Shell Beach at Confusion

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Shell Beach at Confusion

Postby Jenni » Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:22 pm

I'm running my game Shell Beach in the first round of Confusion... some info:

Shell Beach is a murder mystery LARP set in the fictional town of Shell Beach on the Manawatu Coast on New Zealand. It’s a game for thirteen players (six residents of the failing resort town of Shell Beach and seven visitors to town), two crew and one Game Master.

Three weeks ago a Swedish tourist was found dead on the beach of Shell Beach, a small holiday town just north of Waitarere. One week ago another body was found on the same beach. As the tiny community of locals reels in shock, strangers descend on the town. All are there for their own reasons, some to investigate the murders and some for darker purposes. On this night, in the restaurant hall of Shell Beach Resort, one of New Zealand’s most haunted hotels, everything will come to a head.


Nigel Marks, owner operator of the Shell Beach Resort, the only accommodation in town. - Kevin
Lily Marks, Nigel’s teenage daughter, a talented ballet dancer - Helen
Neroli DeLuca, owns the souvenir shop in the foyer of the Resort - Anna
Lawrence DeLuca, husband of Neroli, unemployed - Paul (sub)
Victor DeLuca, the teenage son of Neroli and Lawrence, a grumpy Goth -
Madame Mathilde, owner of the prestigious ballet academy on the edge of town - Jen

Detective Brian Gables, an affable police officer, in charge of the murder investigation - Chris
Detective Katrina Gale, a reserved police officer. - Kerina
Jo Thomas, a struggling writer, has been living at the resort for a few weeks - Leonie
Tez Willard, a mysterious stranger, just checked in to the resort - Steph Cybart
Steve Angelo, producer of the popular ghost hunting web series “NZ Ghosts” - Frank
Amy Angelo, main investigator/star of the NZ Ghosts series, Steve’s sister - Brooklynne
PJ, Camera operator for NZ Ghosts, film student. - Glenn

+ two crew - Rebecca
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