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Memoirs of a Dwarf

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:56 pm    Post subject: Memoirs of a Dwarf Reply with quote

Curse this blasted festival. Darn tourists have the entire town booked out, which is why I'm now sharing a formerly-spider-ridden attic with a couple of humans. But I'll get onto the spiders later...

Anyway, after a fairly uneventful journey from Magnimar with the trinkets I'd been hired to deliver, I arrived in Sandpoint. That mirrored sign outside the gates is a nice gimmick. In hindsight, I should have organized my accomodation before dropping off my cargo, but oh well. Live and learn, I guess. I spent a good hour trying to find my way to the Feathered Serpent, and dropped half of my delivery off with that strange Voon fellow.

Then I ended up trekking all the way across town to the aptly-named "House of Blue Stones", which I finally found down the also-aptly-named "Rat Alley", where I delivered the rest of my consignment.

I then ended up wandering throughout pretty much the entire town, through Cayden alone knows how many booked-out taverns, before I found the White Deer right on the northern edge of town. That was booked out too, of course, though the barkeep did let drop some information about an attic for rent nearby.

While there I was accosted by a couple of humans in a similar predicament to I, and given that this attic sounded plenty large enough, decided we could split the room if we also split the cost.

Which brings us back to the spiders. Turns out the room was absolutely infested with them. Given that the building was entirely wood, burning them out didn't seem like a feasible option. I suggested that we just charge in there and mince them up, but the others didn't seem too keen on that idea. Bunch of pansies. Anyway, they climbed up a ladder on the outside of the building and took turns peering in the attic window (there was no way I was going up that rickety ladder though - not in my mail and all, and I didn't trust them enough to leave it on the ground either), before deciding to take a peek through the inside entrance. First though, one of them cast some spell to make an ordinary pebble start glowing, and threw it in the window to provide light. I didn't need it, of course, but I suppose it was helpful to the humans with their poor eyesight.

At this point I was getting rather annoyed at all the waiting, and upon reaching the inner entrance, decided that the "open it a crack and peer through" plan was too slow. Throwing the trapdoor open, I leapt up the stairs to see this dog-sized spider just sitting there. Limbering up my axe, I took a swing at it ... and took a big gouge out of the floor. Whoops.

The spider, and another one as well, leapt onto me and took a bite at my neck, but I managed to swing them off and one of the humans blasted it with the freeze ray or something. The other human was still at the window, and though it was hard to tell with the spiders and webs and all, it almost looked as if has trying to punch? this even bigger spider (almost as big as me! Seriously!), while still standing on top of that rickety ladder. I don't know why he was trying that, but it didn't seem to be working out for him too well.

After chopping the pair of spiders accosting me into little pieces, I charged up to the top of the stairs and cleaved another spider in half as it charged at me. The human behind me shot some sort of magical projectile at the big spider, while the other human was still unsuccessfully trying to punch it out. I rushed over to assist him, throwing one of my axes at it as I did so. Unfortunately I missed, burying it in the wood next to the spider. Then another spider dropped down on me, but I dismembered it with a wild swing of my axe. The big spider buried its fangs in the human hanging out the window, the human behind me launched another projectile at it, then I rushed over and buried my axe in its back.

Another couple of spiders dropped down from the ceiling, and the guy on the ladder rolled through the window to try his luck with punching out one of the smaller spiders, while I turned to face the other one. I tried to chop it with my greataxe, but the massive head got tangled in the webs and wrenched from my grasp. I pulled out my other throwing axe and gave it a good solid chop, and it let out some sort of screech and scuttled away up the walls. Taking careful aim, I threw the axe at it and skewered it, the same way Drover skewered that target at the axe throwing competition a few Midsomer's back.

By that time, the two humans had managed to finish off the other spider, though one of them was in pretty bad shape. After reporting that the attic was cleared out of spiders, a local cleric gave him a good shot of the healing magic, and also gave me a little booster as well, despite my insistence that it was only a couple of scratches.

The landlady, a widow going by the name of Wren, gave us a nice meal and the attic for the night as thanks for our efforts. Could have been worse, I suppose.

I'm hoping there will be free rooms at a decent inn tomorrow night, though.
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Joined: 18 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:48 pm    Post subject: MoD: The Raid on Sandpoint Reply with quote

Over a nice dinner, the brave attic-clearers (the two humans and I) discussed our professions and what had brought us to Sandpoint. The spellcaster, Nikto, is apparently a scholar or archeologist of some kind, as he had come to Sandpoint to study some runes (or ruins - I wasn't quite clear on that point) around the place. The other human wasn't very talkative, though he appeared to be here for the festival.

