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Karthan 03- Separate Paths: One that is now two
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:09 pm    Post subject: K314 Reply with quote

K314: 1Guiaranor17 Mountain Home

Mak Is visited by Tharin and asks what Mak knows about empire that he has now found himself in. "I ask of what you have learned beyond our counsel and will enable me and others to help you learn of our empire and those that reside as it's citizens. Has anyone helped you learn of our empire? Our King returns soon and is aware of your arrival and will meet with you in two days."
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mak replies:

I must confess ... there is little that I know of your world, Karthan, beyond your wise counsel. When I first arrived I found myself in a forested location and spoke with a friendly wood spirit named Niessar who was expecting me. I came to your world willingly, having been petitioned and sought out in my own by an elf named Lazar. At least, to my eyes, he was an elf. In your world I believe his kind are considered to be spirits.

I left her glade to trek towards a village named Mharfaell which I reached after some brief encounters with those horrid creatures you call Azgeyr.

In Mharfaell I met with the Lord Beastmaster and assisted his rangers in skirmishes with more azgeyr in the region, including near a place named Wynfril.

Through ill luck - or perhaps it was fate - I then found myself lost underground and swept into dark tunnels and ruins in a black river where I made my way up into an abandoned estate and courtyard. And it was there I became captive and then an ally of bandits who sought to claim an artifact from falling into the hands of one named ... let's just say I have been advised not to say his name, for he is truly evil and an opponent to the Empress.

I journeyed again with these bandits, who then joined with rangers and some of your people who were led by one named Bali. With him was a boy named Elatan and it was they who counseled me before I fell to magic during battle with warrior monks of the dark religion ...

Not that I fell to their magic, but rather to an effect that transported me to a massive stone fortress that was shaped like a star and maintained by small elementals that spoke a strange tongue.

If there is something common that I have learnt, in the few locations that I have ventured into within Karthan, it is that there was an old order of knights named the "falconers" who lived several thousand years ago. I have found myself on their ancient path and am learning and uncovering more about them every day.

Otherwise all I have heard is that a long winter and war is coming and that things will be very difficult for the Therim and the empire.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:24 pm    Post subject: k315 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K315: 1Guiaranor18 Lasgalen

During the late afternoon the Azgeyr in the building to the left of the building where the adventurers are, report the finding of a secret entrance. The entrance leads downwards…a narrow stairway.

Kam orders two azgeyr to enter the entrance but the crown advises for Kam to search instead.
“Why did it say it thought it knew what it was.” Kam asks the crown.
“What lies below I am familiar with.”
“Is it treasure…or is it pain.”
“Not to you.”

The shaft descends 150m leading to a tunnel, roughly hewed out of the rock. The tunnel runs for 20m until it opens out into a chamber, the walls of which are covered by red curtains, faded over time. Skeletal bodies lay scattered on the floor. There are no furnishings. Evil is prevalent. At the far end is an altar of stone. “This seems to be a sanctuary where the Dark Religion met in ages past.” The crown informs. “I am aware of 6 such sanctuaries below Lasgalen, but this one I was not aware of. Under my stewardship the Dark Religion were instrumental in destroying the defenses of the city during the great war. But our victory was brief…Darkness Claw betrayed us in turn and the city fell under his dominion.” Kam sensed the crown was resentful. “The sanctuaries were created by mages and deep underground to avoid magical detection and in this sanctuary…also the holy power of the building next door. This location would have been made as an affront to the holy power.”
“So the holy power would have become aware of the sanctuary.”
“No otherwise it would have desecrated. The sanctuary retains it’s evil permanence.”
“So what benefits would this sanctuary give us. Would it give us greater power over the adventurers outside.”
“No…not while they remain within the influence of the so called Queen of the Stars.”

Kam senses for a moment…the conflict of chaos and “lawful evil”…Kharagh vs Darkness Claw, and Kam senses the crown is chaos. Kams alignment changes from Lawful Evil to Chaotic Evil…the crown’s influence in teaching him has made a willing Kam capable of easy alignment change.

Among the skeletal remains are found 6 black rods. “These are elemental rods that upon the command “hasten the dark” the rod will fire a darkbolt at the intended foe.” Perceive Power spells are cast…charges remaining, 73, 38, 51, 82, 24, 24. Total charges stored is 100.

“There would normally be an escape route should the main tunnel be compromised.” The crown states.
One of the Azgeyr finds the entrance, located in the far corner behind the red curtains and one of the carved stones shaped like a fist along the walls when depressed…opens a door in the wall. Tunnel goes 80m then a hole in the roof, with footholds carved into the stone wall lead up. the opening goes up into a darkened room, the floor of which is covered in debris and dust. The roof has partially collapsed, the wooden stairs collapsed and crumbled in the corner. Levitate through the collapsed roof.
“Climb up and follow me.” Kam commands of the two Azgeyr.

They climb and enter a room…the lounge of a home. Walls covered by black curtains, some of which has fallen to the floor. The Azgeyr climb up and join him. Looking around Kam finds a secret door, which reveals an alcove in which are found 4 potions: Potion of Blur, Potion of Delay Poison, Potion of Nondetection and Potion of Aid. And 2 rings, Ring of Protection+2 and Ring of Protection+3 and Kam realises he is not restricted by the number of magical items he could have…such as 2 rings at one time.

Indeed it is a house…with an office of what looked to be a scribe. There are 100 sheets of rune paper, used to write spells. The books shelves have been emptied but a secret door opens out to a small cavity in which are two spell books. “Sorcerer” spell lists to 20th lvl and “Evil Mage” lists to 20th lvl. The house is surrounded by an overgrown garden with tall wall of brick…much of the wall had collapsed over time. Other buildings, covered by creepers and undergrowth were on the other side of a road that went to the plaza on an angle.
“We shall return.” Kam commands the two Azgeyr and they do so, moving stealthily between the buildings.

Evening falls and Kam sees the Wizard Eye from the house…panning around.
Kam commands the Azgeyr to be vigilant. “They are seeking a way out. It is our job to deny them….crush them!!!”
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Joined: 10 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

and in doing this Kam knows he is becoming the master of a fledgling force of evil minions. But equally, he suspects, he is falling victim to the crown's dark motives and is fulfilling it's unspoken agenda. He thinks on this and wonders how he can twist the crown to his mind and free himself from it's malevolent grasp.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:14 am    Post subject: K317 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K317: 1Guiaranor18 Lasgalen

It is evening at the temperature begins to drop dramatically as rain begins to fall and continues throughout the night. The Azgeyr maintain a vigil over the residence where the adventuring party still remains. “They could remain there safe for some time.” The Crown informs. “The cleric would have summoned assistance…and this could come in the form of paladins or elemental servants of the Star Goddess. I do not doubt that they will be formidable due to my presence.”
“Is there any way we can find out if they have summoned aid. Perhaps the power of that place could send a message a greater distance.”
“The cleric can enter a dream state and inform their god or goddess of the difficulty of the moment. This can be passed by one of Elenmire’s servants, who are many in this world, to those who could help…such as the High Priestess of Elenmire in the Imperial Capital. Given my presence I do not expect assistance from the physical world…it would come from either the Annywaedin (Those of Many Feats), many of whom are ascended servants, or the Labrian-Anneur (The Many of Song) who reside with the Star Goddess. These individuals provide the rich mythos that bards and storytellers speak of.”
“Therefore it would be unwise to stick around.”
“Perhaps…but they have found something in there and it is of seemingly vital importance. They intend to try and get it to the Imperial Capital. I believe it is the White Sword…if so, in the hands of a true paladin, this weapon is powerful enough to slay even a Zhan.”

"That is indeed impressive," Kam says. "I understand that Zhan are more fearsome than the dragons of Eberron and those are fearsome enough and difficult enough to kill."

“No one can touch the sword…if so, they will be instantly destroyed…that includes you and my existence as well.”

"Then my azgeyr shall stay on watch and harrass the party when they emerge. They will soften the humans so that I may step in and confront them. The priest and mage must be targeted first. "

(the crown agrees).

"what can happen with the sword if the azgeyr or myself may not touch it? how it could be moved or safely transported, if not destroyed? who has that power, other than a god?" Kam asks.

“If any god intervenes directly…the balance will be offset by its opposite. Therefore if Kharagh or one of his servants, Maltar-Riss, the god of Chaotic Magic…interferes directly, it would be met by Elenmire or Valocar, the god of magic. Such interference would destroy this region. For the moment we will gather forces and make their departure as difficult as possible…or prolong, delay their departure. Beyond that…we can attempt to teleport the item to the rivers of fire in the Land of Everdarkness, where none can touch it.”

... the crown then says "we will gather forces to prolong their stay and delay departure."

"and what if the servants of other powers come?"

“We will have to fight and defeat them before we can even think of gaining the White Sword.” the crown replies.

"very well let us see what comes to pass. I am ready," Kam says.

“There is a matter that remains incomplete below the plaza.” the crown states matter-of-factly.



"can you sense him? Has he revived.?"


"then I shall return to his lair and search his power out. I will prevent him returning to this world and take everything he holds close."

Zadras is informed to stay on guard ... "Keep the adventurers in check. Accept more help into your ranks, as it is coming," Kam tells him.

