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Karthan 06 - New Directions
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:45 pm    Post subject: Karthan 06 - New Directions Reply with quote

This concentrates on Mak and the new direction he takes on his continuing journey
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:14 pm    Post subject: k601 Ravenskyre Reply with quote

K601: 2Thardeth08:

The party is awoken to a cracking sound that deafens them, followed by another and another and their semi enclosed chamber is suddenly impacted by shards of ice that shatter against the wall just above their heads. The room is filled with a furious wind of cold air that swirls about them. It is followed by more ice shards piercing the small entrance way and shattering against the wall above them. For a brief moment Mak is numbed, whether it be the sudden blast of cold or something else…the others too, almost unable to move…Mak closes his eyes briefly…just briefly…feels like…he has been sucked into…what?

Mak awakens and smells warm moist air, fragrances and the hears the sounds of birds. Opening his eyes he sees trees, warm humid mist and hears strange animal sounds close by. Where am I and how did I get here? He rises and finds the ground beneath him mossy yet dry, the stillness of the mist hanging around him thickly, yet trees are visible all about him. He checks his clothing…his backpack…nothing is missing. He is beginning to stifle under the winter clothing he is wearing.

He hears movement and the sound of conversation. Emerging out of the mist is a young man and woman, both therim. The young man is dressed in copper bronze leather armour and is armed with a longsword and long knife and has a composite longbow in his hands notched and pointed in his direction. The young woman is wearing a robe of green and silver. Both have dark hair with a silver streak down its length, and sparkling blue eyes and their faces are finely featured, both tall and slender. Behind them a creature is seen entering, resembling a cat, but 4 1/2ft high, its fur golden yellow in colour and watching Mak with glowing citron yellow eyes.

“Greetings stranger and what brings you to here?” the young man asks.

“Apparently magic – where am I? These surroundings are unfamiliar to me.”

“You are in the Vale and this is our home.”

PERCEPTION 27 – Mak studies them for signs of their heritage. Are they elven? He does not think so, although there is a similarity, something that indicates they are perhaps celestial or planetouched beings.

“I am Marerandas Krysilryn but most people that I meet prefer to call me Mak. I am a traveller and I do apologise for my most sudden and unexpected intrusion into your Vale.”

The young man lowers his bow. “Hail and well met, I am Alciras and this is my younger sister Liane.”

“I am pleased to meet you both. Forgive me while I remove some of this warmer clothing. It is much warmer here than where I have travelled from. I have been in some mountains. Have any other travellers arrived unexpectedly in this location? I was not alone.”

“No. My brother sensed your arrival.” Alciras smiles. “He was too lazy to see you himself.”

Liane says “Come on brother, he is studying ...”

“Accompany us,” Alciras says.

Mak nods and follows them.

Mak follows the two through the mist that ends a few minutes later and he finds himself in a valley surrounded by forested hills. Ahead he sees a large stately manor and the two lead him there, the three storey structure finely crafted and Mak senses a great age about the building, though it looks of recent construction. Approaching two large metal gates of bronze they open quietly and Mak can hear the sounds of children laughing and cheering. They pass beneath the 2nd storey of the manor and into a large forecourt, landscaped in gardens and lawns where he sees a number of young children playing. The forecourt is fully enclosed by the manor that has a single triangular tower at the far end rising another 2 levels above the 3 levels of the manor, each level with a balcony that encloses the forecourt.

PERCEPTION 21 – Mak is slightly disorientated and he thinks that the interior of the manor is perhaps twice the size of the exterior. He can also see that with the others, the children, there are quite a number of servants and there are gardeners tending to the gardens. Towards the far end there is a small area which has seating around it and in the centre there is a bronze coloured tree that has silver and yellow leaves. The tree imparts a strong sense of magic. Beyond it rises a tower.

Stairs lead up to balconies and Mak is led up to the third storey of the tower. He is followed by the strange golden furred cat, which watches him. On reaching the level, Mak observes there are perhaps a half dozen of these unusual cats around the courtyard and other places. He is led through a door into a wood panelled (darkish red brown colour) and he passes some doors before Alcaris knocks politely at the third one before they enter.

Inside is a fair young woman sitting, doing some decorative embroidery on what appears to be a shawl or simlar item of apparrel. She is plainly dressed and has blonde hair with a touch of bronze and silver and startling appearance with aqualine features. Mak again senses that she is some kind of celestial being.

Alcaris introduces Mak as “A traveller, whose name is ...” he looks to Mak.

Liane takes over the introduction “... Marerandas Krysilryn, otherwise known by Mak to those whom he meets in his travels.”

Mak bows respectfully and says “I am honoured to meet you, fair lady.”

“Thank you, you are most welcome. I am Fealin and this is the home of myself and my husband.” She turns to her son and instructs him to arrange guest quarters, which he does. She motions Mak to sit.

Mak obliges. Two servants enter with a tray of wine and biscuits which they lay down on the table before him. Fealin motions for him to help himself.

Mak expresses his gratitude and partakes in the offerings. The wine and biscuits are very nice. Liane also shares the food and drink.

“Tell us about yourself and what brings you here.”

“Let me begin by saying I started my travels on the continent in the Elder Wilds where I met with rangers and then continued exploring further on my own. I encountered small numbers of azgyer and some ozgeyr as I travelled and uncovered old ruins in some places. My travels have led me underground and to many different places. Often, magic has transported me, in a manner that I have little knowledge of nor any direct control. I have been led from the Elder Wilds to mountains and have seen many amazing sights. In my travels I have encountered some people that I do believe are very important to events that are sure to come in the long winter. I have been a guest among Tordagh and I have been introduced to the Emperess. I have been very lucky. My travels have now brought me to your Vale unexpectedly. My last memory was of being among a small group of companions in some mountains. We were in hiding, preparing to defend ourselves against a very powerful and evil entity. I think we were attacked as our cave began collapsing around us. Then I found myself here, confused.”

Fealin is silent for a moment. “My, you must be tired after all that. Perhaps you sought this place wishing rest from your journeys?”

“I do not know how I came to be here,” Mak replies.

Liane asks “What is the last thing you remember?”

“Ice and snow. The walls and ceiling of our ice cave were being callapsed and shattered all around us. That is all I know.”

Liane says “I can assure you, you are not dead.”

Fealin admonishes her daughter with a stern look “Dear ...”

“Sorry mother.”

Fealin says “I cannot think of what brought you here but if anyone can help you my husband can.”

“You are kind,” Mak says. “And I cannot help but wonder if it is the same powerful force that has willed me here, much as it has done with the other locations I have suddenly found myself in unexpectedly.”

Liane says “We do have strangers that visit us on occasions but they are here mostly for a purpose.”

“I suspect I shall learn what my purpose will be when the time is right.”

“Indeed you may,” Liane says.

“It could be that our cleric's prayers may have had some part in my being transported here. Our cleric was very fearful of the enemy we were facing and its ability to reach out and attempt to control our minds. Perhaps he had his deity move us away for safety, although I cannot think why such a move would have been necessary.”

Liane says “Let me show you something.” She stand before him, reaches out and touches Mak's head. “Just relax” she says. Mak sees an image that looks above the ice glacier of a creature smashing into the glacier itself, impacting at great speed. The entire ice sheet breaks up as it strikes. The creature is a zhan, an ice dragon. She removes her hand. “Your life must have been in danger.”

Amazed, Mak says “What was that? Is that what has happened?”

Liane says “I can say it may have been this way. And someone did help you.”

Fealin looks at her daughter and says “How vivid was that dear?”

“It was very vivid,” Liane replies.

“How is such a thing possible?” Mak asks. “I did not think such a creature exists, certainly not in the eyes of a mere mortal man like myself. Are they not creatures that are greatly feared, rarely seen by any man?”

“Yes.” Liane says. “But that is what led to your arrival here.”

Fealin says “You must excuse my daughter. One of her vocations is that of a seer and she has her father's gifts.”

“That is truly remarkable,” Mak says. “Thank you Liane for showing me.”

“That is alright,” she says. “I will take you to your room and you can relax.”

She leads Mak down to the second floor where she meets Alcaris who escorts Mak to a small private lounge. “A private bath is being prepared for you.” he informs and then they take their leave.

