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Karthan 03- Separate Paths: One that is now two
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:57 pm    Post subject: Karthan 03- Separate Paths: One that is now two Reply with quote

Thus begins two new paths...both Mak and Kam now following seperate destinies, one pre planned, the other new and unexpected.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:55 pm    Post subject: K300 Reply with quote

K300: 1Guiaranor12: Sortann Fortress: Hills of Sardion

Mak appears in a chamber that resembles tyhe one he saw at Valley Forge, like Falcon chamber with table and chairs, only larger that can seat about 60 peope. place is old but has never faded. no dust. immaculately clean. air is musty. cold. dark. only liht comes from a starlit night thrugh windows (arched).

On a long table are three falcon statues each pointing the same way. 10" gold statue of a falcon with ruby gem eyes. very beautiful. The walls are smooth, golden brown coloured glaze over the smooth rock. The door opens and in walks an elemental in humanoid shape like a human sized golem. brown sand joined together. submissive. it speaks unintelligibly. no idea what it is saying.

it bows respectfully before Mak when he kneels and shows the glimmer sword and extends a hand in friendship, showing he falcon ring.

it speaks again - "I am sorry, I don't understand" Mak replies. He then produces the compass marker and shows it using sign language to try communicate. "do you know where the missing piece is?" It does not understand. Mak examines the statues and table while the elemental cleans both quietly, yet observant.

He looks out a window and sees a battlement with a tall tower at the end, just like the depiction seen back in ruin beneath Valley Forge (only then it was a daylight scene). He turns away and looks towards the door. there are now 3 elemental servants, one is strangely attired as a...valet. It beckons.

The elemental motioned for Mak to follow him and they left the room entering an expansive corridor where 2 more elementals were and Mak followed up a large flight of stairs and into a corridor and opened a door leading to an opulent suite, furnished and seemingly prepared for him. The servant left the room and looking around found a hot perfumed bath prepared which he realized he needed. Afterwards he found new clothing on the bed and a tray of hot food. Afterwards he looked around hoping to find books or the likes, something to identify who lived…or lives here. Other than the elemental servants he had seen no one. The place was SO quiet, and there was no sense of evil. He casually pulled the curtains apart...a clear starlit night. Looking down, 20m from atop an escarpment that descended to the valley floor below. Before him a flat plain of rolling grass. in distance there are lights...towns or camp fire, Mak is unsure. He sensed magic everywhere, designed to conceal this place from being found.

Mak takes opportunity to rest. thinks about how he got here. compass marker may have precipitated it. He does not feel separation fromm Kam and don't feel Kam's presence here or at all, in fact.
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Joined: 10 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:14 am    Post subject: K301 Reply with quote

K301: 1Guiaranor13: Sortann Fortress

Awaking he was blinded for a moment by the sun’s brilliance coming through the windows. He was refreshed and rising, washed and dressed then went back down to the council chamber. Moments later the elemental servant dressed as a valet entered and nodded respectfully. Mak pointed to the tower he could see through the window against an grey/orange clouded sky and the servant nodded going to the wall and touching it, a section of the wall disappeared.

Mak stepped out onto a battlement and looking over, he could see the wall of the structure descending 20m down to a rocky escarpment about 400m above an expansive plain land (Talan-Kosteyn) that stretched out to the horizon, even with his enhanced sight of the Falcon ring. To the left, a battlement arced out constructed on a outcrop at the end of which rose an 8 leveled tower. Further along Mak eyed another tower…and he realized that this place was immense in size. He walked along the battlement towards the tower, seeing the battlement narrowing to just 5m wide…like a point. Looking back he saw the castle like structure…impressive and massive in size, with towers perhaps 100m in height. The elemental servant stopped too and just watched him. Turning back he continued to the tower and walked around it, seeing no doors or points of entry and looked out over the battlements.

The battlement overlooked a city (Kalimehtar) in the distance, with roads going to the right (south) and angled off to the left (north east). To the right of the city were farms and small villages extending along the road, some farms close to the escarpment. To the left, wide open plain lands, virtually unspoiled. Using the falcon ring, the walled city looked as though it had been through some rough times. Part of the walls under repair, collapsed towers, the streets dirty and crowded with people. Soldiers seemed to be everywhere, patrols moving along trails between farm lands, manning open platform towers in villages. Where was I?

Just how big this place was? It took some time for Mak to walk around the entire structure…this was a fortress indeed the castle atop a massive foundation shaped as a 6 pointed star, each radiant with a tower at the end, the fortress situated at the end of a line of hills. On the side that overlooked the hills that fanned out in a singular line far into the distance, separating the plains on either side. And it was here he saw the wall had been damaged and below on the hills were the remains o f what looked to be the remains of what looked to be large siege engines, the collapsed metal hulks rusted over time. One of two towers that looked out over the hills had collapsed and in spite of the damage to the walls, it looked as if those who had besieged the fortress had not broken in. Some sections of the wall showed signs of repair. He saw no sign of any roads leading to the fortress and no doors were seen along the foundation and of course…the escarpment makes it impossible to reach here. No way in…or out, unless one could climb the wall.

What now…the marker had led me here…now what do I do. And why was this place not occupied or used by whoever ruled the city. There was a subtle power at work here…it was everywhere, could it be this place was magically shielded from detection, visual and otherwise.


Base INT for Mak increased from 16 to 21 due to exposure to the Essence.

Mak tries to line up the compass, trying to find the remaining compass marker. The compass fluctuates but does not steady when he lines it up. It must be here somewhere. Frustrated by lack of progress Mak tries to use his own inherit Eberron Magic, but that fails to help, Karthan magic is overpowering it. He goes back inside and extensively searches the castle finding a library on one of the upper levels, with many hundreds of books in ornate wall shelving. He Finds portraits of individuals in a falcon like crown/headdress and “Sortann”, a word meaning dynastic leaders, a house of leaders that serve Elenmire.

He perceives that this place is known as Sortann fortress and for a time it was under seige then the siege was broken. How was siege broken – murals on the wall depict this. Wall damage provides evidence that a breach occurred and then the Sortann leaders left. But the invaders were not successful in breaking through (siege engines stopped)
The bloodline was protected.

That afternoon Mak goes to the first tower in sequence and learns it well stocked with weapons...all of them magical. Their are bows, arrows, javelins and a variety of other thrown weapons...defensive. He finds here what he has found throughout the fortress, no remains.

Top level of tower has three massive ballistae for fighting aerial creatures, each 20' long and V-shape in design.

The Compass Marker shows nothing...but Mak senses he IS getting closer to something. The only occupants it seems are at least 50 elemental servants, which do seem to take great care of the library. There must be something important there. The Compass Marker 'pushes' him to another level. He follows the guidance and reaches a new level and then Mak collapses, owing to sensing Kam and his idealistic dream as the separation is occuring. The one that is two connects...and Mak can feel Kams greed for domination...power...evil.

This is Abhorrent. Kam betrayed us. He has the crown. Why are we separated now? What happened. What caused this? Why was our path broken?
Can I trust Kam? No.

There are no link poblems (weakness, pain, fatigue, etc) and no compulsion felt to change the road...indeed, Kam and Mak are definitely now physically separate.

