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Karthan 02- Elder Wilds
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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2008 6:55 pm    Post subject: Karthan 02- Elder Wilds Reply with quote

The spirits watch
The spirits wait
For the two that are one
To make a mistake...
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:55 pm    Post subject: K201 Fortress Guard Reply with quote

K201 Fortress Guard, Losan Stravin

S68723894. The Grand Duke, Gerrandor Planetagenir, viewed the data on the psi screen before him. Given the technology and magic…this is impossible. The subject was tagged on Eberron and now he is here…they are here. Not one…but two, each with the same tag. He tagged a screen showing the latest results of numerous studies into the Dominion Powers. They are powerful on this world and equally they concealed themselves from us. We know so little of them...but who among them could have been involved in this

Kharagh, whose dominion lay north of us…this is not his doing, he is to chaotic to conceive something like this. His Lord Marshall, Darkness Claw...possibly.
The Ancient Ones….Silvarana…yes, they like to involve themselves in human affairs. But here, they remain a mystery as much as a very real threat to both us and the gods.
The dragons…we know so little of them. But we know about Stormwing. She is the greatest and most powerful of these creatures. Could they have done this...or she herself? What do they know…of magic and technology?
The Gods…the Ilmaren as they are called. We know so little of is any chance one of them could have been involved.
Khios…the Dark Sorcerer. Yes…why is it, that this one always irks me. Simply because of what you do, challenge the gods and seek change, but what agenda are you pursuing? You know of us…we know of you. Were you involved in this? Yes...I think this is very likely. He seeks beyond all others to expand the boundaries of lore and knowledge.

The Grand Duke closed the file. There had to be someone on Eberron planning this.
The Transcendence, this was the first time we would be observing this phenomenon and here. History ended the last time the Transcendence occurred. All knowledge lost. Has this happened before. Here, we find one individual tagged on Eberron arriving here…but as two. There is just so much about this world we have yet to learn, but these two…this will be seen through.

With the decision he worked on orders that would make tags S68723894 a priority.

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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:29 am    Post subject: K202 Reply with quote

K202: 1Guiranor03 - Forge Valley

With the fierce skirmish concluded, Mak and Kam explored more widely and scouted the perimeter of the ruins then circled inwards until they discovered the azgeyr encampment.

"Where are the others, have you seen them?" Mak asks Kam as he glanced at their surrounds wearily.

"They'll be inside. Down there." Kam replies and points at the hole in the ground nearby.

The entrance way is 10 feet in diameter and the Azgeyr had made a ladder of branches and vines.

"Are you feeling alright?" Mak asks Kam, concerned at his injuries.

"Of course, I'm not as soft as you." Kam responds.

"Then, if you're feeling so good about yourself, I dare you to go first." Mak taunts his sinister twin.

Kam goes down first. The chamber below is lit, and is about 60 feet long, 30 feet wide, 40 feet high to a vaulted roof. There are two pillars long and elongated in length and 4 fixed stone shields in the floor facing on an angle the entrance way…defensive positions. Mak follows. They examine the first chamber…seeing an corridor at the end leading to another lit room. Mak sees a depressed edge of the right pillar, the last 10” at ground level.

mak activates a folded bit of the wall while kam stands on a bit of rock in the depressed area. Kam quickly notes he is being shot upward and a frightening pace. he jumps off, and is OK. While up at height he notes a stone door is sealing the exit. "let's go check that out"
kam realises it's a counterweight system that activates the door. Mak reactivates it to set the door to its open position again.

Mak determines that what happens when Kam lands is the entrance way ahead is sealed by a stone door. He realises that this is a counterweight system and reopens the door using the indentation in the pillar. The edge of the stone pillar falls and the door opens.

Approaching the corridor they hear voices beyond…two Azgeyr in the next room, the two unaccounted for. Mak and Kam backs off to the first chamber and they stand on either side of the corridor. Mak ties a rope across the entrance way…and he extinguishes two torches just making the chamber darker for them to see the rope. Then he shouts obscenities, some of which translates into common…others do not, and Kam readies himself. Moments later…they emerge and trip over the rope, but able to regain their footing quickly after stumbling initially. Kam attacks and criticals, striking his foes shoulder, disarmed his shield. Kam slays his foe after 3 more rounds of combat…Mak is not that successful, having to parry much of his opponents attacks and Kam moves to assist and at the same time Mak disarms his foe’s shield, just as Kam did with his…then he falls to the ground dead.

They both rest up for a short time then check the fallen foes bodies. The find 5 potions. Clairaudience/clairvoyance x2, Tongues, Blur, Nondetection. Looking closer at Azgeyr, Mak sees they resemble half Osgeyr/half human…strong and tall. Long dark hair, skin grey in complexion, eyes brown…they could pass as humans, except for their complexion. They are as tall and strong as the Woodmen.

They move into the 2nd chamber. To the left an entrance has been opened, revealing a dark cave beyond. The room contains a table and chairs, skeletal bodies lie on the floor their raiment long turned to dust. There are 4 rotting beds to the right and on the left an empty armoury rack and a bathroom area. Searching the skeletal remains, another of which lies on a bed and another discovered beside a wardrobe, Mak finds fine gold crafted falcon crested rings and magical longswords. He pockets the rings, putting one on for himself.

Casting detect magic, Mak senses strong power at end of room. A secret door is quickly located at the end of room. It slides open after Mak presses something.

It was was trapped by a dart but the mechanism was old and we avoided it.

light reveals a small 20' corridor beyond and another secret door that goes through corridor with room, a pool and a sword, shimmering blue in middle of it. Kam and mak debate what they're going to do with it.

Kam is impatient steps in a grabs the blade but quickly drops it. The weapon repulsed him.

Mak (laughing) pulls him back from the pool and retrieves the weapon.

Kam touches the sword and is zapped by a powerful electrical charge, wounding him. Mak moves forward and touches the swords…not effect and takes the weapon. A voice in his mind says “I shall be renewed when you return me home”. He knows it has come from the swords…it is intelligent and aware of him and its surroundings. “The ring is yours to earn”.

Mak considers that the skeletal remains of fallen falcon guys were like a secret order or something protecting the sword.

The passage leads to dead ends and moisture and an area where there is waste on the ground (rodent carcasses, etc) matted in spider web, etc. thick spider web. Something large is moving and Mak tells Kam to throw a burning torch at.

Great Spider 10ft diameter (4ft body diameter), 2 ½ foot high. HP 67, A/C19, +3 Init, bite +16, dam 2d6+6, poison, (paralysation Fortitude Save vs DC18), spit poison +9. Evil Mage List, Physical Erosion to 20th lvl (3 targets at once, 2 x range, instantaneous spell, Lightning bolt 100 feet, x 2 damage, 167PP, reach 15 x 15ft/10ft, Saves: Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +6, Skills; Climb +18, Hide +6, Jump +9, Spot +9. Break web DC32.

Mak and Kam backs away, intent on throwing the torches and the creatures Will cast two lightning bolts, each to Kam and Mak as they move back…before any torches are thrown. The creature fires two lightning bolts, striking Mak and Kam, inducing both with electric shocks. Kam swallows berries as he brands the torch intending to throw it at the web. Mak holds out the Glimmer Sword before the creature in a threatening gestures. “If you don’t let us pass, you will feel this blade strike you.” The large spider replies with 2 more lightning bolts, the bolts spinning both of them around and stunning them. Both have been burned in the leg. The spider advances forward emerging from its web and into the light. Forced to parry, Kam succeeds but Mak is bitten…able to save vs its poison. Gaining initiative, Mak uses the Glimmer Sword (+4 x2 damage, extra cold critical) and misses his target. The blade is glowing blue (vs evil?…if so, it will light up when Kam is around).

