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Campaign Year - LE8755 Events - Karthan Empire
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 2:19 pm    Post subject: LE8755015 Reply with quote

LE8755 day 015: 1Guiaranor15

The Day of Feasting marks the end of the Grand Tournament and it lasts well into the night. That evening Empress Lonarwaen hosts the foreign ambassadors at an annual dinner followed by informal counsel.

Word reaches the Imperial Court from astrologers in Starhill, Lamenvale, of the earthquake and its effect on Tyr. Tordagh had reached the pass and surveyed the damage, surprised by the extent and localization of the quake. Tyr, that had straddled both sides of the pass, had collapsed into the pass, covering it in strewn rubble of wood and stone, black smoke rising from smoldering fires. They make contact with a patrol of Star Crusaders on the Arktoria side of the pass. That evening through an Astrologer, a report is sent to the High Steward and Provincial Governors of Arktoria and Kandraith. The High Steward calls for an urgent meeting of the Imperial Court and after the Empress arrives, they counsel and begin deploying Star Crusaders and clerics/healers from Arktoria to the disaster area. Nanatherim and Karnirutherim clans nearby are contacted by their Kings, through Spirit Shamans and instructed to provide all possible assistance.

The Grand Duchess of Zeray counsels in secret with the Duke of Terekan who championed the citystate as a Black Knight.

Spies report to Darkness Claw of an impending council of importance to be held in the Imperial Capital, Cerberus and of the arrival of representatives from a foreign land, Attalante.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 2:20 pm    Post subject: LE8755016 Reply with quote

LE8755 day 016: 1Guiaranor16

The High Steward finalizes arrangements for the War Council tomorrow. The agenda tabled is military and logistical support to the upcoming Crusade called by the Ordained Patriarch to liberate Thereck and Mhalafrei from the servants of the Usurper and the Dark Religion. The council will occur at the Hall of Silver Shields, beneath the Imperial Palace, the only section of the former palace destroyed during the War of Chaos that is still intact. 100m below is the hall where Alladan’s people rest in spiritual slumber.

The “Sea Mist” returns to Celedras with the Attalante delegation.

Tanhor-Vy, an apprentice at the Imperial University, at Tir, reports to his tutor that he has discovered a secret entrance in the floor of the annex leading to the massive Hall of Tomes. The discovery is quickly proven by Lord Magic Users and guards are placed while records of the university’s construction are studied. By the end of the day they determine this entrance is not recorded at all. Preparations are made to open the entrance the following day.

The Basig-Mesk, captured in the forest of Nardhol by a group of adventurers, escapes and causes havoc in a nearby Daeostherim village, forcing many to flee into the depths of the forest. The creature is wounded by a flock of large ravens…familiars of a powerful female shaman. The winged troll retreats into the forest pursued by the ravens. The Basig-Mesk attempts to use powerful wind magic to redirect the ravens flight, but in a contest of wills between it and the shaman the Basig-Mesk fails and the ravens finish their task and brutally so.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

LE8755 day017: 1Guiaranor17

The War Council, held in the Hall of Silver Shields beneath the Imperial Palace. Attended by:
Empress Lonarwaen
High Steward
Ordained Patriarch
High Priestess of the Church of Elenmire
Lord Paladin and Grandmaster of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple
Earl Marshall (Imperial Court)
Knight Commander (Imperial Court)
Lord Admiral (Imperial Court)
Duke of Rithaglin
Duke of Nokomis
Duke of Kaldefen
Duke of Tanyassol
Duke of Girithron
Duke of Carrisbrook
Muras Dhebrasin; Lord Astrologer: Guildmaster of the Starsayers Guild.
Toukere Larryl: Lord Alchemist: Guildmaster of the Hall of Fire
Palladrys Ultonnne: Lord Illusionist: Guildmaster of the Halls of Essence
Anduras Seinfarin: Lord Mentalist: Guildmaster of the Mindspeakers Guild
Geddan Fyrer: Lord Magician: Guildmaster of the Imperial Guild of Magic
Turbar: Urdan (Karnirutherim) representative Storm Mountains
Shanlodar: Urdan representative Tarascan Mountains
Ulthrann: Kirani (Karnirutherim) representative Lethrai
Breothar: Kirani representative Lamenvale
Ondrias: Kirani representative Kandraith
Lothan: Derkall (Karnirutherim) representative Talan-Kosteyn
Thrakhin: Tordagh representative Khudakan
Farugh: Tordagh representative Daghurkh
Duhrim: Tordagh representative Meadragul
Elwenor: Attalante representative
Myiko Naukaso: ambassador of Arkulan