It was an uneventful night, if a little less restful than a proper room at an inn would have been.

I awoke the next morning to the noise of crowds, and the festival appeared to have started strong. I decided to check out the smithy, while my two roommates went off on business of their own. After asking the landlady where it was, I set out and arrived at the Red Dog smithy.

You'd think most human smiths would be happy to see a dwarf with knowledge of their craft. At least, that had been my experience so far in my travels. Not this one, though. The proprieter, one Das Korvut, seemed very defensive and agitated, construing my desire for work as an insult to his skills. He seems to believe the townsfolk are talking behind his back, yet I have not heard any such talk.

The fact that I was wearing my chainmail and weapons might have had something to do with it as well, but there was no way I would leave such valuable items in some strangers attic.

After extricating myself from that socially awkward situation, I asked for directions to any other smiths operating inside Sandpoint. Most people I questioned directed me back to the Red Dog, but after explaining that I'd already been there, they pointed out that I'd caught the smith on a good day, and that he is particularly paranoid and defensive about his work - even to paying customers! The general feeling I gleaned is that he is not very socially popular among the townsfolk, which is likely caused by his hostility to anyone and everyone.

They also pointed me to an Armory near the House of Blue Stones, but when I got there, it was closed for the festival. It was getting on to noon about that time, and so I decided to return to the town square to take part in the festivities. It's not like I had anything better to do, after all.

The festival opened with speeches, which were, fortunately, rather short. This was followed by thousands of Swallowtail Butterflies being released. Following that, all three taverns in the city put out free food and drink. Now, I'm not one to pass up free mead, and this stuff was far-and-away the best human swill I've tasted. The only place I've had better was during my stay in Janderhoff, so of course I had to ask the lass serving it who the brewster was.

She introduced herself as Ameiko, and informed me that she was the owner of the Rusty Dragon tavern, and also the one responsible for the drink. The girl knows her mead, that's for sure. I complimented her on its quality, and she suggested I drop by the Rusty Dragon sometime for more of the same, as well as mentioning the adventurer's board they have there.

While drinking away the afternoon, I spotted Nikto entertaining children with his glowing rocks trick. I also might have seen the other human a couple of times, but he always seemed to move off before I could catch up with him.

Dusk fell, and it became time for the consecration of the new cathedral. While the chaplain was speaking, A dog whimpering under a wagon caught my eye. Well, it wasn't so much the dog, as the hunched figure that crept up to it and quietly slit its throat, then starting lapping up the blood and gnawing at the carcass. It was about that time that everyone started yelling and screaming, and I was fervently glad that I was already suited up in my combat gear.

A quick glance around the square identified three goblins, and I drew my axe and chopped one in half almost immediately. Nikto cast one of his magical projectiles at another goblin, which turned and rushed at him. I moved to intercept, and finished it off. The third goblin, meanwhile, had run in pursuit of a small child. Niktu cast another projectile at it, while I moved up and cut it down.

Looking around the square, we noticed a goblin by some merchant stands, hacking away at a large awning, while a large commotion was also occuring towards the south. Niktu rushed towards the corner, calling a blue light to surround him, at the same time as a large flaming cart burst into the square, followed closely by a mob of goblins.

Charging into the goblins, I hew one down in a single stroke, while Niktu drew some kind of short blade and cast another projectile at a chanting goblin.

Two of the other goblins rushed me, and their blades hit home, one scoring a deep gash on my arm, and the other almost penetrating below my shoulder, before I twisted away, preventing it from hitting deeper. The chanting goblin's noise became more frenzied, and Nikto staggered slightly, before looking around as if wondering what all the commotion was. I hew down on of the goblins next to me, while the other one lunged at me and missed. The chanter pointed at me, and suddenly I fought a strange cloud descending over my thoughts, but I railed against it and it dissipated in time for me to hew down the remaining goblin.

I moved up towards the spellcaster, and Niktu recovered his awareness and did the same, swinging his blade at it but failing to find a mark. For his troubles, the chanter stabbed at him, the blade passing through Niktu's protective field and catching him in the chest. I buried my axe in the chanter, and he gurgled and fell to the ground, while another goblin rushed at me and thrust a torch into my chest, which sputtered feebly against my armor.