Rising to his feet, the connection severed, Mak turns his attention to focus on compass and library. On 3rd level he finds a tome about the Silver Alliance. From what he can understnd...they are a famous group notable for uprising against Kharagh, the God of Chaos and defeating one of his most powerful servants. They were chased by evil gods themselves and escaped, many people believe they were hunted down and killed.

Back of book reveals the last marker. A mithril pin has been uncovered.
Tribute from house of Sortann for the Silver Alliance. It seemed the leader of the Alliance was a paladin an all others were peasants, who went onto greatness in the last war of chaos 2600 years ago. Excited, Mak inserts the marker into the compass.

The libray fades away. Mak appears in a room where the walls are stone and scarlett/black in colour. He is in a suite. Splendorous furnishings, albeit a bit sparse. Big solid metal door...enchanted iron. Comfortable quarters. But the bed is small size. The door opens and in walks a grey cloaked figure, about 4ft6 tall...a Tordagh (Dwarf).

The Tordagh saw Mak and looked at him in surprise and then a two bladed battleaxe appeared in his hand. “What are you doing here…and how did you get here?”
Before Mak could say anything the Tordagh seemed to have made his mind on the matter. “Wait here.” He turned and left the door closing and secured behind him.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:37 pm    Post subject: K302 Reply with quote

K302: 1Guiaranor13: Dark Tower: Bel-Kel-Daan

Lasgalen…interesting, and with an evil artifact, powerful at that. The other….shades of grey…no location, as expected.

The Dark Sorcerer prepared to depart. A world away, Site 41 had been attacked by it seemed the “owners” of the crashed vessel. Lazar had survived and was in hiding awaiting to be returned. He had done his task well…the new arrivals had caused considerable effect to the empire and attracted the attention of those within the Powers of Dominion…initial success.

Now to return my servant, with a new task in mind…Lasgalen.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:39 pm    Post subject: K303 Reply with quote

K303: Crown of Dominion

Crown made of Black Laen with gold inlay and studded with precious gems. It is intelligent.
Upon wearing and bonded with the crown the following powers are at the wearer’s disposal:
Evil Mentalist Base List spells, to 50th .lvl. All evil creatures RR are halved.
Open and Close Mentalist Base List Spells to 40th lvl. All evil creatures RR are halved. All spells can be reversed for evil affects.
Evil Magician Base List Spells to 25th lvl. As above for resistance.
All within sight of the crown must RR vs 50th lvl Wiz check or be under the influence and control of the wearer.
The wearer is protected against all good magic as 50th lvl.
The crown will attract evil followers within 20 mile radius to his service.

+10 to all attacks
+20 RR against all spell and charm attacks against the wearer.
Feats gained:
Great Fortitude
Iron Will
Combat Reflexes
Great Cleave
Improved Critical
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:27 pm    Post subject: k304 Reply with quote

K304: 1Guiaranor14; Lasgalen: Wolf of the night

In the basement Kam covets and learns from the crown…and finds it more than willing to share its power. This Laen it is made of is a magical glass with powers that could focus and enhance the 3 magical realms. And the spells…the Evil Mentalist spells were designed purely to affect another persons mind, erode them, subvert them, destroy memory, create mind disease and ailments. He could do so much with these spells and so many spells, at least 60 to learn of this profession alone. The more powerful the spells the longer, more powerful and in the highest level…permanence, the effect does.

Kam grows selfish and listens intently to the crown ... it is mine ... you belong to me, he tells it. Kam whispers his darkest thoughts to the crown and it replies in kind with great promises of power.

At certain days…certain times…the crown is infused with power, but Kam did not know the origins of this infusion. Furthermore…dates…times, he knew nothing of the Karthan calendar. How long was an hour…let alone a day. However this infusion would happen this very night so he waited…while the crown whispered dreams of power to him.

Kam sees the infusion briefly, a greyish light coming through from above. For a moment he felt…no, he began to change the primal instinct…the freedom to move and HUNT…flesh and blood. Feeling the physical change to a wolf…deathless, yet full of vibrancy and energy he leapt the stairs in a single jump and charged through the doors out into a corridor…outside…outside. Entering a room he jumped through a broken window and out into the darkness. The night air was still…the sky clear and star lit. 3 moons were visible…the blue…the red and the third…a swirling dark misty gray…the one he is seemingly drawn too.

Kam moved through the quiet unlit streets passing buildings in various stages of decay and ruin, many covered in creepers and dense undergrowth. There were open areas, the stone of which had been blackened…about these areas were rubble in all directions as if something had impacted from a great height. Some creatures roamed the night but avoided him, taking to the air or scuttling under rubble and stone. Anyway…these creatures would not sate his hunger.

Every so often other things could be sensed…dead things moving, animated corpses of soldiers loitering near a barrack like building…two vampires floating along a dark street inhabited by zombie like pale skinned humans. Every so often the vampires would feed from the humans before continuing their conversation in a language unknown. Every so often, there were isolated places, usually the more intact and larger buildings…where creatures existed, where they had defined domains. But as the wolf would see another group at another location, this time…3 centaur like creatures, he had forgotten whom he had encountered before. While the centaurs looked inviting…it was human flesh, fresh and warm that he desired most.

He approached a hill covered in thick undergrowth and climbing sees the remains of skeletons in the soft soil. Approaching the top he sees a scarred area, burned stone and within a circle of stones loosely organized, the stones seemingly coming from rubble throughout the city. The wolf senses no one here but a fire pit and smoldering embers are signs that something was here recently.

Moving down he continues down dark overgrown roads and reaches the wall of the city, now fallen in ruin. Nearby a tall blackened stone tower leans precariously.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:32 pm    Post subject: k305 Reply with quote

K305 1Guiaranor14: Lasgalen: Wolf in the Fold

The wolf senses the smell of smoke and hears voices. Jumping onto a ruined wall, covered over by creepers he sees a intact square building of reddish stone with dark openings where windows and a door once were. Outside the building is a fire and around it sits a group of people talking and laughing…except one. Dressed in blue robes the person is warning the others to prepare. “I have detected evil…from this direction.” He says pointing at Kam.

There are 7 in the party and each have a blue opal ring that provides +3 A/C and +3 to attacks.
2 W/F; 6th lvl/5th lvl; A/C 24/22; Hp: 47/43; OB long swords 13/10/4 with Haste & 10/8; 12/11/3 with 2h war hammer; 12 & 8 long bow; Power Attack; Smite; +3/+4 (x3 dam 3xday) dam long swords; .
1 Ranger; 5th lvl; A/C17; Hp 45; OB Longbow 10/7/7; x 2 range; haste; +2/+3 dam longbow.
1 Cleric; 8th lvl; A/C18; Hp 48; OB staff 7/6; x3pp multiplier; Cleric Base Lists to 10th lvl, Detection Mastery (OC) to 10th lvl; Concussions Ways (OC) to 10th lvl; Blood Law (CC) to 10th lvl; 4 potions Healing 1-10; 1 potion Clotting III; 2 potions Tendon Repair 1; +3 spell adder; staff x3 pp multiplier
1 Mage; 6th lvl; A/C13 (17 with protections); Hp34; OB staff 8/4; x2 PP multiplier; Mage Base Lists to 10th lvl, Spell Wall (OE) to 10th lvl; Essence Hand (OE) to 10th lvl, Detecting Ways (OE) to 10th lvl, Lofty Bridge (CC) to 10th lvl.
2 Rogues; 7th lvl (Handerr – leader)/5th lvl; A/C 18/15; Hp 49/36; OB short swords 17/8 & 13/7 and short bows 14 &10; Handerr – blend into shadows;

Initial action Mage uses the staff to cast invisibility and fly and both he and cleric disappear (rising 100feet into the air)
The others rise to their feet unleash weapons of various kinds and prepares to meet their foe.

