over a beam upraised from the floor and falls to the ground. Mak rises…and ahead, you see a door which has light emitting from beneath the door way, out onto the floor. Mak goes to the room and listens…it is silent. Clearly there is silence behind it. Mak carefully opens the door. He sees a room reveals 5 bed rolls…the smell of cooked food. Only 1 bed is occupied, by an Osgeyr resting…Mak has surprise attack and sneaks forward striking his foe, killing him in a blow that crushes his ribcage. He finds more coinage, 2BP, 5CP, 1SP, and a potion he identifies as that of levitation

Looking, the corridor is a T junction…Mak realizes it is easy to lose one’s sense of direction here. A door closes, down the left corridor. Mak sneaks down the corridor and…silence…then a scream and turning right into another corridor he encounters a wounded Osgeyr staggering out a room. It screams something and charges back into the room…and Mak here’s the sound of conflict, shouts and arguments. Mak runs down and peers in and sees two Osgeyr, in scale mailed armour combating each other, using warhammers and shields.

Mak unslings his bow and fires arrows at one of the foes from the corridor, and both hit. The Osgeyr is too involved in his “argeument”, not to recognize he had been hit. Mak fires again and what…FOR THE SECOND TIME THE FOE DOES NOT REALISE HE HAS BEEN HIT…nor does the other Osgeyr who has bashed his “mate” with his warhammer. What an argument!!!! These two are upset about something. Mak kills his foe after 6 shots and he falls. The second is stunned…what happened. Mak attempts a bow shot and fumbles…the string breaking. The Osgeyr, still in beserker rage looks and sees Mak. Mak drops his bow and pulls out his warhammer. Realising that facing him in the corridor is not good he hides against a wall to one side of the door and hearing the Osgeyr rushing forward, swings his hammer around…and crushes his foe’s head. That was good!!!!!

In the corner, is the shadowed shape, moaning. The figure is covered by sacking that is tied…Mak does sense evil…but senses SELF, like looking in a mirror. Approach cautiously. “Are you friend or foe.”
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:18 pm    Post subject: 09 Outside the lodge Reply with quote

08 1Guiaranor02: Outside the Lodge

The wolf was sitting on the ground…its tainted undead aura, already blighting the maroon grass around it. It “lived” and moved only because a risen spirit had been bound…an animal, human or exotic creature. The sprite fluttered above the wolf…knowing that once a spirit was risen before it could depart, it became tainted…evil. No creature of good would EVER do this!!!!!. Destroying the spirit…was releasing it, it is the merciful thing to do.

Done…just a mere thought and the 2nd felt the brief release of the spirit. It was not pleasant…though the spirit may be grateful, the act of releasing from it’s tainted tortured unlife…sent shivers through her. The wolf dissolved, the taint and evil with it. The creature was extinguished.

“Oh!!!” one of her sisters exclaimed. “I did not know that. It seems one of the humans inside the ruin is Niessar’s charge.”
“A human!!!!!” the 2nd squealed in surprise…as she extinguished the “life” of a wolf, 15ft below her, beside the ruined stables. “Oh poor Niessar.”
“I have told her that he is here and we are helping…as we can.” The 1st informed.
“Did you tell him about the other?” the 3rd, who was flying across the lawn to the next wolf, patrolling near the front left corner of the lodge. Oh these things smell so FOUL!!!!!
“No…we may have to kill him.”
“Yes.” The 3rd replied. “He is evil…perhaps Niessar’s charge can to that. I wonder why he is so special. Niessar did not say.”
Oh…that is so precious…a human, special, huh!!!!” The 2nd giggled as did the others. “Oh perhaps Niessar has fallen for it’s charms…she does like young humans for a little fun.” Below them, the wolves did not hear…did not see them for they had assumed their ethereal forms, resonating at a state well beyond the sight of all creatures on Elithaan.

“I have informed her that this Mak…as he is called, is here as well as the circumstances that brought him here. The villagers of Mharfaell have been looking for him all day.”
“Does Niessar know of the other in the lodge?” The 2nd asked, hovering above two wolves who had emerged out of the forest. Now which one first…hmm…the smelliest one!!!!
“No. But she knows of That Which Lies Beneath. She has asked our assistance should the creature seek him out…apparently he is not a soldier.”
“Oh…hence the babysitting duty.” The 3rd giggled. “OH I love the human language…it is SOOO colorfully expressive.”
The others smiled. “Yes…the language is fun to use, full of awfully naughty words. Hmmm…let us deal to the wolves. Then we can wait the night…and see how this Mak survives…such a funny name. His parents must not have been that imaginative.” Done…another wolf is extinguished. “Niessar will arrange for Mharfaell to send men-at-arms here in the morning.”
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:19 pm    Post subject: k09 Who is that? Reply with quote

09: 1Guiaranor02: Who is that?