Mak relaxes and bathes and dresses. He waits in the private lounge. He casually browse through the books that are available. A couple of volumes are written in a language that he understands, while most others are not translatable by him. The first book he understands relates to herb lore and it is very colourful, with descriptions and fine illustrations. The second is a book about the gods. PERCEPTION 35 – the first of the gods mentioned is Elenmire and there are notes of those who are her servants, such as great warriors who have ascended, her six sisters who compete for her power but are not favoured because of their jealousy. There is also mention of a Feantur who is referred to as the lost geroic champion, who under the guidance of Elenmire's handmaiden was able to escape the forces of chaos, only to be lost from history along with his famed Silver Alliance. Some people are described in human ways and the handmaiden is named as “Fealin” - her description matches that of the lady Mak has met with in the tower. Mak is surprised.

There is a chime and then a knock on the door. Alcaris summons Mak to dinner and he follows him back to the third floor. They enter a dining room and are tended to by servants. Fealin is there and beside her is a man who is wearing a black cloak. He is very fair looking, however he doesn't look physically imposing. Very thin with long black hair and piercing eyes. He exudes a magical power about him.

Fealin welcomes Mak to the table. He responds appreciatively and is introduced to her husband, Kal-zakath, before being seated beside them. At least two generations of this family are here. The servants enter and serve the children first, followed by the parents and then Liane, Alcaris and Mak.

Fealin informs Mak they have nine children, five of whom are married and we have nine grand children. Mak senses she is enormously proud. The meal is a sumptuous feast, accompanied by very fine wine. Mak is very satisfied. Fealin and Mak talk casually throughout the dinner and he notices that Kal-zakath does not speak too much, but does talk briefly and is quiet and softly spoken. Mak notes he is very affectionate towards Fealin and Mak does feel this is a rather personal family occasion. He does feel privileged to be here and accepted so readily.

They adjourn to a family room thereafter, and are seated comfortably on couches and soft chairs. The children ask for stories from Fealin and she tells them a story. Mak notes her voice changes to an unearthly and angelic tone as she tells her grandchildren an amazing story. He realises this is her celestial quality and everyone listens to the tale. After the story has ended the children are taken by their parents to bed.

As the children leave they get hugs and kisses from Kal-zakath and Fealin. Kal-zakath absolutely adores the children.

Eventually only Fealin, Kal-zakath, Alcaris, Liane and two others remain with Mak. The two are introduced as Alcaris' brother Perin and sister Rochele – triplets, effectively.

Kharin, Cassandra and Leanna are another set of triplets.
Feanna and Antharas are the next oldest.

“You have a fine family,” Mak says. “You are very blessed. I feel honoured that you have accepted me here on such a private occasion and an unexpected arrival. Thank you.”

Kal-zakath says “You are welcome. I believe your presence at our table was important. The family does dine in private, so accompany me Marerandas Krysilryn, let us go and talk about this in my study.” He kisses Fealin and says you will return shortly.

Mak follows him to another lounge and into an adjoining study. There is alchemical equipment here and an entire wall covered with books and tomes. Mak observes that Kal-zakath walks with the assistance of a quarterstaff, which he needs, as he walks in a very laboured fashion. Age or injury related perhaps? PERCEPTION 33 – He does not look very old, perhaps early twenties at most. But innately Mak considers he is very much older than that. He does not have celestial quality, but he does have the magical aura.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:17 pm    Post subject: k602 Reply with quote

K602: 2Thardeth08: Ravenskyre

Kal-Zakath sits behind his study desk and rests the staff against the wall. “I know not what brings you here…but I know enough to see that you are one of good values and morals, one who has traveled and seen this world. Your eyes tell me much as does your own words voiced earlier to my beloved. I am most interested in that you tend to speak of the Long Solisse as if it is common knowledge for all who will have to survive what will transpire have yet to hear of this. How did you learn of this?”

“I have been informed by people in positions of high authority of such things and I am aware that such knowledge is rare among the wider population. There are many things I have seen that I am not to speak of as those with authority have warned me not to for there could be unintended consequences if I do. Out of respect I must honour their words of warning but suffice to say that I do know that your words are true and insightful.”

Kal-zakath regards Mak and says “You answer bespeaks more than what you intended to say and you have perhaps learned what to say from past misdemeanors, perhaps. “

“Yes, I have been advised previously,” Mak replies.

“I sense that within you. One might think of you being a ball thrown from one hand to another. Indeed if I was being manipulated as I think you are I would understand if you share that same feeling. Are you in control of your own destiny or do others control it, with you just a pawn on a chessboard? And the reason why I ask this is whether you or the one who may have sent you here are looking to gain from this visit.”

“I am uncertain who sent me here. It may have been the cleric I was in the company of, or as you suggest it may have been another who has sent me here for their own purpose. I must say however that I am pleasantly surprised to know that I am in very distinguished and rare company indeed by finding myself here. I was able to read some of the books in my guest quarters and have learned some things already. I do feel very honoured -”

Kal-zakath holds up his hand and says “we are but a family, nothing more. We enjoy our peace, we enjoy our privacy. But unfortunately our peace is sometimes shattered by those who bring their worlds' ills to our doorstep.”

“Yes, indeed. But I bring no such things intentionally with me. I am curious now. Forgive me but I do know what I read. And now I wonder if I was sent unwittingly to learn of who is truly here. Believe me when I say this, your family is special and your privacy will remain. I have no wish nor intent to reveal it. In fact I do not even know where this manor house is located.”

Kal-zakath says “If you remember what you just said and think on it then you just came full-circle. You just defeated your own point.”

“Your secret is safe with me.” Mak says.

Kal-zakath pours some wine and hands a glass to Mak. He sits and says wearily “Our secret is no longer safe. Your visit here was watched by two of the ancient enemy. They were detected by me as they were using the true essence and sensing their purpose which was deception and transgressing the privacy of my family I had no hesitation in destroying their very being. I learnt enough from them to know they were acting on the behalf of others and they were more than willing to use you to attain their own personal tasks.” He looks and says “Remember, do you want to be the ball being thrown by all and sundry?”

Shocked by this, Mak says “Of course I don't – tell me – who were these ancient enemy? What did they look like?” Mak then realises he means Alnuathor's people.

Kal-zakath says “I do sense that two of the hands that are throwing the ball are indeed them. And for them to be doing this to you would make you rather special yourself. Would it not? A simple yes or no is enough. I do not need to know of your background.”

“Yes is my simple answer,” Mak replies.

“And you walking the one road or many roads? When an apprentice becomes a journeyman he walks the one road, the first road but learns it becomes many roads. But that journeyman follows the many roads to attain his single task. Are you travelling one or many and do you know what task lies at the one or many roads.”

“I am following many roads but the task remains elusive and is unclear. I think I exist here to bring change. Perhaps that is my purpose.”

“Define here,” Kal-zakath asks.

“It is difficult to say. But my answer for the time being is simply 'Karthan' ...” Mak says.

“You spoke of here in broad terms and answered similarly so. No wonder the hands of those throwing the ball are very powerful.”

“What do you mean?” Mak asks.

“You have mentioned to my beloved of things you have seen, places you have been, people you have met, such things ordinary people do not do. Not even nobilty or lord-magic users would do half the things you have done. You move across this empire with ease from location to location defying the limitations of the spells that are used. You are obviously not only being watched by powerful company but have been in their presence on occasions. A history book only defines what is known about that history and it seldom defines what transpires in the shadows and behind closed doors to effect some of history's moments. I do not doubt that outside our existence there is another level of powers, races, groups who seek to shift, manipulate and change the world for their own. Often disregarding that physical reality cannot be changed by mere thought or agenda from an ethereal or spiritual plane. Such change can only be effected by those who live within that physical reality. I think some who have used you are beyond that physical reality whereas others are within our physical reality. Think on this – we will talk again. I think your stay may have a purpose after all.”

Mak thanks him for the wine and they rejoin the family in the lounge to enjoy casual and general conversation for the rest of the evening.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:21 pm    Post subject: k603 Reply with quote

K603: 2Thardeth09: Ravenskyre

The following morning after a rest that was well needed by Mak he dines with the family over breakfast, the day outside bright and warm, and the children excitedly chatting about a forest trail and a glade. After breakfast Kal-Zakath, garbed in a ornate black robe and walking with the assistance of the staff that curiously interests Mak in it’s ornate craft, a fusion of what could be enchanted metal with black wood shows Mak into the tower where they climb the spiral stairway passing 3 levels of locked metal doors, surrounded by glowing wards to the top level. Emerging out Mak finds it is a former watch post with large half circular openings that look out over the valley. The tower also looks out over the arch angled roof of the rectangular manor and on either side of the tower are covered alcoves on top of the roof, in each he can see two large black birds…ravens, each at least 5ft in length. In spite of the height of the trees, Mak finds the manor is on a ridge that descends into a second and deeper valley enclosed by tall forested hills in the distance. “Did you think on our discussion last evening?” Kal-Zakath asks.