Kam is 100 feet away from the wall. The adventurers wait. Kam leaps on top of the building above the door way and snarls menacingly to the adventurers below. A blast of fire misses Kam by a few feet. Below the others gather as a group Kam leaps to the adventurer with the warhammer, his speed to fast and impacts the fighter, sprawling him to the ground. At that point 3 of the party scramble to cover inside the building in fear of his presence. That leaves Handerr and the fighter sprawled on the ground. Kam attacks the fighter trying to avoid him and defend but to no avail as Kam bites and claws his opponent, ripping a deep gash into his shoulder. Handerr misses his chance to attack but his second attack is true. The critical collapses Kam to the ground but the other effects are ignored due to his Direwolf form. The fighter scrambles to his feet and the others peer out of windows. “Have you killed it?” one asks.
“No” says a voice (cleric) and another fire blast causing bleeding damage.
The cleric (invisible and flying near the mage) casts a “Repel Undead V” spell and it fails to have any affect.
Handerr gains the advantage and attacks hitting Kam once from his two attacks.
Kam hits Handerr with bite and two claws and Handerr falls to the ground dead.
Kam is struck by another fire bolt striking Kam.
Cleric casts a “Repel Undead IX” and it fails to have any affect.
The 3 in hiding emerge and attack Kam from behind. 2 arrows strike and the sword severs the right rear leg.

Kam flees ... in his wolf form he escapes easily although the wound sees him tire quickly and when he reaches the safety of his new sanctuary amongst the ruins of a building he succumbs to the bleeding and shock. He sleeps soundly, for many hours, and as he does so his forms shifts back to that of man and the grievous wound seals and grows a new limb. Such is the benefit of the deathless wolf form and the tranisition from it. When Kam awakens he feels very disorientated and wonders if he has had a bad dream.

Kam is able to return to the domain and falls asleep…thanks to the crown.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:36 pm    Post subject: K306 Reply with quote

K306 1Guiaranor14: Lasgalen: The Wish Trick

Kam awakens…no memory of the events in wolf form. The crown is in his arms.

Kam realises he has never been outside. He notices the stone stairs for the very first time. Where am I? Where do they lead?

Kam goes up the stairs and finds remains of a door. Looks like it was smashed out. Possibly recent. Don't know. Doesn't matter.

Kam put the crown on to wear it. "It's mine."
The crown is pleased.

The corridor outside is covered by debris. derelict building. looks out windows. Kam searches and finds the door that leads out. It is a still night outside. Clear. Starlit. There are two moons in the sky, blue and red.

Kam explores. There are more buildings. some ruined some intact. old city. no trees. Dense undergrowth, grown through road, etc.

Kam notes where he exited from and looks through some nearby buildings for anything of interest. He looks for clues as to who the inhabitants may have been?

He supposes the people who lived here may have fallen because they were weak and then he wonders ... were they powerful, were they at war, is there any evidence of what happened to them?

But from his hurried findings it is apparent that the old inhabitants were humanoid. This is typical of a townhouse/merchant quarter like Mak saw in Gideon.

Language unknown. Pottery broken. symbols. faded tapestries portraits. Human warriors. Mithril armour. Militaristic? nobility probably.

Kam assesses some of the wall hangings he finds and one offers a depiction of a joust. Hpppmmmh. They were ponces. up themselves. well to do. Not normal like me, he thinks.

Going out onto street amongst undergrowth, Kam hears the crown speaking to him, inside his head "humans once lived here. citizens of empire."

He walks the length of the old street. finds an area where a large bulding existed but there is only rubble and ground is entirely scorched.

The crown says "Zhan did this."
Kam demands "what is Zhan? Tell me."
The crown directs an image into Kam's mind of a dragon. big dragon. black dragon.

"I led them here," it says.

"Then tell me the name of this place."
"Lazgalin" it says.

"why did you do it? just because you could?"
"no I was created to subvert these people by Darkness Claw."

"Darkness Claw created you?"

"Darkness Claw was instructed to subvert the people of this place. He did not known that I was to be a crown of chaos rather than magic in this my true master betrayed him."

"Therefore ," Kam says. "Darkness Claw is weaker than your original master?"

"Yes my master is a god and Darkness Claw is ascended, a fallen human."

"Then what am I? I own you now. You belong to me. You will give me power.
"Yes - you have dreamed of power and i have promised it to you."

"Then you will not betray me. "

"You are the wearer. I find you suitable."

"You will obey me. completely. you will." Kam says.

"Yes I will obey I will give you everything you need everything you want. there is a world out there waiting for us ..." it whispers.

"You will find that I am stronger than any other," kam tells it. "I am from another world. I am better than Darkness Claw."

Kam knows this is the only reason the crown has not dominated him, because he is from another world. the "alien self" prevents it. Kam considers he possesses more chaos than it knows. Therefore in his mind he is better. But Kam is not stupid. and he knows not to tell the crown too much about his own world that it can feed into/on.

"Where are you from. what empire, what nation?"

"I will not tell you. Admit it, crown, I am simply better than anyone from here ... do you have a true name? what are you called by others?" Kam says.

The crown replies "you are only as good as the gifts I give freely to you."

"and your gifts are powerful ... your gifts are great ... your gifts will work best with me. I will be your best student and best master. " Kam tells it.

"Yes," it says after some hesitation.

"Show me more. Tell me more about this place. Tell me more about how you destroyed these people."

The crown shows fleeting glimpses. people in black robes. dark religion. To the east of Lazgalin is the Garthang ranges where Darkness Claw lives, planning an invasion. The dark religion influenced soldiers to depart to defend Darkhold (Mithrelas) a neighbouring city and soon after the dragons came in when Lazgalin was defenceless. assassinations were also done and necromancers raised the dead to overrun the city. The crown's wearer was like Kam, only with darker skin ... a drow (?!) like Eberron ... very much like Kam just different skin and different eyes - looks very regal, noble depsite the carnage around him and he is surrounded by forty priests.

"What happened to him?" Kam asks the crown.

"I gave him whast he wished -immortality - though he might not like his appearance."

"What did he become - undead?" Kam asks.

"a lich"

"So you perverted his dreams and desires and betrayed him."

"No, I gave him what he wanted."

"So he wanted to become a lich?"

"No he wanted to become immortal."

"So you have a contrary nature. You employ chaos competely, don't you?" Kam accuses.

"why, does that worry you?" the crown asks him.