Niktu stepped towards the remaining goblin and swung his weapon at it again, and again failed to score a solid hit. The goblin thrust his torch at Niktu's face, which was turned aside by his magic, yet still appeared to cause him great pain. I hew down the goblin and moved to attack the one worrying the merchant booth, but before I could reach him, Niktu appeared to find a new reserve of energy and cast a projectile at it, knocking it back several feet and onto the ground.

The chaplain, upon seeing the goblins defeated, rushed from his hiding place and congratulated us, taking the moment to heal our wounds. Suddenly, we heard a loud, feminine screaming sound coming from the North, back where our lodgings were.

Upon rushing to the scene, we found a mounted goblin cutting down a dog, and a male human dressed in reasonably noble clothes cowering behind a rain barrel and screaming like a woman. As the dog fell to the goblin's blade, a pack of goblins rushed around the corner, cheering at the mounted one, which was evidently a leader of some kind.

I shook my axe and let loose an old Dwarven battle cry at them. Evidently, they have been on the wrong side of dealings with Dwarves before, because they appeared somewhat shaken by my appearence. Nikto hit the leader with a freeze ray, and the leader and his mount charged at me. This act appeared to bolster his follower's courage, because they began chanting "kill the Dwarf! Kill the Dwarf!". I ducked under the goblin's inexpertly-aimed swing, but his mount bit out at me, his teeth catching me on the arm. I swung my axe into the dog, and it fell to the ground, the goblin tumbling off and coming to his feet as Nikto shot another bone-chilling freeze ray at him.

The remaining goblins spread out, attempting to flank us, and the goblin stepped around the corpse of his mount to take another swing at me, which clattered harmlessly off my mailed arm. In return, I cut clean through his midsection with my axe.

Nikto fired off another freeze ray at one of the other goblins, but it ducked under it, and all four turned and ran. I charged after them, drawing a throwing axe to use, but they broke into a headlong sprint and fled out the city gates. Which were open. I guess that's how the goblins got in.

About this time I started noticing a small itch, which I managed to discern as fleas picked up from that mangy dog the goblin was riding. After checking to see whether the man crouching behind the rain barrel was alright, I closed and barred the town gates, and returned to the town square.

The town sherrif, Belor, was there, and he congratulated us both on our efforts to defend the town. All told, 40 goblins were counted in the raid, and most of them were killed, either by us, the Watch, or their own stupidity. We heard reports of goblins accidentally setting themselves on fire, breaking their necks falling of roofs, or drowning in rain barrels. There were only two civilian deaths, and a handful of minor injuries. Nikto also passed me a handful of gold pieces, half of what he found on one of the goblins. I must admit, I'm starting to like the guy.

The next day, there was a short consecration of the cathedral, and a small memorial service for the two people who had died. Nikto and I found ourselves being treated as heroes, word of our deeds during the attack having spread like wildfire throughout the town. Nikto mentioned he had an appointment to keep at the Rusty Dragon, I said I'd join him, after stopping by the Armory.

The Armory had a fine selection of weapons, and the proprietor, a fairly large woman by the name of Savah, offered to sell to us at a 20% discount. After trying (unsuccessfully) to push a repeating crossbow on me, she showed me a very well-crafted greataxe. After inquiring on the price, it turned out to be almost three times the funds I had on hand. She offered to sell it to me via some strange scheme wereby I pay in installments and only get hold of the axe when I've payed for the whole thing, but I pointed out how I preferred to hang onto my own money until I actually spent it. She seemed disappointed, but I told her that I would keep the offer in mind and would come back if I decided it was a worthwhile investment.

After that we made our way to the Rusty Dragon, where we were greeted by cheers as soon as we walked in the door. As we stood there, grinning like fools, Ameiko came over and welcomed us in, informing me that our lunch would be on her today. Nikto informed her that he was here to meet with an Aldern Foxglove, and she said she would inform him we were here.

While we were waiting for our lunch, Aldern, the lord we had rescued from the goblins the night before, came down with his retinue and sat and chatted for a while. The topics were fairly varied, but in the end, he offered to take us boar hunting, offering mounts and a meal at the end of it, provided that something edible was actually caught. After little deliberation we accepted the offer, and he left to make the arrangements. Almost as an afterthough, he left us with a large bag of gold apiece, as a thankyou for saving his life during the raid.

Our lunch then arrived, along with more of that fantastic mead. I love this town.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:16 am    Post subject: Good Hunting Reply with quote

This might be a little short, as my own recollection of a lot of these events is clouded by mead.

