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Kingsport Tales - Malice Everlasting - Investigation Notes

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:40 pm    Post subject: Kingsport Tales - Malice Everlasting - Investigation Notes Reply with quote

Warning, the below contains SPOLIERS for the adventure Malice Everlasting, from New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley published by Miskatonic River Press.


Over recent days four residents of Kingsport have mysteriously been struck blind. Dr Holden has examined the subjects (and even tried some surgery with no success) and concludes that there is nothing wrong with patients eyes.

Simon McDonald (42): Fisherman. Simon was stuck blind while fishing and was rescued by Karl and Cormac. Simon has two adult daughters and a wife, Miriam. Dr. Yin has been hired by Miriam to investigate and lift the curse she believes has been placed on her husband.

Bernard White (35): Carpenter. Bernard was struck blind while working in his workshop, and severed several of his fingers. Only prompt medical intervention by Karl prevented a more dire outcome.

John Placard (18 ): Student. John is a student at the Miskatonic, and was on his way to try and gain access to the Armitage collection for Professor Bishop when struck blind. He was subsequently operated on by Dr. Holden, but seemed to have no obvious brain impairment.

Scott Forrester (51): Scott is a loan officer at the First Marine Bank of Kingsport. He was stuck blind while working. Karl observed this event.

Dr. Holden had been examining medical reasons for this strange sequence of events, meanwhile the Kingsport Chronicle has been reporting a potential disease at work in the town. Local paperboy Ollie swears that he saw a strange man, with a limp and trenchcoat at the hospital who he believes might be responsible for the attacks. Karl promptly aprehended local locksmith Alan Zelvin a the scene of Scott Forester's blinding on the basis of this description, and affected a citizens arrest. Kingsport police released Zelvin, but kept Karl is custody for a few hours.

Professor Bishop joined the Kingsport Historical Society, managing to gain access to the records despite eccentric custodian Aaron Hart. He discovered a book titled Kingsport - A Century by the Sea 1639-1739 published in 1888 which, in one part, describes the trial of the 'witch' Matthew Chandler, who was executed in 1661. The witnesses against Chandler were Samuel Forrester, Jacob McDonald, Goodwine White, James Placard, and Reverand Appleton. Chandler was hanged, and his body burned.

Meanwhile Karl has a lead on another person matching the description of the mysterious stranger...
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Joined: 23 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 11:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Second Instalment:

Professor Bishop called together a small group of concerned citizens who had been involved in the sudden cases of blindness. Included in the gathering was Michael St Croix, a novelist and old acquaintance of the Professor.

The professor laid out the information he'd discovered in Kingsport - A Century by the Sea 1639-1739 regarding the odd connection between the blind men and their ancestors who testified against the 'witch' Matthew Chandler, who was executed in 1661. The Professor then posited some of his own theories about the nature of shamanistic ritual magics and possible connection with Polynesian tribal rituals. While there was considerable scepticism about the Professor's theory, there was a strange coincidence at work, or perhaps a descendant of Chandler seeking revenge. As the final descendant of Reverend Appleton, the final witness, had yet to be struck blind it was agreed that a group would visit him and try to warn him.

Only Cormac O'Tool knew Wallace Appleton, the Reverend's descendant, and he led Dr. Yin, Dr. Holden and Michael St Croix to the extensive Appleton manor on the West Side. Unfortunately Cormac was not able to impress upon Charles, Wallace's butler, the urgency of their mission, so the group were kept waiting in the drawing room for an hour and a half.

Meanwhile Karl, unable to convince any of the 'concerned citizens' of the importance of apprehending the limping man down at the docks, formed a posse of inebriated fishermen and made for the Derby warehouse where this mysterious figure was last seen. THe posse encountered several hoboes and after questioning discovered their quarry was on the upper level.

There they found Melvin Wade asleep with a large new bottle of wine. They promptly tied him up and began questioning him, although it seemed that Wade was little more than a tramp. Then, from the shadows, small eyeless childlike shapes emerged, their arms outstretched. Karl was attacked first as the small pale creatures attempted to bite him with the small mouths on their palms. Some of the fishermen fled, others were badly injured as the small child-like things swarmed over them. Karl felled several and then hauled an injured fisherman and the helpless wade downstairs in a dramatic feat of strength, suffering dozens of tiny bites in the process.

