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[Wellington] GM Looking for Players

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 2:22 pm    Post subject: [Wellington] GM Looking for Players Reply with quote


The game I'm running is just about to finish (final game on Monday.)

After it wraps, I'm pretty keen to run something else.

I've got three relatively solid ideas, which all have a broad-brush theme to unite the PCs and drive a bit of action, but with a lot of scope for developing stories.

1. Al Qadim
High Fantasy in the style of Arabian Nights.

The game would have the PCs as members of a Trading consortium specializing in rare items and difficult deliveries. I imagine that the thematic focus would be on trying to get a sense of wonder at the perilous but beautiful world of Zhakhara. I think I'd like it to be a political game in the good sense: PCs making friends and enemies, trying to make their way in the world.

I'd definitely eschew D&D: it's way too high magic. Magic in this setting is derived from Djinni, and by limiting (but definitely not excluding!) PC magical power I'd go back a long way to that ideal.

2. Pirates of the Spanish Maine
Fantasy-touched Swashbuckling using Savage Worlds.

The basic premise of the game is: what happens if the main powers of England and Spain withdraw from the Carribean in the 18th Century? There would be a power vacuum, and a certain amount of lawless fun.

I'd try to keep the game relatively light in tone: more an opportunity for adventure than a soul-crushing descent into anarchy. Players would most likely play the crew of a small ship looking to make their fortune. I'd be putting in a bunch of inexplicable stuff (magic? science? alchemy?)

There is the possibility that I could run a "Pirates" game set in the Corsair domains in Al Qadim, combining ideas #1 and #2.

3. Monte Cooke's World of Darkness
Slightly pulpy battles in the shadowy underbelly of a world gone wrong.

The game would be a group of disparate characters all with a vendetta against a specific Demon, and would inevitably sprawl a bit, but be based in modern-day Chicago. The idea here is to basically run the main meta-plotline of the game, but tie the PCs together in their quest to defeat a specific demonic foe.

McWOD tends to be much more action-oriented and pulpy, and while the world is a bit grim and perilous, I'd be really looking to have some fun too. I'd like to use the word "cinematic", but I'm not too sure I could really pull it off.

If any of these sound interesting, please drop me a line. The games would run fortnightly on either a Monday or a Wednesday.
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