"It does not - I think you are worried about the order and dominance I will bring over you. I will bend you to my will and my desires and you will do what I want you to do for me. You will not be my betrayer."

"Of course ..." it whispers.

"There is only one that can betray me and it will not be you. But you will be my instrument to betray him and his new allies, won't you?"

"YES!!!" it says intrigued about the other.

"So where is your former owner, this lich. Does he still reside here?"

"Yes, though we should not care about him. I gave it what it wanted ... let's go down that street"

"Would it recognise you and seek to get you back?"

"Of course, but it would not want to get me back. I gave it its wish, my final thanks to its servitude"

"So what is down that street - are you already trying to trick me, lead me somewhere dangerous to me?"

"Do you wish to go somehere dangerous? do you want wealth, power? there is such here, yet to be found."

"The difference is I want it I do not wish it. I want therefore it is going to be mine regardless. There is no wish involved here."

"what will be yours? what will be your wish?"

"Do not seek to tempt me with your trickery. You will obey and just give me what I want. I wish for nothing. Only fools wish for things. Those who want something have strong will "

"what do you want?"

"I want -" kam then realises that his words got turned to "wish" by the crown and then he pauses and identifies the subversion attempt. He says again ... "I want - want - you to show me the location of this wealth you say is here. With wealth we can buy the confidence of others and then betray them. You want me to have that don't you?"

"oh yes very much so ... do you wish to go there now ... are you ready?"

"I am ready. Show me, lead me, take me to the wealth now. You will obey me."
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:02 pm    Post subject: k307 Mountain Home Reply with quote

K307: 1Guiaranor15: Mountain Home

Mak waits…and waits…and waits…then rests.

Then the door opens and the Tordagh returns.
“Hello my name is Mak, who are you?”
“Don’t ask questions.” He returns gruffly, examining you closely. “Who are you?” his two handed axe appearing in his hands.
“Forgive me for my intrusion my name is Marerandas Krysilryn, but many call me Mak. I seem to have been magically transported here and I do not know where here is. I think I am lost.”
“How were you transported here?” he asks suspiciously.
Before answering Mak moves slightly so that the Falcon Ring is visible. “I don’t know, but I was in a fortress, exploring. I found the last piece to a compass and I remember being excited…”
“Show me the compass?” the Tordagh interrupts.
“Would you do me the courtesy good sir but could you tell me where I am and who you are?”
“Tharin…now show me this compass?”

Mak produces it and Tharin looks at the Compass Marker intrigued.
“Do you know what it means, or where it will lead me. It is quite a curiosity to me.” Mak offers to tell him of his journeys but Tharin dismisses it with a wave of his hand.
“I am not interested.” He says gruffly betraying his impatience. Tharin is intrigued by the Compass Marker and recognizes the Mithril and True Essence imbued.
“So what does it mean?” Mak asks. “You seem interested.”
“That I am…where did you find this, WITHOUT going into to much detail.”

“Several places.” Mak replies. “Spread far apart.”
“Within the empire?”
“I guess…I don’t know I am a sort of visitor.” Mak replies.
“What do you a sort of visitor?” Tharin
“Youre…sorry, the empire is quite new to me, I am foreign here? Like I said I am lost.”
“Lost…and you just happen to find yourself here.”
“Yes…wherever here is, I have no idea.”
Tharin looks at the Compass Marker again.

“If it helps, I have stayed briefly at Mharfaell and travelled the Elder Wilds.”
“Know of the wilds.” Tharin says in passing still looking at the marker.
“And if you want to know…I found the compass base and its separate parts in ancient ruins along the path. As I found the parts, it led me to others and I think the Compass brought me here.”
“Yes it would seem so.” Tharin agrees.
“I think it could have something to do with this.” Mak says showing Tharin the ring.
“Really…nice ring.” Tharin replies.
“Yes…Falconers, do you know about them.”
“No should I.”
“Well you look old…I thought you might know something…I mean you are wise.”
The Tordagh regards Mak with anger. “As I said…NO SHOULD I.” As if challenging Mak.
“No I guess not. What is your interest in the compass? Do you know something about its power.”
“My interest lies in the items design and purpose.” Tharin replies. “And yes it brought you here, though why I have no idea why.”
“And where is here?”
Tharin replies. “We shall call this place…Mountain Home. Its true name is never uttered before any outside our race.”
“Fair enough, I know the importance of true names.”
“That ring sustains you?” Tharin muses, pointing to the Ring of Sustenance. “Explains why you have not requested any food. Hmm…interesting sword too, finely crafted…mostly likely Tordagh. If you wish I can determine the age of the items, but that might not answer why you are here. Mountain Home was recently founded…the sword is well over 1,500 years old as is the Compass Marker. So it should NOT have brought you here. Something else did. And to this end, we must determine what brought you here and WHY? If you are a threat we will not hesitate in slaying you.” With that he walks out and slams the door…followed by a click.

Left to his own devices, Mak casts detect magic; he quickly learns that the room is imbued with strong magic. Most interestingly, and unmistakably, he identifies that the strongest aura is essence with the highest concentration of it emanating from a piece of furniture that looks like a wooden wardrobe unit. Despite concentrating on this for long period of time Mak is unable to determine what type of spell has been cast, because the magic here is different to the familiar magic of his home-world Eberron.

Then, with the detection spell remaining active, Mak notes that the compass marker has a different essence aura (silver, higher form of concentrated power) rather than grey, ethereal, mist-like ... possibly the 4th magic that Bali talked about?

Mak ponders this, the compass is clearly a powerful and old item and he vaguely recalls some discussion with the bard and stories about how the elves separated the 4th magic to produce the other three essence, menatlism and channeling.

Sometime later Tharin returns with a tray of hot food…meat and vegetables. “Eat and rest.”
“Why thank you.” Mak replies.
Tharin nods and leaves, locking the door behind him.

Remaining curious, Mak investigates wardrobe unit after Tharin departs. What is the source of the concentration? He searches, but only finds cold weather clothing of dwarven style and sizing. Being careful not disturb the contents of the wardrobe too greatly, he then finds a wooden box. golden coloured wood. very small. It is not locked and he unlatches it to find a clear gemstone inside. Within the gem, in the centre, is a very thin blue light - this is the focus of the concentrated essence. Mak feels drawn to learn more about this but instead chooses to note it as a curiosity and replace it, so as not to be accused of stealing.
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K308: 1Guiaranor16: Mountain Home”

Tharin returns after Mak has rested with fresh clothes and a decanter of hot soapy water, which fills a bath.
“I am sorry to intrude, but is this your room…or guest quarters?”
“My room and if I really felt you were intruding you would not be alive. Now wash and dress. Others wish to meet you.” He leaves.

Mak washes and changes into the new clothing. Tharin returns and leads him into a corridor, expansive, wide and tall lined by carved columns, and doors…balconies two levels above, below a vaulted ceiling. The corridor has been carved out of stone…very smooth construction. But all about him is quiet…it is almost as if, the corridor had been cleared before he stepped out. “So who am I meeting and what is the appropriate title to refer them as?”
“Council Lord.” Tharin replied.