Isadora Dusador: Grand Duchess of Zeray
Provincial Governors: Peleannor, Telemnar, Lethrai, Lamenvale, Kandraith and Arktoria
Former Duke of Meggido (Mhalafrei)
Former Duke of Echoriath (Mhalafrei)
Former Duke of Kapparah (Thereck)
6 Attalante representatives
Bali Foehammer
Lord Treasurer (Imperial Court)
Lord Proveidier (Imperial Court)
Alladan (ethereal form)
Alnuathor: High King of the Silvarana (ethereal form)
Stormwing (as Silvarana and ethereal form)

The High Steward chairs the council and after the opening address the representatives hear from the Ordained Patriarch of the Night of Invocation and the upcoming Crusade to begin 3 Marendeth05. Logistical support is to be provided by the Provincial Governors of Lethrai, Telemnar and Peleannor to support the Crusaders deployment. It is generally believed from counsel from the former Duke of Kapparah that if Mhalafrei capitulates quickly, so will Thereck, saying King Balzarch’s hold is tenuous at best. The main threat following the Night of Invocation is the 3 Arkulan mercenary companies in Mhalafrei and to this, the Arkulan ambassador informs that their leaders have been disgraced by the Emperor and pressure will be applied from within the ranks for the companies to regain their honour by withdrawing. “If this can be achieved then we can remove the threat without conflict.” It is agreed for the Arkulan ambassador to follow this through. Ranger and Beastmaster support is confirmed by the Urdan, Kirani and Derkall representatives as are magic users from the Magic User guilds. Logistical support and deployment is discussed throughout the day.

A team of mages, including apprentice Tanhor-Vy, gather at the annex before the Hall of Tomes. With 6 guards and magical defences neutralised the secret entrance is opened. After more magical defences and wards are neutralized the team descends a stairway, lit by projected light spells.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:34 pm    Post subject: d018 Reply with quote

K018: day 018 1Guiaranor18

The War Council continues into the 2nd day.
Empress Lonarwaen addresses the council and introduces Elwenor of the Imperial Court of Attalante. “Many here live in the present and consider matters of the here and now and look to the future when we plan for those events that are apart of our lives, that keeps this empire strong and its people protected. Our past is the reason Elwenor is here to address you. History is about to repeat itself and we must prepare for an event that will begin next year and the consequences this will bring.”

Elwenor addresses the council and with large charts explains the onset of the Long Solisse (winter), the affects of which will be felt slowly over this year but come into full effect next year and for the next 5 years…2000 days of Solisse. The Dukes look to the Lord Astrologer for confirmation but he is as surprised as anyone else. “Our guild has no knowledge of this.”
“I can confirm this event.” The Ordained Patriach informs. “Elwenor is correct.”
“How could we survive this?” The Duke of Tanyassol asks. “How did we last time this happened?”
The Ordained Patriarch replies. “We have the means but there will need to be changes in the way our citizens live over that time. I will personally brief Her Imperial Majesty on this but there is one other matter to consider, Her Imperial Majesty spoke wisely of the consequences…a harsh time for our people is but one of these. Lord Elwenor.”
“I can also speak for my Emperor when I say that we will aid your empire as we will other kingdoms and lands over the coming year. The consequence of this period of Solisse is that the Lord of Chaos is at his strongest and he will invade this empire and many other lands on our world. He has done this on 3 previous occasions the Long Solisse has affected our world and he will do so again.”