After meeting with Aldern, I decided to take a walk through the forest just across the river from Sandpoint. Niktu, on the other hand, purchased a bunch of cream buns and wandered off up towards that ruined lighthouse with them.

On the way out to the woods, I passed the Red Dog Smithy again, and decided I'd stop by and see if Das would be a little less ... hostile. I think we did get off on kind of the wrong foot last time, and it would be nice to have him as a friend. When I went in, he did seem much more welcoming, and after some discussion, offered to set up another anvil and furnace so we could smith together. He did seem a little taken-aback when I mentioned I was a more general blacksmith rather than one trained in the art of weapons manufacture, but that didn't deter him and we set a date for three days in the future.

I then went for a pleasant stroll through the woods, though it was starting to get dark by the time I re-entered the town across the southern bridge. I was going to wander back to our lodgings, but I smelled the distinctive aroma of fermenting alcohol coming from a building nearby. I tracked it down, and knocked on the door, hoping to meet with the brewster, but got no reply. So I peered in through some of the windows, hoping to see if anyone was inside.

After a little while, one of the windows behind me opened, and a human stuck his head out, asking me what I wanted. I enquired about the brewing going on, and he told me that they only sold to the taverns, and if I wanted some, I'd have to go there and purchase some. He also muttered something about every Dwarf that passes through wanting to take a look, and I replied that it was only natural for Dwarves to enquire as to the source of what they drink.

He then appeared to take a closer look at me, and apparently recognized me, as he asked whether I had been the one who slew all those goblins the night of the attack. I replied in the affirmative, and he invited me to come inside. "I don't sell directly to individuals", he said "but I do have a private stock that I share."

The brewster introduced himself as Gaven Deverin, and I asked him whether he supplied all the taverns in Sandpoint. "Oh yes," he replied, "every one". The name "Deverin" seemed familiar, and so I then inquired as to his relationship with Mayor Kendra Deverin. He told me that he and his brother Wade had founded the brewery at the same time Sandpoint was founded, and that Kendra was their cousin. I then asked where his brother was, and a pained look came over his eyes.

"He was killed by Chopper a few years back," he said. I hadn't heard the name 'Chopper' before, so naturally I asked about it. "You don't know 'bout Chopper?" he inquired, somewhat incredulously. I confessed that no, I didn't actually know a lot about Sandpoint's history. His reply was to "sit down and 'ave a drink, mate, I need one too if I'm going to tell this tale."

He relayed to me the tale of the murdered Chopper, who killed 25 people before he was brought to justice by Sheriff Hemlock, after he'd killed the existing Sheriff and the town elected Hemlock as a replacement. The murderer was a woodcutter who lived on what is now known as "Chopper's Isle".

"But enough of such a grim subject," he said, "now you must sample the drink!"

He proceeded to bring out rum, ale, mead, and various other beverages, and we set about drinking.

The whole lot was exceedingly average - definitely not the stuff being served at the Rusty Dragon. I made a mental note to ask Ameiko about this, while trying not to let my distaste show too openly.

Later that evening I staggered back to our lodgings, and without disturbing Niktu, fell onto my bedroll and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning we were roused before dawn by one of Aldern's manservants, who bade us dress and prepare for the hunt. I was still a bit groggy, but my head cleared soon enough, and we dressed and made our way down to meet him. I almost broke into laughter when I saw he'd prepared for us, of all things, donkeys!

We rode for about half an hour to reach the hunting grounds, and Aldern chattered to us incessantly the whole way, asking about "heroism", praising us for what he had done, and inquiring as to what it takes to be a "hero". I tried to subtly point out that not everyone is cut out to be a "hero", but he didn't seem to take the hint.

When we finally arrived at our destination, and we were able to get some peace and quiet, Aldern's trackers sent to work. They only managed to flush out a single boar, which Aldern skewered before either Niktu or I could lay a claim to it. I could probably have done better working alone, but of course I was too polite to say so. At least it gave Aldern something else to talk about on the way back.

Once we had arrived, Aldern set off to the Rusty Dragon with the boar, so that Ameiko could start roasting it, while Niktu and I bathed and changed, and I accompanied Niktu to a seamstresses. He apparently felt the need to wear something a little more stylish, though I wasn't convinced it was necessary.