He turns and enters another corridor and 2 doors ahead open and Tharin and Mak step into a large circular room. There are 8 Tordagh, each with long hair and beards. Two are silver haired and dressed in extravagant silver robes, two are copper/red haired and wore scarlet robes, 2 dark brown haired and wearing blue robes and remaining 2 are sandy blonde haired wearing silver/red robes, all sitting on ornate great chairs in a half circle.

Tharin approaches and reports on Mak’s arrival and what he has learned of the intruder’s items and of Mak himself. Throughout which, Mak if he wanted to speak…finds he cannot. Tharin’s report is very thorough and he literally remembers word for word, the conservation that he had with Mak when he was studying the marker. At the conclusion Tharin asks Mak to show the Compass Marker.
Mak bows respectfully and unveils it. “Of course, Council Lord.”
It is placed on a table and the 8 study it quietly…but Mak realises they are perhaps communicating telepathically, from the facial expressions and glances between them.
“This is an ancient item.” One of the silver haired Tordagh informs, surprised by his determination. “This item was used extensively approximately 13000 years ago.”
The other Tordagh are stunned by the news.
“That is impossible!!!!” one exclaims.
“But this is true…otherwise I would not have revealed what I had learned.” The Silver haired one returned.

The second silver haired Tordagh turns to Tharin and Mak. “We must discuss this by ourselves. Accompany your guest back to his room.” Tharin nods and escorts Mak back to his room.
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K309 1Guiaranor16: Mountain Home

Tharin escorts Mak back to the suite, owing to the perceived sensitivity of the discussions. Tharin is very quiet.

"Are they angry?" Mak asks him.

"No they are surprised."


"There are many questions, but of prime importance is why this artifact came to be in your possession."

Mak notes that Tharin is being very careful with his words.

"This artifact is not of our making and to see it as you said, in a human ruin, has caught the council by surprise."

"I see," Mak says. "but I want to reassure your people that I am accustomed to finding items of similar age and sometimes older in the desert where I am from. I am an accomplished explorer and researcher of ancient cultures and I did not think this find would be so unusual. But then again, as i said, I am not from around here. So I realise your people do find this to be a sensitive subject. I respect that."

"Your statement gives cause for questions. the first of which is where you are from?"

Mak nods.

"Well?" he asks.

"Fair question," Mak responds. "Firstly, I am from another place that is called Zanarkand. It is a small town in an inhospitable place named the Blade Desert. "

"Where is this place, over the mountains, how did you get to the empire?"

"I am uncertain of the scale of the empire," Mak replies. "that's because I am unfamiliar with your world or more specifically your continent. In fact -"

"Are you from Losan Stravin?"

"No, I'm not from there."

"Did you arrive from there, that's where the off-worlders go?"

"Again ... no ... I was on duty as a ranger in the desert of my homeland when I was met by visitors to my region and they employed me to help them on an archaeological dig -"

"They were scholars and sages?"

"Yes ... they were elven and they wanted me to help them explore a site they had found which contained something very old. The item was some kind of massive ship and it contained equipment and things that were unlnown to me. Shortly thereafter when I resumed a patrol in the desert I was attacked by asgeyr that had been sent to disrupt our activities. That was the first time I had seen those creatures and I fought them."

"How did you do against them and who were these elvens?"

"I did OK ... injured them and then succeeded in killing a couple in the next encounter and pursued the others that got away. I was accompanied by an elven as you call them. A fair haired well dressed highly skilled scholar named Lazar. He told me he was impressed by my ability and told me of a place named the well of the worlds. that's where we followed the creatures to and then we had another fight because they were going to step through a magic portal. we beat them and then Lazar said we had to rest, then he cast a spell and I found myself in the woods near Mharfaell, under the protection of a wood spirit."

"a wood spirit? does it have a name?"

"Yes ... Niessar ... I then explored the woods, got lost and then found myself helping rangers fight more asgeyr and ozgeyr near wynfryll and then I got lost and discovered the ancient ruins where I found the falcon items and the first piece of this interesting compass."

"this compass marker, was it found in a human ruin?"

"I think it was - it was a place that seemed to be devoted like a refuge or sanctuary to an order of ... i don't know ...knights, who I have since tried to study and follow fragments and clues about so I think they called themselves Falconers. My path has taken me through other human ruins, one was a massive fortress containing elemental servants. It was from there that magic moved me here, after I completed assembling the compass. It was quite a surpise!"

“You are sure then, that these Falcon knights are human?”
“Yes, I am reasonably certain. I have seen tapestries, carvings and their equipment….human sized equipment well made well crafted.”
“13,000 years…knowledge of history does not go back that far. Our people do know of our history…but the humans, the constant rise and fall of the kingdoms and empires, were of little interest to us. And of course, why did this compass bring you here?” he muses curiously. “So magic brought you to this world from yours and in your world you encountered servants of the Chaos Lord and these Elvens.”
“This Well of Worlds is unknown to us…we do have knowledge of artifacts from legends and record the magical effects of all items that our race makes for ourselves and other races. Do you know where this Well of Worlds appears in our world…I can only presume it is somewhere within the empire, as Azgeyr are the servants of Darkness Claw.”
“I have no idea. I appeared in a forest and there was no well nearby…there were only wood spirits and the trees.”
“Hmm…there are always trees in a forest otherwise it would not be a forest.”
“Big…tall trees, bigger than any I have seen before.”
Tharin is intrigued by this.
“In fact your empire seems overwhelming.” Mak continues.
“In what way?” Tharin asks.
“Just the simple fact is, everything is so big…and the colours are wrong.”
“Disorientating, distracting…not normal…not right.”
“What colours then…”
“The grass should be green…the sky should be blue. The rock should be black or grey and the sun should be white or yellow and not so big. So basically this place is confused.”
Tharin furrows his eyebrows. “Confused…you are the stranger in a land that is strange only to the stranger.”

“You asked before about what I had found that is old or older than the compass. Let us just say that where I am from…everything can be found if you go looking for it. We know our history and know of the ages of which our world was built. Nothing was forgotten.”
“Not so here.” Tharin replies.
“We learn from our past. And we seek to avoid repeating past mistakes.”
“We learn from our past as well. However here, knowledge is a weapon to the enemy and in the past the Lord of Chaos has deliberately set out to destroy all knowledge throughout each human, semi and non humanoid kingdom he warred against. The Karthan Empire is acknowledged to have been affected so. Imagine after a devastating war…centuries of recovery, every successive generation unable to hold or maintain entire magic using profession and subsequently they were lost. Libraries…written lore…all lost. The humans lost the ability to craft and it was only through…what we acknowledge as interventions, not by the gods, but by others, than the empire was able to rebuild.”
“Lost the ability to craft…you mean fusing magic into items.”
“Yes…entire magic using professions were lost…mage, alchemist, among them.”
“If that is the case, on my world, though not common we have a profession that does that and I am a novice of this and that is one reason why I may be here, though I know my skill differs greatly that perhaps this world.”
“You are here for a reason…and you are my guest. Rest a while and we will talk again. I will return with maps and tell you more of our empire, one that we are proud to be a part of.”