"Let's burn the bitch!" Mak says, surprised at the spider's ability to cast magic.

Kam throws the torch into the web and it begins to burn. Gaining initiative again Mak attacks with the Glimmer Sword striking the creature. The swords glow intensifies and feels icy cold. The spider bites him and Mak saves vs the poison. Kam attacks and strikes the creature. The spider then spits its poison at Mak…who though weakened, still saves…though he is disorientated…vision blurring. Kam attacks the spider wounding one of its legs. Mak is also able to strike and slays the creature.

Mak slumps to the floor and consumes 4 healing berries and Kam has two and they rest briefly as the torch fire begins to expand along the web, taking hold.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 3:08 am    Post subject: K203 Reply with quote

K203: 1Guiaranor03 - Forge Valley 2

Mak considers the large spider is an intelligent species and he knows of nothing else quite like that in the parts of Eberron he is familiar with.

"That was fairly difficult, wasn't it?", Mak tells Kam.
"That is because you are weak brother," Kam responds.

Leaving the cave they enter a third chamber. The room is covered in mirrors, floor, ceiling and walls. Here they see the bronzed box mentioned by Myandwyr. In the centre of the room is a 3” diameter floating red orb, above a hole in the ground. Every so often fleeting images would appear on a random wall mirror. Kam sees one…an image of a forest, before overgrown ruined towers, of an orange grey brick. The image disappears after a few moments. In the far right corner is a entrance way that has been opened, using the star key that was mentioned in the reports.


Mak decides to shoot the red orb with an arrow.

Kam smiles and laughs "I thought I was meant to be the stupid one" he chides.

Mak fumbles the attempt and Kam says "you're a retard" when he sees Mak fail with the string hurting his arm as the arrow bounces off target.

Mak says "got any better ideas if you think you're so clever."

Kam says "why don't we just walk in there and take the box back. isn't that what we came for?"

Kam does that and sees the key has opened the mirror into a gap or room beyond.

Kam enters and picks up the rustic box and thinks he can see a secret entrance next the one that is open. He informs Mak and yes, upon close examination, there is a concealed entrance, the mirror seemingly concave with a star symbol.

"can you see it?" Kam points.

Mak is not sure. "I guess so," he says. "If it's there why don't you open it?"

An image appears on another mirror…an expansive ruined open courtyard.

Mak and Kam investigate the hole in the center of the room. It is 10ft in diameter and descends into darkness. (The hole descends some 200 ft where another red orb is hovering a foot from the bottom, which is an underground stream. The second red orb can be seen from the room with a successful Spot check. Below the sound of crushing water could be heard. The orb is being held by a strong force and only a str DC55 will rip it from the energy that is holding it. Should this happen then the orb at the bottom will fly up at a great speed smashing into the glass roof above the room, forced upwards by a tide of water, the pressure released. The two orbs are holding the water at bay…and also monitoring the water level and density of a certain substance that had been discovered in the underwater cavern (Laen…enchanted glass).

Mak and Kam decides to check the opened entrance. The star key is embedded in the glass door, leads to what looks to be a study room. There is a lab table on which is glass beakers, burner and vials. There is also a desk, on which are packed 8 tomes in an open backpack and chair. Two book shelves containing approximately 40 tomes. Dust and debris, lies everywhere, air smells ranks and musky, very dry. Spiders scatter across the ground to cracks in the floor. The only disturbance is footprints on the ground and areas where the desk and shelving had been touched…presumably by the Azgeyr. However with a successful spot check, another area of floor is disturbed, circular in shape between the two shelves. In the centre is a small clear stone…which when Mak picks up a random book and drops it on the stone…the book flies back in his face, and he nearly falls backwards with the impact. And the air, gathered by dust and debris…an air elemental 2ft wide and 10ft high swirls into existence.

Air Elemental: 60HP, +11 init, Fly 100ft, A/C 20, Slam +12/+8, Slam dam 2d6+3 (impact critical), reach 5ftx5ftx10ft, Saves: Fort +9, Ref +15, Will +7 (intelligent) Wind Law base List 20th level, Air bolts, suffocation globes, 5ft r, PP180, Listen +11, Spot +11, flyby, arcing and flanking attacks.

A book flies into Mak's face with massive force. Moving air swirls around until 2'wide and 10' tall. Mak considers this is an elemental and on this world they are spiriits that get worshipped. Mak tries to speak to it and it slams into him, trying to knock himover. it does and knocks him out.

Kam just laughs and waits for Mak to regain consciousness.

The elemental attacks Kam who full parries against it. it misses.
Kam attacks it with evil sword. it wins initiative and tries to suffocate him. it engulfs Kam and starts to do that. Totally immobile to resist it.

Mak revives and attempts to repell the elemental with protection from chaos by casting and walking towards it, stopping just short.

This works

Kam escapes the room when it attacks and fails to harm Mak it gets Kam as he retreats and engulfs him again. more CON. He becomes unconscious.

Mak hits the elemental and feels the air frosting around it when he does so (cold critical) - it strikes back air crackles and there is thunder sound like a sonic effect happens (no ill effect as this was saved against)

It is frozen at it's base, trapping Kam's head and shoulders causing frostbite damage (5 hits per round). it breaks off and slams Mak.

Mak hits it again, it dissolves and is defeated.

While lying on the ground gasping for breath, after the elemental tried to suffocate him Kam sees another image flashing across a mirror…that overlooking a rocky plain land from an escarpment…battlements can be seen too. Mak joins him, after slaying the elemental and ensures his brother is ok. They rest in the chamber and heal the damage with the berries given to them. However with the Con reduction Kam has taken, the berries do not help his weakened state.

Kam is very cold. Mak says "I always knew you were a cold bastard, you didn't need to prove it."

Using the star key they open the secret entrance and it leads to a room that looks half complete with one wall, roughly hewed, and the opposite 4 walls in a half octagon size, well hewed and shaped. On each of these walls is an 8 pointed star of silver, representative of Elenmire. In the room is a hexagonal table of hardwood, and 4 chairs. On the table is a 10” gold statue of a falcon with 2 ruby gem eyes. It is very heavy (50 lbs). Mak uncovers a secret alcove beneath the table…mauve cloth covering circular flat compass, with numbered points and an 8 pointed star. It is very elaborate and as Mak places it on the table, he finds the top area moves as does the central point. Just off centre, where he sees a small indentation in the table, the compass points seeming to right corner of the chamber. Looking there they see nothing…the wall is smooth, there is no symbols or any magic detected. Mak takes the compass mat and places it in his pack.

Leaving the room they go to the well and consider descending it. Taking rope from the Azgeyr packs they tie it together and uses the table in the chamber as a anchor point. “I will go down.” Kam says.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kam moved quickly down the rope and fumbled at the 100' mark, hitting his head on the wall. Then he fumbled again and fell, slamming into the water and getting swept by the passing torrent out of sight.

Alarmed, Mak quickly followed. He reached the bottom after slipping briefly and could see no sign of Kam. Just raging water rushing into darkness, with patches of illumination provided by phosphorescent moss and lichen. Assessing the fast flowing water, Mak prepared himself as best he could and let himself drop in, to be swept in the same direction as Kam had been taken.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:25 pm    Post subject: 204 Beneath Valley Forge Reply with quote

K204 1Guiaranor04: Beneath Valley Forge

(caves and kobolds) Edit in progress.

