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Kapcon XX: My Thanks

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:38 am    Post subject: Kapcon XX: My Thanks Reply with quote

The twentieth convention is over and with it my two years in the top job. It has been a heck of a ride. There are a lot of people who deserve acknowledgement for making Kapcon XX the best yet.

Thank you to all the attendees, especially those who travelled from out of town. It is wonderful that the contingents from Auckland and else where continue to expand. There were so many fresh faces again this year and one of the principle joys of running the con is getting to meet so many fantastic new people.

My thanks to all of the GMs who offered games. With the record turn out this year there was a lot asked of you and you more than delivered. For all of those who stepped up to offer a game at the con for the first time, I'm very appreciative and I hope it was rewarding for you.

Some individuals deserve special recognition;

- Scott for arranging the school, managing the financials and all your help over the weekend.

- Idiot for all his work on preregistrations, wrangling GM's and putting together the schedule.

Having now seen behind the curtain I now know how much work these two guys put in year after year to keep Kapcon running. They are an example to the whole community and they have have my deepest gratitude and respect.

My thanks also go out to;

- Paul for all his help with the setup on Friday, throughout the weekend and for offering the benefit of his experience.

- Luke for once again judging the SDC. It is a task he takes very seriously and is meticulous in his efforts here.

- Anthony, Cat, Marcus, Naomi, and Stephanie for helping out with the administration. I wouldn't have made it through the weekend without your support. Also to Mash, Idiot and the others who stepped in to stop us getting swamped in between rounds.

- Dale, Ellen, and Sophie for putting together a magnificent LARP. I understand just how much work goes into making this happen. The set dressing was superb, and the whole evening went brilliantly. You should all feel very proud of your efforts.

- Everyone who lent a hand on the cleanup. Even with the extra floor we were out of there an hour earlier than last year! In particular my thanks to Naomi, Stephanie, Catherine, Frank, Nicolette, Luke, and Sam for spearheading this and taking on the exhausting task of vacuuming.

- Norman for offering his home once again for the after party.

- Finally, Nasia for standing beside me through the whole thing. Any thanks I get should also be shared with her for always being there to help and putting up with me when I was being cantankerous.

If I forgot anyone, my apologies.

One final thought.

Kapcon is is an event run by and for the RPG community. It depends on volunteers and their beneficence. The more people that offer to share the load, the easier and more fun it is for everyone. The more of the community that contributes to running it the better it will reflect that community. Any help you can offer will help ensure that Kapcon continues for another twenty years and let hundreds more people share in the enjoyment we've all got from the convention.
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