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Survey Results

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:18 am    Post subject: Survey Results Reply with quote

Here are the results of the survey forms that you guys filled out. 39 forms were filled out, not all completely.

Here are the results:
1 How much do you think is a fair price to pay to attend Kapcon?

9 said the same
2 said they don't care

1 said 30 - 40, 1 said 35, 4 said 30, 8 said 25, 7 said 20, 1 said 18
1 said 15, 1 said 10 pounds

2 said 20, 5 said 15, 16 said 10, 1 said 5, 1 said 0-10 pounds

LARP only
1 said 25, 1 said 20, 5 said 15, 11 said 10, 1 said 8, 5 said 5, 1 said 5 pounds

2) Do you think Kapcon should have a GM prize/Scoring System?
19 yes, 4 no, 15 don't care

3) How many categories should a GM scoring system have?
16 said one, 15 said three, 1 said five, and 2 said none

4) Do you GM games OUTSIDE Kapcon?
27 yes, 6 no, 4 rarely

5) Do you GM games AT Kapcon?
17 yes, 8 no, 11 no, but I will in the future

6)Do you think players should be scored?
3 by GMs, 1 by players, 11 by GMs and Players, 8 no, 14 don't care

7) If the characters/theme were interesting would you play in the LARP?
27 yes, 10 no

Cool Are thereany systems/games you'd like to see run at Kapcon next year?
More systemless
Mini LARPS free form games
Most the fun is from a large range, so as long as there is options
Anything Awesome and peculiar
Meh all of them
We have a good range of games
Phoenix Command (Morgue or Malc will run it if you ask nicely)
Savage Worlds, Exalted
Same as this year
Scion, exalted, Shadowrun
Little Fears
More Games on Demand
Not really, always a good range

Cool Any other feedback or suggestions?
Start rounds on time
Clearer timing for rounds 3 and 6
Bigger text on Timetable and not grey
Put the sessions available of each game on each blurb
People to be quiet as they head to their games
Only pitch other cons at prize giving
Let people order their tshirts and pre pay at time of registration
More Snacks
Indie (GOD) Games to buy
I come to Kapcon mainly for the LARP
Thanks for everything
If a GM runs a lot of games (i.e. more than they play) they should pay less to encourage more GMs
GMs need a full 3 hours or be aware that they are only getting 2-21/2 hours for some rounds
Rock on!
I think there is a place for GM Blurbs
3 hour round 3
every round started late, not ideal by any stretch
liked no spiel approach
I think 2 Categories for GMs would be enough
Start speeches earlier
Blurbs on the wall great,blurbs on the wall with rounds run, even better
Yearly is not good enough, More Games!!!
Great con keep it up Smile
Very Disappointed with organisation of RPGA event. No Prizes, all GMs from Auckland, very few local players, I doubt if I will be back
Brilliant Con, folks had a good time.
lots of indie games great
excellent con
Better Coffee
Love your work!!
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