Then Kam departs to re-enter the ancient reservoir where the lich remains.

The reservoir is dark and murky. Kam goes into the tunnel that he found that led to a place of darkness. As he had no magical power remaining, he could not cast a light spell then but with 2/3 of his PP remaining for this day was now able to. Kam emerges from the water and casts a light spell…it does not activate. “There is something here designed to neutralize the activation of magic.” The room remains dark and it is quiet. Kam gropes around in the dark taking his steps slowly and cautiously. The floor is wet, slimy and slippery. Kam falls in the water and strains his right ankle.

ouch. annoying.

Kam steadies himself and then continues exploring blindly by feeling the way. The walls are smooth. No furnishings. No wall hangings, quite bare.

The crown says "his sanctuary must be elsewhere."

kam replies "so is this simply a cell, or some other kind of confinement space for Gaurath's enemies?"

“If Gaurath was able to master this room…able to cast here, it would be here he would trap his enemies especially those who were magically powerful.”

Kam finishes his blind search and, finding absolutely nothing of consequence nor interest, he departs the room.

35m deep until reaching mud and debris. Attack by 4 water snakes, 16HP, bite+6, dam 1d6+electricity critical when target touched by any part of the body, each are about 2.5m long. All 4 attack but only 1 hits, striking him along the chest with an electrical charge.

Kam evades them by reaching the surface quickly to cast fly. He bursts upwards into the air and hovers out of range.

As he observes the reservoir from above, Kam sees other creatures. Fish, lizards/reptiles. The place is teaming with life. Water apparently drips and flows down here between the blocks of stone that should have fallen in. what magic holds the stones in place?

where did Gauthar originally fall? ... kam tries to determine.
he thinks he figures that out ... and dives.

Kam searches out where Gauthar's body may lie.

Detect Death cast ... spell failure 60 ... moderate mental lapse.
ineffective spell. don't lose spell points.

attempt recast ... 13 ... locate one dead body ... investigate immediately ... it is indeed Gauthar with staff and red orb.

Telekinesis ... essence hand ... use to move him

Gorthaur’s body once found lying at the bottom of the reservoir…half submerged in mud. Reaching it…responded by Vortex attack by water elemental. 68hp +2 dex, slam +10/+6; Slam 2d8+7; water mastery, drench, vortex (dam 2d6), elemental, damage reduction 10/+1; Fort+10m Ref+5, Will+2 Str20, Dex14 con19, Int6, Wiz11, Cha11, Listen+11, Spot+11, Cleave Power Attack, Water Law to 20th lvl.

Kam attempts to surge past the water elemental but falls victim to its attack. He retreats but a water bolt strikes him near the surface, stunning him and causing the crown to fall from his head into the dark depths below.

As the crown splashes into the water Kam realizes that many of his spells are no longer active…he is still flying, but he has lost his ability to breathe, see and maneouvre in the water. Kam feels weakened… and realizes he might not get the crown back…but he hungers for it.

"I MUST get it back ... it CALLS to me."

Kam fully heals himself and realizes he has little power for magic rests at the back of the landing.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:18 am    Post subject: K318 Lasgalen Reply with quote

K318: 1Guiaranor19 Lasgalen

Kam awakens rested and sees water is still dripping down through the cracks between the large slabs of stone that is the roof above…the floor of the plaza.

cast lower level spells and dive to retrieve crown. succeed.

cast spell enhancement to extend range by 50' and retrieve the staff.

return to the surface with the staff and study it, intrigued.

and kam asks the cron "what can you tell me about this? ave you seen it in Gauraths posession before?"

"no, he obtained it from another."

"is it an artifact? or simply a powerful staff of no great purpose."

"it is an item of considerable power but I can easily dominate it."

Kam realises it is an intelligent item.

Crown says ... his soul is inside it ... give me time to dominate it. Gauthar could become your minion; a very powerful lich (mage) could become your servant.

time passes and kam waits.

crown announces "I have dominated gauthar's soul. he is now ours. I can advance his return to his body. It was due to return in six days but I can return it in three and he will become our willing servant."

"Then make this so," Kam commmands. "and tell me ... is it possible for Gauthar to leave the confines of this resevoir, if I will it."

"Yes ... he is not confined here."


The crown says "his power is greatest here. 114th level. Outside of it ... 75th level."

Kam thinks of the distance between the plaza and holy sanctuary and considers that he might be able to lure the adventurers to their demise in here, quite possibly ... but then Gauthar would be an asset against any help they have been able to summon when it arrives.

Crown suggests he might be able to breach and flood the holy sanctuary ... an excellent idea worth investigating.

"we will do it," kam says. "when Gauthar revives I wish to speak with him tolearn all that he knows of Lazengalin and these underground places. Can you guarantee he will not resist your domination and attempt to take you back for himself? Can you guarantee my safety?"

"I have been victorious ... his soul is ours." the crown replies omnisciently.

sense motive / INT - the crown might be holding back some information.

"Kam ..." the crown advises "another azgeyr patrol has arrived."

"Then we shall meet them and make them feel at home. Let us go to them!"

Another group of 20 Azgeyr with 3 Evil Mages (10th lvl/8th lvl/7th lvl) patrol led by Gorashk 11th lvl W/Fighter. (14th lvl W/Fighter), mages, Shudar, Zagrim and Zudar.

When we get back I ask for a report on activity with adventurers.

there has been no movement but the wizard eye has been seen three times during kams absence.

"good. maintain your watch and report immediately if the situation changes."

"our replacement patrol has arrived."

"you were due to leave now?"


"but you are mine now and will stay, won't you?"

"yes, but the master will notice our absence when we do not return in eights days from now."

The azgeyr look fearful at this.

"what will happen when you are noticed missing. doe your former master do crazy stuff like try to look through your eyes?"

"No but he could send any number of flying servants that he has. That includes Zahn."

"OK ... and what is he most likely to send our way. what smaller flying servants does he command?"

"he has basig mesk (winged trolls) and large birds called ravens. he will determine first the reason and then the strength and then deal appropriately."

Kam knows that all is well for the moment, but the storm of these adventurers is coming. Just who will play their power, this Goddess of Stars, Kharagh or Darkness Claw?
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

But Kam doesn't care and puts such concerns behind him, paying them no heed. More importantly he welcomes the new arrivals and revels in the power they represent and bring him.

"Welcome to Lazgalen, your new home and my dominion ... pledge your strength and your arms to me and together we shall usher in a new beginning. We will vanquish the old powers and seize this land for ourselves. Your old master will bow down and respect me. The time of Kam, the Dark Elven has come and my shadow will stretch far and wide across this shattered land."
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:56 am    Post subject: K319 Reply with quote

K319: 1Guiaranor20: Lasgalen

The following day Kam emerges to see the plaza covered by thick cold mist. Using Fogvision he sees through the mist as if it was not there and can see his Azgeyr still encamped around the adventurers sanctuary. “You have been considering who will move against us first?” the crown remarks. “Two are close to us, Darkness Claw and Valadorn, the lord of Darkhold and one you have not considered.”
“Then we will wait for them.” Kam says. “If it is their choice to attack. I have a more immediate concern with these adventurers and prevent them from taking the White Sword.”
“Of course but they can remain there for some period of time until rescued.”
“Who would rescue them. They are far from anywhere, do you think there prayers would save them.”
“On this world, the gods are REAL and so are the prayers of their servants. The Goddess of the Stars looks after her own and though remote we are, this is still within the empire and within the jurisdiction of the Church. But you forget that you have answered your own question…for it is the White Sword that will be sought.”
“If so much is driven by faith in this world, would there chances not be lessened greatly if I chose to not believe or recognize any of their actions or their prayers. I chose to disbelief, there power is not real to me, therefore how can it hurt me. Without faith I cannot be hurt. My mind is greater than their words.”
“Amusing thought, befitting a stranger. Now walk to the sanctuary and see how far your disbelief gets you.”
“Oh are you serious are you crown. What would happen if I took you there. Would it not be your sentient nature make you believe of their power.”
“Of course, I was given intelligence for a reason.”
“Then use it to disbelieve, disbelieve the power of your enemy then it cannot harm you.”
“Disbelieving does not make their power go away, it will always be there and we cannot control what our inner natures have become from one moment to the next.”

The mist is beginning to lift. Kam casts wizard eye and moves it around the openings, but not going to far in. What you see is that the upper rooms are guarded by light elementals and no signs of the party…but the room Kam entered, by breaking a window, has also a wizard looking in his direction. Kam easily calculates the elementals are not that powerful and are there as guardians more than anything.”

Kam knows that Darkness Claw will react soon, when the second patrol does not return. Kam has about 7 days before any actions occurs, whether it be aerial reconnaissance or other nearby patrols. 7 days…does he still want this position of standoff with the adventurers.
“Those adventurers…let’s say I back off with all my new forces and lie in wait at an ambush point elsewhere. Is it likely will travel by road or overland or do you think they possess the power to teleport away.”
“They cannot teleport otherwise they would have done so. Not every magic user has that ability and those that do have very limited range and no physical objects must lie within that range, they are called leaving spells. Teleport is of a higher order.”
“I am prepared to wait until Gaurath awakens, which is tomorrow because he is under our control, correct?”
“Yes he is.”
“Because I am interested in his thoughts of how we could get those adventurers out.”
“He is insane.” The crown intones. “You do know that don’t you?”
“Yes, perhaps he will think of something we cannot.”