Kam falls first through an opening and down a 30yrd high waterfall into a the waters of a huge cavern. There is no current and he swims to the shore and rising he sees a large cavern, fluorescent mosses enough for his low lightvision to work. He hears loud a loud splash and turning sees a head rising from the waters two white eyes watching him and up from the waters between the thing and him, rises another figure, coughing and spluttering.

"Mak is that you?" Kam asks.
"Yes you arsehole."

"Watch out, there's somethng swimming behind you!"
Mak swims like crazy towards Kam who is on the shore and reaches him as the thing sends out a tendril towards Mak missing him, the tendril splashing some feet away to his right. The creature sinks below the water as Mak reaches land. They have their packs...their bows and arrows are lost. Mak gasping for breath realises they had travelled down the underground river for about 30-40 seconds in time to reach this place over a waterfall off a ledge. stalacmites and stalctites.

"We're not alone. let'slook for a way out of here." Kam suggests.
Mak nods casts mending on damaged possessions. The cavern is 500-700ft wide and much longer, the ceiling perhaps 100ft. Mak can see a cave opening where the water is slowly moving towards on the far side of the cavern. On the right side of the cavern they find a cave...hewed out. It extends 20 feet in and there is a moss bed and remains of a camp fire. "This has not been used for some time...we can rest here." Kam says. They rest for a few hours in the cave. Using dry moss they make a fire and dry their clothes and eat from the rations provided to them.

explore cave to point where it narrows to seeif it goes anywhere.

on approach to neck of cavern it does ook like it bends or goes to another cavern.possibly crude wooden fortifications. not fully enclosed, more like an open platform.

no obvious signs of movement. both sneak up to fortifications. peer over.
definitely an encampment area. bedding for 7. spears in ground.

definitely been a fire recently. snea into the encampment.
horn on platform. shields line platform as defese. shields are bronze. spears are stacked up there.

designed for people slighlty smaller than us. maybe 5' tall people.

kam locattes some tracks. not booted. no footwear.

feet are not clawed.

follow the trail. we hear talking. take cover. see six humnoid each armed with spears and swords basic clothing black. head arms exposed is shiny black and very thin. luoinous white no hair on head. repulsive. sense evil. fairly relaxed like not expecting trouble. teeth. nasty.

three in tower. three stay at encampment. three come down for their meal.

we plan to attack them while they are distracted.
2 kobolds killed - mak and kam get 200xp each

the others get killed after a minor hit on mk and kam

kam gets 600 xp
mak gets 700xp (he criticaled with falcon longsword)
look through their possession and find food, herbs, twelve black glass vials (evil contents) kam drinks one vial and feels stronger. increases str and con by 2 (double bonuses)

kam enters beserker rage for 10 rnds attacking any good creature closeby.
he attacks mak. gets additional +3 to hit vs good and 2 attacks

mak sees kams eyes darken over as he attacks.

kam hits mak twice.
mak attempts to subdue but stumbles and falls down slope.

kam hits twice
mak strikes subdual back - hurt weapon arm for one round, -4 hits rnd -8 to hit therafter

mak subdues him again - kam is out of it

mak willleavekam to sleeptheeffect off and go discard the other eleven vials in the water 20 mins away.

kam revived. felt the effect was powerful, great but dangerous.
un repentant.

explore ahead past bend in cavern tunnel. find gap broken through showing a lit area (lanterns) with vanguard of 12 kobolds, mining crew and guards. side entrances.

we sneak through darkened areas looking for side entrance to bypass the guards sight. entrance - warm and moist.

curves downwards. cave area. meets up with mineral mudpool cavern. larva pool gives off the light.

locate a coulpe of caves that go up - follow those,wary of being observed by kobolds.

natural cave. narrow, enclosing.

we both see a rune etched into the wall. an upside down (90 degree rotated left) letter E

man made corridor besideit. starts from this poiint. follow the tunnel.

some parts look like they are burrowed. reach a landing. man made.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:28 pm    Post subject: K205 Reply with quote

K205 1Guiaranor04: Grandnharn Manor

Mak and Kam passed through the open door opposite the anvil. The forge was well equiped and maintained...a number of the forging tools, Mak knew were magical. They entered a large assembly area perhaps. Here were alcoved stables and two doors led to barracks for 15 and mess halls. The rooms were empty...abandoned. There was nothing here to indicate who had once stayed here. Returning to the assembly area they approached another large solid door which opened out into a training area, 400ft wide, the ground covered by soft sand. Saddles were stacked against one wall along with lances and javelins...practice weapons. Ornate windows in the ceiling let in a little light, some smashed by overgrown creepers and vines.

Ornate wooden doors lay to the left and lifting a heaving bar they opened it slightly, creepers and vines spilling into the room, nearly thrown them off balance. They spend some considerable time cutting their way through.

They finally step out into an overgrown courtyard. The sun is bright and blinds their eyes for a moment. The sun is so damn large. Ahead of them, to the right and left, is an extravagant three storey building on all sides of courtyard covered in creepers, made of orange-white masonry, the corners dominated by 4 storey guard towers. In the centre of the court is an old fountain. It is very birds...nothing moving.

Mak cannot sense evil or chaos. But Kam senses...not a presence, more a tragic memory embodied in this place.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:45 pm    Post subject: k206 Grandnharn Manor Reply with quote

K206: 1Guiaranor04: Grandnharn Manor

The underground assembly area leads up to the stables and two corridors to the left lead to barracks for 15 and mess halls. To the right large doors that once opened leads to an interior training area, the floor covered in dirt. Glass has fallen from the roof where ornate panes have broken as thick undergrowth and vines has broken through. The expansive courtyard…overgrown, a fountain at the centre, surrounded by 3 storey red stone estate, much of which is covered by vines. E, W and N wings, 3 storeys high, of orange coloured stone and white mortar in a large enclosed square, the S wing, being the indoor training court, stables and guard barracks. To the right – E wing, massive black iron gates…closed, above which are battlements and two guard towers on either side. The court is fully enclosed and overgrown with weeds and wild plants, the ornate fountain in the centre dried up and weathered. The fountain is a bowl that is held in place by four bronzed falcons, long discoloured. Mak sees some of the vines along the path have been trampled…must be animals. Kam sees in his wanderings, ornate steps to the west wing…doors, above where there was a crest…has been removed. There is no name or anything carved nearby. There are statues in the gardens, of men and women…deities possibly.


They enter the N wing. The ground floor holds a large banquet hall to the left, kitchens and ballroom on the right. 2nd and 3rd floor, 20 bedroom suits, furnishings covered in white sheets. Paintings have been removed from the walls, books from small shelves, empty cupboards, but the main furnishings are still here, immaculately preserved. However…Kam discovers that some furnishings have been taken away…and recently.

I Kam seeks to find out where the furniture was taken…unsuccessful.

I detailed search…checking out drawers and such. Nothing to identify who lived here. ... REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

Room No 40…the room that Kam saw from the courtyard…the room where he senses tragedy. He opens the door looks likes normal room and he enters. Mak stays out in the corridor. Once Kam enters it all changes!!!!!!! The room is suddenly cold and Kam suffers from the biting cold. The room…blood splattered walls, blood stained sheets and a trail of blood leading to the bathroom… Kam feels a presence in the room.

