5e, Looking for 2 more players, Christchurch

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5e, Looking for 2 more players, Christchurch

Postby OutOfBorder » Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:17 am

D&D 5th Edition
6pm - Late Saturday's.
Hoon Hay/Cashmere, Christchurch
Currently 3 Guys, 1 girl & Pizza. + 2 dragons

We don't mind who you are and what experience you have whether D&D is something you're looking at getting into or your a vet. We're looking for someone with a keen attitude who gets along with us. The intention would be to bring you in for a casual session to see how we all mesh.

This group has been playing for a number of years. People have come and gone but only due to usual understandable reasons i.e. OMG I've got a girlfriend KBAI. We're aged between 25 - 35, a little friendly, a little geeky with IT backgrounds but not stereotypical geeky and we're all 100% awesome.

To describe our games I'd sum them up as laid back with moments of glory, lots of laughter, and sometimes tears. We have countless tales of epic moments and many shenanigans. From drowning a dragon on dry land, selling unicorns / horses in disguise / horses in a really bad disguise / nat 20 to bluff, riding upon Wyverns carrying a giant Golem like out of Pacific Rim, avenging our fallen after he saved us all and giving him a sad viking send off, to being shim shammed by our warlock turning into the best worst boss encounter ever.

Our sessions are in a nice home with a dedicated room, table top projector, a large board room table, a chill out area with couches and two friendly dragons/dogs.

Feel free to ask more questions or let me know of your interest. Or feel to help me out by making a big glittery banner or something.
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Re: 5e, Looking for 2 more players, Christchurch

Postby Jan-Yves » Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:51 am

You may want to drop a note on SAGA Looking for Group
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Re: 5e, Looking for 2 more players, Christchurch

Postby Qualanqui » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:38 am

Hi, are you still looking for extra people?
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