“Perhaps. You should be aware that the self professed lord of Darkhold revealed himself to me last evening. He is now aware of my existence but I deem he is not interested in me, for the moment. But he is interested in that which transpires in Lasgalen.”
“And do you know why, why this place?”
“Because Darkhold likes to the north of here and it seems that he has much more to lose should his identify be revealed. His power over Darkhold is absolute and explains the reason why the Azgeyr fear patrolling along the edge of the marshes in which lies the ruined city.”
“So you are telling me that this master of Darkhold is afraid of having his identity learned or revealed?”
“What is so powerful about that, he could be a midget and we could be scared of the name.”
“A midget, what is that?”
“Smaller than a dwarf?”
“And what is a dwarf?”
“About…a short beaded person, smaller than a man.”
“There are two races smaller than Therim, Desantherim (“Men of half”) and the Tordagh (no translation). The Tordagh are bearded, yes…short, fat and arrogant.”

Kam provides a mental image of a dwarf then a midget.
“The first is Tordagh.”
Kam gives him another image of a very short person been pushed over and teased, with sand thrown in his mouth.
“Is this what Darkness Claw could be like…what does he hide from?”
“We are not speaking of Darkness Claw. He resides to the east of here in the Garthang Ranges.”
Then who is it in Darkhold and who is afraid?”
“All I was able to determine is that he has become a vampire. But I sense it is his history that he is concealing. Therefore I believe that his events must have occurred after Lasgalen fell. He has made it clear that he has ruled Darkhold unchallenged since the city, known as Mithrelas fell during the last great war. He waits to see what comes to pass here in Lasgalen.”
“Are you able to project an image of his face…have you seen it, do you know him?”
“His figure was enshrouded in darkness, but I sensed he was in a palace of some kind with many drapings of red.”
“Was he originally from this place…could he have been a traitor, who lead to its downfall?”
“I do not know.”
“So we could expect he will come investigating.”
“No, his domain is his sanctuary?”
“Could you dominate him?”
“No I sense he is Sentari (T “Ascended Servant” – Demi god).
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:04 am    Post subject: K320 Khadazar Reply with quote

K320: 1Guiaranor20: Khadazar

The door opened and Tharin entered followed by Bali Foehammer. “Greetings Mak. What a surprise to see you here. Enjoying our hospitality I hope?” he seems rather amused to see Mak.

I regard him with surprise and greet him. “I have been treated as a stranger because I am and don’t understand how I got here.”
“Yes…very intriguing.” Bali says handing Mak the Compass Marker. “An interesting item you have there.” He watches for a moment. “Hmm, no disappearing act again?” he muses. “Perhaps confirming my thoughts.”
“So you know what this is?”
“I am very intrigued as to why the marker brought you here…was able to penetrate our magical shield and locate you in this room.” Bali replies. “The marker has not been able to be delved and though it is magical, I sense the item for the moment has very little power. It seems the journey you have taken may have drained it’s power source, which means the item was indeed made by Therim. Tordagh items that use this magical power are permanent in nature, though they are few. The marker uses a realm we call the True Essence…the Therim magic users are only just beginning to theorize that this realm exists, terming it the 4th magic. But it is really the 1st magic, for from the True Essence, the other 3 realms were created, Essence, Channeling and Mentalism, so that magic could be used by us and the Therim races. If a Therim was to use the True Essence in its true form, it would destroy him, both mind and body. So what you have Mak is a very rare and powerfully magical item. I can say that no magical item in the empire is or ever has been crafted with True Essence magic.”

about the marker being made of true essence
Mannish races cannot use true essence
the compass marker is rare
why does this exist?

Bali "I don't know. This is like a location spell. We sometimes use such spells for our own people when they are patrol in a new area. It allows them to find their direction home. Like a navigation instrument."

Mak thinks the item is kind of like a compass and its map.

Mak "so you found me"

Bali "NO, you found us."

Mak "so you've been here this entire time? "

Bali "what time? ... oh I am a recent addition to this geographcal setting."

Mak "I meant - I disappered and left you and your allies fighting those monks in the elder wild. Then what happened? You were there. How did the battle end?"

Bali "We won of course."

Mak "OK ... so you won the fight and claimed the box, right?"

Bali "No ... " <looks angry> "and if you ask ... don't you know who took it?"

Mak "Not really, should I? Why are you upset?"

Bali "Who do you think among us might have had ulterior motives and done something stupid?"

Mak "Would it possibly be those two guys that were looking at me funny during the travel across the Elder Wilds? I undertstand they were questioned."

Bali "NO, it is not them, but I'll put you out of misery. The person looks remarkably like someone in this room ..."

Mak groans and looks at Bali and says "You're kidding, right? Has Kam done something stupid?"

"Bali "OH YES"

Mak - "What has he done this time?"

Bali "WELL ... he opened the box, saw the crown and picked it up ... then disappeared. But we know where he is."

Mak "So ... why haven't you got the crown back already?"

Bali "Preparations have been made but there are other concerns. Unfortunately I can't kill the idiot ... Elatan has made that quite clear. "

“So with that in mind, with Kam in possession of the crown and you the marker. For you, I think it is because you are different, not part of our world, not part of our history and therefore not constrained by any laws that there may be preventing those of us to learn and delve into the time before the last Transcendence. Khios referred to such places once as Shades of Grey, even he cannot delve into those places literally lost to us because its history was also lost?”
“So...I am special and you need me?”
“Somebody thinks so.” Bali replies.
“And who is that?” Mak asks.
“I think you ultimately know who brought you here and therefore do not question such. Others may have been the instrument but the true reason remains with him.”
“I see. Even that person has kept me at arms length…and I wouldn’t know what that person looks like even though if they were standing in the room beside me. We have never met.”
“Really…I think you are referring to someone else, an instrument. No you have met him and spoken with him, quietly.”
“No…I have only spoken with some one named Lazar?”
“Ah…you are speaking of someone else. No I meant the Elder Wilds…I am sure you two had a quiet chat.”
“Oh, you are talking of the boy…the young bard, Elatan.”
“Well done.”
“So you are saying he wants me here and what of Kam…did he want him here too.”
“You are the one that is now two. The instruments for want of a better term, being Khios and one other, wanted you here…but Khios wanted you as one...the other made you two. Lazar I have learned from the other, served him and was a spy for him against Khios. I believe Lazar has returned to his homeland and Khios is none the wiser…a victory for us.” Bali says.

Bali looks at the marker. “We have an earthnode here…and I believe the Compass Marker is re powering itself from this. We do not know how long this will take, but it is re powering itself with True Essence.”
“And this True Essence device will chose where to transport me. I have no control over it.”
“You have no control at all as you are…an instrument if you will, perhaps to take the marker home or complete it’s original journey. And if the marker did not find us you might be dead in the harsh wilderness outside.”
“I get the sense the marker needed me to reassemble it and I did this following the apparent path of the Falconer knights and once I resembled the marker I think it is now taking me with it on its preset course back home.”
“That is one way of putting it…but home to where, you are traveling north, I have been beyond the mountains….and there are kingdoms there, but nothing resembling your falcon sightings.”
“Well I think it is going to take me to a hidden sanctuary…something ancient and something beyond the history that even your people know. Something that remains hidden from your sight.”
“It could well do…as we are hidden from sight, knowledge of our existence not known to the world.”
“It might reveal a power that can be used to help the empire in the war that everyone says is coming.”
“Oh…who is saying this?”
“Just what I have heard in my travels…the few travels that I have had above ground.”
“Yes but by who?” Bali repeats seriously.
“Perhaps the rangers in the Elder Wilds…but I do not know.”
“The reason I ask is the vast majority of the empire does not know of the coming Solisse and that it will last up to 5 years and of any other mater. This has recently been couseled at the highest level within the empire with the Empress herself overseeing what will be the survival of her empire and its people. The counsel is still in progress and I will be returning there in a few hours. So…keep this in mind, do not mention anything to anyone even in my realm about these matters. All will be told by those in office decreed by Empress Lonarwaen whose citizens of my realm are loyal too.”

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K321: 1Guiaranor20: Khadazar

“So in the meantime perhaps you might want to enjoy some fresh air.” Bali suggests with a rueful smile.
“Oh do you have that here…I thought where were beneath ground. Or do you have a convenient hole that sticks out the side of your mountain for fresh air as you call it.”
“Hmm…I might guess that that is some form of Therim humour…come with me.”
Mak follows Bali out of the guest suite and down a number of corridors, each expansive, made of reddish tinge black rock and ornately carved. Corridors…solid metal doors, the meandering, turning left, turning right…this place was larger that Mak could have ever expected. The Tordagh certainly built BIG. Mak’s sense of direction became dazed and confused and he hardly saw anyone, was it like before, when the corridor’s had been cleared ahead of him. Bali strode ahead at quite a pace. “We have a number of entrances to Mountain Home, most of them are nondescript, escape routes so are seldom used. But the one we are going to go through, is used by our patrols on the north side. The main north and south entrances are seldom open, due to our seclusion here, one out of necessity and choice. So visitors are very few and unannounced visitors…you are the first. And still alive thanks to Elatan. He timely intervened on your behalf.”

