Kingdom - A Fantasy LARP for Wellington

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Kingdom - A Fantasy LARP for Wellington

Postby Bryn » Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:51 pm

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What is Kingdom

Kingdom is a live action role playing game featuring live combat with padded foam weapons. The game will be full of fantasy stereotypes and perhaps a little tongue in cheek in places. The intention is to provide an immersive and fun introduction into live combat games, whilst retaining the high levels of role playing enjoyed here in Wellington.

The game is set in a generic fantasy medieval world and the players live in the remote kingdom of Vangard, ruled by the cowardly King Albin Drake. The majority of the kingdom’s thousand or so inhabitants are humans, however there are a number of elves and dwarves, together with around a hundred orks who are all downtrodden slaves.

Due to its remoteness Vangard is constantly under attack by dastardly forces looking to take the Kingdom, or at least anything of value, for themselves. The greatest threat to the kingdom is the dread necromancer Sezar Vivisect, who has plagued the lands for as long as anyone, even the elves, can remember.

How Will it Play Out

The game will have sixteen players plus a number of dedicated and experienced crew members. The players will all meet at Turnbull House at 7 pm on Saturday 18th February for a 7.30 start. Over the course of the three hour game, plot will be introduced for the Sunday games. Over the course of Saturday night the players will split themselves into two groups to tackle the two adventures that will take part the following day.

On Sunday 19th February the players will meet up at 10am where one group will play their game in the morning whilst the dedicated crew and the other players will crew. All the players will meet in character for lunch, before swapping roles so that both groups get to play one game and crew the other.

What Do I Do Next?

The rules and more information can be downloaded here

If you’d like to play please contact bryn at me dot com to register your interest. After that simply come up with a character you’d enjoy playing and email the details.

Anyone keen?

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