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K310 1Guiaranor16: Mountain Home; Mak’s realization

With Tharin gone, Mak thinks about just what he does not know about the empire…the calendar, money, geographic, people, society, so much more.

And here I am. This place I now find myself, this "Mountain Home" where I am held and kept at the mercy of distrustful dwarves. It seems that everyone I encounter treats me with suspicion. But I cannot say that I can blame them. How would I and my people react to these Karthan folk if they were to arrive on Eberron, in Zanarkand?

I know for a fact that the wizards of the Arcane Council would have most likely imprisoned them under the xenophobic control of Saius. So here, I realise I am faring much better. I came here to make a difference and it would seem that both the elven high king and other powerful figures are pulling strings to make my appearance on this world suit their agenda.

I am glad Kam is no longer with me and that my wellbeing is no longer bound to his. We are separate and hopefully that dark half of my nature will fade away. Where did he go? I cannot sense him any longer. Good riddance. He was only a distraction and a potential cause for alarm and further trouble. I am glad he's gone.

This place, this world and this empire. How big is it? What shaped it? How did it form? I have no sense of its true scale. I know nothing of how the moons relate to the planet and what the people are really like, except to know that in all aspects both them and the enemy azgeyr/ozgeyr are certainly stronger, more resilient and very powerful. I keep hearing of the "long winter" and "Darkness Claw" and other powers that seek to subvert and rule this "Karthan."

Tharin is right. I am a stranger in a strange land and I am tired of keeping that secret. How can I possibly help these people, when I am weak and new to understanding their unusual magic. These new words - Essence, Channeling and Mentalism - how do those relate to Eberron's universal power. I am only familiar with the tenets of arcane and divine and the disciplines within those. There are no schools back home in the magic that exists here. I am again a novice, unskilled in magic here and that is troubling. Lazar may have made a mistake in finding me, choosing me and bringing me here to change the world for his master.

What day is it? I do not know. To track that naturally I would need to know how the seasons change, how the birds migrate, how long a day is as the sun traverses as the sky. How often does day turn into night? I don't know. I am always finding myself stuck in ruins or underground.

Since arriving I have learnt of the ancient "falconers" and it would seem that they are unknown otherwise. Perhaps, as I learn more about this world then the difference I can make is to bring knowledge of the falcon knights and their achievements back to the empire. Maybe their knowledge is the key to defeating the enemy that Karthan's people are facing.

Yes, knowledge is going to be crucial. I need to learn more about my surroundings and the people of this world need to reclaim their lost knowledge.
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K311 1Guiaranor16: Lasgalen

The foot regenerates swiftly after returning to his lair. Recovered the crown informs “There is much to learn and you are doing well.” The crown seems pleased with the progress. Kam in his lair learns more of the crowns powers, the Open and Closed Mentalist Spell Lists. Once again there were so many spells available to him, realization and understanding flowing through his mind from the crown. How to delve items, invisibility, resist poison, anticipate actions, deflect weapon attacks, illusions, enhanced senses, manipulation of gas, liquid and solid, telekinesis, limited teleport, fly and levitate, all at varying effects, ranges and targets.

“Now you must seek he that seeks me again. For he knows I have returned and wishes my powers be bestowed upon him. Go with me and find him.”

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K312 1Guiaranor17: Lasgalen: Seeking Gaurath

It was night. “Gaurath knows I have returned and he desires me again…hungers for my power.”
“But you will not return to him willingly will you. You are mine.”
“Indeed I am.”
“This is a game you are trying to play, but now I am your master.”
“Of course.”
“An you think your former will wrest you from me, you expect us to fight for your pleasure…never.”
“Remember what you want in this world.”
“Yes I want his treasure, because that is what you promised.”
“Indeed I did.”
“Then show me where he is and no trickery.”

Kam leaves his lair and the crown directs him through darkened streets, creatures avoiding contact as the crown overpowers them with fear. Reaching what was once an open plaza of paved stone, Kam is directed to an octagonal shaped building on the far side, one of a number or solid stone buildings still standing, yet overgrown by undergrowth. The cut stone tiles of the plaza are moist and he crosses entering the building and directed down stone stairs that spiral around and opens out to a large underground hall beneath the plaza…filled with cold dark water.
“I detect him…In human form he can use his Magic User powers. Wise for one who is insane. His specialty is water…expect him to control the water in this chamber. He has sensed my presence. Now YOU as my new bearer must kill him…permanently. You now have the ability to levitate and fly at will. Destroy his form and his phylactery. I will now ensure he no longer detects me.”

Across the far side, perhaps 300m away a glowing red light is seen moving towards him, floating above the water. With is enhance site, Kam sees a pale gaunt figure, dressed in scarlet and green robes, silver runes along the sleeves. Silver hair cascades down his back and crimson eyes illuminate from empty eye sockets. The skin of his face is tight and withered. In his left hand he carries an ornately carved oak staff, surmounted by a glowing red orb and crested by blue gems…Gaurath.

Kam casts illusion V an illusion of himself…then Essence Resistance, increasing his A/C, Camouflage and Shadows to conceal himself while the illusion becomes the bait. He directs his illusion towards Gorthaur, floating across the water and as Gorthaur sees him, the illusion insults Gorthaur. “Bow before me, I am your master. You are a weak little worm and I am here to claim you as my new minion.”
With which the water between Gorthaur and the illusion rises up like a wall that is directed at the illusion and the water washes over it and impacts against the wall, causing the entire pool to turbulently rise and fall. The illusion remains, enclosed by a bubble of water. “Yes you recognize what I wear don’t you and you can’t have it. It is mine and I am its master….”

Gorthaur hisses back. “YOU did this to me…you want this NOT I”
At this point concealed along the wall, Kam casts the spell that would hopefully weaken him severely, Mind Erosion True, with the intention of reducing his intelligence and therefore ability to cast magic. The spell failed to be cast and Kam is stunned from the mental backlash of casting such a high level spell (INT – 1).

Accursed creature, how can it avoid such power? And ... what has happened to me; I feel ... lost, confused ... where am I?

(Kam is disorientated for some rounds)

Gorthaur unleashes a triad of water bolts from his staff and at the same time 3 spouts of water appear on the surface and snake around the bubble entangling it…the water bolts strike and are deflected, spraying the walls and roof. Kam has closed in and unsheathed his sword preparing to cast Mind Erosion True…his final chance to severely weaken Gorthaur in a single attack…and when ready casts the spell. The spell cast, Gorthaur seems shocked…the staff drops into the pool and he falls into the water as well. The spouts dissipate freeing the bubble.

Activating underwater movement Waterlungs and Watervision Kam plunges into the water where the body of Gorthaur is slowly sinking…he is still breathing but is seemingly stunned. Kam maneouvres and attacks with the sword plunging the blade into the body…and Gorthaur still sinks towards the darkness below. Kam attacks again…again…again then he sees the light goes out in his eyes.

Kam yells triumphantly and for the briefest of moments he realises he won by luck alone; not proficiency. The crown imbued him with the magic to down the lich ... it's ancient victim and current foe.