Reaching the end of a corridor it opened out into a room in which were neatly stacked a large array of equipment, from thick woolen cloaks hung on the walls to picks shovels, sleds and yes…snow shoes. The room was guarded by 8 Tordagh, all armed with large battle axes or warhammers and armoured in reddish/gold plate mail. They all bowed smartly as Bali entered. Bali went over to one of the shelves where it looked ration packs and vials were stored and he presented one vial to Mak. “The potion will protect you from the cold.”
“How long will it last for?”
“4 hours”
“Sufficient for one dose.”
Mak thanks him.

“We are high up in the mountains Mak, on the southern side of the largest mountain range on this continent.”
Mak watched as part of the wall disappeared and he could see outside, bright sunlit gleaming off snow covered rocks. “The room is protected as well. You will be residing as a guest. Outside this domain is the harsh reality of a land far different to what you have encountered in the Elder Wilds. From what I know, your journey has not ended therefore the domain outside is one you will have to learn to survive in. The marker has not taken you directly to where you must go, wherever that is so it would seem like any journey towards one’s fate, a difficult road may lie ahead. So over the next few days you will be learning to survive in the harsh environment and it will be with these guards you will be training with. Now we have prepared a cloak for you so put it on and we will depart when the relief guards arrive.”

Bali says as he puts his cloak on and Mak discovers the powerful magic of him disappearing within the cloak. “As I said earlier I have journeyed though the mountains. Lonarwaen and myself are the only ones to have ever done so and those you have met at the council and you were informed are of a different Tordagh came from beyond the mountains, from the lands as far as the far northern reaches of the world. However, the founding of this realm is for the purpose of serving Lonarwaen in the coming war. This kingdom is purely for that purpose and no other. Darkness Claw, Kharagh and Khios do not know of its existence and that must remain so. Therefore patrols are performed with the very minimal use of magic as that could attract attention.”
“How sure are you that Khios does not know of your realm?”
“The realm does not feature magically, not even as a Shade of Grey.”
“And how were you able to do that?’
“With the help of my newfound friends and allies that reside here and a special temple.”
“So these friends and allies, these are the other Tordagh races.”
“No, I refer to the ones that came from their lands back here with me.”
“So if they all possess the power to make something no magical have they done that with all their realms also?”
“Do you mean the other Tordagh tribes?”
“Yes, are they also concealed.”
“Concealed yes, but not as well.”
“So the others are all known by the enemy?”
“Yes, because they interact and trade with the empire.”
“So your’s is secret?”
“Then I swear your secret shall remain safe with me.”
“I have been told that my realm will not be discovered should you fate be one of ill.”

“You mean if I die?”
“Or captured?”
“And so, if I am not killed or captured, your secret is not safe.”
“It is…you have given me your word have you not and such words are power.”

The relief guard arrives and they like the 8 guards and well armoured and well armed. They put on cloaks, their magical power shielded and Bali says for Mak to take the potion. “We will not be out there too long.” He says. “Let’s see whether the compass marker does do anything outside the confines of the realm.”
“Don’t you think it will be risky to reveal the item outside…that it will not be noticed by other powers?”
“Not if as I think, it uses the True Essence. Not even Kharagh can use therefore detect such power and likewise with Darkness Claw.”

Mak takes the potion and follows Bali outside. He steps out onto a small narrow crack between rocks and following out onto a ledge over looking a massive mountain vista before him with a snow covered valley some 4000ft below. Before him loomed even taller mountains, snow capped that disappeared into the distance, even with his enhanced sight. The air was bitingly cold but Mak felt warmed by the potion. “Are there any Zhan in the mountains?” he asks.
“The odd one or two.”
“Are they aware of your presence.”
“Perhaps…Stormwing does. She is the only one of the Zhan that I know has knowledge of this location.”
“So if one of them knows, how does your location remain secret?”
“Stormwing knew of your arrival and kept that secret.”
“How did Stormwing know?”
“She is often in the court of Lazar’s true lord.”
Mak remembers that Lazar did mention whom he served, Alnuathor, the High King.

Bali, Mak and the guards follow the ledge downwards towards a narrow valley between two mountains and Mak sees that there is life around, furred rodents and birds mostly. As they travel, Bali points skywards. “A Calnizhan, one of Stormwing’s family.”
Mak sees a great bluish white dragon in the near distance flying across the valley before them…the creature is magnificent to behold, perhaps 1000ft in length and though frightening, its sight does not induce any fear. The other Tordagh just watch standing still.
“It is aware of us.” Bali said.
“So why does it not concern itself…is it because we comprise no threat?”
“Hmm…Tordagh and one human in the mountains far away from any other Tordagh mansion…oh yes it would be interested. But I think it has it’s own instructions. Our patrols have seen it before and come to no harm.”

The Zhan flies smoothly across the valley and disappears into the mountains west of the valley.
Mak senses the Zhan’s attention was upon him for a moment…as if confirming something. Mak also senses the Compass Marker…weak in power as it is but now active. Mak tells Bali that the marker may have reacted to the presence of the Zhan.
“The Zhan use the True Essence Mak…it could have been something else though. Bring it out and see if it is pointing in a direction.”

Mak takes out the marker. Mak feels the marker is active and Bali asks him to lower it so he can see it and Mak does and Bali runs his hand over the marker’s face and…Mak is in darkness.
He hears a familiar a voice. “DAMN!!!!”
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K322: 1Guiaranor20: another location

“Is that you Bali.”
“Yes it is.” He mutters casting a light spell. Both are in a room that looks like it has been blocked by a rock fall on one side. The room is not furnished, walls and floor of rock and no windows. The air is foul and Mak begins choking as does Bali, so Bali casts a spell….five times because of failure and envelops them both in a dome of air and both begins to breath fresh cool air. “That will keep us going for a few hours.” He says.
“Any idea what this place is?”
“Hmm…not Tordagh, if it was…they certainly had little care for craftsmanship. So Therim I would presume. I sort of figured this might happen at some time…so it has. Now Mak…what do we do?”
“We find a way out of here?”
“We need to get through that rock fall.”
“Well I can help a little here. Shall we remove some of the rocks?”

Both do so. It is hard work and Mak finds that they both can work irrespective of the dome bubble of air around them. Mak sort of realizes why are we doing all this hard work…how did the Tordagh fashion such a realm he has been a guest in…without an army of craftsman. “Don’t you have magic for this sort of stuff.” He ask.
“Oh yes.” He replies lifting another rock and throwing it behind him.
“So wouldn’t it be quicker and safer to do that?”
“Oh it would.” Bali says puffing as he lifts another rock. “But the next time this happens I will not be with you.”
“Yes…that’s true.”
“I do not know where we are…but while we are here, I want you to figure this through yourself. I may be a King but I can lift things to.” He says with a grin. “Hard works never hurts anyone.” And he continues to move the rocks out of the way.

Four hours later an opening is created and Bali magically fashions the bubble around them. Mak climbs through the opening and it is dark beyond. “Come on through.” Bali comes through and carries the light spell with him. Both are in a corridor…roughly hewed, it looks more like a cave but part of the walls have been fashioned by hand. The corridor/cave extends for about 80ft and ends before another rock fall.
It is colder in the cave. Waiting for Mak, once he starts moving rocks, Bali helps too. This is once again hard work and Mak begins to tire as does Bali. “Shall we make camp?” Bali suggests gasping for breath. “I do enjoy hard work…but eating is equally enjoyable.”
“Well it seems safe enough…nothing can get through yet and I can do with some food.”

Mak determines that because he has no trail rations…perhaps he should at all times be prepared for the effect to occur. Also…the need for light spells and earth mastery of some kind…things that Bali seemingly was drawing his attention to.

I…just to determine Mak’s needs.

Bali leads Mak through hallways in mountain to the outside of "mountain home"

potion: protection from cold (4 hours) 7 doses

Mak receives a non-magical woollen cloak.
Why isn't it magical?

Mak is outside with guards and Bali to learn about adapting to the harsh environment. He then observes that Bali puts a cloak on that obscures all other magic he is wearing.