“I did. You spoke of history not being completely known or recorded entirely. You spoke of others who might seek to manipulate or change the world for their own designs. You said that there are some who have used me. I too am very certain that this has happened. I can have no doubt that such has occurred. There is war coming to Karthan and I think my purpose is to change its outcome. But I am only one person, one entity and it is unclear to me how anything I could do would ever change the outcome of what must already be predetermined.”

Kal-Zakath nods. “The reason I speak of this to you is that I can. Few on this world can ever counsel as we did last evening. That is because both of us are not of this world.” He looks at Mak.

“Are you supposed to say that?”

“I can, for this world is not mine. Nor my family.”

“Perhaps this may interest you?” He removes from a pocket a stone and hands it to Mak. “I learned more of you last evening than you may realize Mak.”
Mak looks at the smooth flat stone and both sides have words crudely carved, but Mak can understand the writing…his own language…
One face says “…disease. This just goes on. Not many of us left now. No sign of…”
The other face says “…another attempt to find the opening has failed. 3 more have died of this wasting…

“Where does this come from?” Mak asks incredulously. “This is my native tongue! How did you get it?”

“I would not have shown you if i did not think you could understand. This stone is of your world or the writing thereof, it is not of mine. The place you see where myself and my family live resembles that on my own world, Eriry. We came here as a agreement between myself, my family and my deity who on this world the equivalent would be the god of magic. On my world one would perhaps see me as being a younger version of the one they call Khios, a sorcerer who sought power, who sought to challenge the boundaries and even to challenge the gods, specifically my god. In some respects it probably became a game that I was never going to win. However, I learned. And in coming to this world with my family I have lost nothing of my power. The magic of this world resembles mine. This place was here when we arrived, prepared, waiting for our residence. Like yourself, I have been seeking to find the reason for my own deity to send me here. Tell me, are you familiar with the Shades of Grey? If so, tell me what you know.”

Mak proceeds to tell Kal-Zakath of the Shades of Grey and the places he has explored. He explains his journey following the compass points of the marker.

Kal-Zakath listens and says “We have been here for a considerable time, time being relevant to us and not necessarily to the surrounding world. More recently my five eldest children have married and their children are now part of this world as we are. We have learned of this world's history and in solitude and safety I learn of those that this world knows only through legend and lore. My interest is in the one known as the Dark Sorcerer. For he seems to mirror me, except in one differing facet. I have a family and he does not. My role here is as uncertain as yours, however someone or something brought us both here and now. Two that are not of this world. Perhaps I am here for one purpose, to tell you that you are not alone.” He shrugs. “Who knows? We have grown to respect the laws of the land, the politics that make up this empire and will indeed side with it in the coming war. And, yes, we do know of the coming war. Your road lies ahead. I sense you will not be alone. I sense some of my children will be accompanying you. You speak of the compass markers, where are they now? And how did you get from the ice plain to here?”

Mak goes to retrieve the components of the compass markers from his rucksack and then stops, realising they are in Khadazar for studying with the Tordagh. He looks at Kal-Zakath and says “I no longer have them. They are in safekeeping in (mumble – Mak realises he cannot say the word as something is stopping him). So I do not know what brought me here.”

“I will ask you again, do you like being the ball or do you like being the person who is throwing the ball?”

“Naturally I like making my own choices,” Mak replies.

“You are here for a reason, a purpose, one that obviously would affect the balance at a certain time in the future. What I ask of you is this ... never forget what you learned to reach here but forget how or who have influenced you to this time. Forget about the compass markers, let's find this road ourselves.”

“Then where is the road?” Mak asks him. “Where does the path lie that can lead me from here?”

“I cannot answer that because the path has just appeared. We have to take a step and then another ... and another. Perhaps the stone is a step.”

“Then what does it speak of ... what is the wasting disease?”

Kal-Zakath replies “the wasting disease emanates from the lands of Kharagh and those who enter leave and find their flesh disintegrating from their bone. There is no cure. However, this stone was found in this valley. Now the empire, for a very long time, existed far to the west where the wasting disease emanates from.”

“Then my new road must lie west. That must be the direction I must go.”

Kal-Zakath shows Mak the stone and says I did find it nearby. I will show you that place now.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:04 pm    Post subject: k604 Reply with quote

K604: 2Thardeth09

Mak and Kal-Zakath leave the tower and pass out through the expansive forecourt into the valley. Mak can see some of the family taking a path through the forest. However they are joined the eldest son, Antharis and his wife Elenya Firiel and enter the forest taking another path that has recently been created through the dense towering undergrowth. They travel for nearly an hour and reaching the foot of the hills that enclose the valley they enter out into an area where the undergrowth had been cleared, revealing excavations. What Mak can see is the remains of a single structure against the hillside…a ship made of a reddish brown metal, the side facing Mak with large gaping holes along its length revealing the remains of decking within. It reminded him of the vessel from Site 41 but very different in construction and design, reminding him also of the sky ships that operate throughout his home world, but this one was purely of metal construction..
“We discovered this nearly a year ago.” Kal-Zakath informed. “It was partially consumed by the forest around it which we have cleared to some extent. There are 56 grave sites nearby that we know of.”
“The age of this vessel we believe to be about 14,000 years.” Antharis informed. “The impact would indicate the vessel crashed as much of the fore section is damaged as is the lowest section totally crushed.”
“We have looked around for any structures they may have built…but have found none.” Kal-Zakath adds. “If they made or had records of any kind they have long since decayed. The stone I showed you was found in a cave further up the hill. There we have found signs of habitation, leading us to believe they abandoned the ship after impact, though I cannot think why, as the vessel would have been intact enough to provide basic shelter, as well as access to the kitchen and mess hall which were not damaged. I can only feel that this wasting disease is the reason for why they sought shelter in the cave.”

“Have there been any signs of the wasting disease, since this was uncovered?” Mak asks. “And have there been any other reported ship wrecks similar to this one that you might be aware of?”

“We have not felt any effects from excavating the ship.” Kal-Zakath replies. “What we know of the wasting disease is that it is the fate of those who cross the borders into Kharagh’s lands. His races are immune to it. As to other sightings of something similar to this…we have little access to the libraries of this empire. My children have ventured out over the years and experienced the culture of the empire we find ourselves in and as you can see married…so I cannot answer that question.”
Antharis add. “From what I have tried to research in the Imperial libraries…there are no other sightings, such would I believe be very important and well documented. I find it rather intriguing that the distant past is not known about…even among the most learned of the scholars and sages. It seems my father is correct when he suggested that perhaps there is a vast gap in the history of humanity of this world of which this site would be such.”

“Yes,” Mak agrees. “It does seem very unusual to me that the people of this continent are not more inquisitive about the past. I personally find this discovery to be very intriguing. Tell me, have you had the opportunity to explore it in more detail inside? I suspect you have as you described a kitchen area, for example? Is it safe to enter and if so, could I perhaps have a look too?”

Kal-Zakath says “Certainly, that is why we brought you here. My son will show you through.”

Mak follows Antharas inside and they climb through a gaping hole onto a deck area. He is led around the ship and Mak notes that the vessel has been stripped clean. Every room is empty. There is no furniture or bedding. Everything is gone.

Mak notices a kitchen that still has stoves embedded into the walls but there are no utensils or pots. There are two large rooms that could serve as a mess hall or a meeting chamber of some sort. He identifies what could be private quarters with individual bathrooms attached. Other rooms could have been used for any other purpose, as it is hard to distinguish their purpose.

Antharas says “This is how we found it.”

“Then the survivors of the crash must have found another place where they transported their belongings to. It does not seem right for this vessel to be so empty. Was it protected by any wards or similar devices when you discovered it?”

Antharas replies “There were no wards however we have identified a preservation spell which is still active.”

“You mean the crash survivors wanted someone to be able to find this?” Mak is surprised.

