Delicious Friends - November 3

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Delicious Friends - November 3

Postby IdiotSavant » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:38 am

Delicious Friends: a larp of Fallen London
Written by IdiotSavant, based on the game by FailBetter Games

1889. Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar. The sun is gone. All we have is the gas-light of Mr Fires.

But life goes on, lit by glowing fungus and candlelight. There are still people in Fallen London. And there are still parties.

The best parties are thrown by The Popular Socialite. Everyone who's anyone will be there: bohemians, poets, anarchists, even a devil or two, all looking to lose themselves for a few hours. But the Great Game is afoot, the rakes are playing Knife and Candle in the shadows, and the Masters of the Bazaar are watching...

When: Saturday, November 3, 19:30 - 22:30
Where: Brooklyn Community Centre, Harrison St, Wellington
How much: $15

How to sign up: reply to this post, or email me directly. I'll send you a questionnaire and a cast-list, and I aim to cast on Monday, October 22. Note that while this game is aimed at new larpers (so they will be given priority), there should be spaces for those who missed it at Hydra.

Costuming tips: basically Victorian / steampunk. Your character name should give you an idea of social class.

Fallen London is the award-winning and hideously addictive broswer game by Failbetter Games. If you're not familiar with it, you can check it out here. You don't really need to know very much about it; they call it "a dark and hilarious Gothic underworld", and that seems about right. The larp uses the setting, but none of the actual plots, so you don't need to worry about spoilers.
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