The seamstress seemed exceptionally surprised to see us - informing us that while the vast majority of her clients were women, a lot of them purchased clothes for their husbands. If their husbands thought anything close to the way I do about the whole affair, I'm not surprised. Niktu expressed his desire for something a little more stylish, and she seemed to interpret that as "gaudy and bright". Both Niktu and I agreed that it was completely over-the-top, and Niktu eventually settled on something much less extravagant, that still looked a whole lot better than what he wears normally. I decided against making any purchases here - I doubt that Aldern's fashion sense is much in line with Dwarvern norms anyway.

The feast was amazing, with more of that fantastic mead (compliments of Aldern, once he had drunk enough of it to say so), though he did return again to the "hero" topic. I managed to fob him off with something about picking your battles, and that fighting for no purpose does not achieve anything. I think. I was heavily intoxicated at the time, so I can't be too sure.

The next morning, after sleeping off the night before, I decided to amble around the town a little. I presently came across a small jeweller's shop, and upon started to browse the wares. They seemed fairly well-made, gold and silver with inset gems, and the owner came out to greet me. I enquired as to whether he had ever worked with mithril, and was informed that while it's not usual, he could make something to order. I proceeded to obtain a quote for a ring inset with the sigil of my house, and will keep that quote in mind when figuring prices.

I continued my ambling, and came across Niktu, who looked somewhat ... flustered, I suppose. I suggested we go to the Rusty Dragon for lunch, and asked him what was on his mind. He then told me an intruiging story of a girl from the general store, Shayliss, asking to help clear out some rats in the basement. Upon arriving at the basement, she then proceeded to strip off and start kissing him, just as her father came down the stairs.

I'm not entirely sure how, but Niktu managed to talk his way out of that without offending either of them, which is quite impressive. No wonder he looked in need of a stiff drink. We reached the Rusty Dragon and sat down for lunch, and when Ameiko came over, Niktu retold the story of his encounter. I suspect it will be the height of Sandpoint gossip over the next few days.

Over lunch, I had the opportunity to ask Ameiko about the brewster's claims of supplying every tavern, when the stuff Ameiko was selling was definitely not the same stuff being produced by Gaven. She replied that she did buy from the Two Knights, but did not serve it unless specifically asked. After some discussion, she told me that the quality of the Two Knight's product declined considerably when his brother was murdered by Chopper, and that it had actually been quite good before that.

After a satisfying lunch that lasted a good part of the afternoon, we decided to take a look at the adventurer's board in the Rusty Dragon. I might have decided to take a look at it the night of the feast, but was too intoxicated to remember anything that was on it. It turns out that there was only one item on the board at all - a 250gp reward for the return of "Shadow Mist", whatever that was. I thought it might have been some sort of material used for spellcasting, but Niktu informed me that if it was, it was nothing he'd ever heard of.

The notice informed us to enquire at the White Deer (the tavern nearest our lodgings) for more information, so we wandered up there to see if we could talk with whoever posted the notice before they retired for the evening. We were interrupted by some loud calls for help, as one of the townfolk living in a house near the White Deer came running out, crying that there was a Goblin in her son's room, and begging for our assistance. As she told us that her husband had gone inside to try and deal with it, we rushed inside to see what we could do to assist.

As we burst into the room, we saw her husband on the floor, bleeding badly, in front of the open closet, with not a goblin in sight. I pulled him out of the room and set about trying to staunch the bleeding, when a goblin burst out of the closet and cut me on the arm with a makeshift knife of some kind. Niktu let off a couple of magic projectiles, while I dragged the injured husband out of danger and set about trying to treat his wounds, though not doing very well.

The goblin stabbed at Niktu, but he dodged the blow and blasted it with another volley of projectiles, finishing it off. He then rushed over to me, and working together we managed to stabilize the injured man and save his life.

It wasn't long before a cleric showed up (the house being right across from the cathedral) and was able to properly treat his wounds, and the Sheriff also arrived and congratulated us once again for helping to keep the peace. Further investigation showed that the goblin had been hiding under the house, had probably been doing so ever since the raid, and had dug up through the floor of the closet to get inside. These goblins seem to be getting more and more annoying all the time.

Night was falling as we finally reached the White Deer and made our way inside, and I asked the barkeep which of his patrons might have posted a notice on the board at the Rusty Dragon. He gestured over to a corner where a couple of beat-up merchants were huddled over their drinks.

And I mean beat-up. These guys looked like they had been on the losing side of a pretty bad fight, and appeared pretty despondent. We wandered over and said hello, but they didn't appear at all interested in conversation until we inquired about the notice in the Rusty Dragon.