Believing himself safe for the moment, Karl caught his breath, only to find that the creatures were on the lower level as well. Injured and panicked he managed to haul the fisherman from the warehouse, but Wade, tied and helpless, was devoured as Karl fled.

Dropping the wounded fishermen to some friends Karl returned to the warehouse, to find it deserted. Large pools of blood and a single gnawed bone were all that remained.

Meanwhile, Wallace Appleton eventually saw the concerned citizens, and related what little he knew of the family history, mentioning that the Reverend had left him air-looms on the form of a hand-written bible and amulet. He seemed amused by the Professor's theory. However, while Dr. Holden was examining him Wallace was struck blind. Charles and Cormac immediately accused one another of poisoning, while Dr. Holden tried to calm Wallace. Eventually the group departed for the hospital, but not before Wallace gave Cormac permission to retrieve the artefacts in a desperate attempt to find any remedy to his situation.

A tense standoff occurred when Dr. Yin seemed especially interested in the large gold amulet, but was resolved before things came to blows (just).

Upon arriving at the hospital Dr. Holden was asked to treat a fishermen who had sustained dozens of tiny human bites. Confused and alarmed he summoned the police, who went and investigated the garbled tale of the fisherman.

The next day Cormac stopped by Dr. Yin's shop as agreed and Dr. Yin examined the amulet. Cormac is fairly sure he kept his eye on the amulet at all times.

Michael St. Croix, meanwhile, decided to look into any possible city records concerning Michael Chandler, playing on his status as an author with clerk Wanda Drake. He managed to find a record of Chandlers house, at 112 Parson Street on Prospect Hill. Although Chandlers house was destroyed by fire, there had been a number of successive owners of the lot. The current owner was Julia Pine.

Cormac O'Tool read the hand-written Appleton bible and found the content disturbing. Amidst the fire and brimstone accounts of demons and burnings, Appleton describes the amulet as a proof against possession and outlines how he hoipes to drive the demon from Michael Chandler.

Having lunch in a Portuguese restaurant (the cheapest in Kingsport, as suggested by the Professor) the concerned citizens discuss their findings, and are somewhat disbelieving of Karl's account of the attack, although disturbed by his many small bite marks. The waiter, overhearing part of their conversation volunteers that Ronnie Pine, Julia's boy has a job as a paper-boy. Pine is an anglo-isation of Pinerio, a Portuguese family.

Suspicious, Karl leave the restaurant and goes to find the paper-boy who described the 'mysterious stranger' to him. Ollie, the paper boy, denies being Ronnie but gives Karl another lead about a mysterious Asian man who was seen down at the docks at a ship called the Silver Seahorse. Karl departs to investigate.

Meanwhile Cormac, Dr. Holden and Michael St Criox investigate the Pine residence at 112 Parson Street, where Chandler once lived. The door is answered by a large, muscular woman who informs them that Julia is away at the moment. Dr. Holden has a very faint recollection of this woman, Norma, although can't place the context. Cormac spots a bundle of today's papers inside the door.

Perplexed the investigators depart to consider their next move. They encounter Karl sitting on his fishing boat, mending nets. He seems to have no recollection of events of the last 24 hours. In an attempt to jog his memory they return to the Derby warehouse, where he had previously claimed he was attacked.

As they investigate the upper floor of the warehouse, a fire breaks out on the stairs. Cormac thinks he spys a small form peddling away on a bicycle as the fire rages. As they are trying to escape, the fire seems to reach out for them in a disturbingly sentient fashion. Desperate they hurl themselves out boarded up windows, plummeting to the ground and sustaining moderate injuries (except Michael St Croix who stoically climbs down the warehouse exterior, despite the risk). The Derby warehouse burns to the ground.

At the conclusion of the second instalment the investigators are pondering their next move at the hospital where they are receiving treatment for their injuries.
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