The figure moved slowly into the room, one creature lay on the ground, it’s head crushed in combat…I like the style. Looking around another creature was lying on the floor, arrows protruding from its body. I have seen these creatures before…Lazar, the stupid elf…Osgeyr, that is what he called them. Like orcs, but meaner…fine by me. Who is that. He sees a man looking over another who is covered by sacking. He hears. “Friend…I am from Wynfril, who are you.
“Wait, let me free you.” The figure recognized that voice…there was something very familiar about him. He watches as the captive is released. “I thank you…look did you find a map on one of them. I need to get this to Mharfaell.”

Below him, that which lies beneath spoke to him. For some reason, the figure momentarily hesitated…there was something wrong…

KILL THEM BOTH…so that I may feed.
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K10 1Guiaranor02: Friend or Foe…more than so

“Friend or foe?” Mak asks.
“Friend…I am from Wynfril, who are you?”
“Wait, let me free you.” Mak unties the bonds and removes the sacking and sees a young brown haired man, solid build, dressed in a leather brown tunic and trousers. He looks up grateful. “I thank you…look did you find a map on one of them. I need to get this to Mharfaell. Oh…sorry, my name is Gallavin…oh, LOOK OUT…BEHIND YOU!!!!”

Mak turns around with his warhammer in his hand…crouched on the ground…he sees a cloaked figure moving towards you, an blooded serrated sword in his hand. Mak stands and parries the first blow. The figure misses, almost stumbling into him…Mak avoids. Gallavin falls to the floor as a sword narrowly misses his head.

Mak gets to his feet and his foe rises…It’s me!!!!!…. He was dressed similar, but his clothing was dark brown and his left arm…blood, a shoulder wound. His expression is one of rage…
“What manner of evil….” The foe attacks again…and hits Mak, drawing blood. His foes face…it looks like me…skin darker…no other difference, YOU SENSE SELF. “You can’t be real.” Mak misses. The foe attacks again…wounding Mak then he sees, Gallavin behind the foe and hits him in the back of the head with a chair and the opponent collapses to the floor. Gallavin looks at Mak. “What has happened to your brother…he seems to be possessed.” He sees that the left shoulder is bleeding…from a wound…a bite wound. “The wolves…” Gallavin mutters. “Is he your brother?”
“I don’t have a brother.”
“But he looks likes you.”
“It must be a trick. I am here because, no we won’t discuss this matter. It must be some magic trick.”

Mak shouts and raises his fist. “Hey Lazar are you testing me again.”
Gallavin looks concerned. “Who is Lazar?”
“Who are you?”
“Why are you here?”
“I was caught by the Osgeyr. I found an encampment and they were looking over a map. I stole it while they were sleeping…”
“So you are a thief ?”
“No…I am a ranger…the map was taken from our Elder’s quarters 3 days ago.”
“I see…does it look like this.” Mak sees removing the map from his tunic and showing him.
“Yes it does.” Gallavin says excitedly.
“I found it where I killed those creatures. I guess you could say I have saved your life and you have saved mine. No one else knows I am supposed to be here, so how is this mimicking me.”
“Look…umm…something has happened. Umm, perhaps the people at my village may be able to help…there is a spirit master.”
“Would it trouble your people if there is some kind of evil in the room below.”
“Oh…the thing that lies beneath…”
“Is that what you call it.”
“Yes…the beastmasters say it is a creature from the deep parts of the world. Look…I need to get this map to Wynfril…you see the marking they have put on here…it says there is going to be an ambush in 3 or 2 days…I cannot see from here whether midnight has passed or not.”
“Are we close to Mharfaell.”

Gallavin shows Mak on the map. “What…am I that far away.”
“How did you get here then.”
“I was sent by magic and that is all I can say about that.”
“What here…the lodge.”
“I don’t know I may have been misdirected and was told where Mharfaell was…but I must have got lost. Wynfril…seems to be on the way. As for that imposter…leave him there. As for the trickery involved.” Mak checks the foe and realises his items, including the Masterwork items are the same. “Someone has taken a lot of trouble to mimic everything I own. I know them has Doppelgangers.”

The ground stirs beneath your feet, There is grumbling sound deep beneath you.
“We should get going, I don’t like this place.”
He nods in agreement and looks for his bow and longsword…cannot find them.
“Are there others with you?”

“No I am alone, I came across the Osgeyr encampment by chance.”
“Alright…let’s go.”

Mak leads the way downstairs, warhammer in his hands at the ready. They reach the ground floor and go down the main hallway to the front entrance. He pushes it open…does not open. You target the lock with the warhammer and breaks it after two strikes. “It is either this or we climb out a window.”
Both hear movement from one of the gathering halls…something sliding across the floor. “Stay beside me.” Mak says. “Let’s get out of here.” Try as he might, he cannot get the door open.
Stopping he hears giggling from the other side.