They then relayed to us their story about being attacked by Goblins on the road to Sandpoint, and barely escaping with their lives. Their prize horse, Shadowmist, had been kidnapped, and while they thought it likely that he was Goblin stew by now, would like at least some closure, and were offering 250 gold for bringing him back alive, or would appreciate it if we confirmed that he was dead.

We told them that we were having our own troubles with Goblins, and would surely check it out if we passed that way. I have my smithing with Das Korvut tomorrow, but after that, it seems we might want to take a more proactive approach to this Goblin problem. Perhaps we could even persuade the Sheriff to pay us for doing so.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:32 pm    Post subject: A Brush with Death Reply with quote

Before we retired to bed, Wren informed us that the sheriff had stopped by while we were talking to the merchants, and requested us to take breakfast with him the following morning.

The next morning, we dined with Sheriff Hemlock, Mayor Deverin, and an elf that the sheriff introduced as Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu appeared to have a particular animosity towards goblins, and had been spending some time hunting them outside Sandpoint. She relayed to us some information on the five goblin tribes that inhabit the area, as well as the disturbing news that the goblins seemed to have put aside their mutual rivalry and infighting - a strong indication that a powerful individual had managed to cow them into doing his will.

We discussed what should be done about the goblin threat, and the Sheriff indicated that he was leaving for Magnimar today, in order to request more troops to defend the town. He also requested that we remain in the town while he was away, as we were known across Sandpoint as heroes and our presence would help reassure the people that everything would be alright.

As the discussion ended and we left, Shalelu asked us if we would have lunch with her at the Rusty Dragon. We agreed, and then parted ways - I headed to the Red Dog for a day of smithing, while the others went elsewhere on business of their own.

At the Red Dog, Das showed me where he'd set up a second anvil and tools for smithing - he seemed a little apprehensive, perhaps even uncomfortable - he doesn't seem the type of person to have frequent guests, at any rate. We discussed what we would do that day, and he offered to supply lunch for that day - though he did seem quite relieved when I explained my prior lunch commitment.

We spent the morning working on a few swords - I demonstrated a few old dwarven tricks for strengthening the metal, and in turn he showed me some of his own methods for getting a blade to hold an edge. He seemed to warm a bit as the day wore on, and almost seemed to be looking forward to the afternoon as I took my leave and headed down to the Rusty Dragon for lunch.

Ameiko wasn't there, but we had an excellent meal (though without mead - I had an afternoon of smithing ahead of me, and it pays to stay sober while you work). We discussed the goblins with Shalelu, as well as some other topics of conversation. As we finished our meal, the maid, Bethana, rushed up to us, and expressed her concern that Ameiko wasn't present, and hadn't been seen all day. She also gave us a note that she had found while cleaning Ameiko's room.

The note was in a script none of us could understand, and Bethana indicated she had translated a copy for us - it was from Ameiko's estranged half-brother, Tsuto, and invited her to a meeting at the Glassworks the previous night. The fact that she had never returned from the meeting suggested that we should check it out, and soon - continuing my smithing with Das might have to wait a little.

We made our way over to the Glassworks, and noticed that all the doors were locked and the windows covered with heavy curtains. After some prowling around outside, however, we heard high-pitched giggling, which we suspected indicated goblins inside.

After selecting a window shielded from both the street and the beach, we quietly broke in and had a look around. After determining that our entrance was unobservered, we made our way through the outer wing of the glassworks - first through the store front, several storerooms, and then into a mess hall. The next room we entered, a sleeping quarters of some kind, was covered in blood - it appeared that some butchery had been perpetrated here.

After finishing our sweep of the outer areas, we came up to the doors leading to the main factory area - I could tell it was the factory because I could sense a thick stone wall separating the furnaces from the wooden part of the building. Beyond the door we could here the distinctive chatter of goblins.

We burst through the door, into the large work area. There were a total of eight goblins here, generally wrecking up the place. A couple of the goblins had severed human heads, and were attempting to cover them in molten glass. My axe buried itself in a goblin, Shalelu pegged one with an arrow, and Niktu took one out with a spell. Then they responded, rushing towards us and attacking. One of them thrust a torch at me, which sputtered against my armor, and another gave me a small cut on the arm. I responded by giving him a much larger and much more deadly cut through the chest, and Nikto and Shalelu took out another one each.

The remaining two goblins turned and fled, but Shalelu and Nikto killed them before they could escape.