“We think the spell is part of its construction to prevent metallic decay or corrosion.”

Mak nods understanding.

“We have checked out the nearest villages to the valley. They lie to the east of us and we have found no evidence that indicates any objects from here have made their way there, or indeed that any survivors may have met up with local humans. As father said, there is such a gap in their history.”

“Then perhaps the answers may lie below the ground. Is it possible that the survivors discovered a subterranean location in this area and obscured it from discovery? Perhaps the entry to such a place might be found at the cave where the stone was located. The stone your father has shown me.”

Antharas replies “If there is such a location then why did they use the cave?”

“Perhaps it provides a natural entranceway, or at least it might have in the time when this vessel crashed. Given that so time has passed I suppose rockfalls or changes to the cave's geology might have concealed it. Has anyone ever investigated the cave in greater detail?”

Antharas nods. “We have extensively explored the cave. We can take you there if you wish.”

“Yes please, I am definitely interested.”

Antharis and Mak leaves the ship and accompanied by Kal-Zakath and Elenya they climb the hillside and emerge onto a small rocky outcrop covered over by vines and at a simple gesture the vines part revealing an arched cave entrance. “Little remains within Mak, but enough to show there was habitation here.” Antharis informs. They enter the cave, Kal-Zakath and Elenya providing light and it opens out to a 200fot long cave that slopes gently downwards to a widened area that leads no further. And yes Mak could see 4…no 6 fire pits surrounded by stones, area’s of stone that had been smoothed out and covered by a brittle sticky substance…the remains of mat or bedding perhaps?
“We do not think anyone has visited this cave since the habitation.” Elenya said. “No evidence of animals using this cave for shelter and it was covered over by the vines as you saw earlier.”

PERCEPTION 26 – Mak explores the cave when it is shown to him. There is nothing extraordinary to be found outside what has already been shown to him. “Tell me,” Mak asks, “where exactly was the stone located when it was found in this cave?”

“Beside one of the fire pits,” Antharas replies. He points to it.

“Have the fire pits been searched more thoroughly for any evidence that may have fallen in?”

Antharas nods. “Of course,” he says. “Father has the ability to see through rock.”

“Then clearly there can be nothing more to see here. I do wonder however, has the stone been placed in any form of fire?”

“No,” Kal-Zakath replies. “I sense it was left here. I also sense this cave was cleaned out, as was the ship.”

“Then I wonder if indeed it was the survivors that cleared out all of their possessions. What if it was not? Perhaps there was another group that discovered them and chose to remove all evidence that they existed. Tell me Kal-Zakath, does that sound plausible? Could such a thing have happened? Something doesn't feel right about this. It is too clean.”

Kal-Zakath smiles. “You are correct. I might even begin to think that someone was beginning to play a game. Why leave the stone? This cave could well be seen as evidence of early human habitation. Except for one thing. The ship. No ships like that exist within the empire. Their vessels are seafaring and this travelled through the air.”

Antharas adds “and given that you have translated the stone would indicate that it came from your world. Does your history speak of these ships?”

Mak looks at Kal-Zakath. “Does everyone here know of my origins?”

Kal-Zakath replies “Only the four of us and my wife.”

“I understand,” Mak says.

Antharas adds “Elenia and I were informed this morning. We insisted on knowing as we were intrigued why father was taking you to the excavation.”

“Naturally,” Mak replies. “I can say that ships such as these are unknown in my world's history. We do however possess our own form of flying vessels and some are constructed of metal although it is more commonplace to construct them of fine wood and other strong materials. The method of making them fly is magical, in that it requires a special process where our wizards and another spellcasters combine their skills and knowledge to bind willing elementals to the vessels so that they may have the method to propel them through the air. Their have been instances where the binding fails and that can be catastrophic for all concerned.”

Kal-Zakath replies “Like this world my own has elementals but they have never been used as such.”

“I would go further to say that my world is dominated by magic. It is a world ruled by magical orders and spellcasters. It is a world currently enjoying an age ruled by humanity. It is interesting to note,” Mak says referring directly back to the crashed vessel. “My journey to this world began with the discovery of a similar but much larger metal ship in the desert where I was living. That discovery ultimately led to my being here. Seeing what you have shown me makes me think that this is no coincidence. There is a link between the two. I sense it, but cannot understand why.”

“Was this other ship you found ... how was it different to this, the one that we have found? And you must also remember that 14,000 years on this world may also be vastly different to yours ,” Kal-Zakath replies. “The time of day here is almost twice as long as what it is on my world. And why did the discovery of that other ship lead you here?”

“The other ship was much larger and only very partially uncovered ...” Mak explains what he saw and how it was investigated and how he assisted the excavation team gain entry by decipering some symbols and the mechanism reacted to his magic. (Mak notes that mechanism does not translate in Karthan). He describes the security system (this also does not translate) that melted someone in front of the team ... “Like your world, mine experiences a different passing of time. Mine is like yours in that this world has much longer days than my own. So the 14,000 years that have passed here are more likely to be nearing 30,000 years in my own.”

Antharas remarks “Did you notice that father?”

Kal-Zakath nods. “You were speaking words that could not translate into the common language of the human race of this world. To best answer my question, do you think that the ship you were excavating on your world use magic, or another means, to propel itself?”

“Definitely another means,” Mak replies. “Something quite different.”

Elenia says “If it is not magic then it must be similar to how the Monorovians propel their 'trains' as they call them.”

Kal-Zakath nods and says “There is an area of the empire where magic does not exist. And within this area the people there have developed non-magical means – they have a term for it but I do not know what the term is – Elenia speaks of metal 'trains' that move on tracks between the cities. They have also invented a method of mass-producing books without the use of magic. These methods cannot work outside of the non-magic area. Some of my relatives have visited to learn of them and it is surprising to find such a different culture lying within the boundaries of what you would usually find with a society based on feudal law.“

“Interesting,” Mak says. “Where I come from we have 'trains' perhaps similar to what you speak of. In many cases they are also bound magically to elementals and they are networked across our continent and named the 'Lightning Rail' - however in my desert there is a notable difference, in that we have a non-magical version that operates between a great city and a frontier town. It sounds very similar to what these 'Monorovians' are using. “

Kal-Zakath says “Given that you have investigated the ship on your world do you think that the ship that lies below us is similarly powered?”

“Yes, I do.” Mak replies.

“Are you saying that the vessel here is not powered by elementals as the ships are on your world?”

“It is not,” Mak says.

“I could conclude then that your world has not only got the magical means of achieving or assisting mankind but non-magical means that can either supplement or complement just like the Monorovians have the same non-magical aids to supplement because they cannot have or do not possess the magical means to do so.”

INTELLIGENCE CHECK 25 – Kal-Zakath appears to have no knowledge at all of technology so his world must be purely magical.

“You are quite correct although I am becoming very aware of a key difference; in this world the non-magical means that the Monorovians employ seems confined to their area only and will not function outside of its bounds. In my world there is no obvious restriction other than the unwillingness of the wider continent to accept non-magical methods and hence the adoption of it has not expanded.”

Antharas says “When my wife and I visited Monorovia we brought some books that had been produced by an invention called a printing press. We also brought a substitute for our timekeeper called a cuckoo clock. Upon our return here the cuckoo clock did not function and it has not done so ever since.”

Elenia adds “However we can use the books. They write amazing childrens' stories.”

When Mak looks at Elenia he gets the sense that there is a dark nature about her; not evil just dark. She makes him feel uneasy and on edge. Her clothes and hair are black. It is like there is a shadow about her.

“So,” Kal-Zakath says. “This ship may have crashed because it's non-magical method of propelling it failed. Whereas if it had entered the nulled zone it would have operated perfectly. But it does not explain the wasting disease.”

“You could be right,” Mak agrees.

Kal-Zakath looks at Mak and says “We are forgetting one thing; how the ship got from your world to Elithan. Since we arrived from Eiry through a portal, the ship could have had a similar means of doing so. The other means would of course be travelling as a sailing ship would, across the void, from your world to this world. The wasting disease could only be explained if the ship went through Kharagh's lands before reaching here. However I have recently calculated approximately from the angle of impact where the ship may have broken through the sky. And it is only a hundred and fifty miles from this location. Kharagh's lands are 800 miles away.”

Elenia adds “I wonder who left the stone? And how much of a coincidence is it to have our guest here who is from the very world these people may have come from?”