“Into the side room…let’s make for a window.” You see staggering down the stairs…SELF. Mak and Gallavin enter the room and moves straight to the window. Bottom pane is broken…dark outside, light from the 3 moons…starlit…sky…and two people spending the evening in an evil lodge. Mak makes sure the glass is removed. “You go first and I will protect you…be careful. I heard laughter outside.”
Gallavin goes forward and finds he cannot climb out the window…there is a barrier there. Mak hears childish giggling. Mak attempts to smash the top pane…the entire window but he hits to find the weapon bouncing back from impacting against…something. Mak looks around…the lodge is of solid wooden construction. “Someone is having fun at our expense…let us cross the hall and make our escape from here.”
Mak and Gallavin return to the hall…and Mak sees the main door to one of the gathering halls open…and sounds of combat.

Maks thinks…then hears something...a child's voice in his mind. “Hurry up human…we have deal’t to the wolves now its your turn. Take your other self and leave.” He hears others giggling.
“Who’s that…who is speaking to me…show yourself.”
“Hmm…dressed or otherwise.” the voice says sultrily. He hears more giggling.
Gallavin apparently does not.
“They are hear, I tell you Gallavin…they are mocking you…mocking me, can’t you hear the voice.”
“No…only what is going on in there.” He says pointing to the gathering hall.
A childs voice. “We are friends of Niessar…do we have to babysit you too!!!!”
“No.” Mak says. Gallavin looks at him. “Who are you talking too.” While the sounds of combat still ensue.
“I don’t know what they are…the voices are telling me to take my other self and go. They speak nonsense…I ignore ”
Mak hears giggles.

Mak investigates the sounds of combat.
Enter the gathering hall with the hole and skeletons scattered across the room. From the hole has emerged a white worm, 40ft long…5ft diamater…mouth of razor teeth, tendrils attempting to grapple the mimic. “NO YOU WILL NOT CONTROL ME AGAIN!!!!!” the mimic screams angrily as it strikes the worm…where it has struck twice before, white ooze …. Forth.
“You there…are you going to fight all day…or leave here.” Mak says from the door way.
“The bastard will NOT CONTROL ME AGAIN!!!!” at this point the worm grapples the mimic in its tendrils and the sword falls to the ground.

Mak approaches and attempts to strike the worms tendrils that have grappled the mimic. “Against my better judgement I will help you, then we will get to see what you really are.” The mimic has a dagger in his hand and is trying to cut the tendrils. Mak attacks but the worm does not break its hold and it’s dragging the mimic towards its mouth. Mak attacks again…the creature slow to respond and seemingly more concerned about the mimic…who is fiercely trying to break out of the tendrils that have gripped him. Mak sees at the top of the razor teeth mouth…two small what look like albino eyes. The mimic has tried to break free…but has been unable to do so. The razor teeth are gnashing in anticipation. Mak attempts to hit the mouth and teeth and misses…the worm does flinch in response to the attack, thus delaying the mimic’s fate. Mak strikes an eye and the creature begins to slither back into the hole and its tendrils has let go of the mimic. As it is slithering away Mak attempts to hit again and he strikes and the creature stops moving…white ooze from wounds dripping onto the floor. It is still. Mak attempts to hit it again…this is easy, he thinks…and slips in the ooze falling to the ground. Mak gets up, partially covered in thick white slime, the creature is still not moving. Mak backs away and see the mimic slowly rising to his feet…then reaches for his sword and charges it, screaming in anger, hitting the creature…more ooze flowing from the new wound.

The mimic turns to you, breathing deeply. “What has happened…to you…to ME!!!” he says angrilly.
“I would ask the same of you. Have you not been designed to trick me?” Mak challenges.
“Why…for what reason. I am you…you are me. How far can you remember back?”
“What do you mean." Mak replies. "I remember all 35 of my years. Are you saying you don’t”
“I remember too. Lazar playing tricks you think?” the mimic muses smiling for the first time. I like his style.
“So you know Lazar.” Mak asks surprised.
“Of course…he chose you…me…to be here. Don’t you remember?”
“He chose me. You are a trick and an apparition. I don’t believe you are real.”
The mimic laughs. “Everyone has a dark side Mak…don’t you like what you see.” He says looking at Mak. “I am Kam…like it?”

“No, I don’t like you at all. You are not me.”
“Well…lets see…where should we start…site 41…Ebberon, how long should be here asking fucking stupid questions!!!!!”
“I think we should leave…I think we should get out of here. Then we can see who is real and who is not. We both know you are a doppelganger. An accident…something that should not be.”
“Call me what you want…but I am here for a reason…quite possibly to protect your scrawny ass.”
Meanwhile Gallavin is at the doorway…not knowing what to say.

“Lead the way…know it all.” Kam says with a wane smile.
“Right…we will try the doors again.” The 3 leave the gathering hall and reaching the main doors, finds them open. “It was a trick after all.” Mak mutters. He turns to Kam. “You can go…your’e free. Gallavin, you come with me.”