Elwenor continues “Man has survived the previous attempts by the Lord of Chaos to destroy our domains. We have often wondered why. It seems one kingdom has defied him, the kingdom of Daishur where dwell a powerful priesthood, the Sunpriests of Arias. It is their power, their unusual magic that changed the balance to the favour of man. However it has recently come to our attention that the Lord of Chaos has taken an interest in one other kingdom and we presume for the same reason, defying him…defeating him. Unfortunately your records do not go back that far, but your calendar year, LE8755 must have started from a singular moment in your history.”
“We have always maintained the calendar.” Empress Lonarwaen informed. “But you are right. During my adventuring years with Bali we were able to determine that the Lord of Chaos targeted knowledge when he last attacked our empire.”
“So we have no idea of how if we ever did that is, defeated the Lord of Chaos.” The Earl Marshall remarks. “Consider his land borders ours…I cannot see how we could have survived let alone warring over the Solisse period.”
“Nevertheless the Empire did and endured.” The Ordained Patriarch informed. “What knowledge we have, states that the Lord of Chaos attacked on two fronts, north through the Talan Kosteyn and south through the province of Mhalafrei. Darkness Claw opened a third front, east towards Cerberus.”
Empress Lonarwaen looks up to Bali Foehammer sitting in the gallery and turns to the Ordained Patriarch. “Is that all you are going to say of this event. Surely you know how the Shadowlands came to be?”
“I do.” The Ordained Patriarch. “That was where the final battle took place, where evil and chaos was defeated. Where the spirits of the empire’s fallen were cursed. Battle also took place before Naeramarth and lasted for many days.”

“The reason I asked of this is that I believe the Shadowlands will play a role in this coming conflict.” Empress Lonarwaen informed. “What of the cities?”
“Many were destroyed by Zhan.” The Ordained Patriarch replied.
“How can we survive such an attack again.” The Duke of Rithaglin asks. “Were we stronger as an empire back then?”
“The empire is much stronger and larger in territory now than before.” The Ordained Patriarch replied. “I just…do not know how we survived.”

Empress Lonarwaen nods. “Gentlemen, the empire must prepare for war. This is your responsibility and I will observe proceedings. However, do not expect any plan here to be the final one. We have the crusade in the 3rd month and other matters in the future may change or affect our plans. But for the moment, we can at least prepare. The Imperial Army can begin training as can the knights and men-at-arms of the nobility. We can decide on supply routes and how best to deploy the Nanatherim, Karnirutherim and Tordagh across from the west and north to the east where much of conflict may take place. Then there is the compliment of healing camps and the militia to protect them….the magic users of the empire, and the items of power…all these things will be required. We must also be prepared to evacuate the citizens of Mhalafrei and Thereck as those two provinces will bear the full wrath of Kharagh’s forces. I would suggest that we use those provinces as our battle grounds. Let us not have Kharagh’s forces sweeping across the empire.

“Closer to the end of the year, perhaps we could look at missions to capture Azgeyr and Ozgeyr, giving them over to our Mentalists for detailed questioning. The Magic User guilds will be pressed to research ways of increasing the defences of our cities against the Zhan, enhancing the ballista towers. Since this war will occur over the Solisse and one that will last up to 5 years, we may have to consider certain roads to be protected and leaving others, evacuating people from those regions to the cities. The rangers and beastmasters must determine whether the forests can support the livestock over this Long Solisse. If our stasis potions for animals cannot last 2000 days, we must research to prolong the effect. Many things to consider gentlemen and time is not on our side.”

