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Shelburne's journal - June 20

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2006 2:46 pm    Post subject: Shelburne's journal - June 20 Reply with quote

June 20

We buried Freddie today. Or at least Reggie did. I was busy reading Freddie's diary. I trust he will forgive me for missing his funeral considering the importance of what I was doing.

His diary was fascinating reading. It took me the better part of the day to get through it as I had to look up all cross references and examine other sources. It was fascinating but also very disturbing. As I opened the diary, a couple of scraps of paper fell out. These bits of paper described a heathen ritual "Destroying the Gate of Kali". Fairly excessive stuff that requires the sacrifice of a person and the eating of their heart on the summer solstice. I had heard reports of such bloodthirstiness amongst some of the more extreme left-hand Tantric sects and I suspected this was one that had taken Freddie's fancy. However, as I read his diary I discovered the awful significance of it.

It appears Freddie was fleeing India with the ritual and an amulet required in the ceremony and believed he had to perform it himself! The poor man was raving about his fears and terrible dreams he had been having. He was scared that someone was after him and that they were trying to prevent him performing the ritual. It dawned on me that the summer solstice, the day for performing the ritual is tomorrow. Freddie evidently believed that he may be killed and that he would not be able to complete the ceremony because he included a letter to Reggie telling him that he would have to do what is necessary. However, Freddie hadn't included the amulet, but instead was keeping it somewhere 'close'.

It was then that the true of horror of the circumstances came to me. We had the ritual but not the amulet, and we might have to perform it tomorrow, including sacrificing someone. The ritual ran itself through my mind as I pictured it being performed until the procedures were burnt into my brain. Filth! Heathen filth! Filth I could taste. I had to leave my office and wash it out of my mouth.

Reggie came to my office and I explained to him what was contained in Freddie's diary and about the ritual. He told me that at the funeral he and our friends were approached by two Hindu gentlemen who claimed to be Freddie's students. They called themselves Mr Singh and Mr Patel - more uninspired aliases I couldn't imagine.

We all went down to Freddie house, bypassed the police signs and broke in. The place had clearly been ransacked, presumably by thugee cultists looking for Freddie's amulet. We found a fine chain that had had something pulled off it, suggesting that Freddie had rather hurridly tried to find a hiding place for the amulet. In his study I found a manuscript scattered over the floor. It was a monograph about Indian cults that Freddie had tried to get published, evidently unsuccessfully. There was also a copy of an ominous book Nameless cults, which seemed out of place amongst the books of Indian history and mythology.

We have a very difficult decision on our hands, but it will wait until tomorrow.
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