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Tatters of the King - episode 10

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 5:10 pm    Post subject: Tatters of the King - episode 10 Reply with quote

Diary of Ms Jean Hewart

14 December 1928
After fleeing the “angel” summoned by Mr Villiers’ we reconvened at the Grand Hotel. Mr Samuels and I awoke Dr Winstanley and Mr Hunt and told them what had transpired in the dank alleys of the Navigli. I convinced them to return to Mr Villiers’ apartment. We had Mr Villiers’ word that Mr Quarrie was on his way to Nepal, but given that he had tried to kill us I put little stock in his words.

We arrived back in the Navigli in the early hours of the morning. My companions shrank into the walls and watched the sky anxiously. I almost regretted bringing them such was the mewling.

The window I had broken in my flight had not been repaired so I tried to enter Mr Villiers’ apartment through the hole it made. This sparked Dr Winstanley to life and he anxiously stepped forward so as to act the gentleman. I had spotted a note pinned to the wall and so Dr Winstanley tried to sneak his way to that. Unfortunately he stepped loudly upon the glass that had fallen when the angel broke through the skylight and at this noise something came darting down the stairs. Winstanley grabbed the note and ran back towards us and once he was outside we fled as one.

The sound of wetly flapping wings behind us prompted us to dive into Columbo’s office through the door we had unlocked earlier in the night. Mr Villiers’ monster stalked us for some time, but eventually we were able to escape.

The note Mr Winstanley had snatched confirmed that Drakmar in Nepal was the likely destination of Quarrie. We feared what retaliation our night time activities might lead to, so fled Milan at first light. We arranged travel to India via Marseilles and the liner the Viceroy of India, and leapt aboard the next train to the south of France.

16 December 1928
We had time enough in Marseilles for me to buy summer and cocktail dresses for the journey and for the party to buy what equipment we could for the trip from Bombay to Nepal. Barely had we made our purchases when the horn aboard the Viceroy of India sounded and we were forced to rush ourselves aboard.

27 December
The journey was largely uneventful. We met a number of delightful people and I wish that I had been in more of a frame of mind for the pleasantries that the liner offered. Oh, there were times that I managed to forget my worries, but always lurking were thoughts and dreams of Carcossa.

Dr Winstanley attempted to scandalise us all by chasing after a fellow traveller, Ms Patricia Berry. She was pretty, but something of a wallflower and awfully emotional. Dr Winstanley’s married state did not deter her, but when he stood her up one evening she became inconsolable. I spent many hours with Ms Berry and her friend Ms Nicholson after that, but poor Patricia’s mood did not improve. On arrival in Bombay she reacted badly to our farewells and threw herself from the deck. Dear Dr Winstanley was one of the first to her side and the crew managed to haul her safely from the wretched flotsam of the Indian sea. Silly gel.
My favourite roleplaying memory - "Daisy at Colonus", two drunk cowboys and a pantomime cow in a 'reinterpretation' of Sophocles greatest play.
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