Gallavin nods and both he and Mak enters the darkness outside and make their way down to the edge of the woods. Gallavin looks around briefly and shows you the directions of the compass point…north, south, east, west. Mak finds Mharfaell is to the west and Wynfril, SE and much closer. They enter the forest, Gallavin leading as he seems to know the tracks and is attuned to the wildlife. About an hour later…Mak believes half way to Wynfril…he suddenly feels weak. Mak stops and wonders if it is the Ring of Sustenance responsible…no it is not. Gallavin sees this and looking returns with red berries, similar to the ones that Mak has got.
“These are Mirella berries…they heal heart and mind.”
Mak takes a couple…and does not feel better…he feels tired. “Is…this…normal?”
“No…the berries should heal you.” Gallavin replies concerned. “Look…Wynfril is just another hour away…do you think you can travel.”
“Sure I can.” Mak stands up and feels disorientated and nearly falls. Mak tells him. “What does this mean…have I been poisoned? How far…is the town from here?”
“An hour…look do you want me to get help?”
“Would I be ok if you leave me?”
Gallavin nods. “We have hidden shelters along these trails. One is close by. We use them to shelter and hide from any Osgeyr chasing us down.”
“Very well…if you leave me there…I will agree. Sorry to be a burden on you…this was not expected.”
“That is allright…you found the map for us.” Gallavin says. “I will get this to the militia captain then return with aid.”

Gallavin takes Mak another 240 yrds down the track and stops before a scarlet coloured bush and parts it, revealing a hollowed interior…the bush acting almost like a tent covering. Gallavin says. “Animists have mastered these bushes so they grow like this.”
“Interesting. How long will you be?”
“2…3 hours perhaps. But help will be here before I return…the beastmasters will send their creatures to watch over you…there may already be one watching us now.”
Gallavin leaves and Mak enters the hollow interior of the bush…fragrance smell…pleasant.

Mak feels sleepy…there is something not right about this, outside all is quiet…peaceful. Mak starts to feel better. He waits. Later he thinks he hears something…and waits quietly. He now feels much better. Mak hears movement close by…1 person. Mak waits.

Then Mak hears a growl and words. “Stay my friend.” Not someone I recognize.
“Oh it’s you…your umm friend won’t be impressed.” Mak hears Gallavin say.
Mak emerges from the bush and stands up. He sees Gallavin with 6 others…strongly build men, dressed in thick fur cloaks…about him also are animals…cats and birds of various types…the colours of their fur gold…blue and mauve. He also sees Kam.
“You can’t do without me…like it or not…when I weaken so do you.” Kam says with a sardonic smile. “You are stuck with me whether you like it or not.”

The creatures growled…sensing Kam’s evil. They were not alone. Mak sensed Gallavin’s companions did so too. Three of them were training bows on him from the shadows of the undergrowth.
Gallavin steps forward. “I cannot explain this. But Mak saved my life and retrieved the map important to us. Of this one…he looks like him…indeed they both fought, neither one expecting to see each other. They have the same equipment and look like each other…we should not judge here on what we see. They BOTH slew the thing that which lay beneath.”
The others murmured surprised by the news. One of the men strode forward, an imposing figure, armed with a two handed sword. “For that you have our thanks.” He said to both Mak and Kam. “I should kill you here and now.” He said addressing Kam. “For you are evil…but I cannot be the judge on this night. You will accompany us, we will provide you food and heal your wounds. But…of you I will say this. Harm my people and you will face me…do you understand.”
Kam smiled and nodded. “You have my word, no harm shall I do to your people.”
“I accept your word.” The man said. “We are grateful that which lies beneath has been slain. You will be honoured this night…Gallavin shall tell us the story of your combat and we will drink and speak of many things. I am Dennek, Chief Beastmaster of Wynfril, my home shall be your home during your stay at Wynfil. Let us go.”
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K11 1Guiaranor02: The Lodge

Kam watched as Mak and Gallavin disappeared into the eaves of the forest. He looked at his wounded arm…cursing the wolf that had bit him and sitting on the veranda, set about to bandage the wound. The wolf’s teeth had bitten deeply into his upper arm, but the bleeding had stopped. The clothing of his left arm was covered in dried blood. The throbbing pain was barely tolerable…but such was a part of life, one had to get used to it. He smiled. The pain was almost enjoyable. Where are the wolves? There was no sign of them. Once he had tended to his wound he moved around the large lodge…there were no wolves about. He saw where they had rested, the grass tainted by their blight. Every so often he heard the annoying buzzing sound. Bees…are their bees on this world.

Returning to the main entrance he looked around at the alien world around him…his nightsight able to perceive detail as good as if it was daylight. And by day, he too had seen the large sun that dominated the sky…and now 3 moons could be seen in the heavens of the night…a night sky full of star…more than he had ever seen…yes ever seen. This is not the world he had come from…the trees, plants were so vastly different in colour.

I knew my life…all 35 yrs of it…MAK. For a moment he thought he heard THAT buzzing sound…high pitched and barely audible. He looked around but saw nothing. He was furious…angered, he knew he was but a shadow to Mak…Lazar talked to Mak…never to Kam.