I what maks sees in the room, Kam’s challenge. ... REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

The challenge goes unheeded. The blood trail leads to the bath, where it is filled with blood and a body…the head and shoulders above and soaked in blood. A spike has been driven through its head. On the wall behind the bath…in common is scrawled in blood. “Though dead I be, I found you out…traitor.” The room is chilling and a presence, banal and vengeful can be sensed.

I Kams response…leaves…maks sees shadow…REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

Mak enters the room fearing his brother’s presence…he is after me. The doors slams shut behind him…the spirit now successful in getting him here. A shadow moves towards him gathering form…blood and flesh in human form, armed with a bloodied sword. (spirit of the traitor, trapped in this room). When he sees the Falcon ring, he will attack instantly.

Vengeful spirit a/c20, HP89, attack +12, Blood Sword 1d8 +3 for every successful attack, extra 1d6 HP is taken from the target and transferred to the spirit as healing. Evil Mentalist lists to 20th lvl

I The attack......two fumbles and 6 attacks, while Mak clears his airway…breathing, twice fold. Kam tries to bash the door down…to no avail. REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

The spirit perishes and upon death, explodes, blood covering Mak and the environs of the room…when he wipes blood from his eyes…the room is back to how he saw it originally, furnished, no blood…nothing except that which he had been seeing in the previous rooms. However…he is covered in warm blood. Suddenly the door flies open and Kam rushes in, nursing a sore arm.

I Mak and Kam show Maks goes into bathroom and washing himself finds compass point...Kam finds document concealed with writing REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

As they rest, from the window, Kam looking out sees a group 11 people crossing the courtyard towards the W wing, chatting unaware that they are been watched. 3 of them have a dead deer slung over their backs and they go inside. The manor has become the base for a group of 11 bandits, (10M 1F), the leader of whom is a roguish character called Joachan Skarr (9th lvl W/Fighter/Rogue). His lover Dana (12th lvl Thief/burgler/Nightblade), is a known cat burgler/jewel thief and is very deft and athletic…strikingly gorgeous dark haired woman, 5ft4 and very thin build, yet wiry and agile. They both lead 9 others, (2 x 7th lvl W/Fighter, 1 x 6th lvl W/Fighter/thief, 1 x 5th lvl W/Fighter, 1 x 5th lvl Rogue, 3 x 4th lvl Rogues, 1 x 4th lvl W/Fighter). They are sheltering here after being pursued the past 3 months by the Crushaidhin Mercenary Company…for reasons unknown to them. The company lost them in the Elder Wilds and they have been here for 2 weeks, but not before a successful ambush by the bandits, killed 8 of the mercenary company. They are planning to raid the merchant train that arrives every 3 days to Coppertown but both Joachan and Dana are wary about drawing attention to themselves, given that the Crushaidhin Company are out for revenge…given the black and gold box they took from them, one they have not been able to open yet. The last two days they have been scouting Coppertown and are making plans for the raid. They enter/leave the manor through the main gate, which is magically opened using a ring that Joachan found in the manor.


I Kam suggests they meet them…REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

They go to the W wing…the ground floor contains a library, its shelves empty, a kitchen where the smell of fresh meat emits and reaching another door Kam opens to reveal a lounge room…and 4 people, including the dark haired woman he had seen before. The woman sees him and moves with catlike grace, finesse and unparalled speed and lands beside him, Kam finding a dagger to his throat.

I Lounge encounter….followed by banquet hall. REFER BIG QUOTE BELOW

Both are taken to servants quarters and locked with magical wards. The rooms are sparsely furnished, lit by a single lantern. There is a plate of hot food and wine. Outside night has fallen.

2.06 - BIG QUOTE

Mak investigates bronze fountain - four falcons represented within its structure.

Kam notices a place where an ornate rounded crest has ben removed (west wing)

various statues of gods, etc.

"This calls for decisive action ..." Mak proclaims.
"Let's look inside one of the wings. Let's find a way in."

Kam poiints to the north wing. "how bout that - strids over and proceeds to break a door down, but discovers it is unlocked and goes in."

Mak follows, warily, with the falcon (glimmer) sword in his hand.

Ground floor - banquet hall on left
kitchens and ballroom on right

2nd floor - bedroom suites. furnished (covered by sheets)

Kam notices that some furniture that should be there as been removed (recently) - he points this out and seeks to follow the marks on the floors. doesn't really lead anywhere so he ignore it.

3rd floor - more bedroom suites (20) detailed search (pull out drawers, etc) looks like more stuff has been removed to cover whatever has happened here before.

Kam leads and approaches the "darker room" - says "something bad has happened here"
cold coming from the room. Mak can feel it too.

Mak says perhaps we should leave it alone.
Kam says "Nah, we're here now so let's have a look anyway."

Mak reluctantly says "OK, after you."
open door - normal room - They go in.

take 6 points cold damage (Kam) on entry - room is now different; bloodspattered with trail of blood leading to bathroom.

Mak sees Kam suddenly shudder and stop briefly. Mak sees a normal room. Watches Kam regain his composure and Kam will out his sword and chalenge the room. "show yourslef, I know you're here. I can sense it."

Mak says "what the hell are doing, are you stupid?"
Kam says "can't you feel it - can't you see it too?"

Mak says "No. You're crazty." blah blah blah.

Kam follows blood trail.

entering bathroom, blood trail leads to the bath.
filled with blood. head ans shoulders of body are above water line, with spike driven through head.

Kam prods body with his evil sword. it is solid. seems real. blood is moist. very cold here. blood has a "warmth" to it.

blood on wall "though dead I be I found you out traitor."

chilling and vengeful presence can be sensed.

"Can you hear me, spirit? Are bound here, are you trapped, do you want to be free?"

No answer.

"Then to hell to with you!" and walks out, disgusted. Tells Mak the spirit is lazy and won't communicate.

Mak thinks Kam is mak but he does see a shadow move across the wall. could be a trick of the light or something.

Then Mak senses evil just after the shadow passes. Kam looks back and the room seems normal again. rubs his eyes and looks again. normal.

Mak says the room is evil; Kam agrees there is a presence but he's already done his best to provoke it, so it can stay there while we search out the rest of this place. Maybe there's still something valuable here just lying around for usto take with us when we finally leave and go back to your little forest friends.

Mak will save - fails. Suddenly Mak feels like he's got to get away from Kam (Mind disease spell effect - paranoia) runs into room and door slams behind him, separating him from Kam. Shadow gathers form and moves towards him, blood and flesh in human form, armed with bloody sword. It attacks.

Kam will attempt to bash the door in, "yelling don't be an idiot."

Mak fumbles - so surprised he swallows tongue, choking, unable to fight or parry for three rounds.

It attacks for three rounds ...

2 hits (10hp + 8hp drain)

Kam tries to break in, fails.

Mak fights back ..swallows tounge again, choking for another three rounds

it attacks three mores times ..

Mak hits - 14 points plus frosting critical;

it retaliates missing
it misses

Mak hitz it in face - 24 points plus frosting critical (+5 on next

Mak hits 28 points plus frosting critical (+2 on next attack)

It hits -

Mak hits - 22 points plus frosting critical

The spirit perishes and explodes in blood. room back to normal.
however Mak is covered in blood.

Door opens and Kam rushes in nursing sore arm ...

Mak explains what happened and says "now I need to clean myself. This is gross." tries taps in bathroom. it's clean, just dusty. water eventually flows from tap. brackish but clears after a few minutes. Mak will wash while Kam searches the bedroom.

