Looking for players for D&D 3.5 Campaign (Auckland CBD)

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Looking for players for D&D 3.5 Campaign (Auckland CBD)

Postby ZeroLucidity » Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:27 pm

Hello, Dungeon Delvers

I'm a new DM looking to run his first game and I need to put together a small team of adventurers to take part in a roleplay heavy campaign. Currently I have two players in on the game, but I need three more if I want to run this. It'll be run on Tuesday nights at the Auckland University, starting at 7, but we may often meet up beforehand to grab a takeaway dinner and get set up.

I've been designing my own campaign to run based in a low fantasy world using the E6 system. For those who don't know what E6 means; E6 is a different take on D&D 3.5 where level 6 is made the "epic" level. Characters stop leveling at level 6, and instead gain more feats as they continue to advance. This allows games to remain at a certain level of play for simplicity and ease of DMing, as well as letting the players feel like Big Damn Heroes because they are still mortal and their accomplishments are gained through hard work, planning and gusto. Taking down a dragon is a daring feat, an army of maruaders can still threaten you and you're free to persue your own character and roleplay goals without focusing completely on getting to level 20 (because at that level 20 point you're almost a demi-god and very hard to actually challange).

The world I wish to run is low fantasy and will be run using Gnorman's E6 compendium(http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?250820-Gnorman-s-Complete-E6-Compendium), a great alternative class list that is balanced for E6 play, eliminating dead levels and such. It will be a low fantasy campaign, so although there is still magic it's very unknown in peoples eyes and not as flashy, and you certainly won't be casting Meteor Swarm or Time Stop any time soon, but trust me, you're still going to be feared by commoners for your magical ways.

There is an overarching plot, however it will be something that the players come across as they play and will piece together, not something they are sent off to follow constantly. Rather I'd like you, the players, to take the game where you wish it to go. Want to start a mercenary company and travel the lands with your army of followers? I'll facilitate that. Want to become a noble and play the game of thrones trying to usurp the king? I'll be your storyteller. Want to explore the world and become a monster hunter, see far off exotic lands, start a trade company and dominate the world through economy and intrepid travel? You've got it. Anything you want to do as a party, I want to let you do, and in turn you'll be helping to further flesh out the world.

There's a reason I've titled the campaign "Legendary: The Five Forgotten".

If you're interested and want a weekly game where you're free to experiment, have fun, laugh and sandbox ideas and characters then leave a comment below or message me.
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Re: Looking for players for D&D 3.5 Campaign (Auckland CBD)

Postby michael.j.ok » Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:12 am

have a group of 3/4 people who have been playing for a while, happy to have someone new dm if you are still interested in playing
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