So why am I here…other than to protect him and myself. I could use this to my advantage…I have to make him realize, HE cannot to without ME!!!!

Time passed and Kam waited. He knew their something bound them, Mak to he…he to Mak. Of course it was the “mimic” who had picked up on it…he who Mak found annoying. Kam smiled. Annoying…I can be more than that. Hmm…I could make use from this relationship, if Mak thinks he is going to get his own way…allowing him to think he does, has it’s own advantages. But then again…once Mak realizes he cannot do without me…then I will have a say whether he likes it or not. It could become a nice arrangement…forced cooperation. I like that.

Lazar said there were places in this land that have not been visited…hidden places, some even close by to Mharfaell. Was the lodge among them perhaps? If so…we can cross one of the list can’t we Mak. Oh yes…that’s right, you have walked off with your new found friend.

Contemplating the alien sky above him…Kam suddenly began struggling for breath…his stomach knotted tight… something inside him seemingly stretched to the absolute limit. So this is what it is like. Nearly passing out he stumbled forward in the direction that Mak had taken earlier. Gasping for breath he reached the forest…the annoying buzzing noise seemingly circling around him and blindly entered the forest, following…something.

“Was that you?’ the 2nd asked as the 3 sprites hovered above the clearing.
“Hmmm.” The 3rd replied sheepishly. “Just having a little fun…he could not see me.”
“The human will improve as he draws closer to his other self.” The 1st commented. “He is quite…aggressive.”
“Oh yes…a wonderful example of man’s darker nature.” The 3rd said smiling. "Oh I think this umm...Mak is going to have some problems." she said sighing.
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K12 1Guiaranor02: Fortress of the Guard: Losan-Stravin

“Hey Dahlia. It is the new year here 1Guiaranor02…LE8755. The year things start to happen…398 days till the white dwarf, Galadrifel undergoes its rebirth as it begins its orbit of Eiliniel. Really looking forward to that…such a binary star system is very rare and can’t wait too see the accretion disk, spiraling around the blue giant touching Galadrifel and refueling the white dwarf back into life for another 2,600 years or so.

“Remote sensor drones are following Galadrifel as it approaches Eiliniel. We are talking about a dead star here…well that is what it looks like. A cold grey mass 260,00km in diameter and we have no idea what the mass comprises. It is solid, of a single substance and its structure is comprised of the element (Dimenium – how original is that!!!!) that has been discovered during stardrive travel. So to find it here has been surprising…but then again…the Black Moon, we cannot forget that anomaly either. The latest is that the scientists want to take samples, by landing a remote drone. Word is though…is that such a landing may affect our ongoing stay here. So it’s a no go…we have to watch and observe. After all, we don’t want to upset the powers that preside over this world. And so far…I don’t think we have, you know…no visits from glowing angelic like beings or anything. But as I said before Dahlia, we know we are being watched, not only by the gods, but Kharagh, Khios and the Ancient Enemy. Best to tread carefully…and walk slowly like a child.

“Onto other news, two Zhan (dragons) were sighted by an sub orbital reconnaissance flight, north of Shield Fortress early yesterday morning. Shield Fortress is the only domed city that lies atop of the massive escarpment that traverses in an east west, dividing Losan-Stravin to the south with the Land of Everdarkness and Bel-Kel-Daan in the north. I spend three months there earlier and it is built for defence…and offence, being a fully military facility rather than a colony domed city like those further south. So yes…two very large black dragons flying 17,000 m above the plains…which to all extant, is like an desolation the surface of which is covered by a rustic murky cloud, which is of course highly radioactive. The four aircraft got a good 7 minutes of footage. Latest estimates is each were about 1km in length and wingspan 1.8-1.9km. I did say they were big didn’t I. The Zhan saw the aircraft and pursued but the aircraft out maneuvered them easily. One of the Zhan fired some black bolt of something…missing, and as a result we got that on visual record along with energy, atmospheric and biological readings of the Zhan and the attack.

“We are going on an excursion. Yes, since it is the year that well…events will start to happen, approval has been given for a surface team of 65, including ME, to visit a number of ruined sites in the vicinity of the escarpment. The region in particular lies just north of the escarpment, between the desolation (the region with the rustic murky radioactive cloud) and Bel-Kel-Daan, another desolate region, home to the Dark Sorceror. Oh…on him, I have been going back on records on when his tower was first discovered. The damn thing is growing…not by building…but like a living entity. Why…because like Galadrifel…like the Black Moon…this tower is made of a liquid/solid substance that is damn unusual, and medical readings indicate the tower is alive, acting like a brain, with receptors that connect to the natural and magical world. The tower was first recorded 88 years ago at 942m high and the latest reading four days ago, it is now 1,340m high. Getting visual pictures was difficult as our drones had the annoying habit of failing when they got to close to the tower. Were any retrieval teams sent in to remove the remains of the drones…no and from what I know, Dahlia, 35 drones were sent and none returned. One has to wonder, what happened to the wreckage. Back then I suppose such accidents were acceptable, considering what we were losing sending into the Dark Moon. When the orbital and suborbital platforms were deployed, they were used and since then, an amount of visual data of the Dark Tower has been accumulated. The tower is partially invisible…transparent especially at ground level. It almost looks like a mirage…but being black…well we have managed to get distanced visual from orbital and sub orbital aircraft.