Kal-Zakath smiles “As I said earlier, is this a game?”

“What do you wish to Mak?” Antharas asks. “We can help you.”

“I think we should study the stone again to see if there are any clues we have missed.”

Kal-Zakath brings out the stone and gives it to Mak. “You know,” Mak says. “I am starting to think we should go to Monorovia, or at least enter into the nulled zone to see if this is a thing that needs to be exposed to that area for any non-magical properties to appear to us. This could be like a message in a bottle that has been left behind for us to decipher.”

Antharas says “Excellent idea. I know of the location and father can get us there immediately.”

Kal-Zakath says “Indeed, let us depart now.”

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K605: 2Thardeth09: Border of Monorivia

Mak and Kal-Zakath, Antharis and his wife Elenya Firiel teleport to the edge of the null zone near the Monorovian border. They appear in open lush glass lands about 40 yards away is a marker stone that Antharis informs Mak marks the beginning on the null zone. “We believe the zone has formed over time with the development of technology by the Monoovians, led by their steam trains and metal industries.”
“And their technology continues to grow.” Elenya comments. “But we feel the null zone will not increase in size.”
“No it will not.” Kal-Zakath informs. “The essence flowing around its edges has now kept the zone to within it’s present domain. I am surprised that the Monorovians have been able to develop technology as they have…perhaps the null zone was there all the time but very small in size related to a time long ago.”

Mak walks to the marker then beyond it into the null zone, feeling no different in any way the grasslands about him unchanged. He removes the stone and looks at it and sees strange thin lines illuminated across it, connected to small circles and other diagonal lines meeting them from different angles. There are symbols that he can understand…letters, E, ZK, F, E, M…the lines are glowing a greenish yellow hue.

Mak tries to think of how the letters might fit into different combinations, but he is too stupid to solve the puzzle.

In the distance is the sounds of hooves and wagons and looking south Mak can see tall mountains and nearby 50 or so wagons are been pulled by horses, towards Monorovia. The wagons are impressive, solidly constructed and seemingly traverse the terrain with ease, the horses not pushed.

“Lessina is only 20 miles from here.” Elenya informs. “That is the first of the twin cities that jointly rule the region and the main rail tracks begin there. This road that the merchants are taken is the only road that connects Monorovia to the western heart of the empire, the only other roads lead north to the most eastern province Kandraith…within the borders that is.”

Mak completes copying what the stone has unveiled to him.

Mak calls over to Kal-Zakath and says “the stone has changed and it now shows me some letters than I can recognise and some lines and circles. But I do not understand what it means. Do you want to see?”

Elenya joins Mak. “We cannot magically transfer what you see now because it would not work. So you will have to draw it.” She takes out of a satchel she has a small tome and a quill and passes them to Mak. “Do you understand the writing?”

He thanks her. Taking the quill he begins to copy what he sees. “I recognise some letters but that is all. It does not mean anything to me. It does not make sense,” he tells her.

Mak realises she does not understand the writing at all and keeps copying what he sees.

Mak completes copying the stone's writing and returns to Kal-Zakath and says “This is what the stone showed me. I do not understand this. Have you seen anything like this before? The stone has changed its form back to what it was. It went translucent and light when I was over there, in the null zone.”

“This does confirm that this is not a stone, as such, but a part of a device of technology.”

Antharas comments “If that is so, perhaps other parts of the vessel may indeed transform likewise.”

“It possibly could,” Kal-Zakath says. “Though much of what is left is the hull structure.”

“I do not think the hull would change,” Mak says. “Perhaps this small item is some kind of message. Like a note pad, or something. It just displays the letters that I wrote down. It does not seem to change. I tried touching the letters and nothing happened. I tried turning the item and nothing on it changed when I did that either. It is strange thing. Very puzzling.”


Mak hears a very quiet – but distinctive – sound. Somewhere high above, the sunlight glints off something metallic. He points up and asks the others if they can see anything shining in the sunlight in the sky above. “I heard something and saw it moment,” he tells them. It appears to be hovering.

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K606: 2Thardeth09: Losan-Stravin

“Look they have seen the drone.” One operator shouted. “How did that happen?”
An officer looked at the schematics of the drone hovering above the four individuals, one of them the marker. “Looks like we have a circuit failure and that has affected the silence and stealth modes. It is still operating though…this might be interesting. The Marker has been out of contact for the last few days…and he is not alone, record the images.”
“Yes sir.”
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K607: 2Thardeth09: Monorovia

“Yes I can see this.” Kal-Zakath informs. “It is metallic…and there is no magic evident at all, yet it is defying gravity by hovering.”
“What is it father?…metallic could it be technology of some kind.” Antharis asks.
“If it is then it can only come from Losan-Stravin.” Kal-Zakath informs. “They are the only people on this world that came with technology as part of their natural advancing development.”

“Then what would that thing be doing above us?” Mak asks Kal-Zakath.
“It is watching us,” he replies.
“Interesting.” Mak says. “I'm going to try something.” He walks back into the null zone and again checks the stone to see if it has changed. The symbols are exactly the same. He holds it up above his head and holds it in such a way that the object hovering above might be able to see it. He does so for perhaps a minute and then leaves the null zone and puts the item back into his pocket. Turning to Kal-Zakath he says “I hope that got their attention. If it is something important then I imagine they would want it. Given that it came from a wrecked vessel that is very old, then whoever controls that thing up there might be curious as to how we came to have such a curious item. They might investigate.”
Antharas says “Investigate where?”
“Here. This place. I will wait,” Mak says. “They might come here to retrieve the item if it is important.”
“And what about you?”
“As I said, I will wait. If someone come here I will say hello. Are the people of this LosinStravin not friendly?”
Kal-Zakath says “I think you are being very naïve. But if you are willing to take the risk then do so. We will leave. I would not put ones fate in others, especially strangers.”
“Then what would you suggest. My path has led me to many places already and part of that was your home where I have met you and your family. But the path is no longer clear, except we have obtained this strange stone. If there is someone who can help me to understand it then I would welcome that. Do you have a way of understanding it?”
Kal-Zakath says “No, but what makes you think they do? And, if they did, what makes you think they would tell you?”
“I have put my trust in many strangers already and have learnt much in doing so. True, there are those who abuse that trust but they have been few. I would like to think that whoever understands this thing would be willing to share their knowledge of it with me, seeing as I have brought it back. It may tell them something about the vessel from long ago.”
“And then what? They turn up on my land, unless invited to do so. Now, we are leaving.”
“I understand. I'm sorry I did not see it that way. You're right – you wouldn;t want strangers on your land uniinvited. It is curious though, I wonder why they hadn't found the wreck before now? Is it simply because it has happened outside of the null zone? Their 'technology' doesn't work?”

A blue portal has opened. “We're leaving ...” Mak follows. The portal closes behind him and they reappear before the ruined ship.

Kal-Zakath looks at Mak and says “Do not presume too much. The Empire that Losin Stravin hails from is vast with many worlds. It has a long history but its history is not older than this vessel. Your world may be beyond the borders of their empire and considering we were being observed, one must conclude you were being observed rather than us. Now how can this be possible?”

“A good question and one that I have no good answer for. I have never seen anything like that following me before.”

“There must be a reason and you must find out in your own way. And meeting them directly is not the way.”

Elenya adds “I don't think they would have met you, Mak. They have rules to abide by as well.”

Mak wakes up to see a partially physical form in his room. It is Lhianna.

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K608: 2Thardeth09: Ravenskyre; Future warning

They return to the manor house and enjoy a evening meal followed by entertainment with song and storytelling before Mak retires to bed. He is awoken part way through the night and there sitting on a chair beside the bed is a partially ethereal form of someone he recognizes…Lianna. “Enjoying your stay here Mak?” she asks musingly.