Kam finds ... on headrest (ornate) four poster bed a knob that moves and he lifts it out. dowling piece underneath withj parchment piece wrapped around it. He unravels it from the peg. And he then examines ithe parchment.

Note for someone in particular:

rough scrawl in common - through his mind he has betrayed his own people. the place you seek in Surtann for this where they have gone.

Kam will pocket it and keep the information to himself for the time being. Realise it is most likely "rune aper" which can preserve text and writing s for thousands of years.

Mak eventually emerges, after searching the bathroom. finds a thread in the bath plug hole. pulls it and finds what looks like a darning needle. magical, made of silver. different somehow. inherently magical silver. Very much like Eberron mithral, but common and naturally magic in Karthan.

Takes out the compass mat and attempts to set the needle on it. On the compass mat there are eight points that require needles. Two already fitted. This needle matches, leaving only one that is missing from the mat in total.

Mak rejoin Kam and he'll excitedly explain what he has discovered and show Kam the mat.

Kam will remain silent about his discovery.

"Knowledge is power."

we rest ...

Kam looking out a window, sees a group of 11 people crossing the courtyard towards the west wing chatting, unaware they are being watched. ten men, one woman. one has a deer across his shoulders.

Interesting, considering we've been told that no-one comes to these ruins. That these places are best avoided. I wonder weho they are. No uniform. Don't look like foresters/woodmen. Average humans. Mostly in leather. two in chain. armed.

The female is very striking. dark haired. beautiful.

Kam reports what he saw and says "shall we go see them? find out who they are!"

Kam sensed evil on some of the people. Not the woman and the man she was closest to. Mak is somewhat more cautious, because he thinks they might be a band of thieves or something.

Kam says "nah, they look alright. I'll the talking if you're afraid."

Mak says "fine, just don't cause a fight"

no guards outside.

ground floor - large libraray, reading room. warm. lounge area.

Kam is leading and ... four people are in the room. The female leaps into the air twirls and lands beside him. unbelievably fast.

Dana - "justify your existence or I'll slit your throa..."

"I'm Kam and I'm his brother - we're guests in Mharfaell and we got lost exploring some ruins. Sorry to trouble you but we've found ourselves here and you're the fiurst people we've seen in ages, so we thought we could have a chat. OK? We mean no trouble unless trouble is meant to us."

Dana - "I'll say one thing for him, he has an azgeyr sword, so he's evil."

Joachan - chrismatic, leader, fighter type "Elder wilds is very large place. Nerest settlement is Copper Town, so perhaps you got your story wrong."

???? - man "yeah, not abgreat story. heard this one before, they must be from the mercenary company."

Dana still has knife to his throat. Mak can hear movement from behind.
He sees a couple more men coming out from kitchen. He sheathes his sword. Says "really we're not going to cause you trouble. we only want to talk."

One of the other guys - "oh we don't want to cause trouble either, we only want to ask if you'll stay for tea" (playing with cleavers on hands)

Dana says "an evil pointy haired fair man, there's a new one."

Kam - "You're right, I haven't told you everything. I didn't tell you how we fell down a deep hole, got washed down an underground river ..."

Dana - "oh I hear a violin playing"

Kam - "... found ourselves in a kobold enclave, so we killed them all

Joacham - "killed what?"

Kam - "... the kobolds are nasty gangly thin smelly good for nothing underground people that attacked us. so yeah we killed them all and then climbed out and found ourselves here. Oh and did I mention the massive armourey we found underneath this place? Anyway we got lost and now we're here and we're just exploriung the place, aren't we brother?"

Mak - "yeah. we're explorers"

???? - "how do you like your meat, son?"

Kam - "rare."

Joacham - "perhaps we can talk about this more. Pour them some wine."

Kam - "love some"

Mak accepts some.

will savings throws - fail (unconscious)
both have water splashed over faces.

we're in the banquet hall. each tied to a chair.
across long table at other end is Joacham with Dana movingg towards us.

Room is lit by lanterns and candles on the table.

"Where's our gear?"
"we've got it- at least you're not serving the merceanries. but people like you usually have masters."

Mak mutters something about Oliya "not being pleased if she knew about this. Nor Myandwir. or Niessar."

Dana doesn't react to those names.

Both sit there.

Overhear ... "worried about pursuit from a mercenaary company caruchaidhin. mercenaries are evil, in the service of the emporer of Mhalifrey (ursurper and servant of dark gods) chaos god Kharagh. 140 in number have been pursuing this group for four months, unknwon reasons. came to elder wilds. ambush killed eight and stole a black and gold box. problems trying to open it. they fear the company will hunt them down for the box irrespective why they were being hunted beforehand. sense they have been together for a couple of years, most have been mercenaries or part of an adventuring group. a couple of rogues and a couple of fighters. they never did anything to get the mercanries attention before. Darkhold.

Lazar previosuly intimated that the well of worlds comes out through darkhold. apparently a person (sorcerer) with gold pieces (rare in karthan) wanted them to go there and they refused. telemnar is where they were hired from."

Dana - "we've prepared a couple of lovely rooms for you."

untied from chair but still bound individually. each taken to a servant quarter. simple. simple meal. locked in separate rooms. Locks are magical.

rooms are lit by a lantern. nightfall outside.



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K207: 1Guiaranor05: Elder Wilds

The hired ranger, Gwynraell led the four through the forest, a wry smile on his lips. He slowed as the others caught up…eyeing the Sorcerer who used his black and silver inlaid staff to brush the undergrowth aside, his obvious frustration shown. If only I could arrange an accident for this Sorcerer and his companions in the depths of the wood, it could be done…but Myandwyr had cautioned saying where Rhan goes, so the Dark Sorcerer watches too. “They are his eyes. The Sorcerer is here as a result of the arrival of Mak and Kam. In this matter, there is a balance to maintain. Show him the way…let them decide what to do when they arrive there. I will have familiars follow you with two Beastmasters. They will be protected by the spirits and therefore will not be seen by him.”

With Rhan were his companions, Taneck, Dettar and Calfourn, Therim from the towns of empire, far away from the Elder Wilds and what they have been use to in their years as hired men-at-arms/scouts. “How far is this valley Ranger?” Dettar asked as they halted to rest. Since leaving the road, they had spent the last 3 hours traversing through the forest….one damn tree and bush looked like a thousand they had passed before.
“Four more hours.” Gwynraell replied. He had been briefed on what to say, when too and of course observe. As yet, few in Mharfaell knew of the arrival of the Sorcerer. It was better to keep it that way. Sorcerers were rumoured to have reputations, capable of magic that can twist minds and bodies and manipulate friend against friend, village against village. If they did not get their way, it is said they could blight they tended to blight those who stood against them. Like Rhan, Sorcerers openly wore their black cloaks, gained after completing their training (rumoured to be in the Dark Tower itself) and wore them in arrogance and indifference to those around them, defiant. Black is the colour of evil and evil they became associated with. Why society tolerated them…was beyond Gwynraell. He had asked Myandwyr and his reply was. “What we hear of them may be true…or may be false, there is a certain fear and trepidation that comes with their sudden arrival. But they do not serve the God of Chaos or his Lord Marshall, Darkness Claw. In times of conflict the Sorcerers do aid us…and like all citizens of the empire they come under the laws of the empire, the same laws that we obey, that shape our society as a people. They are citizens of the empire as well.” Citizens of the empire…to be watched.