“Any way our expedition. Between these two lands, on the southern border, is the inland Sea of Ulyann. The sea is fed by rivers from the desolation…reddish and radioactive, but when it reaches the sea…the effects are neutralized. We don’t know how that is done, but that is one of our missions. The water of the sea is greenish blue and the sea, and the shores around it for 28 miles are free of radiation, and therefore the rustic murky cloud too. The sea reaches the escarpment where the largest waterfall I have seen cascades down the escarpment to another smaller inland sea in Talan Kosteyn. There are ruins on the shores of the Sea of Ulyann. That is another reason why we are going there. Five have been detected, three on the western shore, two on the eastern. There is also one ruin on an island and on another island…a 400m tall tower of ice…yes ice, carved and shaped like a typical magic users tower, which are in turn, seemingly modeled from the Dark Tower, minus the height and sinister look. Most of the magic user towers are typically 50-150m tall and home to what are known as Lord Magic Users, sort of semi retired, usually teaching apprentices, and more involved in high academia and politics. 60% of these towers…which we have 8,645 on visual record, are mostly in rural areas, away from the cities. Just another little something for you Dahlia.

“The general feeling is that someone resides in the Ice Tower and we are going to attempt diplomatic contact with this individual(s) in 3 weeks or so. He or they…are our nearest neighbour when you think about it. We will be flying in T/L8 VTOL jet transports, Alcan Class 44’s at that. I remember traveling in those on my homeworld as a child. The Alcan’s will also act as mobile command and science stations throughout the duration of the expedition, though we will be using skimmers to cross the sea to the islands. The deployment is planned for 5 days away so I will post again before I leave.

“Personal message follows…”
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K13 1Guiaranor02: Assurra Pools

Kam is aware that those who have joined them are wary of his presence…even the creatures…bears, birds, wolves, panthers and others…they were watching him with suspicion and distrust. Why worry, this is Mak’s problem, not mine!!!!

The group heads towards Wynfril. An hour later they are met by two young men clad in ranger garb, armed with well made longbows and sheathed long knives. “Kendath…Benadar, what brings you here.” Dennek asks.
“A patrol headed by Ghenrak returned 4 hours ago. Two of them are missing after encountering Osgeyr and Azgeyr near the hills.”
“The hills…the old hunting lodge.” Dennek muttered turning to Gallavin. “And Azgeyr too…there may be magic users among them.”
“Mak and his companion…they both killed the creature who lived beneath the lodge.” Gallavin stated quickly, not knowing what Dennek was thinking. “And there were no dire wolves outside when we left. There is nothing in the lodge for them to go too.”
“I know. The place however is still evil.” Dennek replied. “With the death of that which lies beneath, the taint will remain until cleansed. The Osgeyr and Azgeyr would be attracted to it and would seek to encamp within its influence. We also have the militia of Mharfaell moving there with the morning light. What arms were the Azgeyr bearing?”
“The helm of Darkness Claw.” Benadar replied. “The same tribal symbol that we encountered 2 years ago.”

“The hills are densely forested and would make an excellent region to camp.” Laethar, one of the beastmaters remarked. “We must find the encampment by day and attack them. The ambush is planned for either this or tomorrow evening. We can only hope our friends have been captured for questioning.”
Dennek nodded. “Kendath, return to Wynfril and muster our first militia company. At daybreak they are to deploy to the Assurra pools. We will go on ahead and encamp the night there. At daybreak we will begin a search using birds and beasts. Hopefully by the time the militia arrives we will at least have narrowed the search. Gallavin, you go back with Kendath and report your encounters with the Elder of Wynfril.”
“No you must go…remember you have family and they await you.” Dennek commanded.
Gallavin nods. He could not change Dennek’s mind once it was made. He left reluctantly with Kendath.
“Now we press hard to the pools. We should be three in 3 hours.”

The rangers and beastmasters moved swiftly through the forest. Irrespective it was night, they seemingly followed paths and trails they knew. Dennek ensure the group and animal familiars flanking them, were within a 150ft radius. Mak learned a silence spell had been cast so that all outside the radius could hear them moving. Which was logical…the pace was fast and the bears were crashing through the undergrowth drowning out any noise anyone else was making. In the still night, every so often the light of the 3 moons spilled through the thick tree canopy. The group pressed onwards and both Mak and Kam were feeling the affects of exhaustion but were driven on by the others…neither knowing how…the scenery around them almost became like a blur…they were just moving, seemingly following as a group. Mak finds eating the berries help eases the exhaustion. He gives some to Kam who takes them.