The room had two prominent features - a large furnace along one wall, and a "statue" in the middle of an older male encased in glass. Examination of his features suggested a familial relationship to Ameiko - given that she mentioned earlier that her father ran the glassworks, this is likely how he met his unfortunate end.

Quickly we left the room and rushed down to the basement, hoping that Ameiko hadn't suffered a similar fate. Down there we found two bricked-up corridors that had been broken through - we followed one, and came to a set of doors. Listening at the first door, we could hear muffled sounds from the other side - finding the door locked, I hefted my axe and started trying to break through.

After chipping away at the door for a while, I was starting to get through, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my back. Turning around, I saw a half-elf at the end of the corridor hefting a bow. I rushed at him, but the coward turned and fled.

The second door in the set had been opened, and looking in, I saw a sleeping area of sorts. Evidently, my bashing at the door had woken him up.

I returned to the locked door and finally managed to bash it open, and saw a bound and gagged Ameiko on the floor. Nikto rushed over to untie her, and another arrow flashed past my head. I ducked into the room and out of the line of fire, while Nikto dragged Ameiko out of harms way.

Shalelu dashed off to circle around our opponent and cut him off, and I waited a little and then burst out of the room to rush straight towards him. He turned and fled again, and shortly afterwards Shalelu rounded the corner, indicating that she hadn't seem him.

Niktu had picked up Ameiko and started to carry her along the corridor, while I opened the third door, and saw a long, dark corridor leading northeast. It was evident that he hadn't come this way, and so we concluded that he had run back upstairs and was likely waiting to ambush us. I hefted my axe and headed towards the stairs, but rounding a corner I came face-to-face with that slippery bastard. I shouted and rushed at him, but he drew his bow faster than I would have thought possible and fired it straight at me.

The world seemed to slow down as the arrow rushed at me, and I felt the air get knocked out of me as the arrow slipped through the chain links of the armor and straight into my belly. I fell to my knees, and my axe clattered to the ground. He shouted something at me, but I couldn't make out what he said as my vision went dark.

When I came to, Shalelu was dribbling the last of a potion between my lips. As I staggered to my feet and gathered my fallen gear, she told me that he had been able to grab her arrows out of the air as fast as she could fire them, and it was only when Niktu had came up behind him and surprised him with a blast of magic that he had decided to retreat down the long corridor.

Ameiko was conscious, if still too weak to walk, and she identified the attacker as her half-brother Tsuto. She explained how he had lured her here with the note and then knocked her out, and wanted to know how her father was. Hoo boy, talk about awkward. We steered the conversation elsewhere, and searched the area where Tsuto had been sleeping as well as the offices upstairs. We found a ... very interesting note, linking Tsuto with the former priest Tobyn's daughter, who had been presumed dead in the Cathedral fire.

Well, the note indicated that not only was she not dead, but she has transforming into some sort of demonic creature, and had abducted her father's body from the church graveyard for exactly that purpose. Further, it seems she is the true power behind the goblins at the moment.

Armed with this new information, we staggered out of the Glassworks, myself limping and Niktu carrying Ameiko, towards the cathedral to find a cleric. Shalelu told us she wanted to hunt down some more goblins and try and track down more information on Tsuto, and slipped away.

As we limped our way across Sandpoint, we stopped at the barracks to let the Watch know about the tunnels below the glassworks, and then left for the cathedral, drawing quite a crowd as we did. I have a feeling I won't be up for smithing with Das this evening.
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As we staggered across town, we were accosted by a pair of female humans. They were obviously fairly new in town - one of them was wearing a full-face mask, and I'd definitely have remembered seeing that before.

The masked one was evidently a healer of some kind, as she inquired if we were in need of healing. I would have presumed it obvious, but I guess some people wherever she comes from might habitually stagger around town half-dead and prefer it that way.

Niktu laid Ameiko on the ground, and a blue light surrounding the healer and flowed into Ameiko, who immediately started looking much healthier. She then performed the same magic on me, and I felt my wounds close and my strength return.

The healer introduced herself as Maia, and her companion (who was evidently a guardian of sorts) as Zenovia. At that moment, another female human came into view up ahead, and broke into a wide smile upon seeing us. Niktu, on the other hand, turned rather pale, before suddenly grabbing Ameiko and giving her a long kiss. The other woman saw this, pouted, and stormed off, and Niktu released Ameiko, whispering something to her as he did.

Ameiko then said she wanted to return to the glassworks and check on her father. Talk about awkward. Neither of us willing to break the news to her just yet, we set off in the direction of the glassworks. Ameiko then asked me to retrieve a box of hers from the Rusty Dragon, and I gladly hurried off, leaving Niktu to figure out how to handle the situation.