“Enjoying your stay?”
“Yes. Why – no, how – can you be here?”
“I am partially visible to you because I allow it so. Beyond that I exist outside the physical world.”
“Can Kal-Zakath detect your presence?”
“No. He is a powerful sorcerer but only has limited knowledge in other realities.”
“Then that is good for you because he does not take kindly to any uninvited strangers on his land.”
“Yes, I know. And I would do nothing to – shall we say – invade his privacy. I am only here to see you.”
“So why are you here?”
“To give you a warning about yourself. Or should I say your other self.”
“Why? What has he done?”
“What he has done cannot be undone. And it has led to an unfortunate possible meeting in the near future which will not go down well with him, or you. If he dies, you die.”
“I thought that was no longer possible. We became separate on our separate paths. His pain has not caused pain for me and, I assume, my pain no lobger affects him.”
“That is true Mak. However you are two from one. If one dies, both die. That is how the gods have willed it.”
“So what is this meeting that he should not be a part of?”
“In one month from now, on the ninth day of the third month, there will be an event take place in a small town. He and his little band of thieves are going to take advantage of such an occasion and the opportunities that such events bring. If he is there then he will perish.”
“How do you know this? Who will be responsible for killing him?”
“A young human girl.”
“Is she special in some kind of way? Does she have some kind of power?”
Lhianna smiles because the White Sword chose her.
“So she is a visitor to the small town, not an existing local?”
“She does come from a nearby village. But she will be passing through the town. She will be accompanied by two other women. One of whom I think you already know.”
“Who might that be?”
“Her name is Dana.”
Mak thinks for a moment and then recalls that he met a group of brigands at a ruined manor when he left the underground in the Elder Wilds. It was her group that he accompanied with Kam in pursuit of the Black Crown of Dominion. “So why would she be with a young girl who has apparently received a White Sword? Is she some kind of guardian to the girl?”
Lhianna says “Yes, you could say that. I do not tell you this lightly, Mak. Future events are very much shrouded, even from us, by the gods. But every so often we are able to perceive things. And this is one such event. As my father says, we make our own future. We do not let any woven fate direct us. So you can see we are usually at odds with the gods.”
“How far from here is the place where this event will happen?”
“A considerable distance, but I can take you there when you are ready.”
“And when will this event happen?”
“On the ninth day of the third month.”
“And what day and month is it now?”
“The ninth day of the second month.”
“Then we still have a month before this happens.”
“Yes, you have time.”
“I will wait before I deal with it – tell me, how can I let you know when I am ready to go there?”
She hands over a silver bracelet and says “Call me through this.”
“Just wear it and call my name.”
“I will do so. Thank you for the warning – is there anything else? Are you always watching me?”
“No. I am presently busy with the Starfire Kings. Helping with their rehabilitation. The world has changed very much since they ruled here.”
“Are they coping with the differences satisfactorily?”
“Slowly. But Eladan has made plans for them that ease whatever shock or surprise they should see. As when they ruled their land was much smaller than the Empire is today. But they bring knowledge of the Transacendence and the war they fought that followed it. This is going to give Karthan an advantage in fighting the next war. And the Empire, Mak, will need all the advantage it can get.”
“And this White Sword … where does that fit in? Is that not something that should be held within the heart of the Empire, rather than held by some girl in an obscure village?”
Lhianna smiles and says “The White Sword was once held at a location deep within a ruined city. It was found by an adventuring party. And your lovely other self was there and tried to stop the party from leaving. He had a good plan. But he failed. The White Sword and the party escaped. It was taken to Cerberus , to the Church of Elenmire and held there, awaiting its new bearer. Many people thought it would be a paladin or a powerful cleric who would hold the sword. But it was not to be. The sword chooses its owner. I believe one must be of pure heart to bear it. And I dare say no one can claim any cleric or paladin to be of pure heart. Unfortunately your rather evil chaotic self killed this girl's uncle. And hence, a month from now, Kam may find himself in trouble.”
“Interesting … if the girl kills Kam, motivated by revenge, then she will no longer be pure of heart. So how could the sword stay aligned to her?”
Lhianna replies “The girl does not know. The sword does.”
“Then she must be told. That will change everything. The sword would not harm a good person trying to share truth with its bearer, would it?”
“Of course not.”
“Then nearer the time that will be my course of action. To tell the girl the truth. Of course, I realise the biggest flaw in that plan is the unfortunate fact that I look like Kam. So it could become a case of mistaken identity. With that in mind I may need someone to tell the girl in my place. Someone she could trust. Perhaps Dana, her guardian.”
“You have come up with some ideas. It is up to you to consider which is more valid to follow through. Even the greatest plan has its flaws because truly you cannot determine its outcome. But it will be logical to meet them before they enter the town.”
“So perhaps I will go there two weeks from now and make preparations to meet them enroute, assuming of course they are not just teleporting in.”
“They could. However one cannot know or experience the world if they move between locations without seeing what is between. And teleportation is limited.”
Lhianna bids farewell and leaves. Mak returns to sleep.

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K609: 2Thardeth10: Ravenskyre

The next morning Mak enjoys a lovely breakfast and afterwards he is summoned to a small lounge where Fealin is waiting for him. She motions him to sit and upon doing she looks at Mak and asks who visited him the night before.
“I’m not sure what you are talking about?” Mak says.
“I know exactly what I am saying…one of the Silvarana visited here and I felt the presence. Now explain to me why one of that race, of all races should visit you…and in doing so compromise this home..” Fealin is quite stern in her voice.

“Fair enough. Forgive me – it is wrong for me to hide what happened – her name is Lhianna and she has a habit of following me around when I least expect it. Last night she delivered me a warning about an event that will take place a month from now. If the event takes place then she tells me I will die. I will leave your house to its privacy and deal with it.”

“We are not asking you to leave.” Fealin informs him. “I do want to know why the Silvarana are interested in you…they have never been particular interested in the human races before, rather sacrificing them in the past…considering their expansion as infesting the world with their presence. Though the Valandor are more open to contact…the Sulthalion despises humanity…and this Lianna was one of them. I know how she penetrated our magical defenses and she will not do so again. I think my husband has told you before, what do you want to be…the ball being thrown between two or more, each controlling its direction or outside that. What makes you think they are not contacting you to control your actions and shape your future which may not be of any relevance or importance to the greater good of the world.”

“There was a clear reason that is personal to me. As I said – if the event happens – then I will die. I intend to go and prevent that.”

“And how do you know you will die? You only have her word.”
“Yes, that's true. But something about what she said made sense.”
“Making sense of something does not necessarily justify it is true.”
“So what do you suggest – that I ignore the warning, wait a month and see the truth?”
Faerlin says “That is up to you. But if you do go then that is another road that has opened. But that has been opened for you, not by you.”
“Then it remains unclear what path to take. I considered the path to the null zone and now I have considered the path to prevent the event that Lhianna has spoken. What other places are there to go? I cannot stay here forever with your good family, for I fear that visits such as this will quickly cause an outstay of my welcome. You have been very kind and have shared much with me. But I think I will have to be leaving.”
“You are free to leave whenever you wish. However, just remember, that one road you tend to ignore is time. You seem to want to do everything all at once. Time itself can lead you to whatever path has truly been chosen for you.”
“I am not sure that I understand. You are telling me to wait and see what happens? I thought I had to make things happen by making a choice.”
“And perhaps you have done that. But this is not your world Mak. Time here is different. We know that at the end of this year a great event will happen. You do not see the army deploying now to face that threat. They will be deployed closer to that time. Perhaps your path will truly begin closer to that time.”
“But that is a long time from now. What could I possibly do during that time other than read and gather knowledge, if I must wait?”
“You can live life. Books will not give you that.”
“So … what? Find a village, a town, a city … and just live?”
“Yes, how else are you going to learn? You could read about an area, coinage and prices. But you are never going to learn about it until you live it.”
“I see. I will consider it.”

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K610: 2Thardeth09: Losan-Stravin

“Losan-Stravin...hey they mentioned us.” One of the operators muttered. “He looks like a magic user of some kind.”
“It looks like a family, father son, the female unknown.” Another reported. “Human…but their DNA differs from known human races in Karthan.”
The on station officer nodded. “As I said, this could be interesting and here we have one of them knowing Losan-Stravin and that we are visitors here. What is the marker showing…”
“It looks like a circuit board of some kind…somewhat primitive…wait…yes it is a circuit board and still operating, very little power though. There is a small battery…which is fueled by solar power.”
“No idea of the boards function?” the officer asked.
The operator shook his head. “None at all.”
“The female her DNA…does it match the other two in racial distinction.”
“Yes.” The operator replied. “And all three are racially different to the marker...and all 3 are not of this world sir.”
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K611: 2Thardeth10: Kerit

Mak accompanies two of the younger sons, Perian (Paladin/ranger/scout) and Alcaris (Warrior/mage) to meet with a merchant train that bringing a guest to Ravenskyre. “Our guest is Thaurren-Lhwar, Lord Magic User and Senior Administrator of the Imperial University of Kaldefen.” Perian informed. “Father has managed to establish a number of contacts within the magic user community and it is through them we have been able to learn what is similar and different in the use and manipulation of magic on this world. Their professions and spell lists are very extensive…numerous thousands of spells have been developed now and unusual professions as well.”

