Time Warp Sept 8th 2012

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Time Warp Sept 8th 2012

Postby grrrlshapedthing » Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:38 am

I have worked with Bad Girlz LARPs(UK) to bring this specially to NZ.

The premise is that sometime in the 21st Centuary civilisation collapsed - however, humanity didn't quite manage to destroy itself and some people survived. Among the things they took with them was the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As time moved on, Rocky Horror moved from Cult Classis to actual Cult - or rather Cults. Society is now governed by the Church of Rocky, the Temple of Brad, the Fellowship of Frank etc

Schisms between the varying factions have led to the brink of civil war - and this one could finish off humanity for good.

In a last attempt at diplomacy, representatives from each of the factions have been sent back to the before times, in search of answers

This has a cast size of 18 with the need of 4-5 extra NPC's

Due to the nature of rocky horror, um this will have some mature content.

Email Brooklynne@brooklynnemichelle.com to sign up!

Where: Toi Poneke Community Room - http://toiponekehub.wcc.govt.nz/
When: Sept 8th 2012; Meet 7pm for 7:30pm start
Cost: $15 / $10 (NZLARPs members)

Atlas -The Church of Rocky
Deltoid - The Church of Rocky
Dammet - Temple of Brad
Denton - Temple of Brad
Frankie - The Fellowship of Frank
Boss - The Fellowship of Frank
Betty - Sisterhood of Janet
Weiss - Sisterhood of Janet
Wettin - Sisterhood of Janet
Weary - Magentan
Lucky - Magentan
PJ - Columbine Order
Miller - Columbine Order
Riff - A Holy Knight of Riff-Raff
Raff - A Holy Knight of Riff-Raff
Doc - A Scottie
Zen - A Scottie
Axe - A Prophet of Eddie

Host of party/Last ever Frank N Furter
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Re: Time Warp Sept 8th 2012

Postby grrrlshapedthing » Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:41 am

Information about the various Cults

The Church of Rocky is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. The shining one inspires his followers to be the very best they can be. They tend to be vain and self obsessed.

The Temple of Brad believes in Order and moral responsibility, Their creed is focused on citizenship and responsibility. The tend to be rather dull and repressed.

The Fellowship of Frank teaches that spiritual growth comes from following your instincts and natural drives. They tend to be selfish and uninhibited.

The Sisterhood of Janet has little time for politics. Janet is a nature goddess and her followers are more interested in earthly pleasures than spiritual ones. Love, lust and life are the three main principles of the sisterhood, although maybe not in that order. The Sisters are always welcome at a party.

The Magentans exist to serve. They believe that suffering in this life will allow them to return to a glorious afterlife. They tend to be compassionate and dedicated.

The Columbine Order teaches that life follows its own path and their purpose is merely to observe and enjoy

The Holy Knights of Riff-Raff are the most mysterious of the orders. Their secrets are closely guarded, and masked behind layers of elaborate ritual.

The Scotties believe that His word is expressed through science and logic and rational thought. They study the mysteries of life and are usually the most closely involved with the old technologies.

The Prophets of Eddie exist in the world outside the Zen Room. They are the go-betweens between your world and the Transylvanians. They are weird and outlandish.
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