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Warhammer - episode 12

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:43 pm    Post subject: Warhammer - episode 12 Reply with quote

A thick fog descends on Bogenhafen, matching the mood of Mika and Helmut as they sit despondent outside the council offices. Mika retrieves her rope.

At Warehouse 13 Snorr observes the cult ceremony. The body of the woman laid in the centre of the pentagram has already had its heart removed and the apparent cult leader stands astride the heart where it lies on the ground, chanting.

Snorr opts to break up their ceremony and attacks the two guards at the warehouse entrance. He swiftly dispatches them both in to bloody pulp with nary a scratch himself.

Meanwhile, in the sewers, Ploncie fails to retrace his steps and locate Harry and while doing so he stumbles across a watch party searching the sewers who fortunately hear Ploncie but don’t see him. Ploncie retreats but cannot resurface as he jumped in to the sewers and has no means of climbing out.

Harry is left to his fate.

Ploncie manages to maneuver behind the guards and finds a ladder propped against a manhole where they entered. He softly calls “hello”, “who’s there?” comes a gruff reply followed by “get the torch” and footsteps. Ploncie scurries away.

Picking up their spirits Mika and Helmut head towards the warehouse district and assist the bucket brigades fighting the warehouse inferno so they can discretely search for Ploncie. As luck would have it Mika and Helmut spy Snorr at the entrance to another warehouse standing over two bodies. They hurry to meet him when through the fog two tough looking thugs emerge armed with sticks. The three companions move to defend. Snorr slices ones abdomen open spilling entrails and also the thug’s life-blood. A few seconds later Mika seriously wounds the other before he escapes. Mika can’t abide escape and gives chase, followed by Helmut. However the thug makes a yell and multiple footsteps are heard advancing through the fog so Mika and Helmut break off the chase.

As Mika and Helmut run off Snorr tries the warehouse door and finds it unlocked. He enters to interrupt the cult ceremony expecting little fight from robed, fat merchants and accountants. The cult leader standing astride the heart gives a command and the seven figures turn towards Snorr and starting waving their hands at him. Snorr runs across the room striking the leader but not before he gives a second command for the cultists to shield their eyes. They do this and one of them transmorphs in to a hideous demon. At the sight of this Snorr is frozen in fear.

On returning to Snorr, Mika and Helmut enter the warehouse, see the demon and are likewise scared witless.

Snorr is engulfed by a fireball from the demon and is so scared he doesn’t attempt to avoid it. However the sudden heat snaps him out of his stupor and he attacks the demon. The demon explodes a fireball directly in Snorr’s face and he collapses.

Helmut is still too paralyzed with fear to act but on seeing her companion fall Mika charges the demon – to no effect.

The action within the warehouse is shrouded with thick fog but never-the-less Mika attempts to call for help. She also manages to draw blood from the demon but is herself cut down by a mighty blow to her shoulder.

Being the only one left, Helmut is roused from his fear to attack the demon also.

Meanwhile Gabby, making his way through the warehouse district, makes out a faint “Mikaaaa….” through the fog with his sharp Halfling ears.

He loads his crossbow, levels it, and heads cautiously through the fog in the direction of the call. He enters the warehouse and, keeping his cool, immediately fires his shot – a little too hasty though and it’s embedded in a beam.

Helmut and the demon exchange more hand-to-hand blows and Helmut manages to catch the demon off balance. Gabby doesn’t waste the opening and fires a second bolt squarely in to the demon’s chest. The demon retaliates with a fireball causing Gabby to drop his crossbow. Helmut successfully takes advantage of this distraction however and lands a hefty blow pulverizing the demon’s arm. The demon falters and before collapsing is sucked in to a vortex in the floor of the warehouse.

The cult leader yells “run for your lives” and immediately there’s chaos as cultists attempt to flee the building. Gabby fires on one, hitting him in the leg, but the cultists are solely intent on escape.

In the commotion a column of black smoke rises from within the pentagram and ensnares the cult leader’s leg.

Gabby and Helmut prudently grad the bodies of their friends and also escape the building – the cultists ignore them as they themselves flee in to the street. The last thing Helmut sees is the cult leader struggling as he is dragged in to the cobble stones by the arm of smoke – Helmut doesn’t linger to watch as a crescendo of rumbling and screams emerge from the building.

Gabby and Helmut head to the docks carrying/dragging Mika and Snorr. They avoid watch patrols and Gabby smooth talks Josef enough to let them aboard his boat, convincing him that Mika and Snorr have been burnt fighting the warehouse fire trying to save the food for the orphanage - heroes they are.

Ploncie’s still lost in the sewers. He does definitely recognize the spot where he’d left the unconscious Harry hours earlier though. He returns to the guard’s manhole and steals their ladder. He uses it to escape the sewers at a manhole nearer the docks. Seeking refuge on Josef’s boat, Josef surprisingly welcomes him aboard to rejoin the others already there.

In the morning Gabby fetches a doctor who makes a lucrative boat call. The party is still in pretty bad shape.

Mika, however, heads to the council offices and enquires about a bounty on some dwarves who reportedly killed five watchmen. She’s informed there is one and heads to the shops to buy some manacles and a net but there are no nets available.

Harry wakes up in prison.

Gabby packs up his things and following some brief shopping checks in to a hospital.

Helmut goes to find Matanbachus and does so in the corner of a local bar, asleep, face in to a tankard.

Following questioning, Harry finds himself with no choice but to lead the militia to Josef’s boat.

With the others gone, Snorr and Ploncie take no chances and amour up before preparing an escape route. However so busy are they that they fail to notice a detachment of 12 militiamen approaching the boat with a manacled Harry.

When the dwarves do see the lawmen Snorr immediately cuts the mooring lines and demands Josef cast off or he’ll kill him.

Some of the militiamen level crossbows at the dwarves and call halt. When the halt is unheeded they loose a volley of arrows while more militia storm the boat.

Ploncie and Snorr, amoured, leap in to the river using old crates for floatation. Crossbowmen reload while halberdmen lunge at the crates with their long halberds. They break Snorr’s and he begins to sink.

Josef is arrested and Ploncie floats a foot or two further away. Snorr struggles to strip his amour before drowning and resurfaces lunging at Ploncie’s crate. The crate isn’t buoyant enough for two dwarves and they both begin to sink. When Snorr threatens to fight Ploncie over the crate Ploncie decides he’d rather not drown and accepts rescue from the militiamen. Once aboard the boat they rough him up a bit as he attempts to pin everything on Snorr.

Snorr is struck by a crossbow bolt and sinks beneath the water.
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