“How many hours of daylight do we have?” Taneck asked. He had looked skyward…but found a heavy canopy of foliage above him.
“Don’t you have your timekeeper?” Dettar muttered bringing out his. “Six hours.”
Gwynraell nodded. “Do you wish to encamp or journey up to the valley itself?”
Rhan looked at Dettar. “We go into the valley. The sooner we find them the better.”
Dettar nodded. “There’s your answer Ranger.”

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K208: 1Guiaranor05: The Dark Tower

Shades of Grey. The Elder Wilds was clouded over, from his and his view alone. Yes, he could see Mharfaell…at times, and the other villages…he could discern people and uses of magic, the spell…realm and to the north the vast inland lake…but as of two hours ago when he communicated with his servant, Rhan, the entire forest was shrouded, shielded from scrying. And just when he had seen for the first time….Shades of Grey. Locations unknown to him…protected from viewing by the Ilmaren themselves and one in particular Benneta, the demi god of history to the damned Church. And Rhan was drawing near to one such Shade of Grey. These had intrigued him…places where his servants could visit oh yes…but saw…perceived nothing. What was their, was denied to them in all senses and magic. A grandiose illusion of the natural world where SOMETHING tangible was there…made by man or another race, older than he. The history before HIS time had been denied to him.

And I am beginning to realize why this may be. I was there at the last War of Might….the last Transcendence, LE5655. The empire as I see it now was built after the war, over a period of 800 years, the Dark Age. I saw it…worked through the devastation of the empire wracked by Kharagh’s destruction to learn that the Lord of Chaos had targeted all written knowledge. All save the knowledge of the Church had been destroyed. Magic User professions lost forever. Though the nomadic tribes still had their Shamans, Rangers and Beastrmasters…the Alchemist, Mage, Mentalist, Sage, Illusionist and other profession used by Therim and Tanatherim were gone within two generations. Thousands of magic user towers were destroyed, where many of the apprentices were trained at that time. Then, unlike now, there were few schools of magic. Magical libraries were destroyed along with libraries of lore and history, private and public, targeted by Chaos Dragons and their ilk. Though the empire won the war and survived the Long Winter that followed, the empire plunged into a dark time…reigned over by thick acrid grey smoke that covered most of the land for nearly 200 years.

Would Kharagh try the same tactic again? I think not…chaos he may be. But the empire of Karthan was not surrounded by four of the Powers of Dominion just out of mere coincidence. With Darkness Claw back as Lord Marshall…back in favour to Kharagh, the element of intelligence in strategic thinking had returned. Darkness Claw knew what Kharagh could not comprehend. To win the war, no matter how global it would be, Karthan had to be CONQUERED and NOT DESTROYED. It was about dominion over man, the chosen race to preside over this world and for some reason Karthan is the prize, the crown jewel in the world conflict . The Tordagh were incidental…as were the Ancient Enemy and the dragons under the sovereign rule of Stormwing. They were and would never come under the auspice of the Ilmaren, who undoubtedly created this world for man and man alone. But obviously in the early prehistory of this world something had gone wrong, the Ancient Enemy had arrived…bringing Stormwing with them perhaps. The Tordagh came later, that I knew…just how recent I do not know. Their realms deep in the mountains are Shades of Grey too, the Tordagh jealously guard their halls from all forms of scrying and detections.

Putting this into perspective….there was a history before I became master of the Dark Tower. Since that time, history had played its course with the Battle of Chaos…the Transcendence and the slow rebuilding to what the empire is now, much more powerful and stronger than it was before the previous Transcendence, even with two of its western provinces lost to the usurper. But it is NOT that history that interested me…I knew it all. It was the history BEFORE MY TIME…they are the Shades of Gtrey, that dot the landscape of Elder Wilds and if I looked, perhaps other regions of the empire too. What could these locations of such an age be, given the location, a dense forest land, remote, straddled before the Tarascon Mountains. What is it about this…human prehistory…that would be SO important that is to be denied to ME!!!!!

Looking back into the pool of water…the forest returned and he seemingly swooped over it like a bird, his mind concentrating on Rhan. As his magic drew him closer he suddenly stopped…his head felt like it had just struck a wall and pain wracked through him. WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!
It passed…what power is this. Looking into the bowl he saw…the forest canopy was LOOKING AT HIM.

“We are watching you” a myriad of voices whispered to him.
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K209: 1Guiranor05: Olyia

Olyia bubbled in her pool contemplating the past few hours. Since the departure of the humans…her dearest mother and father had chastised her for interfering in their affairs. “They are mortal child…they see the world as we do not. They are not of us and there are always consequences when we…interfere in their physical world.” They were not TOO upset, there were others that just truly despised the humans living in the Elder Wilds and lived in the ethereal plane…mother and father were more tolerant and frequently visited the physical world…which Olyia LOVED SO MUCH as all young Valandor did, the natural world was just the best place to experience life’s most amazingly beautiful miracles. Oh yes…the Ethereal Plane was just the most gorgeous place…but here there were humans.

She could understand how her parents felt. The humans were just all over the place, so many of them…the world would be so much more beautiful and pristine if they were just well…not around.

So a chiding I did get but they oh so love me still!!!!
But now the consequence. A Sorcerer was approaching Valley Forge and mother and father had VERY strict instructions about him.

“Do nothing…not even acknowledge the Daeostherim Ranger. Your presence will be watched by the Dark Sorcerer.”
“OH.” She did not like that thought. He was a human who, gaining immortality by murdering his master, abused his ever growing magical power and enjoyed interfering and defying the Ilmaren. She was more than happy to do JUST nothing.

But…her mother and father were not. She could feel them close by…others too, then she heard it, many voices, whispering.

“We are watching you.”

Olyia was amazed. It was the first time she had ever seen her elders do this…exert their power to this extent, targeted against a single mind.
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K210: 1Guiaranor05: Elder Wilds

“All is well dear.” Olyia heard her mother say comfortingly.
“Oh mother what did you do?”
“We prevented the Dark Sorcerer from his scrying attempt. He has now learned there are greater powers than he who reside in this forest, and we are now watching him…very closely.”
“But what of his servant…he is near.”
“Do nothing my lovely child.” Olyia felt her kiss against her. OH MOTHER I LOVE YOU...and miss you too!!!! “Let them search…your human companions have passed from this region. Our Father and High King watches as does the Quiseraen.”
“Really…Mak and Kam sound SOOOO important.”
She heard her mother laugh. “For humans…perhaps. Just watch and do nothing dear. We will be watching too.”
“I will mother…I promise.”
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:10 pm    Post subject: K211 Reply with quote

K211: 1Guiaranor07: Grandnharn Manor

Time passes and both sleep restlessly. Food is provided along with wine and for both...solitude becomes uncomfortable. Outside Mak and Kam could hear movement and muffled conversation of the guards. On what he thinks is the 3rd day, Kam overhears two talking about the possibility of a hunt tomorrow. Mak tells the guards to be quiet and Kam adds to the conversation…abusing the guards, trying to draw their attention. And they just laugh and shout abuse back. Mak realises that the magical items he still has…they were not taken. Why not?

In the early hours of the morning, Kam is awakened to sound of noises and sees his door partially opened and sensing someone is in the room…reacts quickly, jumping out of bed, still tired, looking around but he sees no one.
“Who is there…show yourself.”
No answer. And outside in the corridor all is quiet. He steps out and checks Mak’s room. The door is unlocked and he rustles Mak awake and they both enter the corridor. They both see the two guards are lying on the floor…dead, two familiar swords impaling each of the fallen’s chests…the Azgeyr weapon and the Glimmer Sword. They see two others approaching…angry at seeing their companions dead. “Well our guests are trying to leave…killing our friends too.”
“Good enough reason to deal with them now before they report us to their friends.” The other replies.

