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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles - Prologue

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:59 pm    Post subject: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles - Prologue Reply with quote

It was on the occassion of Cwichelm sailing his people to Britain that Cynwine of Sleswick planned the greatest of feasts, a feast to be remembered through the ages. For though all would know that he chose to stay behind, Cynwine would be remembered as a great cyning of the Angles.

No heorthgeneat or scop would leave the mead-hall without being laden down with gifts. And though they might try, the ceorls and theows would not be able to finish all the choice food that would laden the long tables. Great would be the revelry. Loud would be the laughter. And long would be the drunken sleep the next day.

For many days Cynwine was seen in planning with Leofsige, his godere and advisor, around whose neck coiled an adder that whispered secrets of the future that it learnt from its home in Hel. New axes were forged as gifts for Cwichelm's heorthgeneat. The greatest of entertainers were called to Sleswick to demonstrate their skills. For the byrde's table, Cynwine insisted on serving bear, and not just any bear, but the Great Old Man of the Forest, a great brown bear that lived to the north of Sleswick and who had eluded the best hunters for a generation. In fact, Cynwine had fought the Great Old Man himself as a young man, and though they had each cut an eye from each other in the fight, there was no winner and the bear escaped.

Sleswick's greatest hunter Frithuwald was given the task of killing the Old Man. With him was to travel a party of theows and several of Sleswick's most capable and adventurous young men.
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