Both set up camp. Bali casts a magical fire, producing no smoke and with his cleric ability, brings forth a very large meal on two silver platters.
“I am sort of curious. As a Tordagh can you determine how far we are beneath the ground?” Mak asks.
“Yes intuitively so…but can you?”
“No, the reason I ask is that the people like you from my home world can also intuitively determine such things. They call it stone cunning.”
Bali laughs. “A true Tordagh sees nothing cunning in stone. And do these…what do you call them…”
“Dwarves, that is the general name.”
“Dwarves live underground.”
Yes but also amongst other societies.”
“Are they…guarded as to their society?”
“Depends on their clan. In fact, many of them in my home continent, Khorvaire, are quite open and run merchant trade operations across the land. They craft fine metals and sculptures for nobility. Indeed many of them are of high nobility themselves given their longer life as to an average Therim.”
“How long do they live?”
“I am unsure but perhaps 300 years. It might be less.”
Bali nods. “Quite long lived. Our elders have been known to live longer, 450 years.”
“Of course a year on our world is shorter than yours. I still don’t know how long it takes for the sun to transit across the sky.”
“Ah…I can help in this, once we determine how your timing system works. The empire has time keepers that are very accurate. One race has invented what they call a clock, a mechanical timing device…not that accurate at the moment. The time keepers are made by apprentice magic users and once completed clerics of Rheton, the god of day and Sural, the god of night gather at year’s end, at the locations which store them and blesses them, thus activating the timing system. Each hour is coloured at one half of the glass, white for day and grey for night and the second half of the glass is coloured coded for each hour of the day and night, each hour numbered the same colour during day and night. But one can note in any day or night, that the hour glass is in the 4th hour of the day or night as the hour colour is the same. Every home has one and when a family is married the church present the family with the timekeeper as part of the wedding gift. Being blessed means they are holy items…not powerful, but it aids in ensuring the protection of the home against evil…but of course it would not aid against an overpowering force or more powerful creatures such as the Mesk. Do you have timekeepers.”
“No, we generally judging the movement of the sun and at night the stars and moon.” Mak explains that the main area he has been living in has been desert so the sun moon and stars have been the dominant features and mostly cloudless.”
“How many moons are there?”

I “There are 12 moons and one sun, around Eberron with a permanent ring that surrounds the equator from which dragonshards fall, providing a form of magical power. there is legend of a 13th moon but it either remains hidden, or it is a myth. (Eberron campaign setting, p129)

“We have two suns, but only one is visible.” Bali informs. “The second is much smaller and is only seen during this coming Long Solisse. I do not know too much about the science of it, but every so often it comes into contact with Arias and gathers energy, sort of like your marker, re powering itself and it is this effect which causes the Long Solisse. So it is a natural event, yet one that Kharagh takes advantage of. I believe the last time that this happened was during the War of Chaos…2,500 odd years ago. Hmm…do you have…Azgeyr…Osgeyr on your world?
“No we have less powerful creatures we call orcs, goblins and hobgoblins.” Mak follows on by describing the races as he does with the ones that follows. “We have gnolls, kobolds, gnomes and elves…I gather you do not have them in your world, but you call them spirits. I am a half-elf and so is Lazar from what I believe.”
Bali leans back after having enjoyed his meal…sipping a tankard of wine, which Mak wonders where he got that from. “There is a race in Karthan known as Perintherim (“Fair Men”). They are similar to you, being the progeny of human and Valandor…the spirits as you call them. The Valandor are but one of two races that you would call elven. “Elves” on this world are umm…not known about. The Valandor love to help the other races, especially in the natural world where they like to reside. The other race is much more secretive and have their domains…beyond the worlds reach. Do you have the Raenar, great winged and horned horses, mighty creatures and very intelligent.”
“Yes…but they are not common.”
“They are not common here either and seldom are seen by Therim however they are known the Daeostherim “Wood Men” and I believe the Khisan. What about the Nenime…the great eagles and eyes of the gods.”
“Yes, I think there is a nation that has those…but I have not seen them.”
Oh what…do they ride them?”
“Yes I believe elves do so. The elves have magical ships that sail through the air.”
Bali laughs at that. “Hmm…just between you and me, I have seen the world ships that the Valandor and the other race arrived on…they came from another world and their ships are magnificent…I can understand why they seem to reach out for beauty considering their history is one of great tragedy. The world ships are still intact after so much time and maintained and used by the people. Hmm…another creature that is known as a blessed creature like the Raenar is the Iccan, the horned horses that are signs of good luck in the empire when seen. I have encountered to Iccan in the mountains close to where our realm is. It was during my adventuring years with Lonarwaen. But I have also seen them at council and are wise creatures, protectors of the land.”

... sharing of knowledge (races, time measurement, goblinoids and similar monsters, history, attitudes towards historical sites and their discovery, ability of mixed races and cultures to co-exist peacefully)

Bali grins. “Do you have Zhan?”
“Yes…our world according to legend was created by a great battle between Zhan that would be much greater in size and much more powerful. The loser in the battle formed my planet and the victor became the ring that encircled the world. But since then in our present day the dragons for that is what we truly call them, have claimed a separate continent for themselves and is off limits to all other races. For all over races are considered inferior and lesser to them. The dragons seldom involve themselves in other races affairs but they have shown an interest because their magical marks have been appearing at various times through history and the dragons believe that these are the signs of an unfulfilled prophecy that they seek to decipher.”
“Now…there’s a place a retired adventurer could have some fun.”
“Or be eaten if uninvited.”
“Oh I mean the mystery…mystery has what made my life interesting and taken me to strange places. Who do you think these Falconers are?”
“I think they are an ancient order of knight protectors who existed at a time in this world’s history far before any of the current races are able to know. Something happened to their civilization and I have been fortunate enough to find clues about there past.”
“In Shades of Grey.”
“Well some ruined places yes. Places that ordinary people in this world cannot go…there is an apathy about those who live near such places.”
Bali nods. “It is a mystery as to why as a result of knowledge being destroyed during the War of Chaos, that the history preceding it was concealed as Shades of Grey. There is no correlation between a book about history of say Cerberus and then after the War of Chaos, the history before that moment is concealed. There was a greater power in this and I have my suspicions. This is something we should not speak of again…so to you Mak…what were you doing before you arrived on our world?”

I was a Ranger, working freelance out of a large city named Gideon. I made my living tracking creatures and other things for those who required such services in the desert that bordered my home. When I wasn't spending time outdoors I dabbled in archeology and scholarly studies. For a brief time I discovered an interest in magic. I learnt that I had a knack for making magical things and changing magical properties. Technically, I would have been named an 'artificer' though I have not used or cared much for that naming of skills myself. I prefer to be outdoors and that is where Lhazar found me. He hired me to work with his expedition in the desert. That led to my stepping through a portal and entering Karthan.

“A scholar of what?”
“Sort of, archaeology and local history.”
“And were their Shades of Grey on your world?”
“No there is not. In fact our world is quite mercenary. If it is ancient and available it will be plundered. Entire expeditions are brought together to do such things.”
“And the older the ruin the more lucrative the profits are meant to be.” Mak adds.
“Sounds mercenary indeed.” Bali commented. “Not so much here. We have our problems…personal gain and such is always prevalent but generally what is found is considered for greater use by the empire and those who find items are well paid for it.”
Mak nods. “So how do you think the empire will fair in the coming war.”
“Hmm… I hope so. Much will depend on how the empire prepares it’s army…but there are other important factors as well. We cannot invade Kharagh’s territory for all those who enter dies of the Wasting Disease so we must wait for his legions to emerge. With the help of foreign representatives offering their own armies to aid, I believe the empire will be stronger but we do not know what happened at the last Transcendence, whether the plans employed then is the same now…whether we are basically repeating history. Was the empire stronger then than now…we do not know, but judging by the marker, there may have been greater magical power back then. But we are not waiting. We are preparing. I would gather your history has such wars.”
“Ah…yes.” Mak replies. “Our history has gone through many stages. We have the age of dragons, followed by the age of demons followed by the age of giants. That was followed by the age of goblinoids and they established a very wide spread civilization and then man rose to take over from them. And now we have a very diverse and mixed culture across our continent as a result of the wars. The last war was between kingdoms and lasted 100 years and ended 20 years ago.”
“Interesting…are their racial hatreds?” Bali asked.
“Oh many, but it depends where you are. There are obviously pockets of racist attitudes everyone but there are bright points where diversity is welcome. Gideon is one such place unlike the breakaway town of Zanarkand who are extremely xenophobic.”
Bali thinks for a moment, sipping his tankard. “On our world it is evil and chaos…in whatever form that creates the hatred. The Azgeyr, Osgeyr and Mesk races are Kharagh’s creations and therefore naturally hated as they seek dominion over the world and threaten all good races. They were also created as mockeries of man. The Zhan hate those mockeries of Zhan that have been created by Kharagh. t. Within the empire there is no conflict between lords or clans. The empire is feudal and follows strict rules of conduct. Disagreements between nobility are not fought on a battlefield but conducted by trials of arms. This occurs during the Grand Tournament which has just been completed. Stability is important in the empire and it is from that, the empire grows and prospers. And in this the nobility is well aware of their responsibilities and the privilege of their status and position. In other words they are accountable to the people who work their lands and provide the taxes. Does your world have concepts of chivalry…a code of conduct that one follows in serving others?”

Mak nods. “There are different groups that would subscribe to chivalric notions. But there are equally groups that would attempt to control by subterfuge and would use conflict and friction to bring trouble to groups that are aligned.”

Mostly our world is about trade and profit, not chivalry. In the desert surrounding Zanarkand and Gideon city plundering ancient tombs and labyrinths beneath the sand ranks highest among the local interests. Next to magic by the Xenophobic Zanarkand Magocracy. And, across the wider continent of Khorvaire chilvalry remains of least concern for the majority of nations and their people.

Bali replies. “Within the empire all nobility swear fealty at special ceremonies. They swear fealty to the empire, the Church and to their liege lord…3 oaths witnessed by the court and Church. It is the Dukes who have ultimate power over their land and vassals and for which all nobility are ultimately sworn to and the Dukes are the ones who annually swear featly to the Emperial throne, which is presently ruled by a woman…not good in some eyes.”