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:05 pm    Post subject: k019 Reply with quote

K019: day 019 1Guiaranor19

The War Council enters the 3rd day.
The High Steward works with the Dukes to update the full list of muster of the knights and men-at-arms of the nobility. The Earl Marshall works with representatives of the Karnirutherim and Nanatherim tribes and clans to provide a muster of warriors, rangers, beastmasters, animists, shamans and archers from the various tribes and clans from Lethrai, Kandraith and Lamenvale. Both counsels are aided by astrologers from the Starsayers Guild who sent messages last evening to the tribe and clan shamans. The 4 Lord Magic Users of the Halls of Essence, Hall of Fire, Mindspeakers Guild and Imperial Guild of Magic begin an inventory of magic items and a compliment of magic users that could be available to support the war. Empress Lonarwaen counsels with the ambassadors of Arkulan and Monorovia. Arkulan promises 40,000 men-at-arms of the Makyosai Army along with healers herbalists. Monorovia offers their “artillery”, “mortar” and “riflemen” battalions and invites the Empress to view them on a military exercise next month which she accepts, intrigued by the weapons described by the ambassador.

That evening Empress Lonarwaen and Bali Foehammer met and converse over old times, their friendship close. She speaks of the offer by the Monorovians, still intrigued by their “technology”.
“I have heard reports of these weapons. I will prepare a report for you…but they are impressive, especially the artillery guns as they call them. Since Monorovia is apart of the empire they stand to have their entire society destroyed if Kharagh succeeds, so I am glad they are assisting.”
“As am I.” Lonarwaen agreed nodding. "I have not visited their lands for some time...they are so different from us Bali."
Her friend smiles at that. "So are those from the south...Losan Stravin." He informs Lonarwaen of the re-emergence of the Crown of Dominion and the encounter with Mak and Kam. “The two are opposites of each other, but Elatan has told me that was not always so. One good, one evil and Kam has that damn crown in Lasgalen.”
“I know.” Lonarwaen informed. “I have just been informed by the High Priestess of Elenmire that a adventuring party is trapped in Lasgalen after finding the legendary White Sword. The crown is responsible for this and the High Priestess identified it so. I learned of it existence from my court advisor. It was created for the Dark Religion…but by whom, remains a mystery. For the moment they are safe but arrangements are been made to rescue them.”
“I could deal with the crown and the idiot wearing it.” Bali suggested. “You are sending your own company?” he muses.
“Yes.” Lonarwaen replied nodding. “They have with your help what is required.”
“Good idea, Kam won’t know what hit him.” Bali said smiling. “The Company of the Red Flame is your personal pride and joy and it was a privilege to arm them over the last 4 years. Talk about coincidence, Mak is presently a guest at Khadazar.”
“How did he get there?” Lonarwaen asked surprised. “Your kingdom is not known of…except by the two of us.”
“You might say that…I would add Alnuathor and Stormwing to that list. But the important 3 don’t, Kharagh, Darkness Claw and that damn interfering Mage, Khios. Anyway, Mak has this….compass marker. It is an item that is seeking out something…related to the Falconers. He just appeared, literally. As you know normal teleport spells cannot penetrate the magical defences of the realm, so the item must be very specialized indeed. It is also defying our attempts to delve its abilities.”
Lonarwaen was surprised by that. The Tordagh were far more powerful alchemists that her own people. “I wonder…” Lonarwaen muses thinking of Alladan. “I know the Falconers existed at the last 2 Trancendences. But the 3rd which I believed our present dating system began from, they may have evolved from the elite royal guard of the time.”
“Really. I was sort of aware that we did not know how history that far…except the church. I think they know more than they are letting on.”
“From what I know, the church has a…benefactor that aids in their historical records. He is considered one of the Sentari, one who has ascended. I do not know his name.”
Bali nodded. “Sort of like Khios’s interfering…meddling Book of Chaos.”
"You must be wary if the church is not going to assist as I would expect they would. Knowledge could save many lives."
"I know...I have a plan on this. I believe you have encountered one of the Dark Sorcerer’s servants.”
“Sure have. He was interested in Mak and Kam on behalf of his master of course. But we found him out. How long do you think the council will go?”
“As long as it takes Bali. I decided to let the High Steward run this. The Dukes would not have been happy with me chairing the council even though I am expected to lead the army into battle.”
Bali nodded. “Wise given the situation. Well, I will be returning to Khadazar tomorrow to see Mak, now won’t he be surprised. I will return the following day. Let me know if you want me to join your company at Lasgalen. Where are they now?”
“At Girithron. They are deploying with the Imperial Decree.”
“Did you know Alnuathor was at the council.” Lonarwaen nods. “And Stormwing?” Bali adds.
“What!!!! Why?”
“The Zhan will be a problem and I think Stormwing has her own agenda here.” Bali replied. “You know I cannot speak of the counsel of the Quiseraen (D “Earth Powers”, T “Earth People”). But what I can say is that earthquake in Tyr was caused by a Calnizhan, which she destroyed.”
“A Calnizhan…for what reason?” Lonarwaen is stunned by the news.
“I do not know…but I will try and find out.” Bali replied.
Lonarwaen nods. “Thank you. At the end of this month, Alnuathor has made a promise to me. I would like you to be here.”
“Now I am intrigued.”
Lonarwaen smiles. “It is personal…I would like you to be here and bring Elatan as well.”
“I promise myself…but you know Elatan…he is who he is.”

