Looking for larp in Wellington?

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Looking for larp in Wellington?

Postby IdiotSavant » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:37 pm

So, you're a larper whose recently moved to town. Or you've seen some movie like "Role Models" or "Knights of Badassdom" with people waving rubber swords and yelling "lightning bolt!". Either way, you want to play some games. This thread should tell you where to start.

Several groups organise larp in Wellington. There's a local branch of NZLARPS, which organises about a game a month. The VUW Roleplaying and games Club runs a couple of largish games a year. And KapCon, and annual gaming con, has a big larp every year in January.

Most of these games are "theatre-style" (which the Australians and UKnians call "freeform"). People stand around in a room in costume and talk (or scream, or cry, whatever), in character. People may have swords and nerf guns, but they're just props.

There aren't any live-combat games running in Wellington at the moment. People who crave that fix go to Auckland to play Teonn (and there is an organised mob which goes, so you'll have friends). But there are such games in the pipeline, currently scheduled for "early 2012" and "late 2012" respectively, and they'll be advertised here when they emerge. NZLARPs also organises irregular practice sessions for those who want to learn and practice larp combat or play with their toys.

If you've looking for live-WoD, sorry, we don't know about any games in Wellington anymore (but please, if someone does know of one, or wants to start one, please post it!).

Finally, places to look for more information:

* this board. Games get advertised here, and there will be a regular "Upcoming Larps in Wellington" post.
* Diatribe. An NZ board devoted to larp.
* The NZLARPS Wellington Google group. This is the place to hear about games before they get advertised here.
* VUW Roleplaying and games Club. If you are a student and a gamer, you should join it.
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