Mak replies. “Our continent is currently ruled by a council of wizards, for our world is dominated mostly by magical users.”

“Is magic that prevalent in your world?” Bali asks surprised.

“Yes, it is very prevalent. Some of us have the skills to shape magical items. I have had some limited training in such, before I took the path and trained as a ranger.”

“So what can you make?” Bali asks.

“My skill is limited. I have limited spell capabilities but I can cast infusions which can enhance armour and give it enhancement. I can repair light damage to constructed creatures such as animated stone statues or golem. I can modify the type of magic used by an item to another type such as a flaming axe can become a axe of frosting. Or I can imbue a weapon with limited enhancement, yet again for a short duration and make fighting a little more effective. I do not rely on your spells as my training was limited.”

“Do you know the basics of forging?”

“Not so much for that type of creation but I can learn.”
“Yes…depends on whether you are remain long enough to learn.” Bali says. “Therim alchemists make magical items and extra spells imbued are provided by mages or other spell users depending on the spell required. The duration varies as does the amount of times per day and the likes. The more powerful items have permanent spell effects. But it is during the forging process the item becomes magical. Some items are intelligent as is the crown that Kam is wearing and using. Over time if we cannot regain the crown, Kam will be permanently within its power.”
“Would that be not his choice to make. It seems he has made it.” Kam replies.
“I would say that Kam is more than willing to have the crown used for its power.”
“And what if he was dare I say it supposed to have not another. As I am not to be here as has he perhaps his actions has changed the course of this world…cause greater chaos against the enemies that you are facing. And perhaps you can turn that to your advantage.”
Bali turns to Mak. “The Crown of Dominion works for itself. It is highly intelligent. Either we get it and destroy it…which I can do, or we prevent its influence from never leaving Lasgalen…but that takes manpower and magical power away from the greater threats. At least with the former, if we gain the crown and destroy it then Kam could very well recover…but I am not holding my breath on that. Nor should you.”

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K323: 1Guiaranor21: another location

They rest for the evening and Mak awakes and sees Bali at the rock fall his back silhouetted by the fire. Mak rises and joins him. “This was deliberately done.” Bali says. “With magic. Outside is a narrow ledge and it is night, clear sky yet very cold. We are high up on a mountain and this region is unfamiliar to me, but I think we are close to the scaled mountains that form the central back bone of the Tarascon range. I have reshaped the rock letting in air. So there is no need for the air bubble now.”
Mak sees a little snow has sprinkled near an narrow opening on the upper right of the cave…tunnel. “If you are rested then let’s see why the marker brought you here.”

They both search the tunnel and the rock strewn room where they had initially appeared.
“There must be more to this place.” Bali mutters. “It just seems to be a shelter of some kind. But so high up in the remote mountains…”

Kam finds near where they have encamped what look to be a small circle of holes that matching his marker sees them as the compass points and 3 points in between. Seeing the marker at its present points, top and top right 2, and bottom left 1 (first after the south marker)…he finally considers an idea and removing the mithril points and places them into the notches that match where they were on the marker. Part of the tunnel thrusts forward and slides to the left, revealing an opening beyond. “Let air in first.” Bali advises. He illuminates the opening with al light spell and beyond is a tunnel that extends 60ft and ends with a door of amber coloured metal. Bali enters slowly searching the walls, ceiling and floor and realizes the corridor is trapped approx every 5 ft with magical wards. And it is a slow tedious task as Bali deactivates the wards one by one.

Reaching the door at the far end, Mak joins him and he sees and indentation for the falcon ring, which he uses and it opens the door. Beyond is a darkened room that once lit is similar to the council chamber that Mak saw beneath Forge Valley. The walls are of a golden hued stone and in the centre is a ornate wooden table on which are 3 golden falcon statues all facing them, each about 1ft high. Around the table are 16 chairs. Another doors lies at the far right corner of the room.
Magic is detected…Bali feels it too…Essence and a touch of True Essence. “Does this mean the falconers could use True Essence.”

Entering the room Bali looks at the statues. “This is interesting. The statues are not pure gold but a fusion between gold and gold Laen. Laen is a naturally enchanted crystal that can be refined as magical glass in many colours, varying strengths and abilities.”
“What is it used for?”
“Jewelry mostly, but weapons have been fashioned in Laen, or coated over in Laen, due to the colour association, whether non religious or religious.”

The statues are trapped (poison gas) he says.

no carvings or adornments on walls.

3200 years old stonework.

"How far back is the generally known and accepted history for humans and Tordagh in this continent?"

"This is not to be told to anyone ... the citizens of the empire have no knowledge of history prior to the war of chaos ... all knowledge was lost ... however, Lonarwen is hosting a delagation from a very old human sea kingdom (attalante) ... one reason for their visit is that the high men (tanatherim) are their descendents and they have records dating back 11-12000 years ago to when they first settled the empire."

"So if they're that old, then why didn't they stay and survive on this continent?"

"It would seem that attalante founded trading ports throughout the world and people that lived in them became indigenous to their cultures. And over time those people became the nobility."

"I understand ... so the descendents are the high men of this land in the present day."

Mak looks around.

Search pass, fail, pass, pass

Beneath the falcon statues' table is a small hole, in which there is a gold coloured star shaped gem ... within the gem is a shiny sliver of silver ... "look at this, what might these be?" Mak asks, calling Bali over. "Are they traps?"

"No, but this is the source of the true essence. Hmmmm ... " grimaces, grits teeth. "They're intelligent and won't tell me. I sense a strong .... nature."

"What do you mean, are the gemstones alive?"

"No ..." scratches beard "but there could be something living inside. I may know what they are ... but you'd have your hands full if they are what I think they are. You have already encountered some in your travels."

"What do you mean? Spirits?"

Bali nods. "Our presence is awakening them."

"What kind of spirits?"

"Cheerful, playful, mischevious type."

"Not malevolent or evil?"

"Definitely not."

"Should we leave them here?"

"They are wake now so we can't leave them. The gems are designed for a necklace or chain or pendant, or something."

Mak is a little confused ... "So I know a little bit about crafting items and attaching things and doing stuff like that ... but how do you wear and use a spirit? I have never heard of that. Is that what people in this world do? "

"No. Usually if an item is intelligent it is imbued with intelligence. But here, for some reason, three real spirits (valendor) have chosen to be here. they can leave any time but they choose not to."

"But why would they do that?"

"Perhaps they wanted to help. They seem to be more light than those who you have encountered in the Elder Wilds who are more forest light water. they may have liked the person who wore them. You can't make them do anything. they';ll do what they want whrn they want."

"So I still don't understand why the never chose to leave this place if it's been abandoned for 3200 years. Wouldn't they get a bit annoyed or lonely?"

"They have slept. It seems they were waiting for you, a fascinatig Therim from another world."

"Is that what they are saying?"

"Can you speak freely with them?"

"I am speaking through the mind and I know they are assessing you." Bali grins.

"So what do I do ... just pick the gems up and take them? Is that all I need to do?"

Bali says "They are here to see you to your journey's end. I would say ... a certain person I talked to you about knows that Kam has the Crown of Dominion ... these three have been assigned to ensure you don't go down that same path. But don't worry, I know him and it's OK."

"So who do you mean 'assigned' them to me?"

"You told me that Lazar is working for someone ... but he's also working for someone else. He was primrily there for the idiot (Kam), but he was also working for the high king and it was that person who brought you here."

"I see ... "

Mak hears giggling. Childish-like.

Mak chooses to ignore the giggling and then hears the three voices saying his true full name (Marerandas Krysilryn) like a whisper in the wind. In response, Mak will carefull retrieve the three gems and hold them safely on his person ... place them in his belt pouch and then for safekeeping, place them in an internal pocket within his robes .

"Oh, he's nice and warm ..." a voice says.

Search continues ... only one exit from room .... follow it. The Falcon ring opens it.


corridor with four open archways
no door at end.

examne each archway.

archways lead to dormitory rooms. remarkably preserved.
general search.
no exits from rooms.

detect magic ... general sense of magic. minor. in background.


Two meeting rooms and kitchen adjoined. well preserved.

examine those.

kitchen utensils ... finely crafted. masterworks.

nothing in meeting rooms.

someone has kept the place clean before it was abandoned.

offices ... desk, chairs, table, scroll cabinets (empty)

drawers are locked.

search to find traps, disable device, open locks

#1 - trapped (poisonous dart - 1 CON/rnd), disabled, but can't bypass lock
#2 - trapped (same), disabled, can't bypass lock

try locks again ... ask Bali to help.

He gives me lockpicks ... +10 to skill ... try those and fumble.

"Do I need to teach you how to use them?" Bali says.

sucess, both sets of drawers are open.

#1 -

silver necklace with four silver stars with three insets (designed to hold something ...) plus gives +10AC
20 sheets of rune paper
magical quill - writes for user as one speaks
runestone (brown) - blade rune - work on sword for 3mins to add +1 to hit/dmg for until daylight following day
runestone - ice stone - use to lower body temperature of wearer but drop in tankard of beer to cool drink

#2 -

red cloth containing headband - affords wearer same AC as chainmail, even if armour not worn and also combines STR, DEX and WIS as a single bonus to AC (to add as a total magic enhancement)

Mind stone - grey translucent stone - very powerful - telepathy true spell with unlimited duration and range and is x5 PP multiplier for all realms (except true essence) and allows caster to cast spells as if 5 levels higher than actually is ... but weilder needs to "receive" stone in forehead ... it is absorbed and merges with brain. "Don't advertise you have it". Only wau to remove is to kill possessor and cut it from brain. Evil mind stones will cause 10CON permanent if heads of wearers touch.