With the lich overwhelmed Kam exploited its failed spell protections including healing all gone…so easier to kill.

kAM QUICKLY RECOVERS HIS WITS AND REALISES THAT THE LICH IS NOT YET DEAD ... he sees it sinking into the dark waters and decides he must follow and seek out its source of ressurective power ... where is its phylactery concealed?

Gorthaur is still sinking and Kam grabs his form and ssks the crown (via mental contact) “What shall I cast to detect his lifeforce. I need to find his Pylactery.”
“You need to seek his soul…channeling.”
“From where I come from, these foul creatures are known to wear their lifeforce on their person. But the vessel can take many forms and hard to find.” Kam casts detect channelling…nothing. “What else do you know about him crown. Was this his domain when he owned you.”
“No he resided elsewhere in Lasgalen when the city was living.”
“Very well, then we must search.”

Knowing the duration of his underwater spells, starting from where he first appeared and when he reaches the far end of the reservoir and searching for a underground chamber finds one 50m beneath the surface. Kam is still not detecting any channelling magic. Entering the underwater opening a tunnel leads into the gloom, sloping upwards until breaking the surface Kam enters a place that is dark…no light penetrates here. Kam casts detect essence, knowing this may be the last spell he can cast for the day. There is essence all about him…he tries another spell, Projected Light…and though the spell succeeds, no light emits from his hand.

Realizing that he has no casting ability left Kam swims down the tunnel and up to the landing where Gorthaur had emerged from, on the side opposite to where he had entered through the octagonal building. Climbing on the landing Kam asks what drives magic users to become liches.
“Further pursuit of magical power that they could not attain during their lifetimes. Many seek to be another Khios, wanting the expansive powers and knowledge he has gained over is immortal lifetime and as one who is not a lich nor ever will be. He is the only true immortal. But becoming a lich has a price as the ages past. These people do not realise that Khios is NOT a lich, but an immortal human.”
“And this one, he became a lich because you twisted what he wanted didn’t you crown.”
“No...Aksaron, my wearer at the time gave him the offer…which I knew he could not refuse.”
“Well crown lets explore above the water line, lets look beyond the landing.”

On the landing he discovers storage chambers and stairs that lead outside to the night, finding himself on the other side of the plaza. Kam can see the octagonal building on the other side. Kam returns down underground and rests until his magic is revitalized.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:05 pm    Post subject: K313 Reply with quote

K313: 1Guiaranor17: Lasgalen: The adventurers

Kam is awakened by the crown. “Those who you attacked are above in the plaza.”

Kam watches as the adventurers move across the plaza towards an octagonal shaped building 5 buildings away from where Kam had entered the reservoir at the opposite end of the plaza. The building was covered by vines and moss. Kam casts invisibility and follows Reaching the building they chat for a while and look at something the cleric has…possibly a map and they circle the building and the 2 rogues gain entry through a broken window.

2 W/F; 6th lvl/5th lvl; A/C 24/22; Hp: 47/43; OB long swords 13/10/4 with Haste & 10/8; 12/11/3 with 2h war hammer; 12 & 8 long bow; Power Attack; Smite; +3/+4 (x3 dam 3xday) dam long swords; .
1 Ranger; 5th lvl; A/C17; Hp 45; OB Longbow 10/7/7; x 2 range; haste; +2/+3 dam longbow.

1 Cleric (F); 8th lvl; A/C18; Hp 48; OB staff 7/6; x3pp multiplier; Cleric Base Lists to 10th lvl, Detection Mastery (OC) to 10th lvl; Concussions Ways (OC) to 10th lvl; Blood Law (CC) to 10th lvl; 4 potions Healing 1-10; 1 potion Clotting III; 2 potions Tendon Repair 1; +3 spell adder; staff x3 pp multiplier

1 Mage; 6th lvl; A/C13 (17 with protections); Hp34; OB staff 8/4; x2 PP multiplier; Mage Base Lists to 10th lvl, Spell Wall (OE) to 10th lvl; Essence Hand (OE) to 10th lvl, Detecting Ways (OE) to 10th lvl, Lofty Bridge (CC) to 10th lvl.

2 Rogues; 7th lvl (Handerr – leader)/5th lvl; A/C 18/15; Hp 49/36; OB short swords 17/8 & 13/7 and short bows 14 &10; Handerr – blend into shadows.

The others wait then they climb into the building and out of sight. Kam casts Fly1 and follows quietly through the broken window…seeing the group in the room. The 2 Rogues have opened a door and checking they move into a corridor followed by the Ranger. The room they have entered is empty…looks like it has been cleared out.
“We need to find stairs downwards.” The cleric says to the Mage. Kam notices the Mage has activated spells…the essence is flowing about him and Kam senses power around the cleric…and he hesitates for a moment, feeling what is channeling power for the first time and he is uncomfortable at its effect…divine inspired.

The party enters the corridor and move down the right branch and arrive at a circular room with 4 intersecting corridors. The room is mirrored, from floor to ceiling and has survived the ravages of time. There are 3 chandeliers…all are lit and there is a feeling of good blessing about this place. In the center of the room is a spiral stairway that descends. “This is it.” The cleric says excitedly. Handerr and the ranger leads the party down the stairs, the Mage casting a light spell on his staff.
Kam is outside the room and senses the good blessing and it is disturbing…riling him, angers him. Kam watches as the adventurers descend down the stairs then communicates with the crown.

"Crown ... what is ths place?"
"This place is foul and is protected by the star goddess"
"Can I use your dispelling ways to unchannel this structure, this place?"
"No - it cannot be done"
"Then will I be harmed if I try to pass through, or can you protect me if I follow them?"

The crown will cast Misfeel (50th level) enables me to be any race and profession and any level I choose (Human, Neutral, Ranger)
The crown casts Unpresence (50th level) to give me no presence as such ...

"How far does the good blessing of this location extend beneath the ground and this stair case? "
"It goes below."

Kam thanks the crown for its assistance and proceeds down the stairs

The hole is 10 metres diameter and kam can see the adventurers light down there. The cleric appears to a cleric of the star goddess, the crown says most of them are female.

The stairway descends about 60 metres. The adventurers remain ahead and are not being too cautious. The rogues appear to be Neutral.

Two of the humans are taller than the others - a warrior and a mage are around 6'5" height as compared to the others. Tantherim as opposed to Therim.

They reach the bottom and disappear out of sight down a corridor -
The corridor contains stonger channeling power. Hexagonal corridor. Blue lamps and the construction is of blue glass.
It is actually glass covering the rock, which can be seen beneath and through it. Seamless.

There is only one direction - Kam senses this leads in the opposite direction to Gauthars resovoir.
the adventurers reach door with silver inlay that has 10 runes over it.

Kam watches them silently, hovering invisibly

The mage steps forward and looks at the runes, talking in an unfamiliar language for a considerable time The crown says he is using the essence language which wll boost his spell capability

The mage tells the group that there are ten runes
The cleric is using the channeling language

They occasionally break out of the magic languages to speak in common
The rogues remain observant (and bored)

Handerr looks past Kam twice and then looks directly at him for a moment before hesitating then looking past him again

"How many runes to go?" a bored rogue asks.
Mages says "3"

Handerr looks again at something left of me ...Kam looks and sees a light (dark) reflection of himself flicker in it.