Leaving the forest they enter plain lands that extend as far as the eye can see, lush grasses of turquoise/blue in colour. An hour later they approach a village surrounded by an earthen mound upon which is a solid wooden defensive wall. A single road, a wide dirt track runs through the village heading north and south. “This is Kerit, the nearest village where we get our supplies.” Alcaris said. “The population is about 800 or so.”
They reach the northern gate house where they are challenged by 4 militia, one of whom recognizing Perian and with a pleasant greeting they are waved through, the gates opening for them. “We have had 2 merchant trains attacked the past night…both managed to make it here, but unfortunately there was loss of life.” One of the militia guards inform.
“We are expecting a visitor on the a merchant train from the Starbright line out of Kaldefen.” Alcaris informs. “Was that one of the ones attacked?”
“Yes, arrived late last night. The wounded are at the church.” The guard informed. “Only half the wagons managed to make it here.”
“Who was responsible.” Perian asks concerned.
“Bandits.” The militiaman replies. “We have not had any problems with such for years and presently have rangers out trying to track them down.”

They ride through the village to the expansive central square dominated by a large church and entering within they are welcomed and taken to the house of healing where a number of wounded lie in care. Perian chats with a number of the wounded wagon riders and joins Mak and Alcaris. “From what I have learned, the bandits targeted four wagons that our guest was bringing with him…they were seized and our guest taken too.”
“Well then, sounds like the bandits are going to face a little more than they could have ever bargained for.” Alcaris smiles. “Let us summon our siblings and hunt them down.”
“Well said brother.” Perian agrees nodding.

They leave the church and ride through the village and out through the southern gates and back out onto the plain lands. Riding along the hard dirt road, Mak sees others joining them, Antharis (Mage/Mentalist/Mystic), Khairin (Sorcerer/Illusionist) and Rochelle (Noble Warrior)
“Well Mak a simple little ride in the country has proved rather more challenging.” Antharis says joining him. “Our father’s ravens will track their hideout soon enough…then it will be up to us to free our guest and retrieve his goods. Were any others taken captive?”
“Possibly the drivers of the wagons taken…they are not accounted for.” Perian replies.
“And are the wounded been tended too?” Rochelle asks.
“Yes, they are…the clerics at the church are capable of healing them.” Perian replied.

Two large ravens fly overhead and Antharis leads his brothers and sisters and Mak back into the forest. “I estimate we are about 9 miles south of the vale.” He informs to Mak. “And closer to the marshes. To the south of here about 15 miles is a expansive road way that goes through the forest to the marshes over which is a immense stone bridge some 20 miles or more long that traverses the marshes, guarded by paladins and knights…for the marshes are home to many undead and their queen, Nienfiara.”

“Are bandits very common in this area? I find it surprising given that you can muster such a large
group of powerful looking warriors.”

Antharis replies “We can naver be too careful considering they have taken a lord magic user captive. They may have been hired to do so. So they may not be bandits, but mercenaries who will be better armed and organised.”

“But who would dare to take a lord magic user captive?”

“We are about to find out good friend.” Antharis smiles.

Reaching forested hills Mak can feel the presence of forest spirits watching them…with a mix of curiosity, distaste and amusement. The tracks of the wagons are found. “It is hard to conceal them when they are moving at speed.” Perian informed pointing at the direction they had come from. “I remember there is the ruins of an old farm house in the direction they are heading. The house is reasonably intact…and not lived in for 300 or so years.”
“Lead us there brother.” Antharis says and Perian does so, the group riding slowly through the forest and they reach an open area, once a coral and fields but long overgrown with undergrowth and beyond 2 two storey buildings of stone, one a barn the second a farmhouse and Mak could see that they looked in fine order and could easily be lived in again.
“It will be dark in 5 hours we wait till they have eaten and had their fill of whatever spoils they may wish to delight in.” Antharis informs. “We will surprise them tonight…we have the advantage of been able to see in the dark…humans as they are…do not.”
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:22 pm    Post subject: k612 farm house Reply with quote

K612: 2Thardeth10: Farm House

An encampment is made nearby and a meal summoned by Perian and stones warmed to provide heat as night descends. “This way, no fire, no smoke.” He says smiling. Keeping a watch on the farm house lights can be seen within on both floors and every so often humanoid figures are seen emerging from the house and going to the barn. Four hours after dark, four guards begin patrolling in two groups of two around the farm house and barn area.
“I believe there are perhaps 16 at most.” Antharis informs. “Khairin you stay here and look after the horses and keep watch. Mak you are with Alcaris…Perian, Rochelle you with me. We will take the farm house…you two the barn…we have no idea where the prisoners are, so we have to secure both at once.”
So with Alcaris Mak moves through the thick undergrowth where their was once a field and moves towards the barn. Approaching the barn 2 guards are seen outside the door, both wearing rigid leather armour with chain overcoats and armed with 2 handed warhammers.
Alcaris motions Mak to stop and whispers. “When the others attack we move…they will make enough noise to signal us.”
And sure enough moments later, a window explodes from a fireball cast within the room followed by shouting and screaming. The 2 guards begins moving towards the house and Alcaris nods and moves to attack.

Mak follows Alcaris and attacks one of the two guards.
He hits, doing 12 hp and a freeze critical (02)

The man swings back with a two handed warhammer but misses.

Mak attacks, but misses.
The man retaliates, strikes hard (24hp) and crushing critical(9hp, lose init and fight at -25% for 2 rnds)

The man swings and misses again. Alcaris has dropped his enemy and moves to the barn.
Mak swings back with the glimmersword (19hp, slashing critical 33%, freeze critical 60% - stunned, bleeding, damaged arm)

Mak swings (free attack) but misses. He swings again … 11hp, freeze critical 93% (lower body freezes completely) … the foes slumps and falls to the ground. Mak skewers him through the back of his neck.

Alcaris waiting and they open the barn doors. Four enemies are waiting inside for them. Two attack each of them.

INITIATIVE 17 … Mak charges with the glimmersword … but misses.
The enemies are armed with longswords. One man hits him 8hp.

INITIATIVE 10 … Mak swings again … fumble 42% … bad followthrough, grazed self, 1hp

INITIATIVE 17 … Mak attacks … 13hp, freeze critical 21% … unbalanced enemy, parry

Mak swings twice, hits 11hp, freeze critical 58% … enemy stunned again and drops weapon … then the foe parries

Second man attacks and hits doing 9hp

INITITIATIVE 23 – Mak swings at the second man 11hp, 35% … unbalanced foe, forced to parry
Mak hits twice … 9hp, 59% - struck to side, stunned ... 15hp, 63% struck in weapon arm, drops weapon, stunned with frostbite …

Both enemies then collapse from the bleeding and wounds they have sustained. Alcaris finishes off his two foes.

Four covered wagons, made of solid wood are inside the barn. No sign of the horses. There is a loft above the wagons, which can be reached by a ladder. No other signs of activity.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:32 pm    Post subject: k613 farm house Reply with quote

K613: 2Thardeth10: Farm House

The barn is lit by lamps hung from solid wooden studs and within are closely packed 4 covered wagons constructed of wood, the wheels of metal and each has a side door that Alcaris informs Mak is magic locked. “These must be Thaurren-Lhwar’s wagons. It is not unusual for merchant companies to have such magical protections these days. Aids in securing their goods while in transit.” A ladder leads to a loft above and looking up, Mak sees a shadowed figure leaping towards him brandishing a rapier like weapon, the blade glowing red. Two others follow their companion leaping down on Alcaris.

From the loft above, one watches his charges move against the foreigners…how strange to see such here. He “studies” them both musing to himself that this was how he got this assignment, studying and replacing the one who had initially negotiated. How useful this spell has been to me, and he that had hired me knew of this and praised my initiative…sorcerer’s have little care for niceties, Lord among them even more so.
“I want them both.” A voice rasps into his mind.
“As you wish…the cost increases by a third.” Came the reply.
A laugh…that chills him. “Anything you desire Callisto.”