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:39 am    Post subject: k020 Reply with quote

K020: day 020: 1 Guiaranor020

The War Council enters the 4th day.
The council concentrates on the “Western Shield” using Mhalafrei and Thereck as potential battlegrounds. The defensive line is determined to be on the border between Mhalafrei and Telemnar (Moranor River) and the border between Thereck and Lethrai (River Ithryn).

8 Lord Mages accompany Tanhor-Vy into the secret entrance excited by the discovery 850m below. A team of 40 University staff all Lord Magic users are at the site, watched on by Cyrien Allandhor, the Master Architect. He knows another of what they have discovered lies within the Karthan Empire, in the Hills of Sardion beneath a magically shielded fortress.

Bali Foehammer counsels with Empress Lonarwaen before he returns to Khadazar using a teleportation spell that enables him, providing he has been and spent 1 day at the location, to teleport anywhere within the borders of the empire. He first goes to Girithron where the Company of the Red Flame is preparing to deploy to Lasgalen. Impressed by the new strength of the company he suggests that perhaps “a visit to Darkhold should be considered. Something I have just thought of, but why not get some training against undead since Nienfiara is still active within Mhalafrei until the Crusade begins.” He informs the company of the Crusade and that the Empress will have special orders for the company prior to the Crusade’s deployment, expected in the last week of Thardeth. He then teleports to Khadazar where within his throne hall he is briefed on the arrival of Mak and what his people have learned of the Therim…who is not of this world.
“No influence of his brother.” Bali asks.
“None your majesty.” Zhoran, the king’s chief advisor replies.
“I hope he has been extended a…fitting welcome.” The King muses.
“He has your majesty.” Zhoran replied with a rueful smile.
Bali nods. “Well then, I will put our poor guest out of his misery.”
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:55 am    Post subject: k021 1guiaranor021 Reply with quote

K021: day 021: 1Guiaranor021

The War Council enters the 5th day.
The council concentrates on establishing training areas in Lethrai and Kandraith and deployment. Also discussed is final deployment for the Crusade against Mhalafrei and Thereck and the High Steward writes the deployment orders to the nobility directly involved, each signed by the Empress then the Ordained Patriarch in residence at the Church of Elenmire. The council adjourns until 1Guiaranor28 until the full musters are received from the nomadic clans of Kandraith and Lamenvale.

Three Kirani clans arrive at the ruins of Tyr and assist in tending to the few survivors and aid those still trapped beneath the rubble.
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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 11:02 pm    Post subject: k022 1guiaranor022 Reply with quote

K022: day 022: 1Guiaranor22

Empress Lonarwaen counsels with the Provincial Governors concerning the Long Solisse. “While the High Steward and the Dukes prepare for war, it will be the Thier-Deboraen and the administrative offices that must prepare for the Long Solisse.” The Empress informs. “You as Provincial Governors will be required to act as liaison between the Dukes of your province and your representatives at the Their-Deboraen so that both matters, one of war and one of ensuring the empire’s survival over the Long Solisse can be effectively coordinated.” The Empress confirms that the High Steward will be counseling on matters related to the war and she will be overseeing the preparations for the Long Solisse.