Then the forest cleared and they emerged into a clearing. The group halted and Mak and Kam nearly fell to the ground in exhaustion. Looking around Mak between gasps of air could see the light of the 3 moons bathed the scarlet grass in a hue of reddish blue. He looked around as the others entered. The clearing seemed about 200yrds in diameter and at the far end rose a rocky escarpment, which covered in a carpet of mauve vines and mosses. Between them rivulets of water trickled down to five pools of bluish white waters…the hue from which rose like steam.

“We will be safe here.” Dennek informed. “We have about 4 hours till dawn.” He turned to Mak and Kam. “You both need rest and rest you shall. Laethar, watch over them with 2 of your familiars. We do not want them endangering themselves…or us.”
Kam smiled at Laethar. “Just remember…kill me and you kill him. And that just may upset someone…someone you would not want to…upset.”

Laethar set up two bedrolls and Mak saw the others were establishing an encampment. “Do as he says.” Laethar advised. “You have the chance to prove yourselves soon enough. But for the moment understand this…you are not trusted by us. We have only Gallavin’s word that Dennek has accepted. In our culture, such words are bonds. If nothing else, do not dishonour Gallavin’s judgement of you. Rest…combat will ensue this coming day.”
Mak thanks him for his advice and is soon asleep.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:08 am    Post subject: K14 1Guiaranor02 The Muster Reply with quote

K14 1Guiaranor02: The Muster

Mak awakes feeling refreshed. Yes…he needed that sleep.
It is daylight. The sky clear and the large sun is bright…hurting his eyes. Taking time to adjust, he rises and sees Kam nearby, awake and sharpening a long knife. Close by are two large bears watching…ever watching.
“Hmm…grateful you are still alive this morning.” Kam says smiling.
“Course, why would I not be. It is not you are going to kill me, you would be killing yourself. I wonder why they have not done anything about you, given your nature. I doubt it is because they are scared, because you are not that scary.”
“Of course not…I am mostly harmless and nothing more than a distraction to them.” Kam replies. “But deal to me…and they are dealing to you…haven’t figured that one out yet, have you.”
“I have a little.”
“Glad to see some intelligence was left in you.”

Laethar approaches and greets them, bringing two bowls of hot stew. “Eat…we have found the encampment and will attack early afternoon.”
“How long is that?” Kam asks.
“4-5 hours.”
“Why wait.” Kam muttered. “If we have the numbers do it now. I see you have a little army here.”
“We are waiting on the arrival of those who were sent to rescue you from Mharfaell. “Isn’t Mharfaell some distance away and how will they get here without been seen. They would have sentries where they are encamped.”
“They are in a sheltered valley…only access is a gorge. Rangers and beastmasters have spells that can silence and speed their movement. The afternoon sun favours us as they have spent longer in the daylight. The more exposure, the weaker they become…mental fatigue we believe it is. However the Azgeyr, who will be their leaders are not so affected. They will be our first targets.” He hands Mak and Kam the bowls which has wooden spoons latched along the rim. “There is bread, fruit and water near the muster point, help yourselves.”
“Thank you.” Mak replies.

Realizing just how hungry he is, Mak did not hesitate and it tasted delicious. Looking around he could see the militia from Wynfril must have arrived. He counted 20+ rangers, 15 militia archers and 12 fur cloaked beastmasters. There were also other, perhaps 20 in number…dressed not for combat…what were they, healers perhaps. A variety of familiars rested in the clearing from copper bronze furred bears to azure furred wolves to blue, turquose and black furred panthers and other cat like creatures. There were 3 golden skinned lizards, 2 40ft long copper/green snakes and on a rocky promontory sat a dozen or more white furred bat like creatures. Then there the birds…green/gold feathered hawks, mauve and blue hunting falcons and small sleek like flying lizards.

Zoo gone wild…Mak thinks

Mak sees Dennek with a number of his people in council near the edge of one of the pools. Laethar is among them. Every so often they turn in their direction in muttered tones.
“Looking forward to some killing Mak?” Kam asks as he finishes his meal. “I certainly do.” He says standing and stretching his limbs…the two large bears rising and regarding his every move. “Love the colour scheme.” He grins, referring to the bears. “Get a load of these creatures…so weird looking…my eyes are still getting use to it.”
Mak realises what he has said is true. Even his eyes are still getting use to the myriad of colour changes that defies what he has experienced back home.