Map - of mountains and a trail -


ask Bali if it makes much sense to him given we have no point of reference ...
he says the trail may be a week or two weks of travel.
he thinks we are at the southern location.

So we need an exit, so we can find the trail and then follow it.

He says there is one ... it is a ledge that we can climb apdwon and follow but wouldn't do so at the moment.

why? bad weather?

And it's night. Bali says.


See another pattern on wall near where the map was found, for use with compass marker.


Go back and retrieve the compass marker points and experiemtn with opening/closing to see what time delays and how to open from other side.

examine opposite side before removal - small sliding panel that contains a falcon ring inset for opening/closing door.

Return and insert pointers into holes (location configuration)

small alcove revealed
Another compass marker made of smooth red glass with one red compass point is held within.
East position.

Bali looks up and says ... Zhan is flying above us ... we are near a plateau and I think that might lead to its lair

"Do you think it can detect us? Or just your magic that made opening to outside?"

"They are true users of essence so may have detected it once the exit path was opened. It is an ice dragon."

"How did you suddenly sesne it?"

"I just can. An ability I gained at Quwhon. We met a number of Calnizhan (ice dragons) while I was there. they are not evil and serve Stormwing. "

"So this .... Stormwing ... is not evil?"

"Neutral. But she is one of the powers of dominon. Zhan are considered the oldest creatures of the world and Stormwing is their great mother. We have never really determined who the father was ..."

"So this alcove ... is it trapped?" Retrieve the compass marker from within.

"Interesting says Bali"


"It was trapped but did not activate, principally because you have got the falcon ring on."


Examine the red glass compass marker. It holds an east marker, but contains spaces for two more."

Bali says "I may have been wrong about the original marker you found. Perhaps its power is used up and perhaps this one takes over. I see you are still here. It is made of red laen."

"So we need to find the other two pointers to make it function. I'm guessing they'll either be hidden here or more likely scattered in other falconer ruins like the last one, so that a path is followed ... red laen, is that exceptionally rare?"

"No - Tordagh make a lot of it. Men do too, but we're better at it."

"Let's recheck this facility to make sure we haven't missed any concealed spaces."

Bali looks confused "Sorry, I meant this ancient place."

Bali says "yes ... but first, lets put your friends into the necklace."

Mak obliges.
Mak wears it.

When put on the silver bits come out of the gems, growing into 5' tall female glowing white female sprite with wings.
Mak thanks them for appearing and says "you will safe with me and I will keep you close. you must have been lonely and tired of waiting, even while you rested."

"... thank you" one replies.

INT check

Thorough examination of entire falconer complex and find nothing new, nothing missed.


Rest. Eat. Drink.

"Now," Bali says. "This map ... is it genuine, or a trap?"

"I don't believe the Falconers would leave a false map in a place that can be reached by either one of their own, or someone who possesses their essential items and has followed their path carefully already like me ... "

"What about an enemy?"

"How many enemies could the Falconers possibly have still alive after 3200 years?"

"I mean enemies at the time?"

"I don't believe it is a false trail because there is no evidence here to suggest that they fought with any intruders."

"You're right," Bali says. "But let's just say you're the last Falconer to leave and the others left with a compass marker or some other means. Wouldn't you have taken the map with you."

"Maybe the last person here was expecting to be followed by another Falconer and left the clue. It wasn't that easy to find and wasn't really all that obvious. And the map, when looked at without any other point of reference, doesn't mean much to anyone."

"Good point."

"I say we trust in it. I have already trusted the other clues that I've discovered and they've led me to some unusual places. There was really only a couple of places that proved dangerous because over the centuries they have fallen to ruin, or been breached and allowed some kind of creature to move in. And where that hasn't happened, a ward or guardian was left in place as a defensive meaure. Like elementals," Mak says.

"So you intend to follow this path then?"

"Yes, I will follow it. It may actually prove to be where the other two red laen pointers are stored, to restore the red compass marker again."

"Then rest ... it will be a while before daylight falls."

We recheck surroundings and ensure that entrance ways are closed, before resting fully again.
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K324: 1Guiaranor21: The Hidden valley

Going outside, Mak finds himself on a narrow ledge, many hundreds of feet above a snow clad valley. Before him were vast snow clad mountains some towering thousands of feet more than where they were positioned. Looking behind him the mountain they were on rose some thousands of feet. And yes, he did feel the effects of vertigo and he leaned back against the rock face. Bali seemed to be concentrating and Mak took in the grandeur of the mountains around him breathing in bitingly cold air.

A large golden hued eagle glides over them, its wingspan perhaps 40 feet and turning it approaches majestically and lands on a rocky outcrop near the ledge. “Thought this might be better than walking.” Bali said and he magically conjures up harness that are strapped around the eagles neck. “I will cast an air bubble so that we are not effected by wind draft or the cold. It should help you against the effects of flying.” One the bubble is cast, Bali climbs into the front harness and Mak climbs onto the harness behind him and they strap themselves in. “How did you cast these?”
“The harness spells were developed to aid in riding elemental servants.” Bali said. “Now…we will follow this map as best we can.”
Speaking with the eagle the bird launched into the air and other then the sensation of gravity, there was no wind or breeze against him…he could make out the shimmering affect of the bubble around them both. The eagle glided gained height then began to glide between the mountains, descending towards the ground. To Mak, every mountain looked the same but growing larger and larger as they went deeper into the Tarascon Mountains. Though the eagle was descending, Mak could see the valleys and narrow ravines and ridges were also increasing in height.

The eagle hovered before a tall mountain and gracefully landed in a narrow valley before it. Dismounting, the eagle swooped into the air, the harness spells dissipating. Here Mak could now feel the cold and wind…as wind and snow was coming up the valley between two mountains. Finding shelter from the cold, Bali looks at the map and Mak suggests that perhaps there could be concealed or magical writing.
“Hmm, why did I not think of that young Mak.” He says, casting a spell and seeing writing appear on the map. “Magical language, Shorvass, the language of light. And it says, N, M3, 15 thousand. Twin. That is what it says. I wonder why this new compass marker has not brought us here?”
“I think we need to find the other two pointers to activate it.” Mak says thinking.
“But was not yours incomplete when you started?”
“Yes it was. It’s true.”
“15,000 must be height.” He looks up the mountain for a time and says “My estimate would be this mountain from the base here is about 21,000 feet tall. I would not expect these falconers to have their locations so easily reached. Therefore they would have used magic, possibly teleport to move locations, therefore accessibility by natural methods was not required.”
Mak looks up…the mountain seemed to loom and tower over him. “That is a long way up…what will the air quality be like.”
“Difficult to breathe.” He said. “If you were long enough outside my realm you would have felt the same.”
“How are we going to get there?”
“Fly spells.” Bali replies. “Unless you feel like some climbing lessons. I don’t mind.”
“That could take a while. I go with the fly option.”
“Thought you would. Do you know how a fly spell works?”
“Never cast one myself.” Mak replied.
“Well…when it is cast don’t think of flying fast…there are limits. But will yourself up and the rest is easy, just simple mind manipulation. It is about thinking to go from one place to another and control the speed. Just remember it will require a number of spells to get us 15,000 feet…at a maximum of 450/6 seconds, that will take us to 36, 000 feet…so two spells each. Stay with me and be wary of winds. IF you are buffeted around it is a matter of concentrating and willing yourself to stay the course…usually you will succeed unless it is a howling wind storm we are facing…and it does not look like anything like that…looks rather mild up there.”

The spells are cast and Bali instructs Mak on how to concentrate and he begins to ascend slowly, Bali beside him. They rose slowly at first, but as Mak got used to it increased in speed, moving up the side of the mountain at about 100 feet from the snowbound slops. He did not want to look below but could not help it…the mountain range extended for as far as the eye can see…all around him and between them, valleys, winding rivers of ice and ravines. Winds buffet them and Maks struggles to control his flight but manages to do so with instruction from Bali. Mak was shivering…the height, cold and lack of air beginning to effect him and Bali cast a air bubble around him before they continued their flight. Bali stops at 15,000 feet. After Mak joins him he asks what the other instructions are…finding himself mentally exhausted from the concentration…but hovering all the same without even concentrating. Bali tells him and Mak suggests “Well perhaps along this height we should be looking at two of something…similar. Perhaps the N M3 are direction, N being north.”
“We are on the south side…because of the sun’s movement.” Bali said.

So he begins to fly around the mountain and Mak follows looking for anything that denotes a cave or anything that looks out of place. On the other side, the vista looks out over taller mountains and deepening clouds and below there is a valley of green…a forest. Mak looks to see anything different about the forest or valley in its shape…not even thinking that seeing something like this might be a little unusual.
Bali sees the valley and exclaims. “That should not exist at this height.” Bali estimates the valley is approx 6,000 feet below them.
“Then we should check it…that must be where we should go.” Mak suggests.
Bali nods. “This spell should get us down there.” He begins to descend and Mak follows.

