EOI - The Trial: Big Bad Wolf

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EOI - The Trial: Big Bad Wolf

Postby TazzyD » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:03 am

First Off, A Warning - Do not be fooled by the title of this game: it is, at the very least, a PG-13 game.
It includes adult themes, including but not limited to drugs, prostitution, totalitarianism, murder, and organized crime. There are no safe parts to cast children in for this game - everyone is going to be exposed to these themes.

The Free Animals' Republic of MacDonald Presents; The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, to be Immediately Followed By His Execution, in Honor of Our First Anniversary,

A Live Action Roleplaying Game for 5-12 Players

You live in the Free Animal Republic of MacDonald. This is a fascist regime based on the former land of Farmer MacDonald. The Free Animal Revolution, which established the Republic, occurred exactly one year ago and was led by Freddy and Wilbur, two of the farm’s wealthy and upstanding pigs.

Today is the first anniversary of the Free Animal Revolution. Accordingly, festivities are being held at the state mansion (barn). The grand and glorious finale of the evening will be the trial of that notorious traitor, the Big Bad Wolf.

Long live the F.A.R.M!

As per thread title, I'm looking for Expressions of Interest to run the above game. This will be my first attempt to run one, so please be nice!! :p

Here's an Alphabetical Cast List to get your brain ticking over

The world of this game operates on "Calvin & Hobbes" style principles - namely, animals are anthropomorphic and can talk if and only if no adult humans are watching. The second that adult humans (or nonbelieving human children) look, the animals revert to "normal" size and inability to speak. However, when nobody is looking, all animals are roughly human-sized, regardless of their normal relative size to one another.

(F)Beverly Dahl - Mouse
Bingo - Dog
Brian Thompson - Wolf
Eeyore - Donkey
Freddy - Pig
(M)Gabriel Macy - Cat
General Slade Wilson - Cow
Itsy - Spider
(M)Jimmy "Foo-Foo" McAllister - Rabbit
Judge Judy Lamb - Sheep
(F) Minnie Moskovitz - Mouse
Wilbur - Pig

There will be a small character questionaire, but preferences can be requested if you want to. M/F are definitive genders, the others are flexible either way.
Potential Date - 4th Feburary
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Re: EOI - The Trial: Big Bad Wolf

Postby TazzyD » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:58 am

Character Backround - Common Knowledge to all.

Big Bird: a big bird; the mysterious, fearsome, and glorious leader of the FARM.
Freddy: a pig; the Commander-in-Chief of the FARM.
Wilbur: a pig; the head of the Fascist Party. Wilbur is Freddy’s boss.
Bingo: a dog; lives in the MacDonald household. Not the brightest bone in the sack.
Judge Judy Lamb: an elderly sheep; serves as the FARM’s judicial system.
Minnie Moskovitz: an elderly, blind mouse; Minnie only has half a tail. She used to live here when she was young, and she had a full tail then. Minnie has been missing for about twenty years and returned a week or two ago.
Beverly Dahl: a younger, very attractive mouse; Beverly arrived at the FARM a few months ago.
Itsy: a big black spider; Itsy sometimes hangs out in the bad part of the field that’s not plowed a lot.
Jimmy “Foo-Foo” McAllister: a rabbit; Jimmy dresses very flamboyantly and treats women poorly.
Slade Wilson: a cow; the General (and sole member) of the farmy. Wilson also serves as the Sheriff and executioner. The General is famous for the Battle of Moon River, where he solely defended the farm by heroically leaping over the river and attacking the advancing locust horde. (He was not able to stop them, but it was very heroic.)
Gabriel Macy: a cat; Gabriel is a fiddle player and will be providing the evening’s entertainment. Gabriel is known for his honesty, but many say that he lacks fortitude.
The Big Bad Wolf: a wolf; he has been incarcerated for the past year and has spent much of his time writing inflammatory political poetry. The Wolf will be put on trial and executed tonight, and before then, will be attending the party.
Eeyore: a hippie donkey; a bit old-fashioned, but generally harmless.
Chicken Little: presumably a chicken; allegedly the crime boss here on the FARM
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