Dennek approaches them followed by 2 of his azure furred panthers. “I have a task for you that may assist your…situation. Very soon we will be joined by the rescue party sent from Mharfaell. Among them is Myandwyr…the greatest beastmaster in the Elder Wilds. When the attack occurs we know that the Azgeyr will seek to escape to continue their task given by Darkness Claw, or perhaps report back to their stronghold. I plan to have Myandwyr and his 8 panthers guard the only way out…a narrow ravine. I want you to join him. Only in this will you gain his trust and be welcomed in Mharfaell.”
Behind him walks an elderly man dressed in green robes. “I am Jharnak, a shaman of Lissariel and Lord Animist of Wynfril. I see two spirits once one…now two. I know of Niessar’s concerns for you…for you both. What Dennek proposes is necessary for the two to be recognized as one. From the one, acceptance to the people of Mharfaell may occur. Look not to Niessar for solace…you must earn the trust of those who are willing to take you in as family.”
Mak remembers that indeed a family was to take him in, orchardists…now what were there names…Tyrel and Sascha Cormin, with 2 children if he remembers.

“Hey forget about the family thing…I am in.” Kam said sardonically. “I hope this Myandwyr is as good as he says…I look forward to meeting him.”
“As will his 8 panthers of you.” Dennek said his voice controlling his anger. How dare he insult our Lord Beastmaster. “You have 3 hours to prepare. They will be arriving within the hour.”
Mak realises his companion has angered Dennek. “Be careful…they will only be so tolerant of you.”
“They in a bind…they can’t kill me and they know it…all to preserve precious little you.”
“I still think that if it was necessary, if you are too great a menace to them, they will take us both out. They seem far more capable in this situation.”

Late morning sees the arrival of the Mharfaell contingent, initially sent out to rescue Mak from the lodge and led by Myandwyr a tall heavy set man, olive brown skinned and strongly built, cloaked in black fur and studded leather armour. He carried a two handed axe and both arms had small spiked shields attached. With him were 25 Rangers and 15 Beastmasters with an assortment of familiars, many of which were birds, white furred bats and panthers of blue, white or blue fur…the blue furred being the largest at nearly 12ft long and 5ft high. The meeting between the two groups is jovial, they knew each other well living in neighbouring villages. Dennek and Myandwyr council for nearly an hour as the others relax and enjoy a meal with their Wynfril counterparts. Mak and Kam just looks on, aware of the two giant bears looking on them near the edge of the forest.

After the council, Dennek and Myandwyr approaches the two. “Your two guests are safe and well my friend. Mak and Kam this is Myandwyr, Lord Beastmaster of Mharfaell.”
“Pleased to make your acquaintance.” Mak returns.
“Yeah some other fancy lord of the beasts.”
“Hail and well met.” The tall imposing man greeted, his voice deep and resonant. “Niessar spoke through her sacred tree and informed us that there would be two of you at the lodge…brothers. But one of the small wood sprites met us and told us to gather here where you would be found. I am not surprised at what you are…Perintherim (Fairmen) are known to be associated with the Fae.”
“Perintherim, what are they?” Mak asks confused.
Myandwyr is surprised. “That is the name you are referred too…the ears give it away.”
“Ah…I think I understand.” Mak says....Perintherim
“Were you trying to conceal your identity.”
“No…not particularly, I was needed here. And here I am as you see me…I don’t know where he came from.” Mak answered.
“What do you mean…Niessar says you are brothers.”
Mak thinks for a moment. “Not exactly. He never existed before I found myself here…he just appeared and seems to be a part of me…I think.”
“Jharnak speaks of one spirit divided into two…like a white shadow.”
“Is this why he is evil and you are not." Myandwyr asks.
“Then it must be. I have no other explanation. All I know is that I am my true self and I follow my true nature.”
“And I am that which lies beneath his conscious self…and his skin.” Kam smiles. “There is a little bit of evil in all of us…brother.”
“I won’t hear of it.” Mak returns.
Kam smiles. “But I won’t need to remind you…just my mere presence will be enough.”

“They even sound alike.” Dennek states.
Myandwyr sighs…this will take a while to understand. “Dennek has informed me of your encounters at the lodge, with thanks to Gallavin. We owe you a debt, paid for in kind by permitting this one’s presence here and his allowance to return to Mharfaell.” He was looking at Kam who just shrugged. “The Hunting Lodge like other places are located throughout the Elder Wilds and we avoid them for they come from a time long past in our lives. I believe you are here to explore these places…learn of the past and in this we will guide you at best. But first, I believe you wish to be involved in the attack.
“Yes we will do our part.”

Myandwyr nodded. “Good, we will leave in an hour. The gorge is 2 miles east of here. The others will leave earlier and establish positions before the attack. We are expecting a number of Azgeyr to escape and attempt to return to their stronghold in the mountains. Unlike the Azgeyr or Osgeyr of Kharagh, those who serve Darkness Claw do not have the chaos taint, therefore are more disciplined and stronger in battle. The only route of escape will be the gorge, that is how they reached the valley.”
“And how will your people get there?” Kam asked.
“Climb.” Myandwyr smiled. “Something we are far better at doing that they. The valley is atop a forested hill and surrounded on all sides by a 100 foot rocky escarpment. The gorge winds its way through the hills, down from the valley to the forest floor about 300 feet below. I have been into the valley before and have discovered old ruins there. Perhaps you may wish to return here at some time.”
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