Perhaps the blessed magic in the glass is revealing me, kam thinks, so he shifts back slightly, remaining within earshot

the mage and the cleric continue to talk in their magical languages
cleric transfers power to the mage to unlock the runes

The crown says some professions can channel power to others, depending on alghnment. The most powerful ward requires all three magics and specific professions to break them.

The mage announces all ten runes have been unlocked the others all look at each other "remember our vow that whatever lies beyond we will gift to her imperial majesty"

Listen check 23 - Kam hears shuffling feet behind him and then it stops
Kam turns around and there is no-one there ...

Kam purposely moves to where he thought the sound came from

Listen check 16 - Kam reaches the area and there is no one around

Cast See Invisible ...

Kam sees an invisible outline behind him and it is moving away towards the stairs. Kam follows and the outline rapidly levitates up the stairwell…Kam follows, his fly spell still active. The outline of the figure reaches the top of the stairwell and moves down a corridor and into a room. There is one person in the room, a black robed figure and the outline speaks to him. “The White Sword has been found.” Then the outline disappears. The black robed figure nods and activates his staff…and disappears.
The Crown says. “He is a servant of the Dark Sorcerer.”

"Why is he here? and why does he care about this 'white sword'? What is that?"

"the dark sorcerer is interested in all artifacts when they are found"
"the white sword is believed to have been used by a knight of the sliver alliance"

"then it is holy weapon? is it something I could hold?"
"No - it will destroy you."

"then how would I be able to stop the adventuerers from taking the sword to her imperial majesty?"
"think about it ..."
"I think I understand ... I will use you to control them."
"the white word is intelligent and could counter me."
"are you saying that it will also produce powerful magic through its holder?"
"then is it possible to cave in the ceiling over this location to seal the adventurers in?"
"No you do not have the ability"

"then must I simply strike them down in cold blood, that is the ones you cnnot dominate easily?"
"then so it shall be - but surely the best place to strike is not within the blessed area?"

"correct - it must be done outside."

"Crown can you draw evil allies to aid me?"
"so you want some now, do you?"

"Yes - I see their value in this circumstance. What creatures are nearby?"
"most he could control rst through the day ... however ... yes ... these will do fine ... they will be here in an hour."

"what are they?"
"They are an Azgeyr patrol from the Garthang Ranges - they usually patrol the border of Lazgalen and Darkhold."

Search the earea where dark robed figure was.

Quickly search the other two connecting corridors that have not been seen yet. all empty. however there is a sense of magic in the rooms. unknown type.

The adventurers retrieve the White Sword and Feanna (cleric) sees visions of the immediate future, imparted with the blessing of the Goddess of Light. “Here you will be safe.” The sword says.
“I will cast a wizard eye and see who awaits us above.” The mage says after council with his companions.

Kam meets the Azgeyr ...

They assemble before Kam.

Kam says "I am your new master. Who leads your patrol?"

"I do," says one stepping forth.

"What is your name?"
"Good Zadraz, you will remain patrol commander."
"I am honoured."
"This is the situation - there is a bad of thieving sickly good doer adventurers inside the building and underground complex over there. They are retrieving an item known as the 'White Sword' and they plan to take it to the Empress. You are here to stop them. The plan is simple - your ten crossbowmen will locates themselves in good shooting positions surrounding the exit point of the building and will open fire when the adventurers appear. The other ten of your footsoldiers can hide on the rooftop above to drop down and surprise them as they exit to engage in combat with the archers. I will be assisting with magic against their spellcasters. There is a cleric of the star goddess with them and one mage. the rest are rogues, a ranger and two warriors."

"we will crush the adventurers and remove the sword from their dying hands. It must not be taken from this place. We should smash it if we can. Great treasures can be found in these ruins and you can have whatever you can take from the dead adventurers."

Kam looks at Zadraz ... Zadraz looks surprised at the mention of the sword. "What do you know of the white sword - it seems familiar to you?"
"only in name - it is believed to be in Darkhold, not Lazgalen. How did it come to be here?"

The crown says "that was the legend - but a legend only."
Kam repeats what the crown says ... adding "it was only legend; the fact is that the intruding scum have broken into a sealed holy place that has been hidden here undisturbed and the cleric and mage are certain they will find the sword here. Get ready soldiers, take up your positions and win the day!"

Zadraz shouts orders and they begin to deploy.

The crown warns Kam ... "be careful of what thy speaks, never curse the star goddess for she will inflict blindness upon those who curse her so that they can never see her glorious light and the creations around them."

after waiting in ambush - Kam informs Zadraz that he will investigate magically to see where the adventueres have got to. all upper level rooms empty. mentalist eye revelas movemen downstairs in entry room (past door with 10 runes) and then it is dispelled.

"Zadraz - remain in place and remain patient - the enemy remains underground in a blessed area. Maybe it is to their misfortune that thir plundering is very slow. It may be nightfall before they come out and that would be to our further advantage."

Kam sees a mentalist eye observing the azgeyr and himself from the entry window. About half our strength is known. Possibly myself.

"Zadraz! Be wary the enemy has attempted to spy on us with magic. They will know we are here. Be vigilant."
"do you think they will come out, my lord?"

"Yes ... they will be prepared for a fight however ... it will be more difficult now, but I trust in your great strength. Do not fail me!"

We wait ...
then retire briefly to rest under shade from the sun. rest and eat. remain on watch. an hour later we set up positions again. spot check 16 - nothing observed. Call on Zadraz to stand down and retire to anopther building further across the plaza to keep watch on where the adventurers are.

Zadras suggests this would make agood base camp.

We wait; Zadraz advises there will be another patrol with three magic users that we can enlist the iad of.
The crown advises that Zadaras is now fully dominated and under Kam's control.

Crown says if you wish this other patrol I will bring them to you ... yes, Kam tells him.

Kam gets the sense at that point that the crown is looking for an object or a person and he knows the place is Darkhold. There is something there that the crown wants. Also sense it is not a good thing to mention this, so Kam keeps the knowledge to himself.

We wait. observing the plaza. the adventurers do not emerge as night falls.

Kam casts full sensory merge to see and hear everything 1 mile/lvl ...
two rogues are waiting in a corridor "where don't you think they've gone?" "they are around still - we are safe here"

downstairs ... conversation. move into the room beyod 10 rune door and ... effect vanishes again.

We wait.

Zadraz asks permission for three patrol members to forage/hunt.

Kam asks the crown if undead are awakening ... yes ... are any available ... yes ... 47 could be summoned ... what types are they? 7 vampires, 20 servants (undead/human), remainder are corpses ...

summon corpses only - send them into the the building to scare the adventurers if they in the upper level.
cast another sensory merge to observe progress of the undead - they surprise the rogues and then vanish when they enter the blessed area.

The 20 undead corpses enter the building and surprise the two rogues, but as the corpses enter the chamber they disappear in a flash of light…all 20 are vanquished by the power in the room.

Kam observes a fleeting glimpse of a robed figure ... was it the wizard? Then there is nothing but a searing brilliant white flash of light ... and then nothing. After some moments of stunning and blindness Kam shakes himself back into focus. He resolves to best the mage.

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