I combat….items….refuge in the west wing.

"shit, quick get our swords and let's get out of here."

too late; FOUND. corridor is narrow.

Kam will step forward without hesitation weilding his evil blade.

Attack…Mak sees the second foe aiming a very small crossbow. The foe fumbles and drops his sword. The second guy with the crossbow misses as his friend tries to pick up his weapon. Kam attacks while the foe is retrieving his weapon…which he does. And rising Kam attacks again, wounding his foe again. The foe is staggered and feeling the affects of the wound.

kam crits - gains +3 on next attack

enemy fumbles, drops weapon
other guy tries to shoot kam, misses

free attack; kam hits - swears at the guy "you've tried to set us up you bastards"

enemy retrieves weapon and kam hits again

kam fumbles ...lose grip on weapon for two rounds but can parry only.

enemy hits for 12hp dmg

crossbow guy attacks too ... small crossbow bolt hits 6hp plus will save.
CON halved temporarily.

kam hits for 16hp enemy killed and kam threatens guy with small crossbow (he is hands and knees trying to position for another shot)

+750 kam

he tries to shoot ... critical ... kam fails ... more CON halved.
kam unconscious (-2hp)

Mak reacts shouting, weilds glimmer sword and attacks the crossbow guy.
the sword does 24hp plus frosting crit against foe, freezing foe's throat and lungs. he drops, dying. Mak skewers his dying opponent.

Mak turns his attention to Kam, who is stirring but is feeling very weak from the poison.

+1,120XP for Mak

allow time to pass so Kam heals as much as possible (new max is 22hp!!!)

Mak notices a dark brown traveller's Cloak the assassin (nightblade) wears shimmers occasion.

he casts detect magic - white magic and grey magic detected (odd, unusual, his spell now functions differently in Karthan as he is seeing more than one magic type in addition to Eberron). possibly neutral magic.

Mak will take the cloak to examine later. (cloak of many pockets 88, some contain items like lock picks, etc).

Kam is definitely weakened and he expresses an interest in the crossbow. He looks at Mak and says "these bastards are using poison, so I'm going to take this and use it against them myself!" He takes the crossbow with its remaining magazine containing 11 tiny bolts. Effective range assessed as being 30' max, 10' range increments. crossbow is +2 item. only penetrate leather armour down. dmg die is 1d6 plus CON dmg (50%) save DC 25. fits easily into a pocket. "Nice toy," Kam says. "it's mine now."

Their plan is to avoid if possible the others, and they'll attempt to find a way out of the west wing to an unused area of the compound (ie another wing for the time being). They pick the deserted wing where the spirit was encountered.

we wait looking occasionally out the windows from the pper level to see what Dana and Joacham are up to when they find their people dead.

It is dawn. three of the evil folk come out into the overgrown courtyard arguing among themselves. Two are armed with double headed crossbows. Kam notices this and determines they are heavy crossbows.

Mak thinks the ruins are quite stunning, considers it was quite nice in its time. The bad guys check gates are closed thenmeet a couple more and start to search. two go to stables. they notice doors open.

one goes to gatehouse and two come our way inside the lowe part of our wing. One has a heavy crossbow. other has longsword and shield.
both leather armour.

Kam lies ins wait behind the door with the crossbow at rerady.
Mak inside closet.

shouts from courtyard ... they find where we originally entered.

we never hear nor see Joacham and Dana.

liseten chacks ...

both hear "... who has sold us out? ... they're still here, we've got to stop them ..."

we get a sheet and fashion a "surrender" flag. hang it from the upper floor window. mid-afternoon. "oi chicken shoits, we;re up here. we don't want to fight you, we just want you to know where we are, so you can f&^% off and leave us alone."

four come out warily through the courtyard and we move and hide on opposite side, middle floor in corner of wing. mak notices we will leave tracks. so we criss cross, separate to confuse enemy and then go to desired room.

stay hidden.

Mak behind door with glimmer sword ready.
Kam behind bed (ducked down) with poison crossbow read.

Two people sensed by Mak approaching (evil) glimmer sword warns him by glowing whitish blue on blade. Mak signals Kam militarily to get ready. we tense up, ready for initiative and critical action.

door opens ... flung open. Mak gets slammed.
men enter.

Kam has surprise initiative. hits crossbow guy 4hp plus 50% CON.
10 tiny bolts remaining. crossbow guy staggered. sword guy doesn't see kam, mak nose bleeding.

Kam fires at second guy. critical +100xp 10hp plus poison 50% CON hit in shoulder, doesn;t seem affected. and galres.

Mak whacks him. 14hp plus frosting critical.

one moves toward kam. mak faces staggered guy.

kam drops crossbow, pulls out evil sword and attempts to strike angry guy down. hits.

mak loses initiative, staggered guy pulls a sword and attacks ...

mak attacks ... misses.

kam attacks .. hits 14hp. angry guy dives to floor and reaches for crossbow and tries to fire the crossbow at him. bolt thudsinto wall beside my chest.

8 bolts remaining.

staggered guy hits Mak. 13hp.

mk retaliates and fumbles - slip without grace and loses two rounds of oportunity,cannot parry this time. got sword stuck in cupboard door or soemthng.

staggered guy gets opportuni5ty and hits 5hp and hits 9hp

during this Kam wins initiative ... hits
kam hits again and he fires crossbow, criticalling and kam loses 50% CON

angry man misses with crossbow

6 bolts remainig

kam kicks his arse ... angry guy falls down, coughing blood etc.

Mak gets initiative over staggered man ... 16hp plus frost critical (96) which makes foe a frozen lifeless statue.

+855xp for Mak

Kam will skewer the coughing guy and drills the evil blade his his uncomprehending rain after rolling initiative and winning it. And then reality steps in ... Kam was dreaming , he fumbled again.

Kam lost his grace and didn't get the vital blow.

Coughing angry guy hits Mak this time ... 12hp.

Mak makes up for that and ices the bad guy relentlessly to set a glowing example for the DM. 16hp plus (13) frosting

+425 xp Mak
+425 xp Kam

close door. listen for sound. no sound. search bodies.
find three potions (healing????? blue colour seems right) and
Kam finds a black vial and six more darts for crossbow and another conceleaed croosbow on wrist. comes with starp harness for quick releae action.

also find a grey stone that hums when he touches it

Conceal bodies in the closet. Mak and Kam rest behind closed door.

Other three enemies complete their search. some time later they come back out. their mates haven't returned.

After moving around the wing, treading in the footfalls of the others, they return to the room where the flag is and look out over the courtyard. They find one in cover in the inner courtyard near the fountain. Then thud…crossbow bolt through the flag and into the wall outside the window.