“You must first begin a full census and distribution of the population in your provinces and we will be required to use the last census of Mhalafrei and Thereck in considering their movement to other provinces following the Crusade. Outside this as I said at the opening of the War Council, you will follow by looking at the assets of your provinces, from the livestock and granaries from buildings and homes to the roads and bridges to the forests, which may prove vital for ensuring the survival of livestock. Rangers and animists must be prepared to enter the forests and work with the Daeostherim who reside their and as your emissaries they must be informed of the coming event. You will need to consider the requirement of every family in relation to food and amenities for a 2000 day period and not a 400 day period as we have always done in the past. As we have done during the Solisse season, taxes will not be paid by the citizens during this time. We cannot expect during a period when the empire is snowbound and the fields and lands unable to be worked that the citizens should be required to pay taxes when they cannot work.”
“Understandable your majesty, but we are talking 5 years where the majority of citizens are well…snow bound, cut off and unable to do their daily work tasks.” The Provincial Governor of Peleannor remarked. “The empire comes to a grinding halt over the Solisse year and this time we are looking at 5 years and add to this the possibility of war.”
The Empress nodded. “Your concern is the survival of the citizens of this empire in relation to the Long Solisse. If we can contain Kharagh to Mhalafrei and Thereck and instigate containment of Darkness Claw using the Shield Fortresses, your plans over this year should be able to proceed unhindered and that is the focus you must look at. Matters of war are being looked at by the High Steward and the Dukes of the empire and they will be joined by the Tordagh Kings and Nanatherim and Karnirutherim Kings and Chieftains for the next council. At this same council you will be able to meet with the Nanatherim and Karnirutherim clan and tribal leaders on what you are to be focused on.”
“Taxation over the Solisse year is covered by the 3 previous years…but what about for five years, your majesty?”
“No one will be taxed for the estimated 2000 days.” The Empress replied. “We will have the funds required to cover this period and finance the war.”

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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2009 11:05 pm    Post subject: k023 1guiaranor023 Reply with quote

K023: day 023: 1Guiaranor23

The Provincial Governors counsel with the Attalante delegation.

Aarian Tal-Ryen, cleric/astrologer of Elenmire arrives in Cerberus and counsels with the High Priestess of Elenmire. He informs that with Valkarzon’s death, he has been replaced by a demonic servant of Belegurth called Zuriss "...and a demonic servant of Maltar-Riss, who I have not been able to identify. With the Night of Invocation and the Blessing of Elenmire at an end the Lord of Chaos instilled these two 8 days ago to restore rule, though I fear it will be one of chaos.”
”One of chaos perhaps…but I know Belegurth and Maltar-Riss have a long standing feud between them and that would extend to their servants. What of Nienfiara, good Aarian?”
“She has fled to her domain. I believe a group of paladins have vowed to destroy her and now that she had returned to the Maig-Nuror marshes they can proceed with their quest.”
The High Priestess nodded. “I have blessed this quest in prayers and meditation. Should they succeed, all she has raised from the dead will be returned to their resting places…and never to be raised again.”
“And Darkness Claw will lose his only ally in the region.”
“Yes…I see that he is watching and waiting, his gaze looking west to Mhalafrei.” The High Priestess replied.

The Mayor of Girithron is assassinated, found dead with 33 daggers embedded in his chest, the hallmark of betrayal to the Kara-Tur. As an investigation begins two merchants of the Dragoneye Merchant Coster are found murdered in their homes by their families, returning from an evening theatre performance.

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PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2009 8:37 pm    Post subject: k024 1 Guiaranor024 Reply with quote

K024: day 024: 1Guiaranor24

Provincial Governors and Thier-Deboraen continue counsel on the coming Long Solisse, 3 Attalante delegates sitting in as observers. The Empress attends the afternoon and evening sessions.

A company of Star Crusaders arrive at the ruins of Tyr from Eylea, Arktoria, to assist in the search for survivors. So far 53 survivors have been rescued from the rubble. Tordagh masons dispatched from Starhill arrive at the western side of the pass. They are tasked to assist the Tordagh from Meadragul in rescue operations and clear the pass.

