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Seeking 3.5e Game in Auckland

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 12:32 pm    Post subject: Seeking 3.5e Game in Auckland Reply with quote

So... Hey. I'm looking, as you can tell a game run under D&D 3.5 rules within the, well, Auckland area. No offense to pathfinder, but I have quite a few of the 3.5 books and I really don't want to learn a new system now. And if you ask me about 4e I'll think something unprintable and link you to the Alexandrian.

About me: I own, in total, sixty-six D&D 3.5 books. This includes almost all of the 'Races of' series, as well as the 'Complete' series. Admittedly this can make me a hassle to play with, since I can draw from so many sources, but I do photocopy all relevant data for whatever character I'm playing.

What I'd like is a game group that preferably meets in weekends, simply because that is easier for me given my schedule as a student. Friday afternoons are also pretty good, given I finish verrah early then.

In terms of game, well, I don't really mind. I enjoy psionics quite a bit, and prefer to play more support-based characters even though quite a lot of people call my boys gimped. My favored classes being Psion, Warlock and DFA (A class that would be unbelievably broken if it wasn't so situational). Oh, I like to play with strange character concepts and odd classes, and so I experiment with things like Tome of Battle and Incarnum.

If you wanna talk about play style; I can roleplay and I can mercilessly devise plots for wanton slaughter. No problem. I prefer a mix, and who doesn't, but would honestly lean more toward the story than the hack 'n' slash if I had to.

Now, I wouldn't say I live in South Auckland. I'm in Ellerslie, actually, with great access to public transport but not transport of my own. Oh, and I won't be the guy to pay for the pizza but I will be the guy to bring home-baked cookies 'cause that's just how I roll.

Hopefully this amounts to something. Cheers.

Peace, D.
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