Getting closer, 1000ft above the southern edge of the valley, Mak sees the forest is covered in light mist, two streams running side by side from west to east, emptying out into a small lake at the center before continuing on to the eastern side. The valley was fully enclosed by the mountains. Mak also sees at the forest edge 3 standing stones in a triangle, two at the southern edge of the valley and one at the northern edge, shaped liked fanged teeth and made of white stone, curved towards the valley. Mak suggests to Bali that M may be for monolith, N for the northern most monolith.
“Alright.” Bali calls back. They both go there and land on the slope before it. The monolith is about 150ft tall and curves…like a tooth towards the valley, and 10ft in diameter at the base. It looks like it has been magically fused into the rock to keep it in place. Mak looks for any symbology around the base and sees an area where something had been erased, etched out.
“This is bone.” Bali says. “But of what creature…zhan, it must be.
Mak looks at the bone…tooth surprised. Remembering that they had felt the presence of one soon after finding the Compass Marker, he says. “Given the location could it be of a Calnizhan, being native to the area.”
“No…they are not that big…this zhan would have to be…Stormwing’s size…not the size she is sometimes seen but her REAL size.”

"Could it be a bone from the great father of zhan? Would that be plausible?" Mak asks.

..... "possibly. This is certainly BIG. Depending on body shape, 4-5000' length." Bali replies.

Mak points out that some symbology appears to have been erased.

Bali says he can't make out an impression and says he can 'dwell' on it, in commune with the Tordagh god Dalinor to seek an answer.

Further examination of the valley location and comparing it to the map held reveals intersecting lines…4th marker…stunted stone, shaped. X centre of where all four marks would meet….location on the north side of the twin streams.
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K325: 1Guiaranor21: Hidden valley

Bali and Mak begin to search the standing stone circle before Bali motions Mak to be silent and seek cover behind one of the stones. Through the undergrowth they see two giant humanoids emerge into the clearing, about 25ft tall and clad in skins passing by them heading towards the stream. One is armed with a spear, the other with a crude two headed axe. “Lets follow them.” Bali suggested.

Moving quietly they both follow the giants towards the stream but Mak snaps a branch and one of them stops and turns, speaking to the other in a guttural tongue. Bali given him a look.
When they are out of earshot Mak asks. “What are those?”
“Giants.” Bali replies. “They are known to exist in the forests or mountains.”

"I see, they're much like Hill Giants from my world." Mak says.

The stream where they pull up from the flowing waters two wooden cages with fish. The fish still alive and flapping are placed into a sack then the cages are placed back into the water. Then they move off, Mak hearing them talking in guttural tones…the language not known to him. Then they move north stopping three times to check traps they had laid and placing the animals caught into a second sack. Moving north they leave the forest approaching the base of the towering mountains. Between two hills they enter into a narrow ravine that wounds it way upwards and the rocky floor is covered in light snow. About 50 yards up the ravine the giants disappear on the right side of the ravine.

Mak follows, attempting to move silently and concealed.

The opening is about 30ft tall, covered over by animal skins…above the entrance is a faded falcon symbol scarred in black. Indeed the entrance way is scarred in black. Bali motions to cover nearby and once there he turns to Mak.

Mak suggests that "magical fire, or perhaps a dragon might have caused the blackening of the rock? Although those ice dragons are unlikely to actually breathe fire ..."

Bali thinks "the place was attacked. any number of creatures could have used fire."

"Shall we follow them in, or wait until they leave again?"

"If you were alone, what would you do?"

"I would wait until they leave again, knowing that they might take some time."

... "Bali surmises that there might be a family there, they are not evil, so we cannot just kill them. They may have found this place and simply made it their home."

"Have you dealt with giants before? Are they relatively easy to scare away, if they're not particularly intelligent?"

"They can be aggressive, usually when they are encountered in the empire there are animists and druids that negotiate with them. They have a habit of stealing livestock for food. Outside that they very much stay to themselves."

"There doesn't appear to be much more in the way of signs of activity here. I am happy to wait here and watch if you are. I am curious to see what their pattern of movement might be over the remainder of this day."

.... it's a long wait and very cold. There are two families ... two mothers and fathers with three children between them. We see them forage and retrieve herbs, etc. the children are playing (boys, sparring, trying to throw finely crafted human sized spears) . One of the women comes out with a big dish (shield with a falcon symbol on it). Bali says "that is a powerful magic shield." one of the men is gathering wood, with a higher grade axe ("magical too," Bali says)

"There is probably an old armoury in there. Or simply dead bodies holding the items they have found. Have you seen dead bodies in previous locations?"

"No," Mak tells him.

"I am getting more anxious to investigate the cave ... do you have any magic that could put the giants to sleep, Bali?"

"Yes," Bali says.

"Then would you be prepared to use it so that we cause no harm to these apparently peaceful creatures. After all it is only clues we are seeking and other parts of the compass marker so that we can follow the Falconers' trail?"

"This is not my journey ... it's yours," Bali says. "What would you do? So if you go in there and find what you're after, then I can go back to doing what Iam supposed to."

"Very well, I want to go there after nightfall. But first I need to know something ... do you know if giants can see in the dark particularly well, or are they as gifted as humans?"

"They can't see in the dark if they're asleep."

"You know what I mean. Can they?"

"I know what you mean."

.... wait until nightfall.
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K326: 1Guiaranor21: Lasgalen

The stand off continued in the plaza. None from the adventuring party had emerged from the sanctuary protected by the Star Goddess. Tomorrow Gorthaur would begin to use earth magic to tunnel into the wall of the reservoir closest to the sanctuary. The crown estimated it would only take a few minutes for Gorthaur to break through to the underground chamber, flooding it with water. Kam looks out over the plaza unaware that he was been observed.

35m above him hovered a drone, the size of an insect. From a control room at the Blue City, in Losan-Stravin a number of officers observed the images been transmitted to a number of psi screens, one of them comments “A king observing his domain.”

In the room were 6 other observers and their commander, recently arrived from Benneckor III, a world whose varied societies resembled those of Tshallos IV. “We have comprehensively mapped this ruined city…noting a number of its inhabitants, some of whom have been identified as undead and vampires. They have their own domain south of this location.”
The commander nods. He was looking at the images of the race he had been briefed on 2 days ago. He was the most recent of this team to arrive and in 1 week he and the team would be embarking on an expedition beyond the escarpment. On other worlds like this, these creatures had other names…but he had been briefed on this race as well as the Osgeyr, as the expedition could possibly encounter them. What made these two races unique from their counterparts on other worlds, was their immunity to the severe radiation levels that cover the land of Ever Darkness and the Plains of Kharagh…but still fatal to humans. Within the empire the radiation exposure was known as the Wasting Disease, aptly named. “What I also see is two groups of Azgeyr seemingly guarding and observing a building located between their two encampments. Why does this location interest them?” The was the first time he had seen Lasgalen in such detail.

One of the observers replied. “When we first registered his marker we sent another drone and it recorded the arrival of what we think is an adventuring party and they went into that building. …… followed and emerged later.”
Two more screens appear and the commander watches the arrival of the party and their entry into the building. The party was registered as 8755-27, the 27th “adventuring party:” that had been identified by drones mapping the empire, mostly viewed in the rural areas, either traveling or encamped at night. It seemed people…and places were been catalogued and labeled, from merchant trains to magic user towers, however it did not include electronic marking, of the citizens…it was not permitted here. The commander realized in the briefings he had, that while the Emperium was watching and observing this world…we were been watched and observed as well.

Another of the observers, communicating with an unmanned AI reconnaissance station orbiting 1,840km above the planet, activates another psi screen, showing the vista of snow covered mountains from. “Sir, we have the 2nd marker.”
“The second marker….oh yes, of course. I will inform His Grace.” The commander replied. Two markers…both the same. Tagged on another world. How did he get here? The Psi screen enlarged and the satellite’s automatic cameras closed in…closed in, the detail of mountains, valleys and glaciers and there surrounded by mountains was a patch of mauve, green and scarlet…a forest. “The marker is at the northern edge and there is one other with him.”
The commander furrowed his eyebrows. He was still been briefed on all known races of Tshallos IV. “Clarify.” He asked.
“Sorry sir…dwarven.” The observer replied.
The commander nodded. “Thank you.” He had experienced this race before on a number of worlds. Mostly arrogant, untrustworthy and guarded their society jealously. Miners, craftsmen…on some worlds their smithing was unsurpassed. This was the first time he had heard that this race existed here. “Do we know the location of the dwarven realms?”
“Sir, we know they have kingdoms in the Tarascon and Storm Mountains…but we have not completed a full scan of the borders, concentrating on the empire itself. We know that a humanoid race lives in the mountains as well, sir.”
Another psi screen showed the geographic location of Lasgalen to the forested valley that the satellite camera was drawing ever closer, directing it to the north of the valley, between two mountains. The distance between the two markers was 864km.
“The AI is deploying a drone, sir.” The observer reported. “It will reach the location of the 2nd marker in 17 minutes.”
“Thank you.” The commander returned as one of the psi screens brought up the image of the Grand Duke.
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