Two Nanatherim clans encamped on the plains of southern Kandraith near the eaves of Altaron Forest observe a large grey domed shaped object slowly passing to the west of them, in a SE-NW direction. It is also observed by Daeostherim settlements at the edge of the forest. The domed object is also observed by other Nanatherim and Kirani clans throughout the day and evening as it continues its NW journey. Night observers see a soft light within the dome.

An advance unit from the Company of the Red Flame encamps just south of Lasgalen. The main elements of the company are 1 day behind. Upon establishing a fortified encampment using magical shield tower spells small groups enter the ruined city observed by the Crown of Dominion and remote drones from Losan-Stravin.

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PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2009 8:39 pm    Post subject: k025 1Guiaranor025 Reply with quote

K025: day 025: 1Guiaranor25

Empress Lonarwaen attends the full day of counsel of the Provincial Governors and the Thier-Deboraen. The Governors suggest that a meeting be arranged with the merchant companies and the Empress agrees, however, exempts the Dragoneye Merchant Coster and the Dragoneye family from attending due to their suspected involvement with the Kara-Tur. This suspected involvement has been further enhanced by the murder of the Mayor of Girithron, Girithron is home to the Dragoneye family.

A number of the Attalante delegation journey to Monorovia by the “Sea Mist”.

The domed object is seen by Karnirutherim entering into the Tarascon Mountains high overhead. it is now been tracked by personnel from Losan-Stravin at observation stations in orbit. Initial reports indicate the domed object is 3.5 km in diameter and a perfect half sphere on a metallic circular base. No visible signs of entry has been detected. The domed structure, now identified as "Tech Marker 6" is planned to be intercepted once it has crossed the mountains and entered the desert beyond where only nomadic tribes are known to exist. A remote location, a rift valley 470 miles north of the mountains is targeted as where drones and manned scout vessels will intercept.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:08 am    Post subject: k026 1guiaranor026 Reply with quote

K026: Day 026; 1Guiaranor26

Two war galleons of the Mhalafrei navy are destroyed by an Adrizhan off the coast of free city of Seareach. It is witnessed by villagers along the Mhalafrei coastline and there are no survivors.

A night curfew for that evening is announced by the deputy mayor of Girithron and rumours abound that he has sought assistance by the shadowy mentalist watchers, the Sharofal, who protect Zeray. The Duke of Girithron offers 150 men-at-arms to assist in planned raids against suspected Kara-Tur meeting places, mostly located in the harbour district. Authority is granted for the City Guard to search the homes of merchants working for the Dragoneye Merchant Coster and the expansive warehouses in the Trade and Market district. That night the raids of 20 suspected Kara-Tur locations take place, mostly inns and homes of suspected merchants who are suspected of sympathies with the Kara-Tur. 136 arrests follow and 57 suspected Kara-Tur agents are killed. Among those arrested is Odurn Lynois, an influential merchant of the Dragoneye Merchant Coster whom the Sharofal suspect is the prime link between the coster and Kara-Tur. At one site, beneath an inn, a temple of Kalitrass is discovered, where among the items found are those gifted from Arkulan and Hellatrix to the former Mayor’s family. The inn has been closed and the owners arrested for questioning. The curfew is removed the following day.

Aarian Tal-Ryen visits Danan-Tolardreas after been granted an audience with the Ordained Patriach.

Company of the Red Flame enters Lasgalen and rescues the adventuring party and the White Sword.
The Crown of Dominion is destroyed by the Vampire Lord, Goddin.
Goddin transforms Kam to one of his own kind.

Losan-Stravin attempts to enter Tech Marker 6 over the deserts of Torn by manned and unmanned scout vessels. With no entry ports, docking ports and a seamless outer shell the attempts fail. But they do record imagery of buildings within the murky dome.

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K027: Day 027; 1Guiaranor27

Odurn Lynois is found dead in his cell at the Girithron Citadel. 33 daggers are embedded in his chest. An investigation is immediately launched and the guards over the last evening questioned with the Sharofal present. One of the Sharofal determine an invisible elemental assassin was responsible after spending some hours in the cell using magic to touch the physical cell walls and floor for flashbacks of past events.

