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The Ch'akta Peace Accord *Teaser 1*

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:07 am    Post subject: The Ch'akta Peace Accord *Teaser 1* Reply with quote

*** Routine surveillance scan on potential dissident persons and data ***

*** Unidentified data source broadcasting to proxy in Slum district D2 ***

TCN - Terran Colonies Newspaper 19/08/22XX


Today, at 10:22am, the Chairman of the Terran Colonies, Sir Reiner Archibald, has declared war against the consistently hostile Ch'akta of the Gilese 581 system (a small red dwarf in the Libra constellation). After many failed attempts at passive contact and the loss of four scouting ships, the Chairman declared that "these violent beings continue to destroy our brave and peaceful research teams without any justification! They pose a significant threat to the Terran Colonies and a great effort must be made to protect our civilisation from this merciless threat! Therefore, the Terran Colonies declare war against the despicable Ch'akta of Gilese 581b!"

This declaration comes quickly on the heels of the destruction of the third and fourth scouting ships sent to the Ch'akta system, the purpose of which was to resume broken negotiations between the Terran Colonies and the ruling monarchy of the Ch'akta. Despite a good start to the establishment of an understanding of their language and gradual learning of their culture more than a year ago, talks have broken down over the past three months to the point where entire research teams and scout ship crews were brutally killed. The count of peaceful expedition members murdered by the vile Ch'akta has now risen to 394, including the crew of the four scouting ships and their civilian research groups.

The parliament of the colonies has been watching in growing dismay as our attempts to reach out and connect with the Ch'akta have, time and time again, been met with hostility and aggression. Despite the first loss of an entire two ships in a ruthless attack by the heinous Ch'akta over two months ago, the parliament of the colonies commissioned two more ships and innocent civilian research crews to travel to the Gilese 581 system and resume negotiations with the Ch'akta. These ships were sent out in a gesture of good will, and a hopeful faith that the attack was carried out by a dissident group that had no association with their legitimate government.

Little did our well meaning parliament know that their peacefully minded second expedition would meet a similar fate as the first; merciless death at the hands of the despicable Ch'akta. These gruesome murders were not mindless killings performed by animals in a rage; they were planned and executed strategic attacks on our heroic and brave citizens. As you can see in the sub-space radio footage to the right, no opportunity to leave the system was given to the peaceful expedition, no warning, and no mercy. At 2:04 in the clip the symbol of the ruling Ch'akta monarchy is clearly visible on the hull of their attacking ships, leaving no doubt as to who was behind such a hideous crime.

The minister of the armed forces, Dr Yuki Tanaka, stated in a press conference that the incidents could not be ignored, and that "the threat that these aliens pose to our peace-loving civilisation must be pacified. If that pacification can no longer be achieved through reasonable negotiation then only one other option presents itself in a galaxy of finite resource; this threat must be eradicated.

"Our brave men and women went on a journey across the depths of space on a mission to learn the ways of another world, only to be cut down by the hostile Ch'akta. But the Ch'akta wont stop there. If they hate us enough to destroy our peaceful research envoys, then they'll kill every man, woman, and child on every Terran colony across the galaxy to satisfy their thirst for blood. No one is safe from this violent tyranny, unless we stand together; strong against this vile threat to humanity!"

The minister also called for all able-bodied men and women over the age of 18 to enlist at their local navy recruitment centres in their colonies. He said that every person, no matter their skill set or fitness, would be vitally necessary in defending our great civilisation from the despicable actions of the Ch'akta. Directions to your local recruitment office are available through your terminal, on billboards in your local spaceport or city, and being broadcast hourly through all major sub-space radio networks.

While most colonies have been claiming their support for the declaration, a few have said that there are other ways around the problem. The representative for Europa, Charles Manning, has been strongly opposed, instead suggesting that "the Ch'akta can surely be reasoned with. No species spends thousands of years achieving space flight and then attempts to slaughter another race! Some misunderstanding has taken place, and must be rectified with the utmost caution." The representative for Europa was later placed under house arrest for treason against the colonies. With a war for our own survival looming large, it's despicable to see that some corrupt people might be tempted to sell out our species.

Mr Manning is being investigated for making his statements and a source within the Police, who wishes to remain unidentified, said that charges of treason, terrorism, and crimes against humanity were likely to be levelled against Mr Manning. Such a confident move by the government is likely to send a signal to those amongst us who would sell our race out to the vicious and unforgiving Ch'akta.

After viewing the declaration and objections to it, the aging founder of Dyson, Dr Lilliana Tyson, said that resistance to the idea of war with another species was to be expected, and that "those who would oppose it are merely in a state of shock. Inter-system war is quite a large thing to get your head around, and it's understandable that some small-minded people would speak out against something they don't understand.

"War ... at this stage, is inevitable. Despite the best efforts of The Colonies to come to a peaceful understanding with the inhabitants of Gilese 581b, they have forced our hand after killing so many of our fellow men and women. Those fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, deserve retribution, and justice! The only way that our people can achieve such a pure goal is through teaching these monsters that we don't accept the hundreds of killings that they have bought upon us, and the great loss of so many talented people!"

02/04/23XX 20:38:02 [Unidentified]: "That's the top half of the main article. It's the best I could do after they scrubbed the news cores. Hadda' snip this out of a high-res surveillance photo that happened to be pointing at a news stand on the day."

02/04/23XX 20:38:18 [Slum D2]: "1a213ef9078c0baf167dd-1"

02/04/23XX 20:38:37 [Unidentified]: "Nah, I couldn't get the feed. The still on the original paper shows the Ch'akta ships and their gov's logo, but on closer inspection the feed itself looks like it's been toyed with."

02/04/23XX 20:39:11 [Slum D2]: "269ea90c15f76-1"

02/04/23XX 20:39:26 [Unidentified]: "Don't be a stupe, if I left the still in the scan they'd trace it and then this convo would be in the red lights."

02/04/23XX 20:39:52 [Slum D2]: "456f21dac34679a09f781e243eef2a-1"

02/04/23XX 20:40:16 [Unidentified]: "Yea, I know you're using that new enc-key, and that I'm invisible, but this transmission's gotta pass through a bunch of routers. You gotta remember that hacking the ice on those routers would attract way too much heat for what this little message is worth."

02/04/23XX 20:40:43 [Slum D2]: "081e1acd215bb5862ef-1"

02/04/23XX 20:40:50 [Unidentified]: "Sure, why not? It'll be a lark tracking down the end of war article for you."

02/04/23XX 20:41:01 [Slum D2]: "46801ea6b26d089eea9-1"

02/04/23XX 20:41:09 [Unidentified]: "Yea yea, you'll have it before the month is up. It shouldn't be as difficult to find as this missing piece was."

*** transmission disconnected ***

*** end of file ***
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