Red-bladed attacker leaps down and misses, three times. Alcaris is facing two other enemies. Mak finds that, when he turns to face his attacker, the enemy is unseen.

Mak casts Protection from Evil as a precautionary measure before he is then struck in the side by a hot blade. 5hp plus 5p burn damage plus he is unbalanced and stumbles, then drops his weapon on the ground. He scrambles to retrieve it.

The Glimmer Sword suddenly moves away from him, flying through the air to become fully embedded through a supporting beam of the barn. Knowing he cannot retrieve that weapon easily, in the middle of combat, Mak reverts to using his masterwork warhammer (+8 to hit, +3 to damage, critical on 20, 1d8hp dmg)

Mak hears Alcaris fighting. The invisible enemy that Mak faces swings its blade again, which glows briefly with a reddish hue and strikes him. It again cuts and burns him as he seeks to retaliate. He swings the warhammer … but misses.

WLL SAVING THROW 28 – a yellowish smoke/gas that erupts around him makes Mak feel like he is choking but he retains his senses and stumbles out of it, leaving the barn through the open door to breathe in the cool clean air. He gasps for breath … WILL SAVING THROW 27 … PERCEPTION 23 … he hears that the sound of combat inside the barn has ceased. There is still movement, shouts and screams inside the farmhouse … WILL SAVE 21 … he is struck from behind, as something impacts the back of his neck with a stinging sensation. Mak collapses to the ground.

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K614: 2Thardeth12; Callisto

Mak awakens in a room that is lit by red candles. The room is lavishly furnished with the finest of furniture, trappings and wall hangings…he sees opulence all about him. The door opens and a servant enters and bows slightly Alcaris following behind him. “Hello Mak are you alright.”

“Ummm, what happened … I think I'm OK?”

Alcaris says “I don't know where we are. We seem to be in a castle and none of the servants are – shall we say – talkative. Look at your wrists.”

“So … we are prisoners,” Mak says as he looks at his wrists. He notices rope burn marks on them and sees that Alcaris has similar marks on his. “I assume there is only one way in or out of this room.” He finds windows, covered by curtains. The windows are locked. He can see nothing out through the window as it is dark beyond.

Alcaris informs Mak that this is magic. Neither of them can see nor hear anything outside. Both, curiously, have all of their equipment and weapons available. This includes the Glimmer Sword, which Mak notes has been placed back in its sheath for him.

“Refresh yourself, you dine in half an hour,” the servants tells them and then he turns and leaves.

“Strange captors we seem to have, given that they give our weapons back and invite us to dinner. Tell me Alcaris, what did you see when you followed the servant to my room?”

“A corridor.”

“And that is all?”

“A nice corridor, nice suits of armour, paintings on the walls and lots of traps. Not active,” he says.

“Great. Then we get ready and wait. I want to see who we are dealing with. I suppose we should take our weapons with us?”

“Sure, I've got mine.”

Mak freshens up and goes with the Servant and Alcaris down the corridor. He sees paintings, wooden carvings and gold ornaments on pedestals. There are suits of armour of very different types, including that of a paladin and even some of that of Darkness Claw's followers.

“Trophies, perhaps?” Alcaris says.

“Good be,” Mak tells him.

They recah some ornate stairs and descend to another level into a banquet hall, again very lavishly decorated. A long table surrounded by a dozen chairs is there and places have been set for them. The room is lit by red lamps hanging from the walls. Two large chandeliers hang above the table and Mak realises the light being radiated is magical, from the crystals in the chandeliers themselves.

They seat themselves and the servants pours each of them a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine.

Mak senses this place is very quiet. Eerily so. He senses there are other people in this place, but they are not seen or in the immediate vincinity. Three more servants do enter with trays of hot meat and vegetables, which they bring to the two men.

An eloquent male voice says “Refresh thyselves and enjoy my hospitality.”

Mak replies “Will our gracious host show himself, for we would truly like to see our benefactor so that we might show our respect face to face rather than in such a mysterious circumstance?”

The voice replies. “Of course.” Mak considers the voice came from ahead of him but a figure moves into view behind where he and Alcaris is seated. He is dressed in fine black trousers, white shirt with silver trim and black jacket, very finely made. He is tall, slender, with shoulder length dark hair, dark eyes and a distinctive half elven appearance about him. He regards you both and smiles. “I am Callisto, your host while you remain here.” His voice is smooth and his bearing reflects self assurance and confidence.

“And I am Marerandas Krysilryn, though you may call me Mak for short. I am pleased you have revealed yourself. My companion's name is Alcaris. Am I to understand correctly that we are simply guests and we are free to go at any time?”

Callisto moves to the far end of the table and sits down while two servants pour him wine. “Guests yes, but free to leave you are not. My employer wishes your presence and as soon as arrangements are made you will be leaving here and brought to his presence.”
Mak says. “I see…and would you be so kind as to identify your employer by name.”
Callisto smiles. “Unfortunately I cannot…though he has a rather shall we say formidable reputation.”
“And what does he want us for?” Alcaris asks.
“And whom does he serve.” Mak adds.
“He is master and serves no one. As to why he wants you both…I know that he is interested in you…foreigners he deemed you.” Callisto sips his wine and waits musingly.
“Then how long must we wait to meet this master?” Mak asks.
“A few days…no longer.” Callisto replies. “His request for your abduction was very last minute, so certain arrangements have to be made. In the meantime I will personally vouch for my hospitality…no harm will come to you.”
“Were your people the ones we attacked at the barn…or were you waiting for us as a happy coincidence.”
“My employer learned of you rather suddenly and it seemed the present misfortune concerning the Lord Magic User just played into his hands…or did he arrange it so…perhaps he did.” Callisto smiles.
“Why is your master so interesting in us?” Mak asks.
“He is my employer not master…payment in kind has been received for my services and my employer pays generously.”
“Were they your people that attacked us…or was it you?” Alcaris asks
“I watched…my apprentices needed the training. The profession I teach them is so very new.”
“Nightblade.” Alcaris mutters. “Magical assassins.”
“What would happen to you if we did leave?” Mak asks.
“It would take some rescue to effect that Mak.” Callisto smiles brightly. “And such power would attract attention…including my employer.”
“Then enough of this banter…you are right let us enjoy this fine meal and get to know each other better over this fine cuisine.”

The three enjoy a fine meal and afterwards adjourn into a lounge room with a blazing fire. “I was instructed to shall we say look after you both, so my employer obviously considers you of worth indeed.” Callisto says sitting in an lounge chair sipping his wine.
“Because we are foreigners?” Mak remarks.
“It would seem so.” Callisto replies.
“Surely your employer must have a similar interest in you…for if one was to look at us and then at you, one could call you a foreigner, for we look much the same do we not?”
“Indeed yes I have seen that of you Mak.” Callisto replies. “Not many of our kind about…and those that are, are mostly bards and the likes, the only way they can live among the Therim races and be treated with some respect.”
“So there are more of you?” Mak asks.
“What do you mean?” Callisto asks curiously.
“More of your kind?”
“Ah…yes I think I understand foreigner now. Where there is one of us…surely there must be more otherwise I would be very unique and that I can say I am not.”
“So where is your homeland?” Mak asks
“Peleannor.” He replies.
Mak looks to Alcaris and says. “Is that far from where we were taken from.”
Alcaris shakes his head. “Peleannor is the province south of the Garthang Ranges…we are to the west of those ranges and directly north of the province.”
“Then tell us Callisto, where are we now, where is this place located.” Mak asks.
“All I can say is…is that 2 days have past since your convenient abduction.” He smiles.
“So how many people work for you Callisto?” Mak asks.
“A few serve me loyally and in return they and their families are well looked after and cared for.” Callisto replies. “And of course there is my guild apprentices…some of whom are resident here.”
“So you have quite a network?”
“Yes and one gained from undermining the power struggles between more unsavoury guilds.”
“And does your organisation reach far across the empire.”
“No it does not have too…my reputation speaks for itself and that does reach far.” He smiles.
“The Nightblade is a new profession Mak…was it you that created this profession Callisto?” Alcaris asks.
“No but I was the first apprentice and now it’s master.” Callisto replies. “Now once the arrangements are made I shall inform you, until then feel free to relax and do not wander to far. My home is very adequately and elegantly tuned for greeting the unwary.”
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