I retrieved the box Ameiko requested from the Rust Dragon, and took my time making my way back to the glassworks. As I arrived, I saw (and heard) Ameiko sobbing loudly into Niktu's shoulder. Glad that I didn't have to break the news to her, I coughed to attract her attention and then handed her the box.

Ameiko wiped her eyes, and then opened the box. She first withdrew a long red rod that fanned out at one end - the fanned end appeared to textured in a pattern reminiscent of flames. This she presented to Niktu, saying something about "burning hands". She then took out a blue rod with a large bulbed tip, which she gave to Maia, mumbling about healing or something.

The third item she retrieved from the box was a small red crystal, which she gave to me, and indicated I should apply to my axe. I attempted to do so, but it did not seem to want to stick - Ameiko appeared a little puzzled at this, before concluding that my axe was not of fine enough quality. She suggested that I retrieve an axe of better quality from the armory.

I made my way over to the Armory, and asked Savah about the axe I had been looking at previously. After some negotiating, I left my old axe with Savah, and left with a brand new one. On the way back the glassworks, I took out the crystal Ameiko had given me, and applied it to the axe. Immediately, tiny flames began to lick their way up the blade, and the sharpened edge took on a reddish glow. I shall have to remember to keep it away from my parchment.

When I got back to the glassworks, Niktu had apparently filled Maia in on what had recently transpired, as they were discussing what to do about the long tunnel under the glassworks. I joined the discussion, and we concluded that it needed to be checked out, and then sealed off.

Maia and Zenovia joined us when we went into the tunnel, and I led the way, Zenovia guarding the rear. The tunnel went north-east, and after walking for a while we came to a branch. An east-west passage crossed the tunnel we were following, and more oddly, the passage heading to the east had been bricked up and subsequently broken through. We decided to check out the bricked-up passage first.

After a short distance we came to a branch in the path. As we were considering what to do, a horrible shape charged at us. It attacked, its limbs flailing uselessly against my armor. Zenovia pegged it with a bolt from her crossbow, and Niktu blasted it with some magic. Hissing, it lunged at Niktu, catching him across the arm. I hefted my axe and struck hard, hitting it in the back and slaying it.

One of the branches lead to a dead-end room, and we discussed our next move. We eventually decided to head back and check out the other passages, and then continuing on here. As we were leaving, Niktu suggested that the Academy might be interested in this creature, and so I lugged the corpse back to the intersection so we could pick it up later.

We then headed north-east, and headed north-east, and headed north-east. It was a long tunnel. Eventually we came to a dead-end. What kind of person digs a ridiculously long tunnel that leads to a dead-end? The answer, of course, is the same sort of person that makes secret doors, and after some searching we were able to get the door open and step out into a cave.

The floor of the cave was sandy, and it opened out onto a small beach. In front of the cave were the remains of an encampment - it looked to us as though this was where the goblin raiders camped before entering the Glassworks using the secret tunnels.

We counted 9 beds in the camp - 8 corresponding to the goblins we had killed, and a slightly larger one that we presumed was Tsuto's. It appeared he had come back here, and then left in a hurry, but I was unable to determine where he had headed.

We left the cove, and wedged the secret door shut with some driftwood that we found on the beach, to try and prevent someone opening it from the outside. Then we made the long trek back down the passage to the crossroads. Taking the west path this time, it wasn't long before we came to a pile of rubble from where the ceiling had collapsed. It didn't take much to figure that this was completely impassable, and we headed back to explore the east path some more.

We returned to where we had fought the creature, and then carried on some more. After taking another branching path, we came to a point where the tunnel abruptly turned from the natural stone we had seen previously into an artificial tunnel, and then to an empty room.

In the room was a door, which we decided to ignore for now, and check back the way we came. It wasn't long before we once again came to an area of worked stone, and then into a high room with a statue in the middle.

The statue was of a humanoid, who was holding a finely-crafted ranseur in one hand, and a book in the other. On the book was a seven-pointed star of some kind, which Niktu apparently recognized as the symbol of an ancient kingdom. We decided to leave the statue well alone, and explore one of the passages leading off the room.

The first opening lead us through to what seemed to be a prison - a wooden scaffold made its way across the centre of the room, and stairs led down to the ground level, where barred cells lined the walls. Several ancient sets of bones were in the cells, and we were wary of undead...
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