The High Steward signs approval to close all Dragoneye Merchant Coster operations and have the way stations placed under the control of the Windrider Trading Company.

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K028: Day 028; 1Guiaranor28

Lord Chancellor of the Imperial Universities and Schools of Magic, Kornoril Lefhathin and Hellan Neveriss, Chancellor of the Imperial University at Tir reviewed the reports of the discovery deep below Tir University. With research and investigation still ongoing it has been determined that the magical power emitting from the gold embossed 4 sided conical structure was the reason for the University been built over the location. “It seemed the site for the Tir University was selected upon detecting a stronger and permanent focus of essence magic. Until now, we have thought the focus was a natural phenomenon and I see very little research has been done on the nature of the focus since then. Hmm…you note this structure’s age has not been determined.”
Hellan nodded. “After days of casting relevant spells in relation to this the structure keeps defying our magic…as has the runic language inscribed on all four faces. We cannot determine who constructed it…how or why. The runes are nothing like we have encountered before. Perhaps the foreign embassies might be approached?”
“I will discuss this with the Attalante delegation. From what I have learned these people have traveled and navigated the world extensively. We must determine also why a secret entrance and passage way was constructed to the structure. Some one within the University must have known of its location…then went about accessing it secretly. The construction of the entrance and passage, could not have gone unnoticed, given the location.”
“There are no records on this. Of course we have underground vaults where our highly prized tomes and magical inventory are stored, but they are located in a different part of the University.”
“Perhaps the site of those vaults were determined by the location of the structure.” Kornoril suggested.
Hellan shook his head. “We have checked and the surveyors of the day decided on topography for the vaults. We were able to neutralize the magical traps and that concluded to us that the entrance and passage was made by one using magical spells known by us. We were able to age the entrance and passage to about 120 years ago and we are researching records of that period and also of the Lord Magic Users, Scholars, Sages and students who were in residence at that time. It is going to take months to record the runes engraved on the structure’s face…it is 500 feet tall and every foot of height has 9 lines of writing.”
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K029: Day 029; 1Guiaranor29

It was late in the evening and Empress Lonarwaen stood on the balcony of her private apartment in the palace looking skyward at the sea of stars that spanned the sky.
“I wonder Lonarwaen about this Attalante delegation and there purpose here.”
“What do you mean Alladan?”
“I acknowledge the knowledge they have shared on the Long Solisse. It certainly made the Ordained Patriarch admit to a certain truths that they had kept hidden from you. But I find it strange that they could claim a possibility of linking lineage between the Tanatherim and their own people considering Karthan has a gap of knowledge that spans all it’s history before the Chaos Wars.”
“Meaning no complete records of family heritage. Yes I have wondered that myself. Many of the Tanatherim families have recorded their histories going back hundreds of years…but yes there is that gap. Elwenor has on more than one occasion mentioned Attalante is the oldest known Therim empire, predating all others, including Daishur, which I do know something of.”
“Oh yes, the Sunpriests of Arias. They were the only people we knew of existing outside our borders.”
“I had the honour of meeting Cyrien Allandhor.” Lonarwaen remarked. “Elatan has told me since, that he is the oldest living Therim.”
“The priesthood was well established when I was born and it was the only official religion of the time.” Alladan said. “The name of the Great Architect was legendary in story and myth. So any word or chance encounter of him was special indeed.”
“I can see why, our encounter was brief, but the impression he left, is one that I will never forget.”
“Perhaps through your delegations from Hellatrix and Phembar you could learn of where Daishur is, and attempt formal contact. I know from my own experience the Sunpriests performed a vital role in both religion and cultural teachings.”
“The religion of Arias is not recognized by the Church Alladan and therein lies the problem. However diplomatic contact is another matter entirely and perhaps having contact with Daishur could offset that which has been offered by the Attalante delegation. Now let us further arrangements for you and your people.”
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