5 KARTHAN days have elapsed (equivalent to 10 Ebberon days effecively)
tiring. hard to sleep. ring of sustenance.

we've done well, having removed more than 50% of the enemy plus 2 leaders are missing.

make way back to room with flag.

we see a concealed person in the courtyard and a bolt is fired from across the other side of courtyard.

kam shouts a warning to the enemy but temper it by saying "we don't want to kill you, so stop trying to fight us"

an arrow comes from below, from guy in cover.

kam calls them arseholes. he smashes the windows out with sword.

mak calls out "can't we just talk"

flaming exploding arrow strikes ceiling of room

kam will say "forget it, they're morons brother, they are prepared to die, knowing we've already killed the rest of their number"

mak just sighs and readies the glimmer sword for an expected assault.

mak and kam will back out out and take up poistions at the ready at the top of the stairs to the upper floor of the west wing.

mak sees a magical floating wizard eye coming up the satirs. familiar to him as similar effect is used in Eberron.

we duck down to avoid it seeing us, trying to use the banister as concealment.

then Mak pops up and casts light spell directly on it when the magic eye comes into view.

a lot of time passes we get restless so we listen to combat that ...

kam on left mak on right.

Kam gets grabbed behind and a knife to throat and hand over mouth.

He responds to that by saying "mammamffffff!"

Mak sees a cloaked person who is half shrouded in darkness holding Kam with another behind him.

mak will pounce seizing initiative charges with glimmer sword and strikes the guy who is readying to level and fire crossbow. Miraculously, he fumbles, rolling 00 as he does so - bad taste and poor execution - attempts to maim self doing 87 (severs opposite hand - left hand 25 hp stunned 6 rounds, unable to parry).

Mak is out and Kam capitulates out of selfish need and gets knocked out for his trouble.

both are subdued, captured and imprisoned in dungeons at the main wing.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:34 pm    Post subject: k212 Mharfaell Reply with quote

K212: 1Guiaranor07: Mharfaell

Gwynraell returned to Mharfaell and there sought Myandwyr at the Rangers Lodge. “Has the sorcerer returned as well with his companions.”
“No, they are travelling to Coppertown.” Gwynraell replied. “I was surprised when we entered Forge Valley. I was expecting them to find the site, but they did not. It had been covered over and even with the magic the Sorcerer used…he discovered nothing.”
“The site was covered?” Myandwyr asked intrigued.
“Yes with more undergrowth than I had seen prior to the battle with the Azgeyr. The sorcerer was very frustrated…his spells were not working, he openly declared that. Someone, he said was defying him.”
“The spirits were.” Myandwyr smiled. “They have made his time here difficult to say the least. So nothing was found, it would seem then that our guests entered the ancient site for they were not found. Now why is the Sorcerer going to Coppertown.”
“He is going to meet another of his order.” Gwynraell replied. “And receive further instructions.”
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K213: 1Guiaranor12: Grandnharn Manor

Mak and Kam are imprisoned in separate jail cells below the main building.

Kam awakens in a dungeon. He is lying on floor. rotten straw. NO items save armour, magic rings and armband of sustenance.

a lot of time (indeterminate) has passed.
He has 4 CON restored (4 Karthan days?)

Kam - yells and bangs on the door. "give me my stuff back, now!"

"let me out of here!"


Half the room is lit by a lantern.

Plate, knife and fork and spoon. He has eaten recently but doesn't remember doing that.

He waits sullenly for the 'entertainment to arrive ...

Mak awakens ... He feels weak, knows what happened. looks at wrist and sees it bandaged. throbbing. itching. hand missing. "shit"

Plate with his decaying hand on it beside him. He retches, throwing up violentyly, cursing saying "Nooooooooooooo! Why me?"

When finished being sick he notices hand moving towards him.

Senses evil. He stops the hand moving by putting his booted foot firmly on it. 12 hp damage. pain in head and at appendage. he stops it.

looks around cautiously, thinking and then he casts light on the hand.

in a dungeon cell lit by a lantern with steps going up tpo a solid door. rotting straw.

"i'll never use a warhammer again"

not only evil but a compulsion about it. He avoids it.

Goes up steps. it follows slowly.

He sighs and gives up to see what it does.

he stands and waits for it.

climbs up boot. up left leg. up waist. up armour. up chest. grabs throat. It wants revenge! Something animated it, infected by rage!

5 hp suffocation damage. tries to rip it off. success. gasp for breath and throw it against the far wall.

four white marks on throat plus thumb mark.

it falls to ground and flops around then slowly moves toward ghim agaion.

plate and wood utensils. shackles on wall. bit of effort to remove as shackle of the wall. find some pins to secure shackle.
6hp 5hp. appendage starts bleeding again. i feel the pain. whacks it with a chain a couple of times. Mak grabs unmoving hand, shackles it and then secures other end to the wall.

mending spell to fix end of chain to wall.

crushing damage to hand causes another 6hp to Mak. throbbing acvhing feeling.

"whose sick game is this? let me out of here."

a derivative of myself and Kam.?

He sighs and waits. and waits. and waits.

Gets up - door opens - whose there?

two slender fit looking young women do not enter the room.
two men dressed in chainmail black cloaks swarthy types definitiely evil taint, etc

one looks at shackled hand and laughs. throws me a key.

"i'll spare yor lives seeing as you're not involved with the others"

door is left open. Mak yells out "where are my possessions? I want those back." he goes to the doorand looks down the assumed corridor.

2 torches six cells either side with stairway going up and a body in the hallway. one of the party. th guy that was shooting at me.

The guy was in uniform and not one of the other types. probably one of the mercenaries. cloaks resembled monk robes but black. warrior monks?

walks down it, looking inton each room as he passes and find Kam.

Kam was sitting sullenly waiting because noonE SPOKE TO HIM. Kam was taunting the footsteps of the booted man. who ignored him.

Kam released .. we explore the complex to fill the time indicated (1 hr) because we find our stuff.

we are actually still in the overgrown manor complex (west wing) where the evil group was actually staying. they have been eliminated.

movement around. we avoid it. we see these bad guys moving around. we keep out of their way. three are moving a black and gold box. the other group did speak of it previulsly.

Mak ... kitchen area ... our backpacks are missing. horses in inner courtyard. 30. gates are opened . 7 warrior monks with horses. no symbols.

in kitchen ... in oven .. we find our equipment. weird but handy.

mak single handedly retrieves my possessions.

is compass there ? yes. weapons. yes.

our gear has not been searched r interfered with at all. so someomne had enough control to enure items not touched and they ended up here.

I Mak, finds his hand in the food and it animates, chasing after him, trying to strangle he places it in shackles.

Arrival of the mercenary company. They are released.

we wait in the kicthen and rest. eat some food if some is handy.

we hear horses riding away. thwen we go outside into the courtyard.

sore eyes. w retire into a shaded area to reacclimatise.

Mak not happy about his future prospects as a xard shark in the empire's best casino .... plus counting past 5 just got harder.

Kam ... smiling ... knows Dana is around. it's her doing. he just knows. she's watching? "show yourself he says."

Mak says "what?

Kam says "she is here. I sense it. why? he can smell the wolf? sense it. knows it. suspects it very strongly. she is near."

he looks and sees her stepping out ... she is smiling.

"So the mercenaries did spare your lives good to see."
"Yes, they took the box - what is it?" he demands.

we don't know but know it's important enough that emporrer of malafrei personally requests it.
it was concealed in copper town and mercanries raide town to rtriowve it.

believe it contains a crown for right of rulership becuase of power. it can legistimise a ruler.

we need to get locals to help us prevent the box being removed from eleder wilds.

sounds like a challenge, we;re up for, Kam says. let us rst for a brief while longer and then show us the way.

in if leave in an hour we can reach village by nightfall.

Rhylfaell - about 25 miles from Mharfaell

Concluding scene. They met Dana and she tells of them…the box contains the legitimate crown for the ursuper, the Emperor of Mhalafrei. An ambush is considered of the mercenary company before they leave the Elder Wilds.
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